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Tuesday’s Tirade

Sedona, AZ — I think cracks are beginning to appear in Obama’s Knight-In-Shining-Armor image. What’s this jive about him not moving forward to prosecute those in our government that legalized torture and virtually destroyed our reputation as a civilized nation in the world?


I’m not sure but I’m beginning to think what we were sold was not what we expected and maybe Obama is not the candidate who we all put our dreams behind.


Consider this – assuming the present administration controls all the electronic voting machines, why didn’t they just steal the election like they did the last two? Could it be that Obama indeed is the “Chosen One” and we have been lulled into accepting him and pinning our dreams on him when in fact he may just be a Trojan Horse for those who are presently in power and very much intend to remain so?


It’s just that suddenly he appears so cozy with McCain and the Old Guard factions and there is deafening silence on his intentions on bringing our troops home from the war and I fear we are going to see in the very near future what he really looks like once he settles into office.


I hope I am wrong because we need someone in leadership to stop the free fall into financial chaos and global depression. We shall see.


Moving on to more local things to be irate about a group of us were admiring the stars over Airport Mesa and someone noticed the glow of lights emanating from 89A and how the light infringed into the night sky.


Once our eyes adjusted it became apparent that our view was indeed being compromised by the leaking lights and that’s from the limited amount that now exists.


Then we were struck by the realization the impact 76 lights will have on our sky because if that little amount of light was messing with our view what will those 76 lights do?


Uh Oh. There go our night skies.


When one begins noticing things, things get noticed because the very next day while admiring the sun reflecting against an array of red rocks while driving along HWY 179 a string of lines suddenly popped up in my field of vision. Power lines! We are so used to seeing them we never consciously register their existence. I had never noticed them before. Suddenly, I saw them everywhere marring the view of the red rocks. What genius failed to have those lines buried or include burying them as part of the HWY 179 project?


And then the stupid stock market dropped like an anchor again yesterday. Ugh.

Bah! Humbug! I think I’ll go back to bed and get up from the other side.


By Tommy Acosta

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