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SFD Bond Vote Must Be a Yes

Sedona AZ (September 13, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

As my last “Perspective and Opinion” generated so much interest, I believe a follow-up (rather than a mere response) is in order.

TO: Michael Schroeder

You stated, “Personally I was not involved in the prior recall, so all the noise about that is past noise and really has little to do with what has happened over the last several years.”

Please allow me to point out that simply because something isn’t important to YOU, doesn’t mean it’s not important. Clearly, the recall came about as a result of EXACTLY the same accusations against the Fire District as are being lobbed today. Different Board. Different Chief. Same FALSE claims.

But when those making the accusations got their candidates elected to the Board, their only means of sustaining services at the current level (at the time) while actually lowering the mil rate, was to spend down ALL the capital reserves. There are no more reserves, Sir, and the District is in its current condition because THAT Board opted against making necessary capital improvements. What did they (or you, for that matter) think was going to happen?

You went on to say, “…this is about the inability of management to control costs, and a lot of that problem is due directly to union involvement.” How do you quantify such a statement? Where is the documentation proving same? I submit you cannot, because it’s simply not true.

In one paragraph, you cite “other districts” to prove your point. Two paragraphs later you completely contradict your own statement. Not that any other District in the state can be compared with the complexities facing our own SFD. Quoting “Fire Experience,”  “Floods, mountain rescues, major wildland fire issues…tourists… You are making very dangerous and incorrect assumptions….”

You also stated, “There are NO public controls on the mil rate.” That is ABSOLTELY NOT TRUE!!!! There is a state mandated ceiling of $3.25 on the mil rate. And yes…if the BOND is not approved, your mil rate WILL increase. Saying NO to the bond doesn’t magically make the District’s needs evaporate. So…do you want to pay everything up front in your mil rate or control the costs by ensuring those future residents utilizing the services will also being paying their fair share?

The website you consistently refer to is, at best, peppered with outright lies that, though PROVEN INACCURATE, have never been corrected on your site, and at worst, well…if I said what I truly thought, the editor would delete it. The redacted letter. The inaccuracies. The outright FALSE statements about the District and the Chief. You’re masters at falsehood and fabrication.

Suffice it to say, anyone buying into the so-called “work” you’ve done for them, drank too much Kool-Aid.

And one final thought: You’re Arizona Liberty, not Tea Party? Well, Sir…a rose by any other name still stinks!


TO: A Taxpayer

Sedona Fire Department in action

We need a ladder truck because fires and rescues are not always UP. They are OUT, to the left over a cliff, to the right over a cliff. Even in a one-story situation, it’s wise to have water coming in from above.

SFD does NOT routinely give rides BACK from the hospital. If may have occurred as a result of an unexpected/unanticipated situation, but it is NOT a practice to boost their call count. Grow up!

71% of employees live in Yavapai County and 14% of employees live in Coconino County and 15% live in Maricopa County. In fact—23% of our employees live within the Sedona Fire District.

Two other stations may very well be within five minutes of Station 6 AS THE CROW FLIES, but in the real world where we have to negotiate traffic, tourists and roundabouts, response time truly IS a life and death matter.

SFD used to have 24 on 48 off: The 2 days on and 4 days off system is more effective because firefighters are not duplicating in-house responsibilities every day.

Sedona Village of Oak Creek firefighters work to save homes photo by Abel Ortega May 2012

PRIVATE AMBULANCE SERVICE?!?!? That, too, was pursued by the prior Board. Only one private company was willing to submit a bid – offering only two (2) ambulances for the entire District. There is, of course, a multitude of other seriously impactful considerations, but that alone should scare the daylights out of you and quell your curiosity. If not, contact Prescott and ask what recently happened with their private ambulance service and its 40 MINUTE response time.

SFD is NOT a fire department. It is a Fire District. The difference between a municipal fire department and a Fire District is HUGE when discussing taxation. I recommend you learn the difference.

And in conclusion….

