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SFD Bond Failure Proves Voters Fed Up with Its Budget Waste

Sedona AZ (February 10, 2018) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


That article in the 2/7 Red Rock News by (Sedona Fire District) Fire Chief (Kris) Kazian did one worthy service for us taxpayers. It announced that the SFD board was now looking into the upcoming fire district budget. The remainder of his message was an insult to the intelligence of the public. He prattled on about how and what a budget process is about. As if we taxpayers are so stupid as not to know anything about budgets. The nice sounding platitudes were all over the place but not one bit of information about what the board will place in their agenda for action.

That scared me. Because during the time before the $18 million bond issue vote last November this same Ty Montgomery SFD Board gang promoted the outlandish demand for tax money to spend foolishly on all those fire houses not needing repairs. As they did so they also told us if the bond failed they were going to hit us up with tax increases. Good managing doesn’t use threats like this to obtain results. Thug like politicians do. So now the budget is up for action by this same board. They issued the threat and the what if occurred. Get ready with your check book the tax hit is on.

Let’s sit back and take a hard look at what is going on. The 3 to 2 vote against the bond tells us one thing for sure. That is the taxpayers are fed up with the SFD for wasting our money. There were other factors but this vote was a glaring tax payer revolt. This leads on to that there may be something else we should be concerned about. For me it starts with the really great group of front line fire fighters and medics who do the real work of protecting us all so competently.

Sedona Fire District Bond failed by a 3-2 taxpayer vote that messaged the SFD budget needs trimming and not more tax money.

All the blabla we heard about for the bond issue obliterated anything about the great job the fire fighters and medics do for us. So buying fire trucks we do not require, rebuilding perfectly good fire houses, overpaying the fire chief, hiring more paper pushing bureaucrats etc. etc. only diverts attention from the important factors. More of the same will only further disenchant the tax paying public and that will not bode well for the fire fighters and medics we have. The SFD front line is well paid but well ahead of our police and teachers. An imbalance is never good. All of which has me worried.

That brings up the SFD board election this fall. We need a house cleaning and badly. Being well advised and objective will show up in your voting decision. Let’s get on the right track.

John Roberts
Sedona, AZ 86336

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  1. Mshobert says:


    Hate much? Pretty ignorant to complain about your FD, I believe you’ve done so for years. Major, serious fires, floods, crappy roadways, sick retirees, injured hikers, you need a good FD. Wait until you need to call 911. Everyone does eventually, and trust me, from a live-saving service recipient, to life-saving services providor, I have been through both, the latter, several times, the former once. Find another hobby, you indirectly have blood on your hands. You know not the evil you spew!

  2. Change says:

    People are sick and tried of governments wasting and spending more of taxpayers money.

    It is about them being loose and wild with others money. They live like royalty. Time to change it. VOTE NO for all increases to TAXES and spending. Get them to control themselves.

  3. M Mallon says:


    You say be afraid, just give us your money and we will protect you. Just like the Federal Government and all the wasteful military spending. Did you see the fires in California recently? The fire departments said the fires were too big, and let everything burn. The same outcome as if there had been no fire departments.

    Never a thought of what is reasonable, fair and affordable. Just trust us, we are from the government and we are here to help. Bull, you went too far, we have had enough of you tax feeders.

  4. @M Mallon says:

    Your rantings prove one thing…..you are an idiot.

  5. M Mallon says:

    Wow, I must be right if the best response you can come up with is name calling. Does your mommy know your are using the computer? LOL

  6. Register to vote says:

    Want Change? Get you friends & neighbors registered to vote. We need everyone to vote.

  7. Tony Tonsich says:

    I had the interview for the board position this week. I was sure I would not get it but I wanted to try and make some points to the board.

    I got the impression they will try for another bond issue. One of the questions was “How would the fire district get more support for a district bond?”

    They are planning on increasing spending on equipment. I pointed out points of voter resistance. I said we don’t need ladder trucks in a town like Sedona. I said we would be safer with water drop helicopters and a water drop 747 jet, we don’t need those either.

    The voters need to vote in a new fire board. Vote in people who are realistic about safety and not catering to the whim of fire personnel who want everything they see like spoiled children. Otherwise, you will be buying one or two new ladder trucks. The water drop helicopters and 747 jet are probably not far behind.

    We need all new elected leadership in Sedona. It’s your money.

  8. @ Tony Tonsich says:

    “I said we would be safer with water drop helicopters and a water drop 747 jet, we don’t need those either.”

    But, but Tony, if just one life was saved ………

  9. @tony T says:

    Oh Tony T

    You are hilarious..
    (Deleted by editor)

  10. MShobert says:

    @Tony… and what qualifies you to make these assumptions? You are operationally 100% incorrect.

  11. Steve segner says:

    Tony Tonsich says:
    February 22, 2018 at 12:17 pm
    I said we don’t need ladder trucks in a town like sedona.

    So now Tony is an expert on fire equipment.We already know Tony thinks community development can be run with three people, his neighbor told him so.
    tony is an expert in all areas of Fire and city staffing, and purchasing,
    “Tony said Sedona doesn’t need a hook and ladder truck. “
    Tony hook and ladder trucks are use for tall buildings and regular fires .
    Tony there’s are three story hotels in sedona we have the Hyatt hotel and Best western uptown , The Fire Chief and fire department would be derelict if they didn’t have the right equipment to save peoples lives in hotels during a fire. He also thinks we don’t need a fire station up the canyon I think many many people would disagree
    Tony and your friends will be the first to point fingers if there were a hotel fire and our fire dept could’ve saved lives because they didn’t have a hook and ladder truck. Safety and lives come first

  12. Norma says:

    We have TONS of so called experts that are really special interests that snake taxpayers money for their own enrichment.

    Tony has more creditably and NO conflicts of interests like the Dog food salesman AKA – SS, Waitress AKA JenW, Golddiggers – Actors that are snaking YOUR $$$ and others that are being paid by taxpayers.


    VOTE NO on Homerule!!!!!

  13. Tony Tonsich says:

    For those that can’t tell the truth, I did not say the canyon station should be closed. Other under utilized stations should be closed, but NOT the canyon station.

  14. M Mallon says:

    @ M Shobert

    You said @ Tony… “You are operationally 100% incorrect.”

    By your estimation then we need a fleet of water drop helicopters like a scene from Apocalypse Now, and at least 2 water drop 747’s?

    ” If just one life is saved “

  15. Marv says:

    @Tony T – let us all just be grateful Steve Segner wasn’t picked for the board replacement. Never met the fellow but based on the arrogance he continues to express on almost every article on Sedona Eye, I don’t think we need him representing our Fire (or School) Districts. Let City of Sedona keep him for their very own!! (my opinion)

  16. M Mallon says:

    Regarding the Canyon station, it would be nice if next time there was a fire in the canyon Sedona Fire rushed to put it out, instead of sitting in the truck waiting to see whose jurisdiction it was until the fire had spread too large to put out. There is video linked on the Sedona Eye showing their lack of action years ago. No more setting the Canyon Fire station on fire also. Remember, you’re supposed to put them out, not start or watch fires grow.

  17. Orange County says:

    Hello Sedona. Progressives ruined our county. Kick them out Arizona but send them east not west. We do like your news.

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