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Sedona Fire District Bond Issue Vote Should Be No

Sedona AZ (September 29, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

ARIZONA LIBERTY has just released the final video in its current series of 14 videos analyzing the Sedona Fire District’s management, operations, finances and, most importantly, the bond issue.

The video series provides Fire District voters with a detailed look, based on publicly available information, at how their tax dollars have been and are being spent. In addition, the videos provide details of capital projects that are included in the bond issue.

Fire District taxpayers have received their 2017 county tax statements. In checking with residents, this year’s Fire District property taxes are approximately 9% higher than 2016 and more than double those paid in 2011. Fire District taxes are about 27% of the total tax bill and are more than School District taxes.

From 2011 through 2017, the Fire District’s “covered area” and “population protected” have not increased. During the same period, while consumer prices (CPI) have increased only 7%, the Fire District’s operations employees (excluding administrative staff) have increased 13%; personnel expenses (salaries and benefits) have increased 31% and total expenses have increased 47%. More than 15 times of your taxes ($78 million) are spent for personnel expenses than for capital outlays ($5 million), excluding the more than $2 million spent to build the Chapel Area Station #6.

Now, in addition to its Governing Board-approved $17 million annual operating budget, the Fire District wants the taxpayers to vote for an $18 million bond issue. The $18 million (plus an estimated $3 million of interest) will finance projects, including almost $9 million to demolish and rebuild the Uptown Sedona Station #4 and relocate the Oak Creek Canyon Station #5 inside the Slide Rock State Park.

If approved, bond proceeds will also be used to build a new dedicated maintenance facility; build additional parking; repair heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems; and renovate kitchens, work spaces, day room areas and training rooms. Much of this could have been completed using annual operating budget monies instead of continually paying higher salaries and benefits.

None of the $21 million (bond plus interest) spending will make Sedona residents safer and none of the District’s fire stations are “crumbling.” Let’s not forget that the Governing Board’s vote was not unanimous in favor of going forward with the bond issue, but rather a 3-2 vote, not an overwhelming endorsement of spending of “other people’s money.” And, finally, in a June 14th editorial, the Red Rock News stated, “this newspaper will not support an $18 million bond.”

We, the taxpayers, must manage our expenses and so should the Fire District.

Therefore, ARIZONA LIBERTY is recommending taxpayers VOTE NO on the bond issue.

You will be receiving a paper, mail-in ballot during the week of October 16th. Before you vote, please review our video by clicking here and make an informed decision: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMYhfFx3dMA

ARIZONA LIBERTY is committed to informing Sedona, Verde Valley, and Northern Arizona residents about important issues that impact their daily lives.

Dwight Kadar
Sedona AZ

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  1. Eric Jay says:

    Read both sides and decided to vote no. Join me.

  2. Jodi says:

    Thank you Dwight! Happy to see the facts come out. Voting no.

  3. Dave, VOC says:

    Landslide for

  4. Michael Schroeder says:

    We have a lot to do to get this district straightened out and sustainable. A NO vote is step one, then the work starts. Taxpayer value and an efficient fire district is the ultimate goal. We will not abandon this project after a NO vote, that is just the start.


  5. @steve Segner says:

    Here we go again. Segner writes: “The verde Valley is a huge service area and we need more stations because of the size….”
    He’s managed to convince certain people the regional Chamber of Commerce means it’s the responsibility of incorporated Sedona to financially take care of the entire Verde Valley, he now maintains the Sedona Fire District is also responsible for the same extended area?
    Wake up, people! It’s very possible Segner has even convinced the Fire Board we must be the caretakers for his self imposed expanded territory, but with only the residents in the Fire District footing the bill? In this instance, the Sedona Fire District – a few more people than incorporated Sedona but hardly enough to justify paying to sustain the “huge service area” to which this control freak suggests.
    VOTE – NO, NO, NO!

  6. Rich collister says:

    @Mike S

    Efficient Fire District!?

    You and your Az Liberty/Tea Party are hilarious…
    Another guy that never stepped foot in. Fire house or is ignorant of how Fire Deptartments ooerate.. Thinks he knows best.

    Please stop spreading lies about mismanagement and just lies in general…Good
    people work at SFD

    Mike I did a little investigative work on the company you got rich from and I see nothing but negative reviews ….. terrible customer and technical service.

    But you and AZ Liberty are gonna “fix” something you know ZERO about.
    As I said Hilarious….,

    Please stick to something your “information spinner” may know something about.
    How to make a second grade classroom in Beverly Hills CA more efficient.

  7. steve Segner says:

    Mike says,”We have a lot to do to get this district straightened out and sustainable”

    What they want is private emergency ambulance service, just like private jailers, Corp America taking over local government the “Tea” party hates all government …. the new bond will only cost around $9.00 a month for a home 500,000 and we keep our great service and (local stations open.)