The BOND being sought by our Fire District is NOT as a result of mismanagement. The Great Recession had a great deal to do with declining revenues as property values depreciated. But if you look at what the mil rate was ten years ago and what it is today, the increase has been modest, indeed. If you moved here five years ago, you’ve had the misfortune of seeing a greater increase. But overall, our property taxes are VERY low compared to some of the examples you set forth.

Support those who put their lives on the line for you every single day. DO THE RIGHT THING. Vote YES for the Sedona Fire District Bond.

Wendy Tanzer
Sedona AZ

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  1. A taxpayer says:

    To confirm:

    77% of SFD employees do not live in the district according to your data. If the vast majority of SFD do not pay any of the tax but benefit by it, would you agree that they would be in favor of the tax? Do you agree it would be safer if they lived in the district?

    Your justification for a ladder truck would also make the justification for a SFD water drop helicopter. Who cares what it cost and how often in might be used, it might make us a little safer.

    Two other stations are not within 5 minutes of station 6 as the crow flies. They are within 5 minutes at a drive doing the speed limit without lights and sirens.

    Talk to the Chamber about why Sedona advertises for more day trippers when we have bumper to bumper traffic.

    It is the fire district that is asking for a tax increase. Call it what ever you like, it is a tax increase for a district that already spends more per capita than the vast majority of other fire districts.

    The lives on the line every day is bull. Tell me again when the last fire of any size happened in Sedona? Surround and drown is the general philosophy. Tell me about the hero SFD fire fighters that lost their lives in the line of duty? It’s been over 20 years since we went from a volunteer fire department. Tell me his name, it should be many names, if as they put their lives on the line every day. I want to honor them. You can’t name one. Where I used to work we lost about one worker per year. We knew their names.

    The fire fighters can work two days on and 4 days off because the work load is so light during their two days on . Rural Metro in Phoenix works 24 on, they are WORKING the entire 23 hours, not sleeping soundly in their private bedrooms as Sedona Fire does most nights.

    Tell me again why the the picture attached to your article say “Sedona Fire Department” in action? Why does it not say Sedona Fire District?

  2. JessLookin says:

    Hey, you can’t say working at SFD is not dangerous. Remember the fire fighter that blew up a barbecue and set the canyon station on fire a while ago?

    If we did not have the canyon station, he would not have been in such a dangerous situation. His life on the line, cooking his meal. I heard he was injured too. Fire man, definition: ” You’re supposed to put them out, not start them !!”

  3. Rich collister says:

    Thank you Wendy Tanzer for laying the honest information out the way you do…

    “ATaxpayer”. Is starting to sound like “our friend (deleted by editor) who thinks thinks two cops talking to each other for 5 minutes is a waste of taxpayer money(he’s actually took pictures of them) cuckoo!!’

    Pay no attention to that small minded man. He fits in well with the lying small mind (deleted by editor) crowd

    SE please don’t delete anything it’s all documented in years ago posting on you site…. He (deleted by editor) has created many websites also pertaining to his nonsense…

  4. Wendy Tanzer says:

    @ A Taxpayer

    You posed several questions then indicated no one had addressed them. I now have. You’re welcome.

  5. Rebecca Streit says:

    I am voting in favor of the bond because of the letters by Wendy Tanzer. I will share her articles with many friends and neighbors. I like it when both sides of the issues to be brought to light for the Sedona district are easy to find. I learned a lot visitng both website ads. Thumbs up! Even if the bond fails to pass, I love our first responders.

    Becky Streit

  6. Mary C says:


    I’ve seen you at the Fire Board meetings. (deleted by editor) No one gets out alive. The unavoidable things in life are death and taxes. You trying to raise our taxes for the chance you might gain a few minutes of life is wrong.

    Make your piece with God. This life is not all there is.

    God bless you.

  7. Rich collister says:

    Sedona Eye

    Are you kidding me ……

    You cut up my comments cause I name the name of a coward (deleted by editor)
    Who goes by taxpayer..

