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Wizards of Sedona: Big 3 Powers and an Affordable Housing Sham?

Sedona AZ (November 19, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Dear Editor,

The Wizards of Sedona are at it once again, manipulating and pulling strings from behind the scenes.

The Big 3 Powers That Be – the tourist, real estate/developer and construction industries along with the help the Sedona Red Rock News (SRRN) – are making a big deal about “affordable housing.” A recent SRRN headline proclaimed that “Sedona’s housing shortage is a growing crisis” (11/15/17). Most of the front page and the editorial of this issue were a big propaganda push to garner support for affordable housing, which is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Why? Because this cause celebre is being used to justify their zoning law changes, and ultimately the overdevelopment of Sedona. Ironically this “growing crisis” is an unintended, misbegotten (karmic?) byproduct of this overdevelopment.

There are various aspects of their specious argument at play.

Let me first say I would be all for affordable housing if I believed that housing in Sedona could actually be affordable for “critical care providers, resort workers, [those of] grocery and retail stores…nurses…vets who served our country, retirees,” etc. Even the CEO of the Chamber said, “But we’re trying not to use the term affordable housing. Because, what is really affordable?” (11/15/17). Yet she pitched one aspect of their argument – diversity…”Many of us feel we’d be a richer community if we had more diversity in terms of age, ethnicity, and types of people with different incomes.”

Nice idea, a lofty gesture.

But the prospective, targeted renters/residents can’t afford to live here because the cost of living in Sedona is 35% higher than the national average. Why is that? The recent hike in the sales tax notwithstanding…because the Chamber and the other Wizards are striving to turn Sedona into a ritzy resort town like Sante Fe, NM and Palm Springs, CA.

Not that diversity isn’t a noble aspiration, but more to the point is the employees aspect of their argument. Members of the Chamber as well as small business owners related to tourism are having a hard time finding and keeping enough workers. They cite a lack of affordable housing as the main reason. I’m sure it’s a factor. But what about the low minimum wages, the lack of professional jobs? Would those employers who are complaining be willing to pay higher wages of $10-15 an hour? Moreover, could the shortage of workers be due to the fact that the Council/City has rezoned and promoted the building and establishment of more hotels, so that there are now more hotels competing for the same (or smaller) pool of workers?

Another questionable aspect of their specious argument is traffic.

They purport that there would be less traffic if workers lived in Sedona instead of commuting here from Cottonwood and other outlying communities. I don’t get it. It seems that more resident workers making multiple daily trips running errands would cause more traffic congestion than a single round-trip by commuters.

In the same SRRN issue (11/15/17) the editor wrote about the supposed benefits from “the city’s decision to eliminate maximum housing density…providing housing opportunities for young people and working families. Those families will enroll their kids in local schools, increasing per student education funding from the state. More residents also means more local spending in shops and restaurants, especially during the tourist off-season when many of these businesses are desperate for customers and thus more tax revenues collected for the city.” And more traffic. Thus he is also promoting affordable housing as a panacea for the City’s economic and demographic problems. But why would young families want to move to a community where the average is 57, the quality of the schools are rated average, there is a lack of professional jobs, and the cost of living is 35% higher than the national average?

Even our City Manager has the affordable housing bug: After embracing all the aspects of this specious argument, he said, “So in the end, a robust program that helps ensure housing choices is really a program about preserving our community.” He seems to imply that affordable housing is the glue that will keep our community together; without it our community would dissolve. Moreover I question his awareness when I read…”The citizen group meeting to take on this issue is not a city-organized one, Clifton said. Rather it’s a grassroots group of thoughtful residents who came to the city to ask for help” (11/15/17). Yes and No.

In the beginning of this front-page article…”Linda Martinez, a local business owner and former chairwoman of the defunct Sedona Affordable Housing Commission, recently spearheaded a citizen committee to look into the ever-increasing problem.” So obviously Linda was a part of a City-affiliated (if not -sponsored) commission. When that commission was unsuccessful, she founded a “grassroots” “citizen” committee to lobby for affordable housing. The intent and agenda of this committee is suspect, since her husband, Ron, owns a local construction company. A conflict of interest? Moreover she and he were 2 of the 13 who spoke in favor of eliminating high density restrictions at a Council meeting.

This brings us to how the SRRN is serving as a mouthpiece for the Wizards, the Three Powers That Be.