  8. A little History says:

    It is quite fitting because this is actually how these departments were originally set up. In that film “Gangs of New York” they want you to believe that it was criminals fighting it out on the streets, but in reality it was cops, firefighters and other state organizations trying to gain the favor of the government and local citizens. They were the criminal organizations, just divided along political and religious lines (catholics and protestants were the original divisions of political parties, at least here in the colonies), and when they would arrive at a fire or major crime together often a riot would break out. Buildings would burn down with firefighters rioting in front.

    These scenes are returning to the cities. And it will only get worse.

    No on the bond. They won’t stop until they own your house and you just rent. Which is pretty close to how it is now.

  9. To Mr Schroeder says:

    Mr Schroeder:

    I viewed your web site and really take exception to it. While you bring up a lot of issues many seem to be OPINIONS vs facts. Since this is a small town, I am aware of some of the great issues that you have spearheaded in Sedona such as No Lights on 89A and No Four Lane 179, I believe that was called Voice of Choice.

    I am therefor confused as to why you would work with such people such as the re-called SFD board members and Mr. Dible. They certainly detract from your message that in the past, has be very beneficial to our community. I believe that they have done nothing but hurt our community and, in my opinion, put SFD in the situation that it is in today. You also lost creditability with me because of your team of “Red Shirts” at the June SFD board meeting. At the suggestion of my neighbor, I watched that video and was appalled at the out and out lies that those people spoke about. They didn’t even have to guts to listen to the truth spoke by Chief Kazian. It was very obvious to me that they were just puppets.

  10. Wendy Tanzer says:

    Naturally, SaferSedona.com urges you to DO THE RIGHT THING by voting YES on the Bond Measure. But before you make up your minds based solely on the one-sided and inaccurate videos you have been endlessly urged on this site to view, wouldn’t you feel better about the accuracy of your position by listening to BOTH sides of ANY issue?

    Personally, I believe a well-informed – rather than spoon-fed – constituency is far more able to vote their own consciences and not those of people whose only consideration – reapeatedly, and with vigor – is the almighty dollar.

    There are so many more issues – and potentially, lives – at stake here. Come to the LWV Forum and see for yourselves. You will learn EXACTLY how solving the capital expenditure issues will, in fact, make our community safer. Because, frankly, the videos you’re so frequently encouraged to watch are the tea party’s last ditch effort to alter your thinking BEFORE their nonsense is exposed for the expertly edited truth it is. Under any circumstances, alternative facts are the anathema to truth.

  11. Michael Schroeder says:

    It is almost comical that people are actually posting things and hiding behind fake names. Obviously nothing to pay attention to if you do not have the confidence to at least identify yourself. Just background noise.

    Colllister – why don’t you tell everyone about the company I got “rich” from. Share your big secret. Make sure it is accurate as we do have libel laws in this state.

    We at http://www.Arizonaliberty.us really do not care what happened on the fire board years ago, and who was on it and who was not on it. Today members of the board were not challenged so they are all appointed. We can promise that will never happen again. There are three up for election next year.

    I am sorry that many are too lazy to simply look up the public audited financial statements, and the history of the the tax bills that have increased since 2011. I would think that there would be a concern that most of the FCV values of the houses, which tracks the assessed values are lower in value than the peak of the 2008 boom, but the tax checks most of us are writing are larger than the tax checks we wrote in 2008. Does that not seem a little off balance? Especially when wages have not kept up with expenses to run this district, and inflation has been all but nonexistent? Except for the Fire District, inflation be damned, full steam ahead. Try living within your means? What a concept for a public service organization.

    It is amazing that you nay sayers do not have the time to just go get the numbers. We have spent hundreds of hours researching the public, audited financial statements and reports, like service runs etc. You throw emotions on the table, we put verifiable data on the table. Trying to fight emotions is like trying to fight a religion, which many are practicing.

    Has any one of the negative folks even taken the time to pay attention that the voter election brochure was pulled off the table because Chief Kazian was the one receiving both pro and con points of view for the brochure? Does it sound appropriate that the man in charge of the PRO statements was also in charge of the CON statements? And that the con statements were sent back to us with deadlines and “suggested” changes? Yes, we have those emails, not “fake news”. That is election tampering. And the result of his actions is that the public now does not have a voting information pamphlet in front of them, which in this state has been a normal procedure. The board apparently thought it was too risky and opened the district to a law suit. Congratulations to the board, they finally got something right.

    It would have been prudent for the Chief to have an impartial entity, like the county run the election and the process. So the voters lost out. And some of you are apparently OK with that. That in itself is amazing.

    We would also like to know why there has been no talk of the real bond, as it is estimated based on other public bonds and duration that the carrying charge for this bond is about $3 million. So the voters are not voting on an $18 ($17.9) million bond, but a $21 million dollar taxpayer expense.

