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Sedona Sunday Meander

Tommy Acosta pens a look at the one year anniversary of the Sedona Verde Valley Times

Tommy Acosta pens a look at the one year anniversary of the Sedona Verde Valley Times

Sedona AZ (November 8, 2008) – Wow. Talk about a great party and celebration Saturday, November 15, of our one-year anniversary. The community came out to support us. People whom we never met were there lending there support. We are humbled and grateful.

What was quite obvious is there is a great thirst in the community for additional perspectives and news reporting, which can be considered by those used to having their way with the established media, a bit alarming.

When you have been in control of things for such a long time who needs upstart-media outlets threatening their stranglehold on the consciousnesses of the community?

Sadly, for Sedona, it appears pressure has been put on the city council not to share information with the new outlets — The Sedona-Verde Valley Times and Sedonadotbiz.

If the council folds on this, it is unfortunate news for the community as well as the media calling for the ban. Why? Why would they seek to limit the sharing of news?

Even if they are the newspaper-of record, one would think a publication confident of itself and its service to the readership, with decades of experience and bountiful ad revenues, would not be afraid of upstarts barely making a dent in the ad market.

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It can’t be about ad money. What is probably happening is the publication is becoming aware it is losing its relevance in the community. A telling sign was when the name of the publication was mentioned at a meeting attended by more than 150 concerned residents, they were booed.

If I was the publisher or editor of a newspaper that was booed and hissed by community members, I would very much be trying to find out why rather than trying to diminish my smaller counterparts.  Sometimes one can get so wrapped up in themselves they fail to see what is really happening around them.

When I first came to town and even now when that publication’s name gets mentioned, and I mean everywhere I go, people react in the same manner. And it is not a positive reaction. Why? What has happened?

If I was the editor I would be asking myself that question and would not rest until I found the answer. Instead of attacking the new kids on the block and trying to prevent them from doing their jobs, they should be figuring out what happened to their paper and reputation and why so many people enjoy reading what the little guys write.

But today is another sunny, beautiful Sedona Sunday. And gratitude is the word of the day. Just to be here; to be with friends and family; to forget about the stock market for a few hours; take a hike, ride the bike…just sit on the deck or the yard and enjoy the scenery is what today should be all about. Take a stroll uptown and meander wherever. Talk to neighbors. Have a cool drink under the warmth of a happy mid-November sun. Meditate and breathe the beauty of the Sedona we all love and know.

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

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