In the SRRN article “Public Favors High Density” (11/1/17), the headline is sheer hyperbole whose intent seems to be to mislead and misinform. “More than a dozen [actually 13] spoke in favor of the city increasing the density of the number of multifamily units per acre.” Most of these speakers were vested interests, like Linda and Ron. Some were likely not even residents of Sedona, since the Council allows non-residents to speak/influence/interfere in City matters. Thirteen pales in comparison to the hundreds that showed up at City Hall to protest smart phones. So I don’t think 13 out of 10,000 plus residents can be considered the “public.”

Now two weeks later SRRN’s front page is all about “Sedona’s housing shortage is a growing crisis” (11/15/17). It features a huge sidebar: “What type of impact has the lack of affordable or available housing had on your staff or business?”

Coincidentally (?) Jennifer Chilton of SOCSD and representatives of Sedona Rouge were quoted in the sidebar, and they were part of the 13 who had also spoken as part of the “public” at the Council meeting. Fire Chief Kazian was also quoted in this sidebar in spite of having his credibility tarnished by his advocacy for Phoenix construction companies during the SFD bond campaign. This recent SRRN issue reminded me of their May (2017) issue that was all about the SFD and promoting its bond.

So here’s my take on our affordable housing issue.

Though it’s a noble aspiration, here in Sedona it’s a sham, a scam to further increase housing density and enrich the real estate/developer and construction industries. Affordable housing has been tried before and failed. Nepenthe was originally supposed to be affordable housing. After a year or two the price/rents of the condos began to rise, and quickly they became unaffordable, yet quite profitable for realtors and developers. So I believe that the same thing will happen with any “affordable” housing that is built…unless the City or some agency subsidizes rents to make and keep housing affordable. The City claims that it would do no such thing; but they have made many claims that they haven’t kept, e.g. no rezoning in the Community Plan. So the City could end up indirectly subsidizing rents via the Chamber’s “product development” fund. Thus it’s possible that we residents could end up subsidizing the affordable housing of the Chamber members’ employees.

What is a “growing crisis” is the inept, irresponsible leadership, riddled with conflicts of interest, by the City Council and City staff. Its biggest failure has been to give away its power of the purse to the Chamber of Commerce via its 7-year contract that allows the Chamber to spend City funds via its “product development” fund. But more disturbing and probably more irreversible is the City Council’s collusion with the Powers That Be to overdevelop the City and destroy Sedona’s “small-town character,” the preservation of which was one of the stated and promised goals of the Community Plan. Unfortunately they are reneging on that promise, as they continue to transform Sedona from a quaint small town with charm and character into a congested tourist trap of pomp and glitz.

Henry Twombly
Sedona, AZ 86336

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  1. Bye Sedona. says:

    Editor, why do you give Twombly such an open and absurd platform for his senile rhetoric?

  2. Miss Nomer says:

    All housing is affordable. It just depends on who’s buying.

  3. West Sedona Resident says:

    Right on Henry! Great article. Complete BS with that article on the front page. They created the crisis. Who doesn’t have to drive to work? a 15 minute is NOTHING. I drive to Flagstaff.

  4. @Bye Sedona says:

    How quickly you forget (or is it by choice)? Wasn’t it Henry Twombly who also headlined another opinion/perspective about the now defunct Fire District Bond?

    Give the voters a chance to make decisions and clearly the outcome will most likely be just the opposite of these know-it-all decision makers behind closed doors at city hall.

    As for SedonaEye, there isn’t another local publication that will fairly present both sides of an issue. It most assuredly isn’t offered with the local hard copy biased production that doesn’t even come close to fair reporting. Housing density is the most recent example.

    Maybe you should zip your lip and stop knocking the people that end up on the winning side when the voters actually have a voice. Why do you think the council and staff slam-dunked amending the community plan to change the zoning? Could it be because if the voters had their way the building density would NOT have been increased.


  5. Eddie Maddock says:

    OK, so the Sedona City Council and Staff just LOVE to play bigshot on behalf of the “regional” Chamber of Commerce. It seems they’ve never seen a “not-for-profit” group they haven’t embraced with city $$$. And the latest trend to provide affordable housing for the entire Verde Valley masses in need is the hottest do-good-feel-good expansive endeavor.