    His past comments on SE thruout the years speak for themselves…
    You let him yammer on that firefighting is dangerous not around here cause thier has been no line of duty deaths in SFD….

    That’s just downright disrespectful and arrogant on his part …..but you allow that nonsense be on display!!!

    Really Sedona Eye???

  8. A Taxpayer says:

    @R collostomy

    Firefighter does not make the list of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the country.

    Being a fire fighter is less dangerous than, A roofer, a trash collector, a farmer, a miner or a truck driver. Look it up. I know facts scare all you heroes.



    I would not have even mentioned it, but for Wendy’s “who put their lives on the line for you every single day.” It’s just not true. At least not more than the person that drives the Frito truck. I guess we should honor them too.

    When the “public service” workers are the best paid people in town and cry about getting a raise, when all the retired voters get nothing, you deserve to be called out for a lie.

    Vote NO for higher taxes !!

  9. A Suggestion says:

    Rich Collister (collister) – if you don’t like SedonaEye why do you make comments here? Why not try taking your gripes to the Red Rock News and see how far you succeed in getting them in print. Don’t plan on it. Another alternative – start your own publication but better read up on how far you can go without provoking a slander lawsuit all by your little whining self. Sheesh – such a boob – oh yeah “my opinion.” Is that “rich” or what?

  10. JessLookin says:

    Hey, we don’t want to disrespect or be arrogant to anyone. I propose we put up a monument in Sedona to the Frito Driver, The Beer truck driver and last but not least to the Sedona Firefighter who was injured while he set the canyon station on fire.

    We cannot live without the first two doing one of the most dangerous jobs in the country on game day, and the last we do not want to disrespect.

    Hero’s all. It sounds like a beer commercial.

  11. Fire Chief Shobert (ret.) says:

    Thank you SFD for the risks you take, everyday. 10, ten, X, years ago, we pointed out these same issues! These same complainers, some of whom are retired pensioners, argued against it ten years ago and again now. Sad! Seek peace! Drink! Get a life! This is community safety you are trying to suppress! Not needed you say? Let us briefly recap the past 10 years alone… several dangerous brush fires, numerous stranded and injured hikers, floods, INADEQUATE roadway infrastructure (I TOLD YOU SO!) major traffic collisions, airplane crashes, an elder-community who needs advanced care. Sheesh! Maybe consider Bocce Ball… Instead of bullying – it’s really quite homely on you red-shirts. Funny. Ignorant actually.

  12. shobert says:

    Please, if you cannot sign your own real name – please refrain from commenting!

    Hubris and cowardice look ugly on you – #ataxpayer, et al. (That means everyone else, not sure a math guy would know). Give the firefighter’s their basic needs!

  13. ATaxpayer says:

    I’m not against basic needs. I don’t hate the fire department.

    Your response of “Sad! Seek peace! Drink! Get a life!”, Anything but watch closely what we do with your tax dollars. You insult us by asking us to just get drunk and not think about it. No, that is what I will have to do when I can’t pay my property tax because it has doubled for no good reason.

    I’m against stations that get 1 call a day at a cost of over $11,000 a call.Stations that are within 5 minutes of two other stations.

    I’m against building new stations so that firefighters can have private bedrooms and a better weight room.

    I’m against buying equipment that it might be nice to have someday, but you could really do without. I really neeeeed it, like some spoiled kid.

    You don’t need my name to respond to the facts I state. Even your current personal attacks of “Hubris and cowardice” indicate I would be wise to keep it private. What, are you challenging me to a street fight? Shut up you yella coward? The last two guys that said they would meet me for a street fight did not show. One brazenly said” I’ll meet you outside”. Then scurried past me as I was waiting outside and ran to his car. Call their bluff and they egg your car at midnight.

    Please answer with facts. Calling me names indicate you don’t have real justification. You saying “not sure a math guy would know” indicates you just want piles of money, money is math. You just want us to throw it at you and agree you will use it well. I have NEVER seen government use money well.

    My fellow taxpayers, the responses for SFD supporters indicate NO would be the wisest vote.

