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The Religiosity of Weapons

Sedona AZ (June 22, 2015) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Is The Pope Delusional?
Reference: Recent Papal Comment


question markIs the Pope Delusional? I realize that in some circles it is like blasphemy to question the Pope; however, even if he does “Stand in the Gap between Mankind and Almighty God” (a belief I disagree with), he is not God and scripturally others, for example Saul who was anointed, failed.

The Pope’s recent comments have made me wonder whose side he is on anyway.

The one that drove it over the top is his comment when he claimed that those who make ‘Guns cannot be Christian.’ His comments by inference, if not directly, rejects anyone that makes, buys, sells, gives or receives a gun to be used for any reason is not fit to be considered a Christian; smart people make stupid statements at times but this seems to be calculated and that is scary.

Show or tell me of any people that are more “Evil” than the Islamic maniacs slaughtering Christians and Jews that believe differently than they do; and they are doing many of their grotesque acts filmed and edited like a “Movie Production” to make everyone other than themselves look as though they are helpless, resigned and weak.

And have you noticed they are slaughtering people with “Knives?”

The old adage “There is no fool, like an educated fool” comes to mind. When I hear someone, who is very knowledgeable about many things, make statements that are “Stupid at best, and Orchestrated Deception at worst” – a category in which I look at the Pope’s recent comments on several subjects.

If we do not stop treating Islam as a Religion and realize that it is a “Demonic Government without physical boundaries” designed and built in conjunction with, and dominating the Muslim Religion, we are at a loss.

Especially when we Christians and/or As a Nation are afraid of offending them.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale, Arizona

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. @ Dale Gohr,

    I don’t know who you are, but your assessment of Islam is dead on target (pun intended). Mohammed meant from the beginning that Islam be BOTH a POLITICAL and religious movement that requires the conquer of physical land, not to mention ALL cultures and peoples, in order to establish a GEOGRAPHICAL Caliphate.

    When will the U.S. progressive left understand that defending Islam’s disingenuous demand to be granted freedom of speech without criticism (i.e., an insult to Mohammed requiring retribution as we’ve all seen before) under the guise of progressive political correctness and religious diversity is an act of national “sovereignty suicide” on our part? Along with religious diversity, the U.S. Islamic political front demands gun control (no guns for Christians, just for them). Yet, the Sharia Law observing Muslim gangs of the below mentioned European “hosts to Islam” are heavily armed and extraordinarily violent (in the name of ALLAH, of course) while the unarmed ordinary citizens now live in abject fear of them everyday because their police have been hamstrung by their politicians on the left. If anyone thinks I’m wrong, you had better take a very close look at what has happened to France, Denmark, Belgium, Chechnya, the Netherlands, the Balkans, the U.K., Detroit, Dearborn and, soon-to-be, Minneapolis.

  2. @ Progressive Left of the Democrats of the Red Rocks,

    Less than 48 hours after writing my comment and warning above, the world-wide breaking news headline is that French-citizen radical ISIS affiliated Muslim jihadists have launched a full scale bomb attack on a factory in beautiful Lyon, France, that has killed at least 27 innocent workers. These Sunni Muslim iihadists, in order to send a clear message to the French people who invited them into their country, beheaded one worker while he was alive and put his head on a spike for all to see. This is France’s reward for affording the protection of religious diversity to radical Islam! How long before this happens in Dearborn, Detroit or Minneapolis?

  3. Correction to Previous Comment:

    My apologies readers. French police have not yet determined the number of dead at the French factory in Lyon. The number of 27 dead I unwittingly mentioned is from a simultaneous radical Islamic attack on a French resort hotel in the former French colony of Tunisia which killed French, British and other foreign travelers. But, the two attacks, one in Lyon, and one in Tunisia occurred simultaneously and were done by the same affiliates of ISIS.

  4. Ryan French says:

    One must question how a tiny percentage of the population in a few Middle Eastern countries and scattered global nations (if we believe our President and government sponsored pundits and media lapdogs) has been able to cause the entire continent of Africa to be disrupted and a disapora of African and Asian and other nations are again in motion, circumstances not caused by economics, famine, civil war, but politics.

    Who benefits? Who is benefiting? Who are the puppet masters?

    Are you one?

    Keep being manipulated by your ignorance, your lack of discernment. Keep talking about stupid things like the Confederate flag causing a terrorist to kill in Charleston, when in fact, it had nothing to do with his act. Learn the facts.

    Keep talking about how a Islamic terrorist in a midwest food factory beheaded one and was in the process of beheading another and our fearful government labeled it as workplace violence to keep you from discussing and addressing issues because they don’t trust you.

    Note to government: Charleston proves the mettle of our people. Charleston proves the quality of our national identity and beliefs. STOP TELLING US WE ARE LESS THAN WHEN WE ARE GREATER THAN. We are united.

    Political radicalization. Who benefits? Do you? Do your governing bodies?

    Do you ever question why we are being directed and manipulated to discuss the Confederate flag after Charleston? WHAT? The Confederate flag? That’s to blame for a terrorist nowadays?

    What does that keep the people from knowing? Black and white men, women and children do love and respect each other and we intermarry, we worship together, we celebrate holidays and fight for our nation together. We raise healthy and happy biracial and triracial and quadracial children in America who are successful role models. We even put one of us in the White House.

    We see ourselves as Americans first and always. We know that thugs come in all colors and are a tiny percentage of the rest of us. We know what needs to be done to raise up our poor, our downtrodden, and the rest of the world’s because we tax ourselves to do it every day.