    Well, guess what? “O’Halleran’s Office Isn’t in His Huge District” and the “Freshman Democrat says he can’t find affordable office space in Oro Valley.” (The Arizona Republic, Friday, November 17, 2017 – Page 4A)

    “We went and looked for weeks and weeks for an office on Oro Valley and found out that the minimum rents for something there were about $1,200,” states Congressman Tom O’Halleran. How quickly he must have forgotten the excessively high commercial rents in this neck-o-the-woods.

    O’Halleran did find a location for $400 but ultimately discovered it was outside his district which is against the rules of the House of Representatives! What a novel concept that is – jurisdiction within restricted boundaries and not extended to the great beyond like Sedona operates? Tom O’Halleran relating to his $400 office rental space also added: “I have to be very frugal with our costs.” Thank you, Congressman Tom O’Halleran, for having made an extremely sensible observation and suggestion.

    Keeping that in mind, how about considering as “Product Development” providing unlimited office space for our Federal representatives who like many in this area seem to be struggling to make ends meet. It would be nothing for Sedona now since all land inside City Limits (city limits? what dat mean?) is now up for high density development grabbing. And with the airport being so convenient and all – well – those Senators and Representatives can just fly in and fly out to their Sedona “affordable” office space since their employees will likewise enjoy the benefits of similar residential accommodations.


  6. Alarmed & I vote says:

    Bye Sedona…some years ago, I posted a similar comment and was met with as many jeers as you have. Henry is a lucky fellow to have an outlet for his drivel. That people believe him and buy into his foolishness is testimony to the nature of those who believe in conspiracy theories.

  7. ICLEI Programs - What do trash companies have to do with it? says:

    About our Colorado city manager? Ft. Collins engaged in a major fight with getting its small businesses out and bringing major businesses in. It lost when the people and its government became educated why it was idiotic.

    ICLEI is in Sedona. Local businesses and its employees will lose jobs. The city of Sedona will lose tax income even though they will increase sales taxes. Help local officials learn about what they are voting on. ICLEI and Agenda 21 programs required higher taxes – listen to the lightbulb stupidity that this journalist discovered.

    Remember the bike lanes?

    SAVE THE PRIVATE BUSINESSES THAT CATER TO YOU, THE RESIDENT, NOT TO PAID CHAMBER MEMBERSHIPS. Enchantment Resort knows it doesn’t have to pay to play. Nobody should.

    But it was all about Ft. Collins trying to get one trash company…want to hear about it? Want to know why? Is it right to presume who brought the idea from Colorado? What bogus reason did Ft. Collins use to try and get these small trash businesses out – and one big corporation who would pay to play even when it didn’t have to?

    Watch the investigative journalist findings about its City government below:


  8. @Alarmed says:

    I think sedona needs more affordable housing …
    Great idea…

    Seems that Air B & B has caused all the rents in town to be jacked up.
    Plus more affordable housing options will attract more diverse people besides the usual negative narrow minded that post here on SE.

    What a treat they are…… in thier complaints about everything SEDONA.

  9. joan Shannon says:

    No wonder Bisbee won the award for “The Prettiest Town in Arizona”. We have nothing to do with the red rocks just our town. Bisbee does all it can to preserve its character, not allow the Victorian style buildings to be torn down, make the town attractive, do all it can to keep its small town character. Every decision Sedona makes is from “big city ideas”. Search for every tourist it can find and when they get here spend money figuring out where to put them. Actually blame residents for contributing to the congestion at the roundabouts. Yes, we have to shop for groceries, go to the doctor, take our pets for grooming, visit friends…dear oh dear….we dare to drive on our own streets and use the roundabouts. N

  10. joan Shannon says:

    I wanted to add to the above comments that the idea of the City considering increasing housing density and height is an abuse to the long term residents who bought here for the views. Higher buildings would simply destroy views not to mention devalue homes even if views are preserved but, there are high rises in the neighborhood and even next door. Since property values are determined by the Counties on a blanket over view home values overall could be reduced. Seems to me that nearly all projects presented by Staff are in favor of tourists not residents. The last census reveals Sedona has lost 400 residents. Sedonans are moving to Cornville, Cottonwood, Santa Fe Homes, Clarkdale, Prescott. Many Cities around the world and here in the U.S, are saying :”We do not want any more tourists”. Since Sedona officials want more and more then perhaps they will come here and us residents will leave and sell our homes for vacation rentals then Sedona could be renamed “Sedona Resort”.

