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Another Three Story Sedona Hotel for VOC

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor. At the request of its author and due to its continued relevancy, we are re-publishing this January 2019 letter again:

The Jacks Canyon and SR 179 roundabout southeast corner property owners (Patel) are requesting a zoning map change and variances and multiple setback waivers in order to erect a Hilton Garden Inn 165 room and 3 story hotel and extended stay facility in the VOC. The above rendering was submitted with the project. The 4.65 acre corner lot is presently zoned residential/rural RCU-2A.

Another 3-story hotel in the VOC.

Owners of the vacant property at the corner of Jacks Canyon and Hwy 179 have requested rezoning and variances. The county document dated, October 30, 2018 is available for community members to review.

The property at the corner of Jacks Canyon and Hwy 179 is zoned residential and will need to be rezoned to accommodate the proposed 3-story hotel, Hilton Garden Inn.

It is important that community members email Yavapai County with comments regarding the rezoning and variances by Friday, January 11, 2019. Use this email: planning@yavapai.us. (Leah Genovese – leah.genovese@yavapai.us is the plan reviewer.)

A recent controversial issue, a master sign plan, was strongly opposed by the community. The county dismissed the opposition as “too late” and approved the plan.

According to the county document, the comment deadline for this latest controversial development is January 11. The county P&Z meeting to recommend or not recommend the request is February 21, 2018. The board of supervisors will decide on the request on March 20, 2019.

The VOC is a cash cow for the county. Our tax dollars support a college in Prescott. Tourist development revenue will go out of the VOC. This is about money. Some things are more important than money. Water, traffic, housing, etc.

Take action. Spread the word. The county isn’t going to tell you.

Big Park Council doesn’t even have the issue on the agenda for the January meeting.

Stop the VOC from being turned into a resort town.

Send your comments to the county. Don’t let the deadline be an excuse for the county to ignore community comment.

Barb Gordon
VOC resident

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  1. Sandy, Village says:

    The majority of neighbors that I’ve spoken with are against any catering to tourism industry and all are college educated, well traveled, homeowners from other states. Not a native born Sedonan to be found. We imagine they’ve left for quieter and less developed communities.

    We welcome the roundabouts and the calming beauty of Scenic Highway 179, we welcome the strict controls on architecture styles and building heights and all zoning restrictions. We have no issue with county governance until we find they have not our best interests in mind, Mr. Smith and Mr. Garrison be aware.

    We do not like hands down the VOCA boards or the Big Park Regional boards because they are secretive and conflicted and think themselves quite superior to the people they represent. Tourists and tourism are not industries, and they are not generators of income, they are consumers of resources and taxes and, in the words of Richard Branson, parasitic leeches on goodwill and philistines of litter.

    We will tolerate some things for change, but we will not be sacrificial lambs to the deep pockets of a few.

  2. Mrs Ona Say says:

    Before its forgotten and for the future here’s something to be remembered with the thanking of Karin Offield a woman extraordinaire for saving the El Rojo Grande Ranch. Thank you http://www.SedonaEye.com for lifting the veil when the tin wolf was sheltered by friendly alien mists because others deferred to the future while the wolf continued unchallenged in the present. After a phone call (name deleted by editor) encouraging my usual create, involve and sustain civic relationship with Mother Earth Self to learn of the imperiled El Rojo Grande Ranch red rock lands followed by an article from here with information to know of Karin Offield’s El Rojo Grande website that would create involve and sustain hundreds of contacts from me and maybe thousands of message senders from others touched by love for El Rojo Grande ranchlands. The (deleted by editor) call lifted my Selfwings and E. Maddock. kept a butterfly enflight. The Verde and its Sedona are to remain pristine and ecologically sound riparian and high desert lands. All our Mother Earth native peoples like Dine know this. Tourists are enmasse on Mother Earth passing and staying but the valley and red rocks are irreplaceable and need to be seen and traversed with obedience to Mother Earth who yearns for their spiritual contact alone. The residents of the Verde must arrive to live there with this knowledge; You are responsible to live sustainably and leave no trace for our future children as its protectors. To the network that the Sedona Eye gifted me and allowed for others, they deserve an honour of Mother Earth protectors. God bless each and every Mother Earth protector alive in Sedona the Verde and Mother Earth. Life is about Beings for goodness. Lift those reading to gift $30 to support free voices and courageous stances to save Sedona and El Rojo Grande ranchlands and to continue to be informed by Spirit.