    Please Vote NO!!!!!


  14. @Fire Chief Shobert (ret.) says:

    Don’t believe that NAME. He moved to California , got hurt retired and has had much health issues. We all know who works for the city now that loves to use other peoples names. BS people. Not the real Fire Chief Shobert (ret.) BS er

  15. ATaxpayer says:

    The thing that irritates me most, the most in your face screw you?

    When the Sedona Battalion Chief truck drives around with aftermarket wheels like some kid’s custom truck. I’m sure taxpayers paid for them, I know it came with wheels so the truck did not need the upgrade. I’ve been around a long time, I have never seen such bold waste. I’ve seen a lot.

    “Basic needs”, bull !!!!!

    I say a bunch of spoiled teenagers.

  16. ATaxpayer says:

    @Fire Chief Shobert (ret.)

    I quote you “10, ten, X, years ago, we pointed out these same issues! These same complainers, some of whom are retired pensioners, argued against it ten years ago and again now.”

    What did we get when you won? The chapel station that gets one call a day at a cost of $11,000 per call. Totally unnecessary, but you won.

    I was against it back then. We were right, it was unnecessary.

  17. Rich collister says:


    Doesn’t play well with others…..
    Has no idea what it means to give unselfishly of hisself:.

    Constantly crys thruout the years at people with jobs cause he hates himself and life…

    His uses this fake name “a taxpayer” cause he’s real name is so well know….and his real name is associated with being a complete crybaby moron
    Which he most certainly is

  18. @Rich Collister says:

    I think you’re on to something, is he the same person that lives behind the Circle K on Rt179? Is it the same person that likes to take photos of people cashing their pay checks? Can we expect to hear from him this coming holiday time when SPD uses a patrol car to protect city workers when they put the holiday lights up (or takes the lights down) along Rt179 or Rt 89a? Yeah, WE ALL KNOW WHOM YOU MEAN Rich Collister.

  19. JessLookin says:

    Hey Rich, I want to personally thank you for being a volunteer fire fighter for all those years. You worked a lifetime for free, no medical, no pension. Now you live on handouts in your van down by the creek and have to go to Basha’s for wi-fi. You above all know what it is to give unselfishly of hisself. I wish all Sedona fire fighters would follow your unselfish lead. Rich (deleted by editor), a true hero.

  20. JJ says:

    Vote no on the fire bond. Whenever the government askes for more money the answer is always a resounding “NO” Shake down of the tax payers. When will voters ever learn. It is always us vs them.That means you Collister or Segner. You are all the same.

  21. Bill, Fire District supporter says:

    Several of us in this area believe in a strong FD. They might need to buckle some belts tighter but all in all they know the community backs them and supports them with plenty of cash to keep everything first rate. If somebody needs a ride home from the hospital, our guys and gals do it. We expect it of them because we do for them so they can do for us. If somebody falls from bed or chair or can’t get out of the tub, we call them and they do for us because we do for them. I’m voting yes because I expect them to do for me and mine like I’m doing for them and theirs.

    That’s my piece.

  22. Rich collister says:


    And when ever JJ formulates an opionion or actually has a thought….
    Please do the opposite.

    His mind is filled with hating all forms of government…Just like his group AZ Liberty/the Tea Party

  23. Chief Shobert says:

    LOL… Craig… for reals. It is time to support the SFD!

  24. Come on?????? says:

    Your nuts! it is not up to the taxpayers to change lightbulbs, give lifts from hospital, WE have legitimate health care providers that do that! Eldercare, medical home health care providers along with transport is a critical side of our communities economics. PEOPLE get real your insurance or medicare PAYS for these services. We need to keep the local employed. Stupid to pay a firefighter for these.

  25. @ Bill, Fire District supporter says:

    @ Bill, Fire District supporter: Is your comment satire or what? If not, it’s still hilarious.