  11. Steve Segner says:

    Joan,Look , most of the home build before incorporation were on small lots.( View. Oak. Etc.) south of 89a and more.
    What is wrong with 1,000 to 1,200 SF. Homes or duplexes?
    Nothing just NIMBY. Talk,
    We need smaller homes and first comes smaller lots and Apartments.

    Get over it,t will happen. The city will not build homes, it will be done buy builders with no help from government.
    Nothing in zoning has changed,the city can now LOOK at some more density on some locations.
    Joan: one more time The last census reveals Sedona has lost 400 residents. Did not happen, the census numbers went down because people with two or more homes had to pick one.
    You say, Many Cities around the world and here in the U.S, are saying :
    Joan more people work in Sedona than live in Sedona more people visit Sedona than live in Sedona… You do not own Sedona. and they pay the bulk of taxes.
    You said, “Seems to me that nearly all projects presented by Staff are in favor of tourists not residents.”
    Joan, under state law and zoning, reg.the city must grant ALL projects that fit the zone.
    The city of Sedona has over 16 miles of commercial property on 89a and 179. And there owners have the right to use there property…. Only seem fare and that was set up by the city council that incorporated Sedona. So live with it.
    You say: we dare to drive on our own streets and use the roundabouts. YOUR STREETS? NIBBY
    L.A. Is full and now building apartments.
    Phoenix is full now building Apartments
    Scottsdale is full now building apartments
    As long as people keep having children,WHY wood you expect things to not grow?
    Sedona Is 3/5 built out and we should be building Apartments and smaller homes.
    We also need more low income trailer parks. Sedona is not just for the rich…..

  12. @Steve Segner says:

    Your time would be better spent eating up your turkey leftovers unless you’re back to feasting on Progresso Soup??? Hip Hip Hurray!!!

  13. Karl says:

    @Steve Segner

    Steve, Please practice the socialism you preach and convert El Portal into low income housing. It’s central location would be a benefit to workers who could walk to work. As your rooms rent from $269 to $401 per night, you would save a lot on your taxes. Join the proletariat Steve. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Karl Marx

  14. OMG says:


    So many people complaining about change in Sedona
    As if anyplace has ever stayed the same over the years..

    OMG the thing I find completely baffling is this…….why do the same people go round and round complaining here on the eye”….but never join the process…

    OMG…..don’t you people know that complaining is not taking action!!!!!!!!

  15. @ Karl says:

    Great idea! I’m sure Steve has some extra rooms he can rent cheaply at his estate up the canyon also.

  16. steve segner says:

    Karl,….. Karl Marx was a communist not a socialist
    Please look stuff up before you post.
    Why was it OK to have small lots in the past? And now it is not?
    Why do you criticism the city for letting owners build on properties they own According to existing zoning laws?
    Why is it OK that stop business and customers from coming to Sedona?
    The city is trying to free up, property not restrict it.
    Karl what you want is MORE restrictions not less, you want more government not less! Shame on you .

    Socialism, provides basic needs like healthcare to everyone regardless of their time or effort at work.
    In the U.S., welfare and the public education system,the Army and Navy, Social Security, Roads systems, fire dept, insurance are a form of socialism.

    Capitalism, where limitations don’t exist and reward comes to those who go beyond the minimum.
    In capitalist societies, owners are allowed to keep the excess production they earn. And competition occurs naturally, which fosters advancement.
    Capitalism tends to create a (sharp divide between the wealthiest citizens and the poorest), however, with the wealthiest owning the majority of the nation’s resources.

    Karl you and you fellow posters are just NIMBY, greedy self centered and down deep just hateful people. To hell with others
    Sedona is mine….my City, my roads,my travel time, my taxes….
    Yes Karl I am a socialist my job is to help people come and enjoy Sedona to live and play.

  17. @steve Segner says:

    Suck it up Steve and donate all your investments and ALL your properties and gift them to the government. Since you are being enriched and stuffed with taxpayers money via paying your advertising I don’t see ANY advertisements for your business. I LOVE Karl’s idea, give it all up and then you can live in a tiny house. Tiny house tiny tiny tiny

  18. Karl says:

    @steve segner

    If you were a socialist your rooms would be priced at cost or free and be on a first come first served basis, not $269 to $401 per night.