    To unmet E.Maddock. you are Sedona and the Valley’s heartbeat and soulmate. You weathered slings and arrows to reach kindred spirits and souls with pen and page. You are one with Sedona, its Storyteller, its beholder of knowledge and a Lantern to its darkness. To the beloveds of http://elrojograndesedona.com/ now you will be remembered as the Grand Mother Protector of Sedona and El Rojo Grande Ranch. It gladdens the heart to know good people and good news exist in Spirit there. To Karin Offield and the Protectorate may you live forever as the soul keepers of your ranchlands and Mother Earth Spirit. You will be inspiration for all lovers of Sedona and Verde. Mother God loves you. Blessings of the holy ones on http://www.SedonaEye.com triumphantures.

    Mrs Ona an adopted daughter of supreme being Mother Earth.

  3. Evelyn, VOC says:

    Can you tell us if Tuesday Morning rumors of leaving VOC are correct? Rumors are flying they don’t get enough business to afford new rent increase according to corporate office and they’re pulling out?

  4. Cindy says:

    Hayley said Tuesday Morning has some time left on its contract but contracts can get broken easily when landlord fails to keep up rheir end. Kitchen Collection rumor says it’s going. IMO VOC Outlets have always been a stupid idea by people with too much money and no ability to know their market limitations. If the present businesses could not make it why will national brands make it better??? They suck financial life out of communities not enhance them. Remember 2008 people??? We need traffic barriers this month in the Village!

  5. @Cindy says:

    Actually Cindy, famous footwear has been thier for over 20 years.. So apparently you have no idea what your talking about . Wow what a surprize

  6. @Sandy says:

    So tell us Sandy, what have you done for us lately besides talk with a few friends?
    What have you done to help the community issues beside a little college educated jibber jabber with friends.
    I have been here for 11 years and have never heard of anything you have done for the community.
    Please, fill us in. What are you involved in? Any groups? Taken on any important issues?
    Tuesday morning will get out of their contract, should they choose, because the owner has taken all the parking spots from retail for the benefit of the cheap hotel and they have a copy of that. Better attorneys too.

  7. Barb Gordon BPRCC P&Z meeting 4-5-19 says:

    The Applicant for the Hilton Garden Inn (corner Jacks Cyn and SR-179) will be presenting their revised hotel proposal at the regular Big Park Council Planning & Zoning Committee meeting this Friday, April 5th at 9:00 am. The meeting will be held at the VOC Church of the Nazarene, 55 Rojo Drive. Interested parties are welcome to attend and observe, but deliberations are restricted to P&Z Committee members. The community plan suggests RS rezoning IF there is to be any rezoning from Residential. Attend the P&Z meeting so you may prepare to speak at the BPRCC meeting on Thursday, April 11, 9am at the VOC firestation. Local voices must be loud and plentiful if we have a chance to convince the county not to rezone the property to commercial.

  8. @Barb Gordon says:

    That meeting sounds very important it’s too bad that BPRCC has no real say or pull as to what happens in Yavapai County.

    County residents were lucky that the Rojo Grande mobile park pulled out from that crazy project just west of the city. Perhaps the county supervisors will agree with the residents and vote down the project when it comes before them but no one has to listen to BPRCC.

  9. Residents count says:

    You are all forgetting that tract is also part of pine creek and those residents should be the deciders according to the ccrs. Why are we forgetting this?

  10. Mary Johnson says:

    They changed the drawing to now take up the entire lot for this hotel !! It’s zoning is R-1A and restricts it to one story NOT THREE !! The Pine Creek CC&Rs restricts lot to ONE story !!

    Someone said “RESPECT THE LEGAL DOCUMENTS” that the community put in place. Don’t disrespect us. Go to the meeting !!

    Can every reader put this on Facebook today and tell people we need to be loud, proud and visible at the meeting. It’s our community and quality of life !!

  11. Local Andy says:

    Big Park Council P&Z Committee Meeting 4-5-19

    Attend the update on the Hilton in the Village of Oak Creek on Friday @ 9 AM at the Church of the Nazarene, 55 Rojo Drive, 86351.

    The Agenda has 7 items; #5 is Update re proposed revised application on Hilton Garden Inn/Jennifer Boblick

    Rumor has it the owners are saying that the local people protesting against their disgusting and obscene request for variances and zoning changes shouldn’t be listened to because they suspect they aren’t local. Show up and let them know we won’t be bullied by their arrogance and lies.

    BTW Seems the Owners aren’t locals either then. They don’t live here. Big Park Regional Council our eyes are on your decision to uphold our community or destroy it for your personal gain. We don’t want it. Plain. Simple. In a word? NO.

  12. VOCA resident concern says:

    The rezoning and variances for the property at jacks canyon corner was supposed to be voted on at the county in January. Now we have been told the rezoning only will be voted on in June. Get informed.

