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County Planning and Zoning to hear Spring Creek housing development application

Sedona AZThe public is advised that the application for the “Spring Creek Ranch” development is scheduled to be heard by the Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Commission at 9:00 a.m. on December 19, 2019 at 10 South 6th Street in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Comments regarding this project can be sent to Yavapai County Development Services at planning@yavapai.us or by phone at 928-771-3214 (Prescott Office) and 928-639-8151 (Cottonwood Office). The office will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday from November 29 through December 2, 2019.

The Yavapai County Arizona Board of Supervisors released information today that the “Villa Bellagio” development will NOT be heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission on December 19, 2019.

Yavapai County Development Services would like to clarify that the application for Villa Bellagio is not scheduled for public hearing at this time. This application is still in the preliminary phase, which requires the applicant to reach out to community groups to measure citizen interest and garner involvement and input from the community.

Comments regarding both projects can be sent to Yavapai County Development Services at planning@yavapai.us .

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors website is found at www.Yavapai.us.


  1. Debbie Tu says:

    Where’s this at???????????????????????????Why haven’t we been told about this until now?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Jay Stiller says:

    Kirkpatrick sent another DCCC routed GIVE ME $$ beggin’ bit, I’m fed up. She failed first time around, was voted out, now thinks she’s worth more power?? Lotsa luck. She’s not worth anybody’s vote and not ours a second time. Voting Republican not Democrat this time. Dems are rabid dogs this day and age & sold off the Valley to these developers, sold Oak Creek off. Best economy ever with Republicans. Best unemployment numbers since forever. I remember no raises, no jobs, no benefits, suddenly this administration and they’re back! Why would I screw up my future w/Democrats again? They can’t handle the present day. They haven’t done one thing worthwhile except render their clothes over Hillary losing, she didn’t win, she didn’t deserve to win because she’s corrupt and likely funding this anti Trump administration hysterics. Pelosi? Schiff? Nagle? OMG. Get over it. BTW we’re better off that she didn’t. Admit it. I can.

  3. Dan Beauregard says:

    nothing but desert ,lets do this

  4. Ted says:

    Nothing but desert? Obviously not born or raised in AZ.

    That desert sir supports our entire ecosystem including its water for down state. Ask a hydrologist before your taps get turned off like California. Kiss those wineries goodbye. Kiss Oak Creek goodbye. Kiss Verde goodbye. Kiss Fossil Creek goodbye.

    Want to see what development of desert does then go visit Salton Sea and Mono Lake.

  5. Jodee in Prescott Arizona says:

    USA Today headline says 92 percent-of-americans-think-their-basic-rights-are-being-threatened-new-poll-shows. You think?! Politicians be aware we vote and we want our voices heard on development in northern Arizona and no we don’t think it’s Trump’s fault because it began under last administration. I dropped my membership in a couple of AZ environmental groups for their lack of follow up. I’ll vote for every AZ politician whose positions on environment that I support. So far Gozar has one vote and my Yavapai Supervisor zero. Get it together politicians.

  6. Oppose high density says:

    Heard the Yavapai County commissioners voted 5 to 4 against the Spring Creek development plan. Mark Mumaw, the one who pushed for the rezoning approval that will allow the Hilton Garden inn in the VOC, was absent. Unofficial report, I had to leave after 1.75 hours. Heard it was not over until 4:30.

    Still has to go to the county supervisors. Keep the pressure on opposition.

    By 10:45am, the developer was still talking about the floor plan for the modular homes. No one cared about that. They cared that there will be tiny lots, average stated as 11 per acre. The lots will be rented for $650 per month. Even if you build a modular home, you have to rent the land under it. A bunch of the lots will be for RVs. I can understand renting lots for RVs but renting lots for permanent homes is something new to me. The land is 280 acres. There is room for over 3000 lots.

    The objections include the high density. Tiny house next to tiny house lined up in one area. That many people in one area will put stress on the traffic and services of Cornville, Cottonwood and Sedona. It could spill over to the Village. The developer said it is lower priced housing for workers. People laughed at that. The cost may be too high for workers. It seems obviously a place for tourists. If it is successful, how many more high density developments will go in? Lots of money to be made with high density. Just because there is demand to create places for people to live and visit here in the winter doesn’t mean it is a good idea to supply this type of development. It will ruin a reason people come here, open scenic places.

    If others attended the meeting and can add to the information, please do.

  7. Barbara Smith says:

    There’s a woman running for Yavapai Supervisor that’s a big “I feel ya” candidate except she’s funded by the same people we’re trying to get out of office. Beware the Affordable Housing mouthpiece that cloaks fronting for 1000 new homes under that name!!! Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Watch out !!

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