    You are the greedy self centered one. You want my taxes to subsidize your business, pay for your advertising through a gift to the chamber of commerce and give you a refund on the bed tax you collect.

    You are a total hypocrite. Like most socialists, you are all for the people as long as you can live in a mansion and ride a private jet. Some animals are more equal than others.

  19. Spence T., CA says:

    @Steve Segner = “the city council that incorporated Sedona. So live with it.”

    What are you talking about? It wasn’t a city Council that incorporated Sedona. It was done by a vote of the people!! (Albeit a bad decision that many who supported it and voted yes regretted it and a lot of them moved away after they realized their mistake. That includes me and my family.)

    About the only truthful thing you admit is your love for Socialism and since you have the City Council & Staff in your back pocket, that’s the way you’re headed. You claim Sedona is YOURs and apparently that is correct, again because you have Council & Staff bending to your every whim.

    It’s proven time & time again, beginning but not ending when you were granted the contract with the Chamber of Commerce based on your idiotic words JUST TRUST ME (US). They did and look where you’ve taken Sedona.

    You rant on and on and on a bunch of nonsense with no validity and yet they grant your wishes. What’s REALLY going on there? Your politicians appear to be as corrupt as those sloshing in the national swamp. Shameful.

    I’m ashamed to have been an avid supporter of the incorporation of Sedona and apologize for having been so foolish.

  20. Steve segner says:

    I’m sorry everybody’s trashing me personally which is fine but nobody answered the question what is wrong with having small lots when we had small lots in the past let’s stick to the point people ,answer the question why you’re against smaller houses and middle-class housing.

  21. @spence T CA says:

    Hey Spence

    What do you now care !!?
    According to yourself you live in CA

    Get a life and worry about your own town/city
    Don’t worry your not important enough for people to remember how you voted.

    You sound ALOT like the person on SE with a mental health issue…..
    They post a lot of nonsense also

  22. Spence says:

    You’re forgiven.

  23. Tony T says:

    The problem is not small lots for single family homes. The problem is changing the zoning density to allow apartment buildings. Lots of apartment buildings changes the nature of the town. Condos and apartments tend to be anonymous, single family homes tend not to be.

    We need to preserve Sedona, not try to make it Chicago or new York City.

  24. @Steve segner says:

    Why don’t you practice what you preach? You’re the one one who avoids the issues. You never acknowledge how you and the chamber continue to rip off the city’s money. If you had any credibility you would INSIST and PAY FOR an outside annual audit of the money given to you under the farce of a “service contract.” And BTW, how were those Basha’s turkeys? Did they spoil in your car when you were stuck in traffic on that unseasonably warm day?

    And of course it was NOT the first city council that decided for Sedona to incorporate. You just flap you lips and say whatever. And of course there were smaller lots in the earlier days. However, you again IGNORE the FACT that Sedona’s infrastructure can NO LONGER endure more dense development. Why is that so difficult to admit? Because, of course, as you say Sedona is YOUR place, YOUR roads, YOUR traffic blah, blah, blah. Then why don’t you take the chamber money and pay for the road projects?? HUh, Steve?

  25. West Sedona Dave says:

    Do you people know how few empty lots are in Sedona?
    Last I heard less than 250, that said most arnt even one acre….We all know on 89a there are three….Other than that you people are lighting your hair on fire(as usual ) but thats what makes you happy…..Everything is bad in town…

    (Local Realtors how many are their exctly? How many 1 acre or larger?)

    The most lots I see are less than 10,000 sqft and are between $100k to $160k, and I will bet non of you know the price to build a simple home costs?….

    Apartments are possible, but a duplex here or there will not kill us, but help many first time home buyers!…..See if you build a duplex on a $100k lot the lot, and impact fees can be spread between the properties….

    But then again, I would bet absolutely nothing would or will ever make you happy…..I do hope your days are near the end so a much smarter and younger group of Sedonions will replace you!

  26. steve Segner says:

    Tony said,
    If you had any credibility you would INSIST and PAY FOR an outside annual audit of the money given to you under the farce of a “service contract.”