  13. VOCA Concerned Resident says:

    ALERT: PATEL Rezoning Mtg from Residential to COMMERCIAL

    Monday May 20, 2019 9am VOC Church of the Nazarene

    The Big Park Planning & Zoning Committee will continue discussion & are likely to finalize their recommendation to approve or deny the Patel Rezoning

    Patel’s have removed any consideration of a hotel or any commercial structure at the corner of Jacks Canyon & Hwy 179. This is a HARD Zoning change request ONLY that has NO building plan included as part of this hard zoning change. If approved, this will allow the owners to build anything they want that can be built within a C2-1 zoning classification. Exactly the same as the Element Hotel zoning.

    It was announced at the May 9th Big Park Council meeting that the P&Z committee would have their recommendations available for the public two weeks prior to the June 13th meeting BP Council Mtg. At that meeting the full Council will vote to approve or oppose the request for rezoning from residential to commercial.

    Thus, it’s likely that the committee will make a decision at the meeting on Monday.

    It’s not known if the committee will take questions from the audience at this meeting or not, but it’s very important that these discussions be witnessed by our community.

    If your neighborhood has a representative in the Big Park Council, encourage them to attend this meeting and share the information with your neighbors. Let your representative know how you feel about the issue so their vote on June 13th is informed by those they represent.

    And by all means, be at the Thurs., June 13th 9am meeting at the VOC Fire Stn to participate in the decision with your presence!

  14. Pay Attention says:

    Pine Creek has CCRs . VOCA has a duty to adhere to those those CCRs.
    The county loves to turn residential to Commercial.
    They did it with the cluster b and b which later became commercial Las Posados when they were ready for the pool.
    Conflict of interest for Mr. Graham.
    They did it on Canyon Circle with the b and bs taking 4 plexes and turning them into an even larger b and b.
    Element was allowed to build 3 stories because county counted the first floor as a basement because ofthe slope of the land which was total BS since they did all that originally. You can see the total degradation of the view shed and they will probably leave it that outstanding ugly color that matches nothing else in town. Let that speak to you when boycotting the place and the shops.
    How about not reelecting Randy Garrison on that alone?
    David Williams blaming a loophole that the county placed in the ordinance.
    The county also placed an overlay of zoning with no community input and opposite to what community members have worked for since the 60’s.
    Big Park Council represents about 300 people out of 6000 since 2007 but no rush to change.
    You have to show up and stand up for your rights.

  15. VOCA resident concern says:

    Monday, May 20, 2019. What I got out of the BPRCC P&Z meeting today was that “stipulations” cannot be enforced. The BPRCC P&Z has been negotiating with the property owner of the land at the corner of Jacks Canyon, the Patel property, where the Patels want to build a hotel. The Patels are requesting rezoning to allow the hotel to be built. The BPRCC P&Z has no authority to negotiate “stipulations” and no “stipulations” can be enforced. The fear that something other than a hotel might be built and the idea that we might “control” what will be built with “stipulations” if zoning is approved is not realistic.

    Only the applicant can request rezoning. The only option at the county level is approve C2-1 as requested or reject it. The Element hotel and the outlet mall are the only parcels currently zoned C2-1. The other commercial properties are C2-2. Again, we might want a different zoning, but only the applicant can request a zoning change.

    Several people stated opposition to the rezoning at the end of the committee meeting when community members were allowed to comment.

    There is another BPRCC P&Z meeting on Friday. The meeting on Friday has not been planned out but supposedly the community will have access to information prior to Friday on the BPRCC website.

    If you are opposed to rezoning because the rezoning will be harmful to the residential property adjacent to the Patel property and to our community, send emails to Leah Genovese by 5-24 or 6-6 (both dates have been published).

  16. @VOC Resident Concern says:

    Too bad our little VOC – Big Park Community never incorporated like the city of Sedona. We just can’t depend on the county to listen to us.

  17. Brian, Uptown Screwed says:

    @VOCResidentConcern Your name should have read @VOCNonResidentLMAOATYOUMORONS

    You don’t mean a word you’ve said. You’re a Sedona city resident or you’re a VOC (deleted by editor) that hates the VOC. The city of Sedona screws its residents every day & does it while ripping us off of tax money far above VOC or Cottonwood or Oak Creek Canyon. The city of Sedona condemned an entire street of beautiful homes in Uptown near Mariposa to build a road. The city of Sedona has approved a FOUR STORY low income building in an area of single stories that will forever destroy Sedona. Sedona is a city of pigs.

  18. @@VOC Resident Concern says:

    Very funny. Then you’d just have another authority that wouldn’t listen.

  19. Sedona Larry says:

    Heard there’s going to be a big dollar long term ad campaign against the city soon on local radio & TV? Anybody else here about it, seems Sierra Club & locals from KSB & anti monument groups got several Grand Canyon and Prescott groups together after eminent domain started with the SIM group getting out of hand? What’s the gossip?

