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The Gripe Guy Talks Animal Rights-On!

Sedona AZ (April 1, 2010)-Opinions and Gripes by Hollywood Jim.

Hi Peeps.  I know, I know…you’re asking what’s going on with the Gripe Guy now? And since you know me so well, I am going to tell you.

I’ve been a dog owner and friend to my canine buds for forty-six years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how many people take pet ownership responsibility for granted.

My girls are always leashed and under my control when we take our daily walk but “Ms. Thang” down the road yells across the street that she can’t hold her dog off against my little ones – as hers are about to tear her arm off and charge us! I pick my girls up quickly and speed on down the road to avoid an attack by her dog!

Question?  Why in the world would you walk a dog that you have no control over and risk injuring another animal or human? I know the answer to that one. It’s because you are an idiot!

At least muzzle the animal for my protection–and for your own! That dog-walking situation got me to thinking about a whole slew of animal issues.

Has anyone seen that new television show about animal addictions? Wanna know why a woman gets her face ripped off by a monkey or how a Bengal Tiger becomes a man-eater? It’s simple. Baby animals are as cute as a bug and you just have to have one, so you buy an exotic animal through a black market dealer and raise it like a human child without any thought as to what this wild animal truly is. Things go along fine for a few years until the day this wild animal remembers that it is not a house pet or a human, and then it attacks with serious and or deadly force. The attack is not one-sided. The animal will be put down because of selfish people who foolishly think wild animals will become members of their family!

After many years of doing shows educating people about the need for Tiger conservation in the wild, I watched as one woman’s need to own these exotic animals took a terrible turn. As many who own exotic animals soon discover, the expenses to feed and to house them are huge, but that did not stop this woman – even as her financial situation worsened. A healthy Bengal Tiger weighs in at over 500 pounds but without enough money to feed her Bengal Tiger properly, her tiger’s weight dropped to less than half that. Mistakes in its presence lead to the tiger killing the woman, and if that wasn’t enough, her teenage son discovered his mother’s body and then the police had to kill the now man-eating tiger. A selfish need to own wild animals had cascading effects for everyone involved.

These exotic animal owners will tell you that they do it for conservation and to prevent extinction, but the truth is these animals will never be released into the wild and the genetics of the animals are unknown. Besides, folks, if you want your face and hands ripped off, do it on your own but leave the wild animals out of it.

Let’s not forget the big-time football player who destroyed the lives of many animals for sheer money and complete disregard for anything but his own sadistic pleasure. What do we do as a society after his arrest and conviction? We give this football player his football contract back and his own reality show!

I strongly believe that anyone with a lack of respect for animals has a lack of respect for human life. Many people out there said that the football player paid his dues with prison time and that he deserves a second chance, and I say, “Are you crazy?” The only reason that he isn’t doing it now is because the public eye is on him!

I value my dogs as my companions and as friends, and I know many of you out there feel the same. We need stronger laws banning the ownership of wild animals. Right now, all you need to do is apply for a license and that baby monkey is yours!

Currently, animals are considered property under the law with no emotional value whatsoever, and that needs to change. If my girls are killed because of the superior stupidity and carelessness of another human being, I want to own your house and not get the dollar value the law puts on my friends!

Did I mention the woman with two monkeys is selling the paintings her chimps scribble on canvas at $250.00 a pop? You think that’s absurd? Stop and take a look at the people buying the crap! You think for one minute you just bought a Picasso whose value will increase with the years?

I see laughing at you at the next dinner party that you give showcasing your investment.

Have a gripe or an opinion? Then contact me, Hollywood Jim a.k.a The Gripe Guy, at hollywoodjimadvice@yahoo.com.

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