    Tony, the city seems happy with the job the chamber is doing. The merchants, seem to be happy, employees of all the hotels and hotels seem to be happy, the visitors seem to be happy, they keep coming the city is over budget in tax income and the city council seem to be happy….. Tony, why are you so UN happy, Tony why did you move to a tourist town

  27. Eric says:

    Lots of places that look like big lots aren’t. Most backs to forest lands. Big lots keep our nature habitats and Big lots keep our creek healthier b/c city councils are killing oak creek and canyon with its bring your cheap ass lowlifes to town and (deleted by editor) in our forest & on our trails (love those flies & piles of diapers OR THE FIRE ONE OF THEM STARTED THAT NEARLY BURNT THE CANYON HOMES AND PARK AND DESTROYED FLORA AND FAUNA?). Most of our homes are on small acres in city limits. Check it out.

  28. A. says:

    Most home lots are small, even some of the million plus homes are on small lots. Sedona 86336 has plenty of excellently priced homes and lots below $250K. If you need a good realtor, call Sotheby’s. We’ll find it for you.

  29. steve Segner says:

    OK so if someone buys a s#%# hole house or lot on View or Oak, knock it down and put up a duplex, what is wrong with that. What if they buy a lot and put in two small 1,000 SF new homes, nice something for mid range renters or buyers…. Remember the city and P&Z need to approve.
    What is wrong with that , it will up grade the neighborhoods.
    lets also remember most condos now are 900 to 1,200sf.
    I would love to buy a $225,000 to build on, paying $300,000 to build just does not work… Two houses will…..perhaps.
    But it will all come back to NIMBY.s

  30. Deception says:

    Response to @A. …. Not all 86336 zip codes are in Sedona City Limits. But, of course, it’s too difficult for the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce to figure out which of the Chamber members are outside the City but get free advertising without paying to play (Enchantment one example of 86336 outside city limits)

  31. One of Many says:

    Speaking only for myself but realizing I’m only one of many who are fed up with your arrogance and abuse of false power, no doubt this message will mean nothing to you. Steve Segner, you’ve a lot of nerve complaining about personal attacks. You are the worst offender. Just review your own attacks on people who disagree with you. And as for more proof, remember back when you circulated emails about digging up dirt on Mayor Candidate Cliff Hamilton so you could get your own Sandy Moriarity elected? Well, some of us remember that very well. You may reside between your Oak Creek Canyon Estate and hi-end tourist trap but nothing is forever including your control over YOUR Sedona. Some of us are filled to the brim with disgust over your overbearing arrogance. And that goes for your CEO buddy at the chamber of corruption (besides city hall).

  32. @Deception says:


    Can’t understand why your so obsessed with Everything sedona…
    You should focus on your own town Prescott Valley ok…

    I’m sure you can fiqure out the zip codes over that a way…
    Your being deceptive

  33. Steve segner says:

    Please show us any ad for any business in or outside of Sedona or enchantment paid for by the chamber of the city of Sedona.
    This out and out false….just show us the facts.
    All marketing for the city of Sedona is approved by the city ,city special committee and absolutely no money can be used to promote individual business

  34. BS @ Steve says:

    your website adertise your members. your a lie dah dah dah
    your nose is growing

  35. Brian says:

    Ever been in les springs or airport mesa communities? Houses sit on what you own & you pay hefty HOA fee for the rest of your property. Capice? You own a little around the perimeter of your house (zero lot lines), the rest is owned by HOA. The community owns the land that you see. The house belongs to owners. A New build up there has a duplex on it. Two homes on one lot. Check it out. Built by Jim Lando. Look him up. Brilliant man. He’s doing cheap new build rentals near Bashas. Ask him how to do it. He’s been in the biz for years. He’s successful. You need to stop pulling air out of your asses. It’s been done and nobody needs rezoning to do it, the HOAs are the problem. Stop hiring ignorant out of town millennials and thirty-dumb watts at city hall who don’t know how to think outside a prepackaged video presentation or advice from over the hill gangs.

  36. Mike says:

    Two story home at 130 Castle Rock Rd. Sedona. $219K asking price. 1270 sqft/2 bed 2 ba w/gourmet maple cabinets, oak countertops, jasper floors, fireplace, enclosed patio, both bedrms have balconies and red rock and mountain views. European style remodel w/all new paint, appliances, cabinets, bathrooms and balconies. Never used as rental or airbnb. one month complimentary pass to Hilton Resort and Spa. Peace and quiet and dark skies, not tourists.

