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Suggestions for Casting Your ACC Vote

Sedona AZ (August 2, 2018) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Who to Vote for ACC
Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward
Sedona, Arizona

          It’s that time of year again. People are asking me for whom they should vote in the upcoming primary election for Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

          In the Democrat primary the two candidates to vote for are Sandra Kennedy and Bill Mundell who are running as a slate. I know Bill personally, and know that he is honest and not just another APS clone.

          Speaking of APS clones, the only other Democrat candidate, Kiana Sears, has a former 31 year high-level executive at APS/Pinnacle West as her campaign treasurer. Sears is also part of Emerge Arizona, an outfit APS sponsors that grooms and encourages Democrat women candidates.

          Yes, APS appears to be branching out from the Republican party. It’s a smart move on their part, and is what many big corporations do to ensure their bases are covered.

          Even though two ACC seats are open, in the Republican primary there’s only one candidate to vote for, Jim O’Conner. The other candidates are all APS men or otherwise unacceptable.

          GOP candidate Tom Forese is the current ACC chairman who was elected last time with the help of millions of APS/Pinnacle West dollars. Among other dreadful things, he voted in favor of the recent APS rate hike.

          Justin Olson is another current ACC commissioner. He is running on a slate with Forese. In case that’s not enough for you to not vote for him, in his political past, FollowTheMoney.org shows APS/Pinnacle West was his biggest campaign donor.
The Forese/Olsen slate slogan is “Proven Results.” Right. Proven results for APS.

          Candidate Eric Sloan was the chairman of AZ Coalition for Reliable Electricity, the APS/Pinnacle West PAC that spent millions against Democrats Mundell and Chabin in the last ACC election. Sloan is probably a great candidate to vote for if you are on the APS Board of Directors or are an APS shareholder.

          Candidate Rodney Glassman appears to be someone who would say anything to get elected. Read this article if you doubt that. I actually found the article humorous because he’s so over the top. http://sonorannews.com/2017/06/19/recycled-democrat-rodney-glassman-running-republican-acc/

          So that’s it, Kennedy & Mundell if you are voting in the Democrat primary, and O’Conner if you are voting in the Republican one.

          By the way, last election I lost about a dozen subscribers to my email-blast list for recommending the two Democrats in the general election. Evidently I crossed a line for those Republicans who can’t get passed party affiliation. I hope those unsubscribers are now enjoying their higher APS bills that they got in return for voting for APS Republicans.

          Readers, I said it then and I’ll say it again now: It makes absolutely no sense to vote for candidates supported by APS/Pinnacle West.

            Full Disclosure: I am a registered (and sometimes ashamed) Republican.

Warren Woodward
Sedona AZ

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  1. Mary R. Wing says:


  2. Jeremy Olson says:

    Justin Olson lead the charge to call on APS to lower rates and got them to return the millions of dollars to rate payers that APS saved as a result of the recent federal tax reform bill. He was appointed to the commission after the controversial rate increases and so is not associated with any of those increases. I’m fact, if you check his record you will find he is associated with some pretty significant rate decreases. He is one if the good ones. He will be looking out for the rate payer, not the utility companies. He is on the side of the rate payer.

  3. @ Jeremy Olson says:

    What are you, his brother?

    Utilities such as APS would have had to return the tax reform money to customers anyway, so Olson “leading the charge” is a non-event.

    The fact is that APS was Olson’s major donor when Olsen was in the legislature. Olsen is an APS man who was appointed to his position by another APS man, Doug Ducey. If Olsen was truly on the side of rate payers he would not be on a slate with Forese.

  4. Karl Fodor says:

    Is this a joke? You repeatedly erroneously spelled the name of the Republican you endorsed. You then went on to insinuate impropriety by one candidate on the Democratic side while conveniently ignoring the checkered histories of the two candidates you endorsed.

  5. Warren Woodward says:

    @ Karl Fodor – Oh my, what an incredible mistake I made by spelling O’Connor O’Conner. You caught me out in a typo, you sleuth you. Great job eagle eye!

    As for the Democrats, there is of course nothing hypocritical of you accusing me of “insinuating impropriety” about one of them while you did the same thing about the other two, nothing hypocritical at all. And the difference between us is that I provided some facts; you provided nothing but an empty assertion.

  6. Warren Woodward says:

    The @ Jeremy Olson post is correct in saying that “APS would have had to return the tax reform money to customers anyway….”

    I am an intervenor in the current APS rate increase complaint filed by Stacey Champion. APS’s written testimony in that case states: “Decision No. 76295 produced rates that are just and reasonable because of, among other items, the numerous benefits contained in the terms including: … (ii) an income tax expense adjustment mechanism that allowed APS customers to immediately benefit from the 2017 tax legislation ….”

    So ACC commissioner and candidate Justin Olson’s efforts in that regard are irrelevant since refunding customers was a foregone conclusion due to an ACC decision that Olson had nothing to do with because he was not a commissioner at the time the decision was made.

  7. Arizona Election Result Prop 127 says:

    Arizona General Election Result – Proposition 127 – Increase Renewable Energy
    Called – 1.7M votes counted

    No 69.77%
    Yes 30.23%

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