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U.S. Mexico Border Fiasco

Sedona AZ (May 14, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


United States and Mexico border is highlighted in green

Trafficking in contraband, whether it be substances, livestock or humans, is egregious to any controlled area, especially a nation. In the U.S. / Mexico Border Fiasco, the people who profit financially from these activities are often called “leaches,” who often leach in more than one way; they suck the blood and heart out of followers or subordinates who have been deceived into (what often turns out to be) a life of torture, humiliation, disgrace, and shame – prostitution and other types of Slavery being common. At the same time, these human leaches manage to suck the Will to enforce Legal restrictions from the host nation by claiming a moral authority and by vilifying the very regulatory actions (Laws) in place to protect ALL the people.

The above is easily accomplished with the help of bleeding heart billionaires who are trying to destroy competition and the free market economy along with those screaming for world depopulation. A massive amount of students from Kindergarten through Graduate school, Teachers (Professors), Administrators and others in the U.S. education system have been swayed or indoctrinated into believing their loyalty towards the “illegals” is helpful to the “illegals” when, in fact, it is the opposite.

AZ Sonoran Desert National Monument is but one border area overwhelmed with garbage and human fecal waste from illegal U.S. / Mexico border crossings

The aforementioned people are aiding and enabling the Coyotes, and all others who take advantage of the generally good and honest people who are Victims of an enormously flawed system which allows the very government these people are entering to ignore or flagrantly disregard the laws that protect U.S. citizens:  Those who enter the U.S. illegally are (albeit inadvertently in some cases) left out, without any Legal recourse and fearful of asking for assistance because the Coyotes, Landlords, and Employers are generally the only ones known to the illegals thus placing the Victims at risk from those they know best.

Unfortunately, there are a far too many Politicians on BOTH SIDES of the aisle who are uninformed; some deceitful, some just completely ignorant of the exploitation through Sexual and Labor Slavery, and, some  complicit in Labor, Food and Housing kickbacks or extortion, which in many cases ends up to be even worse. Also, there are probably people in Mexico and/or other nations still sending money to unscrupulous Coyotes, who claim to be helping their relative or friend on this “Primrose Path to America” who are subsequently no longer alive – their end of life may literally have been at the hand of the exploiter(s).

The stupid idiots enabling this U.S. / Mexico kind of activity are NOT the Benefactors or Supporters for the Victims, they are the Victims worst nightmare: They are the ones who pat the Victims on the back and inadvertently draw a target for the exploiters to aim at, with his (male or female) favorite choice of weapon or shakedown.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale, Arizona USA

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  1. Calling Sanctuary Sedona Out says:

    WHY didn’t you address. . . . . .????!

    WHY Pass a City Council ordinance when illegals are in most every restaurant kitchen & retail store & let’s presume/assume/guess most housekeepers/yard workers/construction site in Sedona & Sedona landlords & developers might be paying/getting cash under the table & who now needs official sanctuary when not a soul cares they’re here in law enforcement or in your house or hotels? It’s a second tier cash economy that’s keeping Sedona floating high in the mountain desert. Can you say Jerome? There’s something wrong with you 7 & city hall staffers power drunk on middle fingering. . . like Trump you all need to SHUT UP & go get a meal fixed by you know who or sit on a toilet cleaned by you know who or sleep in a bed made by you know who under a roof built by you know who & through a door painted by you know who . . . you do know right?????!

    You want to make things legal then who gets to go collecting taxes from you know who????! That’s why taxes at point of sale make cents/sense here & not any other kind & OMG CITY ABOUT AFFORDABLE HOUSING????!!! ITS PLENTIFUL but if you make it official then it ‘s a lose/lose for Sedona. BEST GUESS IS our local cash economy keeps it cheap because everybody benefits from our labor pool making & wanting it . . . guessing its like druggies, drugs & cartels benefitting & supporting let’s guess you know who ???????!

    All above is a humble very opinionated city & country citizen . . . . . . . .& I know I could be wrong. Do you??????!

  2. Mexico Travel Alert Issued says:

    Mexico Travel Alert Issued for Playa del Carmen – the way we read it the ferries bombed, tourist attacks, embassy closes and tells its employees to avoid ferries – you decide whether its safe to play there !


  3. Bonnie, VOC says:

    Phoenix news says 10 more bodies found buried in Rocky Point according to Mexico authorities. That brings the recent number of human remains uncovered in the area to 58…if Mexicans have people missing, they need to submit DNA tests to help identify bodies. Many of us know who travels there from here for vacations & my question is why for a few extra pesos on the dollar do you put yourself and families in danger by buying housing there & RVing there? Let’s hear that reasoning & it might help to recall 9 women & children blasted & burned last week & all other Americans before them before you say it.

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