    Call Alejandro Gutierrez of Monday Morning Coffee column at Russ Lyons Sothebys to show it and buy it. He sounds like a stand up guy. 928-821-8552 is his phone number.

  37. Call Real Estate Agent Now says:

    found a 8,712 sq ft lot on Red Rock Crossing Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336 $89,900 don’t tell city hall or steve segner LMAO Sedona Keith

    ps that’s affordable housing

    btw payment on @Mike is less than $900 month when I checked on calculator & better than affordable in Cottonwood

  38. Steve segner says:

    Our web site is paid for Bu members not the city nice try

  39. Tony T says:

    Perhaps one other thing that should be considered is Sedona’s resident population has been going down. It is not longer as attractive a place to live, so people leave. When people leave, they don’t need housing any more. When I moved to Sedona it was one of the most expensive cities in Arizona. It’s relative value has gone down with its population decrease.

    Karma is a funny thing. High taxes and too many tourists cause residents to leave. People leave, empty houses turn into vacation rentals, vacation rentals compete with Segner’s hotel. Segner loses. The chamber loses also because an owner of a single family home as a rental is not going to join the chamber.

  40. West Sedona Dave says:

    Quote:found a 8,712 sq ft lot on Red Rock Crossing Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336 $89,900 don’t tell city hall or steve segner LMAO Sedona Keith

    How much is tea in China these days?

    So this lot which I have looked for with no luck?….You should provide a link!

    So $90K for a LOT!….add 20K on the impact fees, and the average home build in Sedona is $250 dollars a sqft….

    Good thing its under $900 a month, think the people who live there want a tent, a camper set on it?

    If you think Sedona land is cheaper that Clarkdale or Cottonwood, you really need to pay attention a bit more!…..If you would like I can easily show you that you are clueless!…..Do you also know many HOA has minimums for size and look of the home you will place on that land?

  41. @West Sedona Dave says:

    Red Rock Crossing is OUTSIDE Sedona City Limits, therefore remains committed to Yavapai County Building Code – NOT CITY!!

  42. Call Real Estate Agent Now!! says:

    @West Sedona Dave Do you TRY to be stupid or does it come naturally? Call a real estate agent. Call Alejandro Gutierrez who writes a real estate column and works for Sothebys. Call your Aunt or friend whose a real estate agent. Look it up.

    Numbnuts, you’ve got enough info to put money down on it. You’ve got the Asking price (offer less if you want), you’ve got the Address (go drive by it if you really live in Sedona), find out if you can put a camper on it or a tent or a mobile home or a duplex or an apartment or a friggin B&B or Motel 6 or restaurant or Chamber of Commerce tourist center. Why do I continue to be surprised by stupids? MATH is. You ======== is too======negative Sedona. LMAO Sedona Keith
    ps impact fees, price per sq ft ? =======do more homework & get it right
    pps $900 mo was mortgage payment for $220K house

    Advertise to veterans to move here. They get zero down and cheap interest rates. And they have a community and work ethic that beats others. They’ll even work at Sedona’s poor excuses for stores and hotels at minimum wage. And all of them speak the language and pay taxes. Who knew??!!

  43. Phil says:

    1270 sqft in $219K equals in the 180s per sqft & 2 contractors say they can do it for between 90Ksf & 150Ksf based on what you want

    means this house fmv is $150K – $199K when you make your offer & don’t forget airbnb income

    call fire company, nurses, teachers, preachers

  44. West Sedona Dave says:

    Thank you all for you childish insults!….Again

    My your dreams come true and all tourism leaves town, an traffic will flow like water…..

    I do think you must live in a very small bubble, and good for you…..To bad the most of us understand how things work, and the ebs and flow of reality!

    I wish you the best, at your endevers…..Useless, but hey, you just cant fix stupid!


  45. Lyndon (no last name pls) says:

    Website proves others point not yours Dave & right bout that stupidville address

  46. Nora Meixner says:


    OMG PEOPLE !!! Sedona doesn’t qualify as end of earth. You can go to Flagstaff or Prescott an easy hour drive away for what isn’t available. You make an easy drive to Phoenix. Takes me 2 hrs to get to my in laws and we go once a week. GET LIVES. Or catch a plane out of Flagstaff if you’re lazy

    For Gods sake people SEDONA has rocks that NO TOWN IN Arizona has but every other town in AZ has fast food restaurants and Marriott motels/hotels and cheap CHEAP chotskies like in Uptown. Why are you trying to be the same as everyone else when God gave you the ability to be different?