    If we are fed Confederate flag tripe by government and media lobbyists and spin-hate groups, then you aren’t being given time to discuss the beauty of Charleston’s people.

    Why is that? Question why it is that a NBCMSN reporter can be brought to tears covering the Charleston tragedy because he was witnessing a community coming together and singing together and loving together through horrific pain — and we are not allowed to embrace each other and share and give solace and compassion?

    The Confederate flag? Why are you being directed there? Ask the right questions.

    Shame on CNN, NBCMSN, Fox, CBS and others for discussing the government flag spin and not for allowing the truth to be shown: That WE of all colors are not being allowed to embrace each other and share and give solace and compassion and show to the world the America that truly exists. The 99%ers. The 99%ers that aren’t racist. The 99%ers are united despite our differences.

    We are not a racist country. We are not xenophobic. Learn your history.

    And Google, if you want to remain free of government oversight, then stand on freedom’s principles. Or one day they will come for you. If you censure yourself, then you will be censored.

    And readers, I’m a Democrat and a progressive, but first though I am fighting American proud, and being a Democrat and a social progressive is second by right and independence. I won’t sacrifice my American rights for any label or political agenda.

    Why do you?

  5. @ Ryan French.

    I am, obviously, not a progressive Democrat, nor am I a Republican, much less a neocon. From my viewpoint, progressive liberals destroy society through taxation, welfare, over regulation and misguided belief-systems about socialism and communism while neocon conservatives destroy society through endless manufactured wars, jingoism, corporatism, fascism and freedom-restrictive police actions.

    I believe the two party Progressive Liberal-Democrat vs. Conservative or Neocon Republican dichotomy is a fraud. And here is where I so very much agree with you…The issues so fervently fought over by Democrats and Republicans are usually designed cosmetic issues, such as you have pointed out, while the civilization-threatening issues we face are consigned to the back pages if debated at all. People need to get over their personal political agendas, as you suggest, and realize that we’re all currently facing life and civilization threatening issues that can and will take us all down if not addressed very soon.

    Fukushima may be the greatest natural disaster of all times, and is far worse than Chernobyl ever was (which has killed over a million people so far), and it (Fukushima) is already affecting the U.S. west coast and our food supply. Have you seen all the wildlife dying on San Diego’s beaches? Do you ever find much written about it?

    Polls show that 86% of Russian citizens, along with their Chinese allies, are ready and prepared for nuclear WWIII with the U.S. (and they are furiously preparing for it) and they are willing to take down the world over the Ukraine which is of no value to us. How many Americans do you know that know much of anything about this burgeoning likely catastrophic conflict?

    Massive counter-party risk is eminent for a nominal dollar value of Interest Rate Swap Derivatives which must and will devastate the U.S. and global Bond and Stock markets and its banking systems. We’re at the cusp right now as I write this, but do you know anyone who even has heard of this situation?

    I’m sure that you get the point. Listen, you appear to be an astute and marvelous writer. We need local writers like you, on a regular basis, who can and will risk writing about and sincerely debating real issues instead of cosmetic issues from the daily headlines. I hope you will step up and volunteer your literary services to the Eye. I, for one, will read every word you write. Thank you for what you have written here! And I appreciate the fact that you write under your own name too.

  6. dont yah know the massacres of jews was caused by eagle emblems flags & statues in germany & lets diss our american eagle & remove its pics & face from everywhere & everything it inspires people to gas people & build death camps & shows solidarity with nazis,,,,, & color red got to go because its communist,,,, yah right on man

  7. @ andy reynolds

    What does this have to do with anything? I get your point, but its completely off-base. Stick to the subject. Are you, perhaps, a victim of public education?

  8. Prescott says:

    When Muslims tell you only a small percentage are extremists remember that only 7 to 10 percent of Germans were Nazis and look how that turned out.

  9. Ryan French says:

    I don’t have the inclination or time to do as you suggest, J. If my writing this comment encourages others to think more and act more for the good of their fellow Americans, then it was a good enough effort.

    Why not consider your own suggestion?

  10. http://www.veteranstruthnetwork.com/index.php/usnews/item/300-south-carolina

    Dear Editor,
    This is fascinating stuff. Whether you believe it or not it is still extremely interesting. Please share this with everyone you know. Despite most of the short videos in this article being disabled by the government, people everywhere have a right to this information. After all, even the successfully mind controlled Americans will wake up and fight for their freedom of speech. The never ending attempts to break us up into 5 regions and get rid of our constitution so they can bring in the police state one world government will fail. About that there is no doubt! I do not know any of these people and am not connected with them or any other group or groups.
    Except for the alternative media in general as I have been published 72
    times around the globe.
    Gist Finley Combs
    P.S. If the link doesn’t work go to triple w veteranstruthradio dot com
    and click on professor Jim Fetzer (also a marine Captain in Vietnam and not
    a liar as are some at the other veteran site) and his “10 signs the
    Charleston shooting was another false flag.”
    You can also Google “Goodnight America: Charleston, SC Massacre; False
    Flag?” 6-23-15 by Mike & Jenyr.

  11. Mo Macy says:

    Stand for the right of conscience.

  12. No matter who you are or. What you believe be moral. No drugs, no porn, live faithfully with the man or woman you live with and raise your children properly. Respect your elders and your children. Practice integrity instead of self gratification. Doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Jewish or Christian or atheist – respect each other and live together in peace and harmony.

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