  20. @Brian, Uptown Screwed says:

    One would think that if you really lived in Uptown you would know what you’re talking about but obviously, you either don’t know what you’re talking about or you are just repeating someone else’s misinformation.

    You see, I read the Sedona Red Rock News (no, not snooze) so I know real facts and I know that the city of Sedona has NOT condemned any homes. In reading past articles you would know that no houses were planned to be condemned just land near some houses and Rights of Ways and unbuilt land.

    The city of Sedona didn’t approve a FOUR STORY low-income building in an area of single stories. Read the RRN and maybe you’ll learn something; the city of Sedona approved to allow a developer to present a proposal that would not exceed four stories. This is not “low income” building it’s for workforce housing, please look up the difference.

    I’m sure that if the State of AZ didn’t approve the allowance of short term rentals against the rules of the city, that would not have needed to be allowed. Unfortunately, we have some very greedy people who have kicked out working people who were renting long term for their own greed and allow vacation rentals.

    Interesting that you say that you live in Uptown and make those statements because you have more vacation rentals in your own neighborhood.

  21. Steve segner says:

    Brian said: The city of Sedona condemned an entire street of beautiful homes in Uptown near Mariposa to build a road. The city of Sedona has approved a FOUR STORY low income building in an area of single stories that will forever destroy Sedona. Sedona is a city of pigs.

    Brian, please show us where the city condemned the street there is no record of City Hall condemnation.? There’s also no record of approval of a four-story lower income apartment building .. you seem to be stating as facts things that are under discussion the building on sunset four-story low income housing is your call it has been abandoned not proceeding , please do your Fact checking before you post

  22. Roland Gajewski says:

    @@VOC Resident Concern be careful what you wish for. VOC initially was included as part of the area of Sedona incorporation but the vote failed. After that area was eliminated is when voters in present City Limits approved the ballot measure.

    One more layer of government is what it’s amounted to. Controlled by developers with money. Community Plan – worthless. Mysteriously amended every time a builder makes a request.

    Be careful what you wish for. $$$$$ seem to have the loudest voice and influences decisions. Residents don’t matter. Keep that in mind if you’re naive enough to think incorporation will represent anything other than developers with big bucks to spend.

    And that’s an opinion with pretty substantial verification. Look at the multi-story developments on Sedona’s docket for Sunset and Andante.

  23. VOCA resident concern says:

    @@VOC Resident Concern: Can understand that incorporation sounds appealing because the county would not be deciding certain issues like this current rezoning application. But we don’t want more hotels and tourism that would be needed to support a tax base to pay for an incorporated town. There is no guarantee that a town council would make decisions in line with community desires. Power corrupts. Politics is a dirty business. We, the VOC residents, must work with the county to keep our residential neighborhoods. There was an amendment that came from the county that was also discussed at the P&Z meeting. It would redefine “guest house” to basically turn every single family home into a potential multi-family home. This will compound the problem with short term rentals. Imagine your neighbor housing a dozen immigrants who work at the hotel. This is a state issue, not a county issue. The P&Z committee voted to recommend opposing the amendment but will the county listen? A wise man commented at the P&Z meeting that this rezoning, this one property that needs rezoning to build a hotel, is the key to the future direction of the VOC. He makes sense. The opposition is loud and widespread and has not changed since January when we first learned of the intent to request rezoning. This is a turning point for the VOC and for the county. What will the county do? Will they dismiss all the opposition as “not enough letters” “not enough letters written correctly” “not enough” or will they understand that when 500 people out of 2300 respond in opposition through a VOCA survey, that is a huge response. Will they understand that when the January BPRCC meeting couldn’t start because the fire station was over capacity with people lined up to oppose the rezoning that is a huge response. Will they do the right thing for our community? This is a big test for the county. If they support the residents, it will go a long way toward community acceptance of the county.

  24. Steve segner says:

    Sedona has not condemned any land uptown on Forest Street. And a four story apartment building is not going up in the Sunset area you seem to not be up on current events. neither has been approved by the city Council , the City goes through a planning process with open meetings , you need to get involved instead of spreading malicious lies , your comment Sedona is a city of pigs is telling it is telling us not to listen to you

  25. Brian says:

    Vacation rentals don’t bother me or friends I have. It’s our houses and we pay for them. We never hear a peep out of them, outdoors types like hiking and stay weekend or a day or two midweek, one car. Makes feel safer than most my neighbors are in town at most a couple Months a year. Could be owners kids for all I know or care. The only people hating air bs are those not making money with big hotels. Sedona discovered European housing when traveling doesn’t need Marriott and buddies, just summers and guest room.

  26. steve Segner says:

    Brian says: Hotels are doing fine thank you we are up set that the state SB 1350 Sedona lost over 400 housing units for employees.
    Well this is a start for change giving some power back to the local governments.

    PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill Tuesday that adds limits to how short-term rentals can operate in the state.
    HB 2672 requires property owners renting out space through apps like Airbnb or VRBO to provide authorities with contact information in case of a complaint, like for excessive noise.
    The bill also prohibits rentals for the purpose of holding a special event that would otherwise require a permit or license, or for using the building as a retail space, restaurant or banquet hall.
    “Most short-term rental homeowners are good neighbors,” Ducey wrote in a letter to Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on Tuesday.
    “HB 2672 provides a straightforward enforcement mechanism to penalize ‘party house’ operators for not upholding existing laws on their properties.”
    The bill also requires “online lodging operators” to obtain a transaction privilege tax license before offering rentals and list the license number on all advertisements.
    Operators who violate these tax-related rules will be fined $250 for a first offense and $1,000 for subsequent offenses.
    Ducey said he hopes no additional regulation will be needed, and he anticipates the law will have no impact on most renters.
    The bill passed the House 41-19 and the Senate 17-12 before being sent to the governor’s desk.
    Three years ago, Ducey signed a bill that stopped local governments from barring residents from using services such as Airbnb and VRBO to rent property.

  27. Steve segner says:

    Brian you just change the subject to Airbnb from your statement of facts about the city condemning property uptown and authorizing a four-story building in the Sunset area, you’re just like trump, you make several false statements then you change the subject

  28. Wayne Oh Brother says:

    Wazza matta @Steve segner? Incorporated Sedona isn’t big enough for you so now you have to butt in and try to take charge of VOC? We don’t need you out here but thx for your constant reminder(s) of what a mess you made of your big “city” and how lucky we are to NOT be part of your over indulging government.

  29. Jim Poole says:

    hey Steve segner you made many false statements also. You are like Trump on steroids pushing your agenda. Practice what you preach.

  30. Mack says:

    @steve segner. Be sure to vote for Gov Ducey because he manages to keep the budget in the black and he manages to make the little man and woman who own their own homes use it as an asset IF THEY abide by a few common sense rules. THEY don’t need a Lodging Council to get their neighbors money from politicians to pay for their mortgages. THEY self manage. True Democracy at work. Should be a bi-partisan HIGH FIVE to voters. YES to short term rentals with the new rules. Mega tourist hotels name brands and big motels are going to be a very bad investment for companies and for cities to count on for tax and job source revenue – might want to cancel those big commercial buildings and hotels P&Z. At least That’s what my stock broker says.


    Segner never opened his mouth when Sedona did not allow short term rentals and now they are great coexisting businesses and great friends. Even the chanber is wooing them so the chamber can get their hands on some of that short term business money.
    Now we all work together but only when there is a dollar to be made off the backs of the homeowners.
    Marriott is getting in on it too. Next thing you know corporations will own those homes .
    With a focus on tourist areas at first.
    Stay out of our business Sedona and keep your shuttles away too.

  32. Steve Segner says:

    Segner never opened his mouth when Sedona did not allow short term rentals and now they are great coexisting businesses and great friends. Even the chamber is wooing them so the chamber can get their hands on some of that short term business money.
    I fought SB1350 and lost.
    SB 1350 ok’ed over night rentals, so it is the “law” I do not like it but that being said what is wrong with helping people with their new business and follow the new state and city regulations!
    Sedona is a tourist town and the job of the chamber and the lodging council is to “help” business in the tourism business.
    Question, SHORT TERM RENTALS you will not use a real name because?

  33. Denise says:

    Marriott International already in the market of Vacation Rentals, part of their loyally, brand. Homes & Villas by Marriott International.


    I don’t think Sedona will hit their mark with a ADR of $221.

  34. Boarding houses in your neighborhood says:

    The county P&Z is proposing amendments to the Guest House ordinance. Any room in any house or as many rooms as you would like to be a “guest house.” No difference between attached or detached. You can even have two kitchens in your house and rent any part of your house. The short term rentals are bad enough. Now the state and county want to add unregulated, unlicensed, boarding houses to our residential neighborhoods. Single family neighborhoods will be only possible with HOA restrictions. At least until the state takes that away. Zoning ordinance Amendment H19029. Contact Tim Olson , Planner I. timothy.olson@yavapai.us.Tentatively scheduled for June 30 P&Z Cottonwood.

  35. C2-1 zoning application says:

    Left the BPRCC P&Z meeting about the latest hotel after 3.5 hours. Couldn’t take hearing the Big Park Council president interrupt a speaker one more time. The application to the county is JUST rezoning. The meeting was overtaken by discussion about the proposed hotel yet the hotel is not part of the rezoning application. Trust us, we will build a nice hotel and that is better than the alternative. Trust us because we are not offering any legally binding agreement to what we will build. Concerned that the 150 or so community residents think they can control the hotel if the rezoning is approved. Nope. Concerned that the residents think by showing up a the meeting and waiting hours to speak, the county will hear them. Nope. Residents must WRITE to all the county supervisors to have their objection heard. The objection must be related to the rezoning, not a hotel, in order to have an impact. It is all up to the supervisors.