    My take on it? The ignorant city dweebs that runs City Hall doesn’t know how to be different than all the rest of the cheap peons they grew up with. That’s why we have cheap light shows on magnificent mountainsides. That’s why the Sierra Club doesn’t have any balls. That’s why Keep Sedona Beautiful doesn’t speak up.

  47. West Sedona Dave says:

    Yep, you people are a hoot….Dumb as stumps, and anyone who reads here know just by their writings…

    I posted links to not only show, but prove that impact fees are also attained if you live in the county…..But why prove with any evidence, when you all are the all knowing?lol

    And now on top of your RR crossing impact fee, the county has also added a soil test/bore for any new home being built…

    And no one even addressed the $250 a sqft to build……Just gloat at what you dont have a clue about…..

    We have one clown talking about buying property for $90k, in the next sentence talking about some $250k home…..Never talks about the down payment, just its less than 900 a month?

    You people are more than odd or strange, just old hateful miserable people!…..

    Best of luck

  48. Get Real says:

    Is there anything out of the ordinary about our City Manager getting the affordable housing bug and claiming “a robust program that helps ensure housing choices is really a program about preserving our community?” Is the fellow much more than a dittohead? Look at the devastating news that came out about the Chamber’s contract. “City Manager Justin Clifton said that the seven-year term was something he came up with not the Chamber.” SOURCE: April 14, 2017 SRRN.

  49. Eddie Maddock says:

    Arizona Republic, Wednesday, November 29, 2017 – front page:

    “Metro Phoenix is getting even more expensive for homebuyers”

    So, could it become Sedona’s goal to provide affordable housing for even the “Metro Phoenix” area?

    “Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Indianapolis, in that order, are the three most-affordable major metros for affording a home,” so stated in the article.

    And also another small detail that’s never been verified, it’s been reported on this website that Sedona has 10,000 people working here. Have our Council Members and/or City Staff ever, in fact, offered a figure of any kind relating to the number of people who actually work in Sedona? And I mean by Sedona – Incorporated Sedona within City Limits and NOT VOC or elsewhere who may boast being members of the misnamed Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

    Funny how details can so readily be overlooked. The same as the names of the Citizen’s Group that compiled the bright idea for the recent survey and goosed our leaders to move forward on the movement to set the stage for all this proposed affordable housing. Remember not the Alamo here, but in Sedona Remember Nepenthe and Fairfield.

  50. steve Segner says:

    Eddie, if you went to the chamber annual meeting, (most of the city council did and several hundred locals did ) you would know the answers, the numbers you need are in the report, and yes the Sedona chamber is a regional chamber, always has been.
    Eddie call the chamber ask just ask how they get the number, I am sure they will be happy to tell you, better yet call Karen at the city, but no that would be to hard, so you just ask the question in a web post!.

    So Eddie, you have your home and all is good , F#$% the kids growing up, is that how it works.
    The city is just trying to work on housing issues just like,Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Indianapolis,Phoenix, Is that wrong ?,most all cities in America are looking at way to help builders with less restrictions and fees for middle class housing.

    Because of our governor Sedona lost over 400 affordable housing units all to Air B&B.

    I know Eddie you don’t like to say or do positive things (age thing) but try as you go through the day and think about someone else, not just yourself….. Thousands to people live and work in Sedona ,10,000 + workers they need a place to live or is it “LET THEM EAT CAKE”
    Eddie you are defending a city size and way of life that is ever changing, in the 1950 there were almost not homes in Sedona, 1960 more 1970 even more,but now you say Sedona is full, No more!
    Eddie, there are hundred of lots and commercial property still available in Sedona.
    All the city and people like my self are doing is asking the question “Can we do a better job in helping supply more mid range housing with out government subsidies?
    Eddie I just want to remind you and your readers that all your perditions of doom and gloom for the last 10 years have not happened, business is booming, job are going nu filled, home prices are up and the city tax income is way way up. The city has a plan to start fixing streets,,,,,, and you go on and on about city Survey!
    Or an increase or $3 or 4 $ in the waste water fee…..Eddie There are no promises in city government only change. People will come tourism will grow ,taxes will go up, nothing is free,even after you retire.

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