    What is the coupon on the bond? What length of time? They want the public to vote on vaporware? The Chief says DO IT NOW, the interest rates are low. They have been low for a decade and they are not going anywhere. Try another tactic.

    The board already approved a $17 million budget, $1 million over last year. The mil rate CAN and I would not be surprised if it didn’t, be raised to the max, 3.25%. From the current rate, to the max, which the COUNTY ASSESSOR can do next year, without a BOND, the district could see a revenue increase of $5 to $6 million, EACH YEAR. Why is this important? The district could actually start putting some money into capital improvements instead of salaries and personnel which should be reviewed with a fine tooth comb instead of being a rubber stamp.

    Fix the infrastructure that needs to be fixed, do it within the existing tax system, increase the efficiency and management of the district, then reduce the mil rate when the projects are complete. This is not rocket science folks.

    We demand solutions and an end to the status quo. This is NOT about a no vote, this is about stopping a slush fund (have you actually looked at the contingency monies that are proposed by the chief in this bond bail out boondoggle?) and having a fiscal plan that achieves the objectives of a safe and efficient district. More of the same doesn’t cut it. Instead of complaining under phony names like “To Mr Schroeder” (really?) jump on board and help get this mess straightened out. There are those out here that will put the time and effort and leadership in now, and into the future to make this district a model for many of the other fire districts that are having the same run away expense issues.

    And if you think we are not hearing from other districts and the taxpayers of those districts with the same run away expenses then you are not paying attention. But then we would not expect many of you folks to get those calls. How do they say it, “You are not alone”?

    The point…we are not the only district in this fiscal mess.

    For your convenience, http://www.arizonaliberty.us for data, and a link to Facebook and YouTube videos.

  12. Dwight Kadar says:

    As published in other local news sites is the following:

    Below is my formal complaint of election tampering by Chief Kazian to Supervisor Garrison:

    August 22, 2017

    Randy Garrison
    Supervisor District 3
    Yavapai County
    10 South 6th Street
    Cottonwood, Arizona 86326

    Dear Randy Garrison:

    On behalf of Sedona Fire District taxpayers, I am filing a formal complaint with the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors against the Sedona Fire District Fire Chief, Kris Kazian, for trying to influence the outcome of Sedona Fire District bond election in favor of the District.

    We didn’t initially object when we found out Kazian was going to be the depository for all the PRO and CON statements and voter ballot pamphlet preparation. By no definition can Kazian be considered a “neutral party” when it comes to the bond proposal. I don’t think any of us were comfortable with the idea of Kazian being put in charge, but we left it alone because none of us knew the full implications.

    Only after we submitted our CON statements and received Kazian’s emails, informing us that he had the authority to “correct factual misstatements,” did we realize how he could influence the outcome of the bond election. Additionally, Kazian told us he had “adjusted numbers” and intended to “delete” statements that he felt were “not factual.” Magnanimously, Kazian offered to “listen to your rationale” if you have “any information to validate your claim.”

    Further, Kazian redlined and changed our language to lessen the impact of what we wrote in our CON statements. This had nothing to do with correcting factual misstatements. Kazian just didn’t like how it would sound to the public. Finally, the threat: “We have until tomorrow at 0900 to have the documents to the bond council and would like to make sure your statement is accurate and is included in the pamphlet.” [emphasis mine]. In other words, if you don’t agree to my changes, I won’t allow it to be published.

    The whole process has been contaminated – beginning with what was actually submitted. What assurance do the voters have that Kazian didn’t put his thumb on the scales and enhance the PRO statements while trying to dismantle the CONs? Was there collusion? Who knows?

    When we asked Kazian to cite his legal authority, he named an Arizona Revised Statute that was written to allow county school superintendents to prepare informational reports and ballots for school district budget override elections. How does this statute apply to a special district like the Sedona Fire District? Well, we don’t believe it does.

    We believe the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, as a neutral party that oversees special districts, should be in charge of this process. The Board would be the appropriate governmental body to run this election including the development of informational voter pamphlets – not Chief Kazian.

    Below we have included a legal opinion from Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk regarding “Influencing the outcomes of elections.”

    Please contact me as we have considerable documentation to provide you supporting our formal complaint of election tampering.

    Dwight Kadar

    cc: Bob Thorpe, LD6 Representative
    Brenda Barton, LD6 Representative
    Sylvia Allen, LD6 Senator


    “Influencing the outcomes of elections” means supporting or opposing a candidate for nomination or election to public office or the recall of a public officer or supporting or opposing a ballot measure, question or proposition, including any bond, budget or override election and supporting or opposing the circulation of a petition for the recall of a public officer or a petition for a ballot measure, question or proposition in any manner that is not impartial or neutral.

  13. Fire Chief says:

    Only a moronic mindset wouldn’t want a safer fire department. You have ineffective roads, massive fires, serious car wrecks, mountain rescues, it is time! Look at your world! Shootings, floods, fires, earthquakes… sheesh.

