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Big Park Regional Coordinating Council Officers Elected Today

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

The Village of Oak Creek – Big Park sparked a citizen led and voter supported “new era” of community control for the BPRCC which will be felt throughout the county and state.

The Village of Oak Creek is entering a new era.

The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC) elected officers today. It is time for a new era. It is time for a new perspective. It is time for the “villagers” to be heard and take control. No more small minority control. Please join me in welcoming a new era.

The officers for BPRCC were elected today, uncontested. Camille Cox, president. Neil Pope, VP. Carla Williams, treasurer. Teri Moran, secretary. I have had the incredible privilege of getting to know these people over the past year. They are smart, hard working people. Be grateful, VOC.

As for those who worked in the past, thank you. There has been much good work done to be proud of and you may rest on your accomplishments.


Barb Gordon
BPRCC representative
Sedona AZ


  1. LF Smith says:


    Thanks Sedona Eye for being the voice in the high desert. There’s no one else like you. Please give your staff high fives all around.

    Eddie Maddock and Barbara you saved us from tourist based extinction.

  2. Arleen says:

    Applause applause.

  3. Hear Our Voices says:

    USA Today headline – almost every American thinks their basic rights like freedom of speech are threatened https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/12/16/most-americans-think-their-basic-rights-threatened-new-poll-shows/4385967002/

  4. deceived again says:

    12-2020. Disappointed with the leadership at BPRCC. Same old discrimination. Same old closed leader meetings. This unregulated organization will never represent the people of Big Park. Time for something new and transparent.

  5. steve segner says:

    deceived again says: Time for something new and transparent.
    yes, a couple more hotels and you will have enough tax income to incorporate.
    Thanks Sedona Eye for being the voice in the high desert. There’s no one else like you. Please give your staff high fives all around.
    really did you notice the most current posts are a year old? Staff? LF Smith says:
    December 12, 2019 at 11:34 pm

  6. Marty Sedona says:

    Wow steve segner. You are one observant fellow. What’s interesting to me is that comments are still being posted on Sedona Eye which go back much further than 12/12/19 @11:34 pm. Recently comments have appeared about that projected boondoggle (another one) relating to the idiotic 4-story parking facility in uptown. Well, maybe that might not be a bad idea. What the heck reason is there for tourists and/or locals to go there for any other reason?? Stevie – you are definitely special.

  7. @Marty says:

    You people crack me up….Now its a 4 story parking garage?….LOL

    Do you people just spout crap to feel better or just love to lie?

    For the record from the street it will be 2 stories and 1 underground.

    And for the fools who have never seen a parking garage that means the top level has no roof, and the sides arnt as tall as the roof next door!

    But keep lighting your hair on fire making things up!

  8. Marty Sedona says:

    Responding to no-name @Marty, the parking garage referenced in my previous comment was clearly identified as being in uptown Sedona and not directly associated with VOC planning. https://sedonaeye.com/eddie-maddock-to-buy-or-not-to-buy/comment-page-10/#comment-300323

    However doesn’t it seem reasonable to consider that whatever happens in the Village of Oak Creek or incorporated Sedona (and surrounding areas) clearly affects the quality of life for all concerned?

    Once City of Sedona proceeds with the grand scheme to extend Forest Road (location of proposed multi-story parking structure) to connect with W89 from the Y roundabout, and further to provide extensive shuttle transportation for locals and visitors, those remaining here in Sedona, residents as well as visitors, will make the final decision about whether or not it was a wise decision. Can you just imagine people giving up their cars? How many times has that idea been attempted and failed?

    And what about proposed property purchase by City of Sedona in the VOC to park Sedona tourists and shuttle them into “the city?”

    In the meantime let’s not forget this current city manager who took it upon himself to extend the hotly disputed contract with the chamber of commerce for eight years. (That chamber of commerce has gone on record that quite possibly the majority of their dues paying members are NOT within Sedona City Limits and do NOT contribute to city tax revenue.)

    City Manager’s multi-millions of dollars chamber contract action occurred without opportunity for public participation, feedback, and/or council approval. If you wonder what abuse of authority means, might this be considered a vivid example?

    And remember, please, the C of C holds the deed to that property on Jordan Road purchased also allegedly for a parking facility with funds from guess where? City of Sedona!

    We presently have new members on the Sedona City Council and all we can hope for is that they are paying attention to this highly questionable chain of command relating to catering to the special interests of certain people pulling strings at city hall. And maybe – just maybe – the “Villagers” might appreciate a heads up to these Sedona activities and avoid a repeat performance out there?

    Of course, the above article is from a year ago. What has changed, if anything?

  9. Buttermilk says:

    Shake ups needed

  10. Brittany Churchill, LA says:

    @Marty Your structure of almost $15 million isn’t a parking garage. This visitor thinks it will be a gross wart on Sedona’s beautiful face. If you Google costs of parking garages, your scab is a blight on sound fiscal practice and reeks of the pus of local corruption.

    In a coronavirus year or two, no building is being undertaking anyplace catering to travel and never anything directed to cars, planes, cruising, trains, parking, or transportation. Even football can’t fill stadiums, ask for no visitors who are sick. Build a medical center, not an eyesore.

  11. Jan & Jeff, Coconino County says:

    Please encourage Coconino County Supervisors to NOT assist in funding this travesty (parking structure).

    Sedona staff has already contacted our representative, Matt Ryan, to hit them up for money. They are using the excuse that it will also help ease traffic and parking problems in Oak Creek Canyon. Well, THAT is NOT a Sedona City issue. And to attempt taking it on as an excuse for funding from our county property taxes is outrageous.

    Open up your eyes people. During this critical time of COVID pandemic the connivers at city hall remain vigilant. Ever the opportunists? If you think “Yes” then contact Matt Ryan and tell him “NO” to Coconino County taxes being contributed to this blight on Sedona. Do it NOW. Tomorrow might be too late.

  12. steve Segner says:

    Brittany Churchill, In a coronavirus year or two, no building is being undertaking anyplace catering to travel and never anything directed to cars, planes, cruising, trains, parking, or transportation. well, Sedona is very very busy and the city is using tax monies generated by visitors to work on roads and parking,
    You say Build a medical center, not an eyesore., cities do not build a medical center, they build roads and parking lots healthcare is not a cities job. you also said this “reeks of the pus of local corruption.” please explain so we can all understand and just WHO is getting paid off> thanks

  13. Richard, Camp Verde says:

    a wart is a wart is a wart

  14. Amanda, west Sedona says:

    Evil doesn’t exist. Evil is the lack of goodness so what house do you live in, evil or good, Sedona?

  15. @Marty says:

    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it sounds like the same old, same old. You just had a hate for the CoC no matter what they do. Why can’t you just use your real name and be transparent.

  16. E. Steven Bowman says:

    put Christ back in Christmas, put love back in your hearts

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