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Sedona Plane Crash Injures Pilots

Plane crashes with two aboard in Sedona, Arizona

Plane crashes with two aboard in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona AZ (March 23, 2015) – The initial investigation indicates the F-1 Rocket brand single engine plane lost power on its final approach to the Sedona, Arizona airport with two fliers aboard, Robert Coester, 65, of Gilbert, Arizona, and from Pennsylvania, Charles McCurry, 71, owner and builder of the aircraft. Realizing the plane would be unable to make it to the airport, Coester stated McCurry (an experienced pilot of 34 years) took control of the aircraft, made a banking maneuver and directed the aircraft in a southerly direction. According to Coester, McCurry was able to land the aircraft in a safe area on Chavez Ranch Road, Sedona.

The aircraft sustained heavy damage during the landing. Coester was ground transported to the Verde Valley Medical Center in stable condition with head injuries and a broken left ankle. His injuries are not life threatening.

McCurry was ground transported to the Sedona Medical Center, then subsequently airlifted to the Flagstaff Regional Medical Center with multiple facial fractures, facial lacerations and contusions to his lungs. Despite his injuries, FRMC hospital personnel stated McCurry is in stable condition.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating. The plane has since been removed from the crash site.

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  1. Amazing survival tale!

  2. there’ve been lots of crashes in sedona recently. what’s going on?

    i’d not fly to grand canyon airport or flagstaff airport because of winds, sedona has a city and houses on the runway approach and take off.

    don’t like copters or balloons around here after one crashed in river killing lots. stay safe up there

  3. The helicopters are gradually getting out of control. Past honored flight paths have been ignored to the detriment of our community.

    I had people sitting on my deck a while ago and it was impossible to have a decent conversation during the better part of an hour. We’ve reported it and no one is listening.

    PLEASE FIX IT NOW. Or maybe we should work to ban sightseeing tours over our city? We live here, we work here. Pay attention to us.

  4. Bob, Sedona says:

    Thank you for your comment. We loathe the sightseeing tours as well. Not dislike, we are disgusted by them because if we’re hiking it’s annoying and disruptive and counters Sedona quality of living.

    Rescues we understand and encourage public safety but money for profit for a handful at the expense of our quality of life for all and our public safety (who on the ground might have died if that pilot wasn’t a Sully?). Remember those darling four children killed last year after church services? Wasn’t that horror enough lives? Sightseeing flights have to be banned!

    It’s the city’s responsibility for allowing unchecked growth in the Airport flight path and surrounding areas and now they need to step up and take the responsibility for stopping future deaths.

  5. OMG, I just saw a documentary on the history channel that said chem trials could be the cause of small plane crashes. Now it all makes sense, I heard about some women who spoke at city hall the past few meetings, I think she lives in Sedona’s house anyway, she was saying all this interesting stuff about chem trails beings sprayed over out town. Maybe that is what happened to robert and charles to make them crash.


  6. J. J. says:

    This is exactly the reason why the airport needs to be moved. I have also seen “fuel dumping” as planes fly in, dropping toxic fuel on our pristine forest. The chemtrails ABSOLUTELY have to stop! They are interfering with our health and well being, harm tourism, and I want my blue skies back!

  7. As a long time Sedona resident, I remember when two charter flight businesses were offered to and from Phoenix, really very convenient, and the airport maintained the small-town convenience for which it was originally intended.

    Please understand, I’m not disagreeing with those who object to chemtrails, air tours (both helicopter and small planes) and the ever increasing noise of low flying aircraft noise. It’s extremely irritating over my own location, at all hours, and sometimes even shaking the house. And I do not live in the area underneath Airport Mesa.

    Far more troubling to me and also as a safety factor is the ongoing near-to being grid-locked traffic should be an immediate concern.

    City of Sedona, we all should be aware, has no jurisdiction over the airport except to control development through city codes. It’s the responsibility of the Forest Service, Yavapai County and the Airport Authority which I think is presently undergoing revision.

    At such a time City of Sedona can adequately address the serious problems of dealing with too much traffic, inadequate city streets and failed drainage systems in many areas and a myriad of other things most municipalities deem essential, how can they possibly take on the airport?

    This city council, the same as those in the past, set their priorities to cater to non-profits with benefits to only those who already support them. Much has already been written on this web site about warped decisions when it comes to spending city tax revenue.

    Hopefully those with concerns expressed here have taken your arguments directly to the appropriate parties responsible for the operation of the airport – City of Sedona is NOT among them. In fact, why would you even bother when they are incapable of taking charge of their own obligations?

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