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Sedona Tea Party Hosts Arizona Congressman Gosar

U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, CD1-AZ

Sedona AZ (August 21, 2011) – The Sedona Tea Party invites all area residents and interested persons to greet, meet, and discuss current political issues with Arizona Congressional District One (CD1-AZ) Representative, Paul Gosar (Republican), this Monday evening, August 22, 2011 

Congressman Gosar defeated incumbent U.S. Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (Democrat) in her 2010 re-election bid. Kirkpatrick has entered the CD1 Democratic Primary race in an attempt to regain the CD1-AZ seat.

Congressman Gosar will speak to and about current situations with our federal government and briefly address issues facing it in Washington DC, before entertaining questions and concerns. 

Sedona Tea Party members will host this Monday public access community event from 6:30 PM until 9:00 PM at the City of Sedona Posse Grounds Recreation Room, 525 Posse Grounds Road, west Sedona.  

All citizens and interested persons are welcome. Become better educated as a voter and as a citizen. Engage your elected representatives. Get involved, stay informed, and let your voice be heard. 

Political party affiliation is unimportant and all are encouraged to attend this free community event. Local politicians and businesses are encouraged to be in attendance. U.S. Congressman Gosar represents all CD1 citizens at the federal level.

For more information, visit www.sedonateaparty.org or email sedonateaparty@gmail.com or call (928) 301-3170.

Mark your calendars to vote in the City of Sedona Special election November 8, 2011


  1. Athena Reich, NYC and Sedona visitor says:

    Warren Buffett thinks it’s time for the super-rich to pay a lot more in taxes. I couldn’t agree more. If you, me and 199,998 others agree, we’ll deliver Buffett’s op-ed and all the signatures to Congress…so sign the moveon.org petition to stand with Warren Buffett and say that the billionaires of this country should be taxed equally! It takes 2 seconds and MoveOn.org is a very legit organization. Athena Reich, NYC (performed at the Sedona Oak Creek Brewing Company-find me on the web) Shared via Facebook

  2. Vietnam Vet says:

    It raises the questions that “We the People” should be asking ourselves, “Do we want to be controlled by small groups of people in our city, county, state or federal governments plus special interest groups and their donations (bribes), or are our words going to be followed by our actions. Are we, as individuals, going to try to make a difference?”

    What are “We the People” doing to make our Armed Forces proud of our efforts to preserve this country? If they are brave enough to pull a trigger and serve our country are we brave enough to engage and write letters?

    Gary Chamberlain
    Vietnam Vet
    Cornville, AZ

  3. jimmy says:

    Another career politician jumping on the “tea party” bandwagon trying to drum up some support. Why dont you look for true freedomists in the community to come talk, not a career “grease my palm” guy.

  4. Kwaayesnama says:

    Until recently I was a Sedona Republican, a few weeks ago I switched to the Democratic Party. Paul Gosar was the reason I will no longer support the GOP. Under the Tea Party the GOP is no longer my fathers GOP. I will work as hard to remove the TEA PARTY Republicans as I did to get them elected. I for one do not wish to put my children’s Social security into the hands of Wall Street and Bernie Madoff. When I voted for and donated to Paul Gosar I thought I was voting for a mild mannered dentist. Little did I know that I was voting for Sarah Palin and her policies and views.

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