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GO Sedona Bicycle and Pedestrian wikimap launched for your input

Notice submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ – The city of Sedona has launched the online tool Wikimapping to collect ideas for walking and biking improvements. Featuring a map of Sedona, you can draw routes that you would like to have built or improved; mark favorites and suggest “great” locations; and, mark locations you feel are problematic. Once you mark your routes, you can add comments and or agree or disagree with others’ input.

The online Wikimap feedback will be used to inform a walking and biking planning effort now underway, which will ultimately result in a Master Plan to outline and prioritize future improvements.

Bicycle and pedestrian improvements are one of the city’s Transportation Master Plan strategies. This particular bike/walk planning process – labeled Get Outside (GO) Sedona — will create a comprehensive, detailed road map informed by contributions from Sedona’s walking and biking enthusiasts.

This effort has a multifaceted public input approach that includes:

  • A GO Sedona citizen work group that will serve as an advisory board for development of the walking and biking master plan.
  • The online Wikimapping tool to get broad-based input from residents.
  • Focus group meetings with community groups.
  • Public meeting workshops with residents.

“We hope residents will use this tool to share their wish lists of improvements to make walking and biking in our city a better, safer experience. Through the Community Plan and the National Citizen Survey we heard from the community that improved walking and biking is a top priority. This master plan will outline where the improvements should be made and which projects should be completed first,” says Senior Planner Cynthia Lovely.

The map is open for input until August 10, 2019, by visiting www.sedonaaz.gov/wikimapping.

To learn more about the walking and biking master plan or to submit general comments, visit www.sedonaaz.gov/GO.


  1. Citizen work group says:

    A Citizen work group, made up solely of tourist related citizens and those that promote or are in favor of more bike paths. Any citizen for LESS traffic and bike paths was not considered for the group. The work group will recommend bike paths through every neighborhood for the safety and good health of residents and CHILDREN.

    No mention will be made about advertising to more bike tourists that only come during peak travel periods about all the new improved Sedona bike paths.

  2. John Wilson says:

    Can hardly wait to see how the city council will bring the regional chamber of commerce into this one! Another method to give them even more money and more control over the putrid blight on Sedona lowlanders aka RESIDENTS?

  3. GOne Sedona says:

    The citizens/city commission will recommend all residents and city staff be restricted to bicycles between 10 Pm Thursday and 6 AM Monday to assist with traffic congestion. Interestingly enough those are the times most city staff are not at work. As most staff live outside of Sedona it will have zero effect on them.

    Another solution that will cost millions and have no positive effect. I can see all the 70-80 year old residents riding their bicycles in over 100 degree heat. Or not.

  4. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Oh my G-D, notice how every post has to be turned around into a chamber issue??? Sales tax money is being used to do a good project to keep me and my neighbors safe and you feel the need to turn this into your hate against the chamber??? Are you kidding me?!?!

    DJV and DV and all of their “friends” have really lost it this time.

  5. @John (fake name)Daniels says:

    “Sales tax money is being used to do a good project to keep me and my neighbors safe ”

    OMG, how do bike paths and walking improvements keep you safe? Are you
    a “public servant” therefore low IQ and can’t stay on the sidewalk? Does your seeing eye dog need more training?

    Taxpayers are sick and tired of so called “public servants” finding new and useless ways to spend money.



  7. Donna says:

    @John Daniels W Sedona because the city has given millions of taxpayers money to a private membership association that is primary NON-CITY businesses along with favors & FREE services. You are building chamber assets and NOT city assets degrading our communities.

    The City (staff & City Council) has built an unlevel playing field army that enables cronyism and enrichment to those outside the city limits. All paid by the in-city-taxpayers. The programs implemented has disenfranchised and disengaged the legitimate residents and businesses.

    Allowing non-residents and residents with conflicts of interests to steer our city has the cronies running the city hall.

    Performance markers clearly show an increase in cost of living, taxes,traffic, burdening the taxpayers and burdening our loved Fire District with the cost of tourism. Our property tax rates in Yavapai County are already over the rates of Orange County Ca.

    Property Taxes increased since 2013 67%
    Population DECREASED -16%
    Calls are up by 14%

    Since you’ve given your buddies at the chamber (since 2013) over 12 million PLUS FREE product and services with NO transient bed district, the taxpayers PAY 82% of chambers operating cost.

    This unlevel playing field will continue to degrade our Sedona Area Communities even more with scheduled NEW hotel rooms in the next year. 16%+ MORE hotel rooms!! Let see how 179 & 89A will handle that!

    At the end of the day the entire city council, staff, chamber and lodging council get enriched off the backs of the the in-city residents, workers and in-city-businesses.

    As far as the citizens groups, why does the city pick and choose who can be in them? Why does the city let non-city-residents join them? Is it so you can get the desired outcome you want? Why isn’t it a requirement like other cities requiring one-year minimum full-time-city-residency?

    PS thank you for your continued love. I don’t know one of the people that posted under this article. #can’tchangethefacts

  8. @ fake John Daniels says:

    This city uses smoke and mirror tactics. Gifting millions to their special friends. City manager makes double, and the assistant city manager 1.5 times that of the governor of AZ. What a scam. Maybe when she retires and moves to Prescott Valley, Sedona can begin to heal from all the damage she has caused.

  9. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To the sad person that doesn’t know how bike paths and walking improvements keep us safe, you are a special type of ignorant.

    My neighbors and I are all thrilled that some of that sales tax money is being spent in our section of town for a change. Thank you, Mayor Sandy and the City of Sedona!!!

  10. @ John Fake Daniels says:

    You are so transparent it would be embarrassing to you if you had any ethics.

    As is it you are just funny and sad. IMO It is well known in Sedona how low the chamber, city (Deleted by Editor) and their supporters will go. Join the Soy Boy’s of the Sedona Red Rock News for lies and fake editorials, you are birds of a feather.

  11. @John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Can you explain how bike paths and walking improvements keep us safe?

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