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In A Manner of Preaching

Eddie S. Maddock, Sedona Eye Columnist

If the title causes a few eyebrows to rise, then it served its purpose.

As the conclusion of another very difficult year rapidly approaches, it brings to my mind that even the utmost unique situations, not only globally but within our own little incorporated City of Sedona, are surmountable.

When tempers and fury rage, frequently, logic seems to prefer to go on sabbatical. When folks who have disagreed on past issues and decisions have the maturity and good sense to combine their collective thinking in a sensible fashion, so as to unite and defend a measure for the right reason, at the conclusion what’s to stop them from shaking hands and saying, “It’s been real, now you go back to your corner and I’ll go back to mine and it will be business as usual.” What some people don’t understand is that’s so typical of Sedona.

However, it pleases me more than anything to experience a hand-shake and cordial reconnection with people once a verdict is in and the reality of “It’s time to move on” is effectively activated. To those with such an attitude, you are winners – no matter what the decision was with regards to a heated controversial issue.

Reflecting over the past year, new acquaintances added to the pleasure of my existence while others dropped out and went in different directions. Regardless, as through life’s experiences, do we not always learn from each and every encounter whether or not the situation is negative or positive? Actually, quite often while we might ponder the whys and wherefores, at some future unexpected time the reason for a particular experience becomes vividly clear.

It will please me at this time to acknowledge a few who have in recent years enriched my own life in unusual ways. If Tommy Acosta, Editor of the former Sedona Times, had not encouraged me to take a chance and submit an article, I’d not be doing what I’m doing at this moment. Of course, without the tenacity of Rita Livingston, Publisher, there would have never been a Sedona Times in the first place.

When, under the new ownership of C. Bentley Hill, the Sedona Times converted to this online publication now known as Sedona Eye, Ms. Hill warmly embraced my continued input with encouragement and acceptance. That, Ms. Hill, is a two-way street as I have the utmost respect for you and your dedication for maintaining a publication of stellar quality in content, as well as fair and unbiased representation in presenting comments from readers. It’s a privilege and honor to be associated with you. I have yet to be able to ascertain the political stance of you or your publication on any issue. That, in my estimation, is remarkable.

Having been given such an unexpected opportunity, it is with gratitude I now address the number of people who have taken time to read and comment on my contributions. Good or bad, I welcome your input because differences of opinion generate, hopefully, healthy discussions.

Manny and Terry, your critiques and evaluations I’ve taken to heart and accepted your expertise as an unexpected gift. Especially, Terry, I can never express my appreciation for having advised me of essential information that was indeed highly important for me to hear.

Sheri, renewing an old friendship was and will remain special forever. While maintaining our own stubborn individuality, we “twisted-sisters” have managed to weather yet another storm but I doubt that smooth sailing is on the horizon.

My steady group of “caretakers” for the past two weeks has renewed my faith in Good Samaritans. Slowly but surely it’s beginning to matter to me whether I live or die, which might be best exemplified by this writing. Lea, your sweet potato salad saved my life. Yep, it was better medicine than the cough drops.

For some strange reason I held onto an e-mail dated February 05, 2001. It’s from a former acquaintance by the name of Gene Colescott. I mention his name only because of my intent to quote, in part, what he wrote to me. Whether or not Mr. Colescott penned the words, I do not know. But because they came from him, it’s important for me to acknowledge that.

“Regarding age: Eddie, we grow old when we cease to dream; when enthusiasm and excitement about new discoveries and challenges is replaced by complacency and tedious routine. We grow old when we associate years with age instead of experience that can enhance a special relationship. And we age rapidly when our sense of purpose and self esteem wanes, or when we stop viewing ourselves as ‘the very best’.”

Oh, what the heck. I’m going to include the missing part. Prior to the above quote, he wrote:

“I thought that you were extremely attractive the very first time I saw you on Backfire. And when I listened to you, I discovered a lady who was articulate and truly … fearless <grin>.” Hmm . . . wonder what happened to him?

No way can I pass on acknowledging my alter ego, the love of my life, Harley McGuire. He is a blessing and we will be anxiously awaiting the results of new X-rays to be taken on Monday, December 12th. Please, oh please, let his jaw bone be reconnected.

Busy time as it is, would love to hear your happy thoughts relating to this special time of year and the dwindling days prior to baby 2012 donning the New Year Hat.

Hey, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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