  36. Eddie H says:

    Trust me is a phrase used by persons who spout something unbelievable that they want believed . Build to the required zoning set forth by the county , residents and no one will object . It’s that simple .

  37. No to C2-1 says:

    The point is to deny C2-1 rezoning. Residents will not accept what is built under that zoning. There are only 2 other properties in all of the VOC with C2-1 zoning. It is appropriate and reasonable to deny the C2-1 zoning.

  38. Ellen says:

    Elaborate what you mean by C2 zoning is all that matters if you can?????

  39. @ellen says:

    There are levels of commercial zoning in Yavapai county. C2-1 is the least restrictive category of commercial zoning. The majority of commercial property in the VOC is zoned C2-2 which doesn’t allow as tall of a buildIng as C2-1. The property in question in the VOC is currently zoned a residential category. It would be appropriate and reasonable to deny the rezoning request because it is in as much a residential area as a commercial area. It would be reasonable to deny the rezoning request because the request is for C2-1 that is not common in VOC. It would be appropriate to deny the rezoning request because the people who live here do not want the traffic problems another tourist business will bring here. The county is supposed to make decisions that are reasonable and appropriate. They are not supposed to make decisions in favor of a land speculator just because they favor development over resident concerns.

  40. Don't be fooled says:

    Don’t be fooled by the scare tactics some are spreading in the VOC. They are telling you that this hotel will better than the unknown. They think they can control what the hotel looks like, how tall, how far back from the road. They think a hotel is GOOD for our community. A hotel that is set back from the road with a line of used cars right next to 179 and a line of used cars along Jacks Canyon. is not good for the community. An actual used car lot would be better than a hotel. The property should remain residential just like the majority of the property surrounding it. The safety of the community is at stake. The traffic and the congestion caused by another commercial development in the already crowded intersection will be dangerous. The community needs to stand firm against this intrusion.

  41. S.A. says:

    It’s time that the VOC residents wake up.

    I hear people stupidly mouth words and ideas read in the Red Rock news without realizing it is part of the Chamber and Sedona city ruling class. Not one of those three entities care what the residents of VOC have to say because its their decisions to develop land.

    The news needs readers/advertising because they don’t have many left to tap as their empire of control falls. The city needs revenue or their employee salaries that all are over $100K for 145 workers for less than 10,000 people, only 1/2 are full timers.

    The Chamber gets $2.5 Million from the city and is the biggest “advertiser/columns/pro development” voice in the RRnews and in the city. The three are co-mingled and need each other to survive. But more they need YOU the residents to be ignorant and quiet and accept the Kool ade they sell you and tell you.

    No a hotel isn’t good for any community. It’s full of transients whose backgrounds you don’t know with criminal records you can only pretend doesn’t exist. The hotels use too much water, a local scarcity, produce too much effluent, too much garbage, too much light, too much excess and hire almost no local worker at more than a part time salary for a service work, waiters/yard workers, cooks, window washers, housekeepers, and all those jobs that require no to little education and no to little training.

    At least in an Airbnb there is a responsibility locally. They are all registered and pay taxes and are controlled by state laws dictating quiet use, etc. There are fines for AirBs that break the rules. There is an immediate impact if the properties decline because the HOAs. There is absolutely NO CONTROL over a distant corporate megaplex. Even the Patels don’t live in Sedona, even the Patels could care less about VOC except for the greening of their personal space. Fine, that’s their right, but it is the communities right and responsibility to stand up to flagrant greediness by one that undermines the life value of all.

    That’s the truth VOC. You are Sedona’s doormat. Be quiet and do as you are told. And stop blaming Prescott. That’s a false flag that the city of Sedona government is waving to try and get you to turn to them as your savior from the DISTANT PRESCOTT government. Excuse me VOC, you were designed and live well because of Prescott. Tell Sedona and the Patels who are modeling their zoning requests after the city of Sedona successes.

    Turn out your county supervisor if he doesn’t represent you well in Prescott. But don’t throw out the very protection you have from Sedona in Prescott. Your problem with Prescott began with not electing a county supervisor that liked VOC. Garrison has shown his disregard for the VOC, so toss him out and re-elect someone who wants to preserve its uniqueness. I doubt if Garrison cares if you become a Sedona city slum or wall to wall hotel blocked views.

    Get organized now to find a candidate and start the grass roots effort of getting the word out and get that person elected. Look at who is doing the heavy work of organizing against the hotels and non-resident friendly development and start to back the one most agreeable to you for office. Get rid of Big Park representatives at the HOA level, don’t settle for being unrepresented, if you think they don’t listen.