    Many of those anti-fire dept. red shirsts, have serious “near – end of life regret – issues!”

    (Deleted by editor) for the greater good. So, talk poorly about the FD, under the cloak of secrecy. Can the anonymous math teacher spell coward, c-o-w-a-r-d? LOL.

  14. Michael Schroeder says:


    With all due respect, all our data comes directly from the SFD audited financial statements and SFD documents. If you cant read an audited statement then commenting against that data is more like practicing a religion.


  15. Rich Collister says:

    Mike S

    It’s easy to spin data when you know nothing about how Fire Departments operate.

    Your buddy who sat on the fire board knows that better then anyone. He makes you look foolish Ignorant and foolish Mike. Kinda like you made the red shirt people look when AZ Liberty/Tea Party handed them those lies to read…

    You still being dishonest…..the Tea Party way

  16. Wendy Tanzer says:

    Mr. Schroeder,

    Reading, comprehending and accurately reporting financial statements is a far, far cry from cherry-picking numbers from different months, different years, etc, to “prove” your own agenda and support your loathesome potition. Your so-called “reporting” is underhanded and crooked in the most vile of ways.

    Do you know the definition of “gaslighting?” That is EXACTLY what you and your tea party associates are attempting to do. It’s been done before, and the people learned to distrust you and your ilk. People KNOW your motives. They recognize your concern is solely in preserving your vast wealth – not in preserving the health and well-being of the community. It’s a first-world problem all right…when your prosperity puts you in the position of paying more in annual property tax than the annual starting salary of a firefighter! We should all have such nightmarish problems!

    You, your property, and your wealth far exceed the “average” homeowner and assessed home value in our area. And THAT’s the reason you’ve taken on this challenge.

    They VAST majority of citizens want their fire district to be financial healthy, stable and able to respond to all manner of emergency. The Bond measure will pass and you will pay your fair share of property taxes based in the assessed value of your sprawling real estate.

    I look forward to our debate.

  17. @ Mike Schroeder says:

    Mr Schroeder:

    Going with your own words, where does it say in the financial statements that SFD fire fighters live in California? Or how about this; your puppets in red shirts spoke at the June SFD board meeting with a plethora of accusations and every one of those were found to be wrong and/or lies how do you explain that?

  18. Wendy Tanzer says:

    Mr. Kadar,

    You have provided a copy of your “formal complaint.” Where is a copy of the formal response? Again…one-sided. But thanks for playing.

    I look forward to our debate.

  19. Steve segner says:

    Wendy this is a total tea party issue the average home at $500,000 Will cost less than nine dollars a month. service will be as good as it is now or better ,we won’t lose any stations and we won’t have to worry about private ambulance service, this is a win win win .the tea parties like private enterprise we must stop this it is a roundabout way of getting rid of government in bringing in private services .

  20. Tony Tonsich says:


    Spoken like a true communist ” we must stop this it is a roundabout way of getting rid of government in bringing in private services .”

    Oh no free competition, it must be stopped !!! We should set room rates for the people, say $30 per night. For the people Steve. You don’t want private services, right Steve? You don’t mind lowering your rate from the $379 it is listed for tonight? No private services, no competition right Steve?

    End sarcasm.

    You should move to Venezuela, of course like most socialist regimes the people are starving and eating the zoo animals.

    Showing your true colors Steve. All the more reason to vote No. I also like the idea of dis-incorporating the city of Sedona. Sometimes you just have to cut out the cancer.

  21. Dwight Kadar says:

    The response came from the SFD Board. Below are the minutes from the 09/05/17 special meeting.

    If the Board was confident that the Chief could change voter Con statements, they should have distributed the voter information pamphlet, but voted 4-1 not to.

    PUBLIC SESSION A. Discussion/Possible Action on the above Executive Session item. Mr. Montgomery commented that a complaint by a district resident had been sent to Randy Garrison, Yavapai County Supervisor, regarding the bond voter information pamphlet and Distribution of Election Material for SFD Bond Election. The Board and legal counsel was unable to get an opinion from the county attorney on how they would apply the rules. SFD counsel advised the board to not print the pamphlet. Legal counsel advised the Board to continue with the other legally required publication/notifications.

    Mr. Montgomery moved to not print the voter pamphlet. Board Clerk Cooperman seconded. Mrs. Cooperman stated it would have been wonderful to provide a mechanism for residents to provide pro/con statements about the bond but since we could not get a legal opinion and in time, we do not want to put the district at risk legally, the only choice is to not print the voter information pamphlet. The motion passed 4 to 1 (Dissenting vote T.Ernster)

  22. Wendy Tanzer says:

    Mr. Kadar,
    Thank you for your prompt reply. I was hoping for something you received from Randy Garrison et.al. but you have certainly shown the Fire District Chief and Governing Board to be exceedingly prudent in their decisions. We appreciate your support.

