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Sedona Mariposa Restaurant Site of Early Morning Fire


Mariposa Restaurant on SR 89A in uptown Sedona site of morning fire

Sedona AZ (September 6, 2016) –  The recently constructed and opened Mariposa Restaurant in Sedona at 700 W. SR 89A was the scene of an early morning fire. Employees placed a call to the Sedona fire department reporting the smell of smoke in the facility, believing it to be originating from the kitchen.

First responders, using a thermal imaging camera, located a hot spot in an exterior kitchen wall. Fire fighters expanded the wall opening and discovered an active fire within, finding a significant section of 2 x 6 lumber framing consumed, its surrounding area heavily charred.

A wood-burning appliance in the kitchen was found too close to the wall, which had resulted in slow charring and, ultimately, providing an ignition source for the fire. It is speculated that melting plastic pipe in the area of the active fire may have been the source of odor which alerted employees.

Sedona Fire District Fire Marshal Gary Johnson said in conversation with the SedonaEye.com that there was no apparent soot damage throughout the restaurant, as its air filtration system had remained fully functional during the fire event.

There were no reported injuries and the restaurant was not serving the public at the time of the call.

The restaurant is expected to re-open within a short time following the usual post incident investigation and repairs to the facility.

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  1. LouAnn Camp Verde says:

    Good job fire department ! Received your headline report.

  2. Larry A says:

    That is a laugh @LouAnn cause they approved the wood-burning appliance along with the city.

    Why is it the city and fire department approved it when wood burning appliances are BANNED in homes?

    Drive down 89A and you can smell them ALL the time. I live behind one of those locations and I can’t open my windows or the wood smoke enters my house. The city doesn’t look out for the residents. They shouldn’t approve anything for a business that isn’t allowed in a home.

    They deserve a ding for approving it.

  3. Jack M says:

    Gee, only 15 million a year and they put out a fire that the City of Sedona should not have allowed in the first place.

    I read recently in two towns they elected a dog as mayor, One was a yellow lab. A yellow dog as mayor, seems right.

    If we get rid of the city of Sedona And Sedona fire we save about 45 million a year.

    Well , that’s all I have to say for now,

    Jack Mehjoff

  4. @Larry A says:

    Hay Larry:

    Most people know that restaurants have to burn better and denser wood to make the food more flavorful and that type of wood is less likely to emit embers. People with home fire places tend to burn “anything that will burn” like juniper that emits a lot of embers into the air AND CAN CAUSE FOREST FIRES!

    If you have a pre-existing wood fireplace no one is making you remove it. If you are like me and just built a new house, you know that new houses can not have wood burning fireplaces, only gas.

    If you feel the need why not just build a fire pit in your yard, I don’t believe that anyone will bother you with that except if there is a straight out Fire Ban in affect.

  5. Durango Kid, colorado says:

    You’ve got a point about people approving it when it wasn’t safe, And you’ve got a point about burning everything that’s junk at home in FP, but Fire pit point? Sounds like a fireman and why offer that as an option? Just say no sounds best. Man up Fire Districts. People can take it.

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