    Your public opinion will allow them to run over you or respect you. It’s your choice VOC.

  42. DJV - Not says:

    To: S.A. Please stop talking like you came from Mars!!!

    I looked throughout this entire blog and can not find one word where the Chamber or the City of Sedona uttered one word for or against the Patel property.

    The only true government body that will have a say is Yavapai County Board of Supervisors. NOT THE CHAMBER OR THE CITY OF SEDONA.

    I agree 1000% that anything but homes should not be allowed on that lot of land but why spread stories that make no sense or are totally false.

  43. Karen says:

    Heard it said that designation of Scenic Highway meant it is to be DEVELOPED. Flat out boldface lie in Big Park. Liars on Big Park Council need to be removed for misrepresenting their community and only VOC lovers put back to the table.

    Get activated VOC. You’re closer to becoming a slum commercial zone for Sedona city tourists. Sign petitions, attend meetings, get the truth. Vote no to zoning changes.

    Scenic highway: means any highway, road, or sections of the highway or road designated as a scenic highway from time to time by the general assembly under this part. See See State : when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the several territories of the United States.
    Tennessee Code 54-17-105. Eligibility for scenic highway …

    Is this answer helpful?
    The California Scenic Highway Program – Caltrans

    A scenic highway designation protects the scenic values of an era. Official designation requires a local jurisdiction to enact a scenic corridor protection program that …
    Scenic Highway Program FAQs: Caltrans Landscape …

    When a city or county nominates an eligible scenic highway for official designation, it must identify and define the scenic corridor of the highway. Scenic corridors consist of land that is visible from the highway right of way, and is comprised primarily of scenic and natural features.
    Scenic Highways – Frequently Asked Questions – California

    Mar 28, 2017 · When a city or county nominates an eligible scenic highway for official designation, it must identify and define the scenic corridor of the highway. Scenic corridors consist of land that is visible from the highway right of way, and is comprised primarily of scenic and natural features.
    Byway Designation Criteria | Florida Scenic Highways

    A scenic highway depends upon the community for the management and exposure of the designated corridor; therefore, the Byway Organization must demonstrate this commitment in order to gain input and support from the public.
    Scenic Highway Designation
    http://www.hvccsite.org/247 presentation online comp.pdf
    WHAT DOES SCENIC HIGHWAY DESIGNATION DO FOR US? 1. Protects the scenic corridor from encroachment of incompatible land uses such as junkyards, dumps, concrete plants, and gravel pits, etc. 2. Mitigates activities within the corridor that detract from its scenic …
    Highway Designation – Texas Department of Transportation

    Texas Memorial Highway System Memorial Highways are named through the state legislature or by a local government which works with the appropriate TxDOT district for highway signing. TxDOT keeps a record of the memorial highways but does not designate them (Transportation Code, Chapter 225.
    Continuity and Byways Designations | Scenic America

    Scenic byway programs are aimed at identifying, protecting, and promoting our most scenic roads. The best scenic byways provide travelers a continuous experience rich in scenery, history, and the culture of the area. Continuity is extremely important; the way to achieve it is to include the entire proposed byway in the scenic byway designation.
    National Scenic Byway –

  44. Oppose commercial expansion says:

    There was another meeting of the BPRCC P&Z committee today, June 3, 2019. The main purpose of the meeting was to vote on a recommendation to BPRCC regarding the rezoning of the Patel lot. This is the lot where a hotel is proposed to be built. This is the lot at the corner of Jacks Canyon and Hwy 179. This is the intersection the residents on that side of 179 need to use to exit for emergencies.

    The rezoning application is described by the county as: “a Zoning Map Change from the RCU-2A (Residential; Rural; 2-acre minimum lot sizes) zoning district to the C2-1 (Commercial; General Sales) zoning district.”

    From information the county sends to groups like BPRCC asking for feedback: “In an effort to maintain transparency, the applicant has chosen to include the intended use of the property in the Amended Letter of Intent. However, this application is only a request for a hard zoning change to the C2-1 zoning district. Feedback regarding the intended use of the property will not be considered relevant to this request.”

    A subgroup of BPRCC P&Z negotiated with the Patel’s attorney for stipulations. They came up with general descriptions of set backs and building heights (63 feet at one location). And restrictions on the use of the land. No car sales or car repairs or storage facility. Keep in mind there will be rows of cars along 179 if a hotel is built. Maybe a car lot would be better, less tourist traffic. The stipulations are aimed at the success of this particular hotel. There was no explanation as to how/if/when any stipulations can be added or if the county will even look at stipulations since the county stated use will not be relevant to this hard rezone application.