  23. @Wendy Tanzer says:

    Please explain your personal involvement? Are you involved or anyone your in a personal relationship with in any government funded group? School? City? State? As you sound like you have to much to gain. I read through the fire district paperwork and they have a lot to improve on. Poor management imo they get more then they should. I won’t attend your so call meeting of facts but I will vote No. Kazian needs to clean up his management. Spend less and become efficient.

  24. Fire Chief says:

    Point of order!

    Those silly “red shirts,” complaining about the Fire Chief, are the same people who HIRED him for his creativity, five years ago. Don’t listen to them – they know not, what they speak… they are bored and weak-minded elders, who are simpletons, full of regret.

  25. Rich Collister says:

    @@wendy Tanzer

    Who really cares what you think? Since you won’t even use you name.

    (deleted by editor)

  26. Wendy Tanzer says:

    Seriously? You lack the fortitude to post your own name yet are able to muster the unmitigated audacity to request an explanation of my involvement? Wow! Thank you for choosing not to attend the Forum. As your mind is already made up, we wouldn’t want to startle you with reality.

    Do the RIGHT thing! Vote YES on the Sedona Fire District’s Bond!

  27. steve segner says:

    Please explain your personal involvement? Are you involved or anyone your in a personal relationship with in any government funded group? School? City

    This is an amazing question from an anonymous post!
    On Sedona Eye they love to attack anyone that supports candidates ,gives money to people running for office. or support local government , Keep up the good work Wendy


    LOOK DEEPER TAXPAYERS- Look at the subcontractors of the SFD. Where do they spend YOUR money.????????


  29. Mrs Roger Thomas says:

    Ms Tanzer:

    Thank you for being so blunt to speak with true facts. Those red shirts make my head spin by avoiding facts vs BS.

  30. Michael Schroeder says:

    Getting interesting.

    Red shirts hired the chief? That’s funny…sort of.

    Only $9 a month? Unless you go back to 2011 to current, and then project forward. Anybody paying taxes and looks back at previous bills knows that game won’t fly. But that’s the latest pitch for the excuse of a poorly managed district…and we are not the only district.

    Nobody addresses why salaries have skyrocketed but capital investment has been sorely ignored. The bond is just a taxpayer bailout like so many bailouts we have seen due to mismanagement and no board oversight. Especially federal.

    The right way to correct the shortfall in capital investment fir the district is doing it through the mil rate over the next 5 years, not borrowing $18 million and paying, based on other municipal bonds, an estimated $3 million in interest. But you have to have a board that is not a rubber stamp. Creating an $18 million slush fund is not a good idea. Why would ANYBODY borrow money if you didn’t have to? Everybody has champagne tastes if the menu has no prices and someone else pays the bill.

    But pay attention, if the bond does pass, be also ready for a mil rate increase to the allowable max. You think the $18 million is the end all?

    There are people that are on fixed incomes in this district, who are already feeling the pinch of increased fire taxes over the last 5 years plus school over ride taxes and general assessment increases which have been at the legal max increase of 5% in Yavapai county for years. Plus we get to pay a lot for Yavapai college, and I’m betting our “fare share” of that is not finding it’s way to this side of the moutain.

    Yes Wendy, I pay a lot of taxes, and not just property taxes. But my workdays are pretty much over, and the new taxpayers are those who pay taxes on income. My income is also fixed and budgeted. I paid my fair share over many years through my business, although I have yet to get a liberal elite (one who votes for politicians to get into other people’s pockets instead of their own), to define what “fair share” is. So let us be endowed with your brilliance, what us YOUR definition of “fair share”?

    You don’t know me, my “vast wealth” or anything about me. The ability for anyone to pay any taxes is always relevant to income, earned or fixed as balanced against living expenses. Prejudging people is a fatal mistake statists always make, and it plays well to disparage others in front of a crowd. Also says a lot about your character. Rumors do not equate to reality.

    Spreading rumors is the liberals way of making an argument. Gets boring as the responses continue to be predictable for all to see.

    Go to http://Www.arizonaliberty.us for charts, projections, links to YouTube videos and our Facebook page if anyone is really interested in data from the audited Financials of the SFD. No, not picked and chosen. That’s the Chief’s mantra, which is why there is no voter info phamplet. Guess you guys didn’t want to comment on that to the public.

    Or, you can just continue to rant. Kind of entertaining.

  31. Rich collister says:

    @Mike S

    Your hilarious!!’

    Spending rumors!? Your and you “red shirt” group just lie and spread misinformation…

    Your concern for people on “fixed income” is both hollow and laughable.
    What are you using them now like you did the “red shirt” people when they were handed lies to read at the fire board meeting.

    People on fixed incomes if they can’t afford 8-9 dollars a month should vote no..
    But certainly they should be given the truth about SFD and the bond…Not the slanted lies that you are dishing out.