  26. steve segner says:

    JJ says:Vote no on the fire bond. Whenever the government askes for more money the answer is always a resounding “NO” Shake down of the tax payers

    See how JJ thinks, no facts, no research, no meeting,just the same answer NO
    JJ thinks all things should be free because one time way way in the past she paid taxes.
    Now in retirement all things should be free….. hates goverment but uses all the goverment services….
    JJ some of us want first class, and are willing to pay for it.




    Village of Oak Creek ($2 million)

    Repair Roof/Dry Wall/Concrete Apron/Drainage/Leaking Patio; Repair HVAC System/Swamp Coolers; Update Public Restrooms; Renovate Kitchen and Day Room Area; Update Work Spaces

    West Sedona ($4 million)

    Renovate Kitchen/Day Room Area; Update Work Spaces/Multi-Purpose Room
    Re-engineer HVAC System; Update Training Room; Build Kitchen/Breakroom for Administration Employees; Improve Administration Employees Work Spaces
    Create Conference Room; Build Fleet Facility to Fit Modern Apparatus
    Create More Employee/Public Parking; Provide Better Storage/Warehouse Space; Repurpose Space for Gear Storage.


  28. JJ says:

    Look at your property tax bill. The bigest draw is the Sedona Fire District. Need I say more. They already get too much money. Government waste.

  29. Shobert says:

    Has anyone noticed that the two (2) people voting “NO,” refuse to give their real names! It is called credibility, and you have none – when you cannot stand by your opinion… you are coward-like!

  30. @Arizona Liberty says:

    I don’t get it. Arizona Liberty, a group that hates being labeled as Tea Party and yet they practice and follow the Tea Party ways. They say that they hate over reaching government and over spending. Yet, at the top of their member group are the three RECALLED SFD FIRE BOARD MEMBERS plus one who refused to run for a second term. 4 former SFD board members did nothing but over reach, lie and waste hundreds of thousands of TAX PAYER dollars. This is all FACTS!

  31. A Taxpayer says:

    There is no name verification on the Sedonaeye, as far as we know every post is using a fake name, even if it belongs to someone else.

    Have you noticed that all those in favor have no facts, just feelings. They also either work for a fire department or have worked for a fire department or expect an urgent need for medical care and fear death.

    Who cares what it cost if you take more money than you pay or you don’t have long to live.

  32. steve Segner says:

    jj says, Look at your property tax bill. The biggest draw is the Sedona Fire District. Need I say more. They already get too much money. Government waste.

    I pay around 1000.00 a month for the fire dept. In Sedona .I am voting to up my taxes, Governments- are what make America, with out our local governments and districts we would just be Mexico north. We all need to pay more in taxes to pay our teachers more, and fix our roads, Arizona is 49 in America in school support all because of people like JJ.

  33. Lining My Pockets says:

    I’m Steve Segner and I love Government, My affiliate group the Sedona Chamber of Commerce are gifted over $2,000,000 from the City of Sedona every year with no accountability. That’s $166,666 per month. Do you think I mind paying a couple of grand a month in taxes with that kind of return?

    I think government is the best deal ever . You would too if your group were gifted that much cash with no real accountability and a no bid contract.

    That bumper to bumper traffic you hate is stalled right in front of my business. I think Sedona could not be better.

    Greed is good !!!

  34. Rich collister says:


    Nice try on your last post….but unfortunately you are still a whining coward…
    Good thing there was no name verifications on those webpages you made up years ago… you know what I’m talking about COWARD!

  35. Lining My Pockets says:

    It gets even better, as my primary residence is outside of Sedona City limits, I avoid most Sedona Taxes. Then, I get to write off all taxes I pay in Sedona, as that is where my business is located.

    I laugh all the way to the bank.

  36. Mr. Matt Shobert, fire chief retired says:

    It matters! And yes, Taxpayer, you are a coward! Serious question… have you ever called 9-1-1, when a loved-one is unconscious on your kitchen floor? NO?! …you will, fact, you cannot avoid it.