    A motion was made to recommend to BPRCC approval of the rezoning with the stipulations. The vote was 6 to 3 in favor. There were 2 votes the past. One opposed the original rezoning with variances. One opposed the current rezoning with similar stipulations. The P&Z will meet on Friday. Could they vote again? Unlikely, certain powerful members seem happy with the 3rd vote in favor of rezoniing. Vote til happy.

    The community is able to comment to the county at any time. However, the county relies on BPRCC and other groups for recommendations too. Email Leah.Genovese@yavapai.us to contact the county. Come to the June 13 BPRCC meeting to tell them your opinion.

    BPRCC P&Z will present their recommendation in favor of rezoning at the BPRCC meeting on June 13.

    County P&Z is June 20 and supervisors meet July 17. Those meetings are at 9am in Cottonwood.

    The VOC has developed since the beginning as a residential community. If this rezoning is approved it could be the key to increased commercial development and the decline of residential neighborhoods. If you live here, you should oppose strongly and vocally.

  45. Congratulations VOC says:

    Your complaint was aired at 6:00 PM on Phoenix Channel 10, complete with an excellent photo shoot that conveyed volumes. And to think you managed to accomplish this without an elected city council, over- priced city hall and staff that comes with it to complete a package containing a bomb ready to explode? MY description of “City of Sedona.”

    KUDOS. You continue to make a mockery of incorporated Sedona!! Way to go!!

  46. CHANGE IS NEEDED says:

    Always the same cast of characters
    Tom Graham
    Go to
    AZ Corporation Commission

    File ID:
    Mailing Address:
    P O BOX 20662
    SEDONA, Arizona
    Nature of Business:
    Date of First Use:
    August 11, 2008
    Date Registered:
    September 23, 2008
    Expiration Date:
    September 23, 2018
    Registration Information:
    Registration Received: September 13, 2013 Expires: September 23, 2018
    Registration Received: September 23, 2008 Expires: September 23, 2013

    Village Park Recreation, Inc


    Entity Name:
    Entity ID:
    Entity Type:
    Domestic Nonprofit Corporation
    Entity Status:
    Formation Date:
    Reason for Status:
    In Good Standing
    Approval Date:
    Status Date:
    Original Incorporation Date:
    Life Period:
    Business Type:
    Mr. Thomas Graham
    Last Annual Report Filed:
    Domicile State:
    Annual Report Due Date:
    Years Due:
    Original Publish Date:
    Statutory Agent Information
    Appointed Status:

    Principal Information

    Secretary THOMAS H GRAHAM
    President thomas h graham

    Attention: Thomas Graham

    County: Yavapai
    Last Updated: 5/5/2018

    The same man
    Tom Graham Big Park Council
    Tom Graham County Servant on Yavapai Board of Adjustments and Appeals
    Acting Chairman/Vice Chairman Thomas Graham
    The Board of Appeals and Adjustment consists of five members.

  47. Amalie Roche says:

    Advantage developers! Reprehensible, lack of representation of residents wishes should be grounds for dismissal, resignations should be expected, this systemic lack of representation is appalling and leads to easy corrupt behaviors! You need a Valley lawyer because none here can stand up to losing business by siding with residents against those with power! You need a big firm that specializes in planning and zoning and going against it instead of allowing it.


    If VOCA run in part by Hoamco has a subdivision called Pine Creek which includes the Patel property(and by the way there are many investors in this property).

    If VOCA allows the County to supercede the subdivision which is registered with the County and self renewing without first going to the stakeholders in that subdivision,
    will this set a precedence and allow the County to go into any subdivision and change it to commercial?
    Will the HOA set a precedence and allow other County rules like short term rentals to be implemented by the County?
    Will the Hoamco and VOCA be sued and should they be?

    Opinions please from any lawyer not working for the County or representing the in any capacity please shed some light on this.

  49. Bob says:

    Your problem is legal. You’re trying to solve it ass backwards by not using the tools in your toolbox. The Big Park group has not to my knowledge ever been on any side but the developers and businesses because that’s their chosen role.

    Get a lawyer not affiliated with Yavapai County. Look in Maricopa. File an injunction. The state and county cannot supersede the HOA or CCRs. You need to file to close the job, to close the sale, and name every person in the food chain for liability or get a lawyer from outside the county with better advice. The Pine Valley residents should have filed by now or immediately as soon as possible. Any good law firm will walk that suit ! It’s a slam dunk win for the CCRs and HOAs. In a real world, every single VOC group with CCRs and HOAs will join the suit as friends. The above not given as legal advice.

  50. Christine says:

    Does somebody remember Joan from the Village? She and one other used to fight the battles to keep the Village pristine and residents a voice. Think her daughter’s in the local school. McClelland? McLellan? She’s died but she had help then. Maybe they can help now.

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