    Also you don’t have to be associated with political position to actually care about public safety….The members of your group Erick….Blauert…. Dible almost bankrupt the Sedona Fire Dept…it’s a blessing they got recalled..

    I love it when a guy like you who know ZERO about public safety thinks he knows better… as I said your hilarious.. I also question if you wrote your last post…
    Seems to me since you get all your slanted fake information from (deleted by editor)… I’m sure someone else composed your last post.

  32. Fire supporter says:

    I just want to say how much safer we are with a state of the art fire department. Look at California, whole neighborhoods burned down, and the fire station too.

    I bet their fire departments were state of the art. I’m sure they appreciate paying taxes all those years so their neighborhoods could burn down, just like if they had no fire department.

    As with everything, if things are really bad, you are on your own.

  33. steve Segner says:

    You will notice Mr….. Schroeder does not speak to any issue
    Just the normal Tea Party rants.

    Does he say yes or no to the needing a station house up the canyon. And just how would he know?
    Does he talk about fixing the long need repairs to other stations?
    How can $18,000,000 be a slush fund if it will be used to fix and move stations?
    Do he talk about the historically low interest rates now available? NO WANT TO PAY CASH! That we do not have over five years.
    Mike and his “T” party believes in only one thing, (Starve the beast) don’t let government have any money.

    Notice his comment that has nothing to do with the fire bond.

    – Creating an $18 million slush fund “not true”
    -Plus we get to pay a lot for Yavapai College? So what
    -Plus school over ride taxes and general assessment increases so what?
    -Board that is not a rubber stamp “voters picked”
    -Go to http://Www.arizonaliberty.us his T party web page. His Page.

    Mike is just pushing his politics… Think Trump and sheriff Joe and say no to government.

    We have a great fire chef, lasted longer the any in resent history, and he along with the new board they are working hard fixing the Sedona Fire Dist.
    This is all about less the $7.00 a month, but for Mike it is all about fighting government and taxes…

    If you want longer response time the vote NO on the bond, If you want to close the station up the canyon vote NO on the bond, if you want private EMS service the vote NO on the bond.

    If you want faster service in The Sedona Fire dist., that covers 186 sq. Miles and 274 miles for EMS the vote YES on the fire bond.

  34. Wendy Tanzer says:

    Mr. Schroeder,

    “Endowed” with my brilliance? Too funny!

    As to your taxes: I don’t determine what your fair share is. Those numbers are laid before all of us and we each pay the appropriate amount based on the assessed value of our property.

    As to disparaging others: Have you even watched your own videos?

    As to the “red shirts” hiring the Chief: Which members of Arizona Liberty were seated on the Governing Board when Chief Kazian was hired?” Let me help you: Craig Dible, Dave Blauert, Charles Christensen and Phyllis Erick (who acted as Board oversight on the Citizen’s Chief Selection Committee). Could be the executive board of your little tea-party group. And a fine choice they made. One of the few good calls before being unseated by a history making recall and subsequent recall election. See…the past DOES matter!

    As to nobody addressing skyrocketing salaries: Are you serious? Personnel costs INCLUDE first responder salaries but are not skyrocketing as a result of raises! Our firefighters work a standard 56-hour week. and they EARN their salaries as pointed out in my first letter to the editor. Their retirement program REPLACES Social Security and is not supplemental.

    As to charts projections, links: YES picked and chosen. Redo all your charts based on the last TEN (10) years and maybe you’ll realize how out of touch with reality you are. Again… the past DOES matter.

    As to character and prejudging people being a FATAL mistake: Is that a threat, Sir?

  35. Wake Up says:

    While all you fools continue to divert attention to the fire district bond, and not to diminish the importance of that decision, the sedona city council is busy voting in decisions leading the entire area further and further into the depth of socialism. One small difference however. Its the Sedona city limits residents who will be footing the bill for providing social amenities to the entire Verde Valley lock, stock and barrel. It started but will not end with the millions of$$$ thrown annually to the REGIONAL chamber of commerce now with an economic adviser at the expense of Sedona residents to serve all. It’s just the beginning. And to vote “yes” for this fire district bond is feeding the entire system that is creating this new control in the Verde Valley. Translated: SOCIALISM. Right? Just ask Steve segner.

  36. Michael Schroeder says:

    Threatening is what liberals, socialists, communists and statists do. I don’t threaten anybody. But thanks for showing us how your mind works.

    I learned a lesson about prejudging people 40 years ago, and if I hadn’t it would have been a fatal mistake in my career. So you are welcome to fabricate anything you want.

    You do need to learn how to read budgets and audited financial statements however. That’s what Dwight did for a living and that’s what I do today.

    Data that is used is based on the time period the existing management has been in place. As to who hired Chief Kazian, pretty irrelevant. The current board, none of which have been elected to their current terms, have the responsiblity for the district and the spending of public funds. At least 2 of the board did not agree with the $18 million number.

