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Arizona State Bar Launches Find-a-Lawyer Website

Sedona AZ (May 1, 2018)Consumers across Arizona will have a new way to find lawyers that is easy and free. Beginning May 1, 2018, at 8:00 a.m., the State Bar of Arizona’s new and improved Find-a-Lawyer website will allow consumers to post their legal needs online and get connected with a lawyer who is ready to help.

A first of its kind, the Find-a-Lawyer website will allow consumers to be in control of finding and hiring an lawyer through a safe and reliable platform. Facing a legal problem can be intimidating. Hiring a lawyer shouldn’t be.

According to a 2017 legal trends report, the most common way consumers find lawyers is through a referral. A friend or family member may recommend someone. But, what if no one in your circle knows a lawyer? What if that lawyer isn’t practicing in the right area?

How does Find-a-Lawyer work? Consumers start by going to the State Bar’s website, AZBar.org. Next, they’ll click on the Find-a-Lawyer button and follow the prompts. Consumers will have the option of saying how much they can afford. They can choose low, medium or high, but the website makes it clear that the amount paid likely affects the amount of experience. As with many other professions, the more the consumer is willing to pay, the greater the level of expertise they’ll receive.

A 2014 research project done by the Texas A&M University School of Law found that providing legal services for people with lower incomes is an area of great concern. It pointed out that while more than 81 million households earned less than the median income of $51,017 in 2012, many of these individuals made too much to qualify for free legal services. The new Find-a-Lawyer will give people in lower incomes the ability to find the right lawyer at the right price.

Consumers can access Find-a-Lawyer through smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers via azbar.org to find legal help in three easy steps:

Summarizing their legal need:  Consumers will post their legal needs anonymously, quickly, and for free. They will also choose what they can afford to pay.
Receiving emails from lawyers: Lawyers who are interested in working on the consumer’s legal project will contact the consumer via email.
Review and select a lawyer: Consumers will review emails from lawyers and will then select the lawyer who best fits their needs.

The Find-a-Lawyer platform was created in partnership with Legal Services Link to help the State Bar of Arizona support its vision of ensuring that Arizona residents have access to legal services. The Bar is hopeful the site will help consumers from all socioeconomic levels connect with lawyers who can help them in hundreds of legal areas.

“We’ve created Find-a-Lawyer to improve the ability for people in Arizona to access justice,” said John Phelps, CEO and Executive Director of the State Bar of Arizona. “This new platform will make it easier for consumers to find the right legal services at the right price. It will also help attorneys connect with clients all over Arizona.”

The State Bar of Arizona is a non-profit organization that operates under the supervision of the Arizona Supreme Court. The Bar includes approximately 24,500 active attorneys and provides education and development programs for the legal profession and the public. Since 1933 the Bar and its members have been committed to serving the public by making sure the voices of all people in Arizona are heard in our justice system.

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