    When you do, and you, or a loved-one isn’t breathing, don’t you want well-equipped, well-trained, fit, educated professionals responding to your house?! Silly! …it matters – you are a coward!

    And I was your SFD Fire Chief. I know you. Why would I lie? Absurd!? You are dangerous… half-truths and lies about life-safety stuff. Sad! Sick, actually… math boy!

  37. Corruption in Small Towns says:

    I know the Real Matt and he would NEVER talk like this.

    Doesn’t this sound familiar ” Its expected to get a backlash from friends and family members every time we target Cops in these complaints just like the Trooper (deleted by editor) where his wife sent personal messages tearing me apart for her husband lying about a traffic stop caught on camera .
    Hillsborough cuts the cake .
    Not only does the Dispatchers lie, divert and ignore free press ,right to public access (name deleted by editor) the Town Manager or Administrator lies as well .(name deleted by editor) who claimed she did not know a (name deleted by editor) who works for the Town but since married and took the name (deleted by editor) and the Administrator knows this information .”Its expected to get a backlash from friends and family members every time we target Cops in these complaints just like the Trooper Matt Merrill where his wife sent personal messages tearing me apart for her husband lying about a traffic stop caught on camera .
    Hillsborough cuts the cake . Just change a few names and you have the same games here

  38. A Taxpayer says:

    @Mr. Matt Shobert, fire chief retired

    You preach fear and falsehoods. I have never had occasion to call 911, no one in my family has ever had occasion to call 911. I know you don’t like facts, but there was no 911 in the United States until February 16, 1968. There was no 911 in Sedona until 1980 according to the Sedona Fire District website. I know Schobert will find this hard to believe. My house was built in the early 1960’s. It managed to not burn down for almost 20 years without a Sedona Fire District.

    Oddly enough for over 100 years people managed to live in Sedona with either no or a volunteer fire department. We won’t even talk about the Native Americans.

    The biggest compliment you give me is calling me “math boy.” You obviously could care less about what things cost. That is truly shocking if you are in fact a previous Sedona Fire Chief. That is probably how we got to where we are today with a station that responds to less than one call per day within 5 minutes of two other stations.

    I would undoubtedly be safer if you stationed a two man rotating paramedic team in my home. That would require six men and some administration. I could not afford it. But but according to you math does not matter, only safety. As someone said above, the firemen might set my house on fire while they cooked their dinner. I guess we should have their food catered.

    The voters have a choice between accepting fear, insults or logic. The current and past fire board and chiefs apparently have no limits on what they are willing to spend.

    Do you want them to have limits? Or would you prefer they have a nicer weight room and second kitchen? It’s your money.

    Please vote No on the bond.


    @ Chief Shobert:
    We very disappointed that a retired emergency services executive like yourself would resort to such base scare tactics, menacing threats and personal insults to make your point.
    Of course, we expect well-equipped and trained professionals responding when we have an emergency. And the taxpayers, many of whom are older and on fixed incomes, pay Sedona Fire District $46,500 a day to be ready to answer that 9-1-1call.
    What the public needs to understand is that much of the current $18 million bond proposal has nothing to do with increasing public safety. It’s packed with lifestyle enhancements and deferred routine maintenance projects. Please scroll up to my September 18th posting for a list of what’s included.
    And, for a more in-depth analysis of what the Sedona Fire District expects taxpayers to finance, please look at this short video:


  40. @Arizona Liberty says:

    I am not going to debate your outlandish figures however the one point that I do want to highlight is the “deferred routine maintenance” that you bring up. It is a proven fact that you and Mr. Schroeder have failed to respond to the validity of your club when it engages with the 3 recalled SFD board members that were responsible for deferring everything they could including wasting hordes of cash on needless reports with no to little findings. To me, any credibility that your tea party asks for is out the window.