    If you wish to play in personal attacks, and think that helps you, please feel free.

    We are very confident in our positions based on audited statements and the verifiable historical data we have. It I s not us who are picking and choosing anything.

    Have a great day.

  37. Tony T says:

    I love Steve Segners “This is all about less the $7.00 a month. ”


    No Steve, My home in Sedona, full cash value according to the county is $293,028

    From my Recent 2017 Tax bill:

    Fire district Sedona $655.99
    Fire district assistance fund $25.81
    Total Annual $681.80

    I am currently paying $56.81 per month, not $7 Steve. Add another $7 per month for Sedona Fire and my annual tribute to Sedona Fire would be $765, that’s only if they don’t raise the mil rate. Which I bet they will.

    I have lived in my home for 19 years. If I had paid the same $681.80 annually for 19 years I would have paid $12,594.20. I have never had the need for Sedona Fire. Sedona Fire is almost as much as my homeowers insurance now. Believe me, if your house burns down, Sedona Fire will not build you a new one.

    Don’t listen to the it’s only a few dollars more, or “only the cost of a latte” . My current $681 a year just for Sedona Fire District is not cheap. Money is being wasted. We are almost at the level where we could take the money paid to Sedona fire and pay everyone’s home owners insurance.

    Vote NO.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Tony,read my post it is all about 7 to 9 dollars a month,that amount the average bill will go up with the bond issue for a house valued at about $500,000.youys will probably go up about five dollars a month so all this craziness that you’re going through is for five dollars a month. I pay over $1000 a month for the fire district my bill will go up by hundreds of dollars but I want a station up the canyon and the fast response times we now have with our emergency service , Tony why do you expect to live free in sedona or anyplace else. Fire services is a socialist institutions that we all join when we buy property , so they’re there when we need them. we don’t need the fire department as much as we need the EMT emergency services or Mark my words you will be calling them one day ,

  39. Mrs Roger Thomas says:

    Mr. Schroeder you and your web site say that the board members were not elected and that simply is not true at all. Once again you are either spinning tails or you really are not knowledgeable of the topic.

    Yes, two were appointed to fill vacant positions but the rest were NOT CHALLANGED. That means that there was no need for an election and according to STATE LAWS those UNCHALLANGED candidates become board members. This also means that SFD over $65k by not having an election.

  40. Wendy Tanzer says:

    Thank you, Michael. And you as well… See you on the 18th!

  41. Tony T says:

    What is most common about socialists is their hypocrisy. Fidel Castro had 2 beach front mansions. The communist rulers of Soviet Russia all rode in limousines while the common man waited years to buy a car.

    The supporters of the fire bond think the residents should pay for fire services for all the tourists they profit from. All the while the city gifts the chamber 3 million a year to bring more tourists.

    I’ll pass on socialism. Socialists always believe they know what is best for you, because they believe you are too stupid to know what is right. Sedona, and America was better off before we allowed others to decide what charity we were required to give by way of taxes. The question really is, do you want your town back?

    Vote NO.

  42. Mrs Roger Thomas says:

    Mr Tony T

    When you speak about who will pay for the bond issue; residents vs tourists you make it sound like the tourists pay nothing and that is simply not true at all, they pay with their sales tax when they settle their bill. This of course, is separate from their lodging tax. If you took the time to look you will see that hotels pay tens of thousands of tax dollars to SFD.

    By the way, unless you make a habit of staying in one of our world class hotels or B&B’s you never pay one cent of Lodging tax and therefore you pay nothing to the Chamber for Destination Marketing.

    You also keep using the figure of $3 million that the chamber receives from the city. That figure is closer to $1.7 million or almost half of your stated figure.

    Perhaps if you stopped following and photographing city employees doing their job you would have more time to be accurate with your figures.

  43. Tourists Drive cost of Fire district says:

    Tourists are the ones driving the costs of services up. Clogging roads. GO to the TOURIST industry and charge them IMPACT FEES
    The sales tax that goes to city doesn’t fund FIRE district. Chamber should gift back the 3 million a year they get to pay for the damage they cause.
    NOT one cent of sales tax goes to SFD.

  44. F.Y.I. says:

    Mrs. Rogers Thomas ought to stop attempting to correct people as she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

    The Chamber received $2,386,700 of City taxpayer dollars this fiscal year. Tony T’s $3 million is closer to reality than her $1.7 million.

    By the way, the 60% of us on the sewer system are subsidizing the tourists. According to the City’s 2017-18 Proposed Budget, the estimated visitor population of 55.4% pays 24.6% of the cost of WW operations while [60% of] the estimated resident population of 44.6% pays 75.2%. It states: “…the portion of funding attributed to the annualized visitor population will decrease under the current fee structure.”

    The current fee structure is misrepresented. The rate structure adopted in May 2014 included a four percent increase each July 1st from 2014 through 2018 (ORDINANCE NO 2014-15). Certain City “Management” staffers are falsely claiming the rates adopted were as follows: “The 2013-2014 rate study, adopted by Council, included an annual 4% increase to all the City’s sewer rates through FY20 with a 3% increase in FY21 through FY23.” NO, NO, NO!!

    According to ORDINANCE NO. 2014-05, EXHIBIT A (the law): The 4% Wastewater Rate Increase is through FY17-18, with no increase thereafter.

  45. @Mrs. Roger Thomas says:

    Get a life. Preferably on the other side of the world or wherever socialists and communists will welcome you.

  46. Can't Stop Laughing says:

    Wendy Tanzer says 10/02/17: “Come to the LWV Forum and see for yourselves. You will learn EXACTLY how solving the capital expenditure issues will, in fact, make our community safe.”

    Well Mrs. Tanzer, some of us are unable to attend these meetings so we rely on media reporting. Now in this very day’s Red Rock News (10/18/17) there’s a front page article about this local newspaper supposed to be “livestreaming the forum on Facebook Live.” Now we ancient folks actually know how to do that but when we tried guess what? We were notified it ain’t happening!!!

    Now glitches happen. However in conjunction with this very same edition of the RRN is a cartoon depicting a hard-copy newspaper with the caption “I’m fake news? I check the facts and print corrections” addressing that comment to an alleged computer screan ID’d only as “plastic.”

    Now this is all extremely interesting considering in the recent survey mailed out to only selected people (we don’t even know if they are Sedona residents) there’s a very pointed question relating to the the RRNews and online publications where SedonaEye is conspicuous by omission. Oh my – how obvious can this biased city and political situation possibly get?

    Nice job Madam Mayor and City Council colleagues who obviously will attempt to push through your agenda prior to the election next year. Man – lucky you seem to have the state representatives in the pocket of our city attorney – oh yeh – MY OPINION.

    RRNews try getting someone new to write your cartoons!

  47. Michael Schroeder says:

    To all the SFD voters.

    You now have received your ballot. We had over 100 people turn out for the League of Women Voters event at the Christ Lutheran Church last night. It was difficult to put all the data into a 10 minute presentation but the Q and A was good and that part of the meeting was streamed live by the Red Rock News.

    For anyone who is interested, we have the following even planned for tomorrow evening, October 20, 2017


    An indepth review and discussion with voters
    of the Sedona Fire District Bond Issue
    on the November 7, 2017 ballot

    Before you vote, please join us as we review in detail the $18 million Sedona Fire Bond Issue including the specific projects and how your tax dollars have been and are being spent.

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
    580 BREWER ROAD, SEDONA, 86336

    All voters are welcome.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is the power-point presentation that we could not present last night just due to time constraints. Each one of the slides has specific information from the results of our research, and this presentation can be viewed in advance on our web site. We will not wait until the end for Questions. Anyone who has a question on a particular slide may ask it at that time. It may take a little bit of time however thoroughness is important.

    It is also very important to realize that we are not the group of NO. There is another, more reasonable way to fund what SFD needs without setting up a slush fund of taxpayer dollars that could create an interest liability estimated to be around $3 million. Interest does not buy anything.

    Make no mistake about it, to fix the issues at SFD due to a board that is not paying attention and not giving direction to management is going to cost the taxpayers some money. But a Bond Issue is not the appropriate or smart way to do it.

    We look forward to your participation.

    http://www.arizonaliberty.us for further information.

  48. Mrs Roger Thomas says:

    To “Can’t Stop Laughing”

    Interesting how some people think alike as I too asked about what happened to the live streaming of the event.

    The answer surprised me when I heard that the AZ Liberty people refused to participate if the event was live streamed (but it was ok for Mr Dible to video it). So, I did what any interested person would do, I hi tailed it down to the church and watched it in person.

  49. @Can't Stop Laughing says:

    Simple solution to getting on the city’s A Team List – Join the regional chamber of commerce. They are the ONLY people incorporated Sedona listens to and my bet is the chamber’s membership list were recipients of the recent stupid survey that was mailed out whether or not members are within City Limits. It’s disgraceful but corruption thrives in Sedona and that, also, is my opinion. Laughing on the outside, crying on the inside is my analysis. And for the record I went to the Post Office today and mailed my ballot marked NO for the fire bond. No way would I trust dropping it off at City Hall. OMG!

  50. Joyce says:

    Received the survey and did note the omission of Sedonaeye. What a pity this city is so blatantly biased. However, that obvious oversight might benefit this publication because of it. Just such a tacky display. Oh – and yes – I voted “no” on fire bond as I would vote “no” on anyone at city that approved the disgusting and probing questions on that survey. How many times a day do I eat greens & veggies. NOYB!
    Be prepared – group living is on the way. Pilgrimage site? Remember JT and his grand proposal for The Dells? Socialism is just around the corner, kids. This is only the beginning.

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