    Vote YES on the bond

  41. Fire Guy says:

    #AZLib. – I can kinda go with that… deferred maintenance. These are the deferred projects, maintenance, vehicles, etc. and capital improvement projects that YOU and your cronies deferred 10-years, ago! Bad mgt, philosophy… defer maintaenance to cut the mil levy?! Bad strategy! All you guys did was defer, delay and increase expenses, you did nothing for the financial stability of the fire district, but make the ice thinner, a half a generation down the road! Poor governance… perhaps you should stay away! How are the rest of your buddies? Are they all doing ok, still? What are they now – 90+?

    Sheesh… go on a cruise, or a train-ride.

    Norman! Norman!

    So, based on your logic, why pay for insurance, or what put cut-curbs in uptown for the wheel-chair bound. Spend millions for a few people in wheel-chairs?! Your philosophy is sick. Ahhh, the Golden Years… enjoying your pension, while you complain about everything.


    The outlandish figures you refer to come directly from the District’s audited annual financial statements, the District’s annual reports, and the Board meeting minutes posted on the District’s website. If you have a problem with the outlandish figures, talk to the Chief as he’s been responsible for the District’s financial management since 2012. Continuing to blame the former recalled board members for Kazian’s decision making is just like Obama always blaming Bush. For a more in-depth analysis of how the Sedona Fire District spends taxpayer dollars, please look at following video:


  43. Calling a TO! says:

    So the loudest, and still the most ignorant voice, against the SFD Bond – is from a retired teacher – transplanted-pensioner – from California!!!? Hyprocrisy, is the tribute, that vice pays to virtue!

    He shouldn’t even get a voice. He already got his. Forest fires, floods, inadequate roadways, inadequate medical facilities.

    A documented history, of real and dangerous disasters! If you are against SFD and the bond – fine! But, use facts… fake hysteria is dangerous. SFD deserves your support! They risk their lives for you and your future! Yes… I was nearly killed on duty. I know what I am talking about. You are just hyperbole! …look it up mathy!

  44. A Taxpayer says:

    The recalled board was 5 years ago. The most recent boards spent money like drunken sailors spending other peoples money. It’s not the recalled boards problem, the current board built the new station and deferred maintenance. The only fake hysteria are from those that have run SFD for the past 5 years.

    If you are referring to me, I have lived in Sedona for over 25 years.

    Lies show your character.

  45. Rich collister says:

    Hey taxpayer

    You still have those very clever photos you took depicting government waste…
    You know the one with the guy cashing his check at lunch
    The two cops taking to each other for five minutes..

    What a watchdog and also a coward

  46. Mary C says:

    It sounds like you are in favor of police standing around talking when they should be on patrol?

    You are also in favor of city employees using city vehicles for personal business?

    You must be a government employee.

  47. F.Y.I. says:

    Steve Segner says JJ is a “she” (September 18 post). More BS. JJ is a gent who lives in the Red Rock Loop area.

  48. Not too late... says:

    AzLib – maybe try the citizen’s fire academy. They let you play with the siren! Is your good pal still plodding around… with that ego of his? The one that played minor-league ball and bragged about it! It should be a crime to spread fake information about a public health, safety and welfare issue, in an effort to shoot it down. You are using lies to suppress public safety, in a dangerous community, with substandard roadway infrastructure. Stay in your lane! 1+ 2 = 3. Stay away from fire management strategy… it makes you look like a math teacher!

  49. Steve segner says:

    Steve Segner says JJ is a “she” (September 18 post). More BS. JJ is a gent who lives in the Red Rock Loop area. Well that is no even Sedona


    @ Not too late

    Does anyone understand what this person is talking about? Honestly, folks, this rambling rant contains no useful facts, figures or evidence. Just the predictable jumble of unsubstantiated accusations, personal attacks and insults. Aren’t we all getting just a little bit tired of this handful of internet trolls spewing out this repetitious nonsense? What a waste of everyone’s time. If you want to find out what’s really going on with the Sedona Fire District and its General Obligation Bond, Arizona Liberty has prepared a series of short informational videos investigating how SFD spends your taxpayer dollars. No emotion. No name calling. No personal attacks. Just the facts. Please click on the link below and decide for yourself:

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