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Sedona Airport Mesa Requests Zoning Change for Development


Sedona Airport mesa

Sedona AZ (August 29, 2012) In a Letter to the Editor of SedonaEye.com, a Sedona resident asks citizens to take note of a public announcement and voice an opinion to the Sedona City Council.  The letter is as follows:

I hope you, my fellow citizens, have also received the Public Notice flyer.

If you didn’t, the Notice was to inform you that the Planning and Zoning Commission is considering a Major Amendment, which would re-designate 4.6 acres atop Airport Mesa. This re-designation would allow Sky Ranch Lodge to expand and build 40 new lodging units, a 6,000 square foot conference center, and up to 4 affordable housing units.

There is a public hearing about this issue on Tuesday, September 18th at 5:30 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers.

Please exercise your democratic rights and let your voice be heard – if not at the meeting, then by e-mail.

Michael Raber, Senior Planner for the Department of City Development, has provided his e-mail address – mraber@SedonaAZ.gov – for your feedback. Hopefully he will tally our votes and let the Council know the will of the people.

Then may the Council, our representatives, vote accordingly.

Henry Twombly
350 Arroyo Pinon Dr.
Sedona, AZ 86336

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  1. Ray says:

    Here’s my Voice for Mark and Henry and others.

    How Much did Sky Ranch get in government money by sticking in AHU’s?

    Sounds to me like a Deception intent on Cheating and a JOKE considering the views from the mesa are about the best in the city, the land is mega premium value. Sounds to me like a Travesty of manipulation of “reading” AHU terms.

    Sky Ranch ownership is NOT original it’s generational & follow the money – the kiddies want more and more – and aren’t adverse to the rest of us providing it now that they have to Share. C’mon kiddos…fork out the Dough – after all you didn’t earn it to begin with so how about paying the piper.

    What local Chamber and City and County Businesses will benefit? Let them pick up every Single Cent to answer to all the government agencies (EPA, ADOT, USFS, NTSB, Housing, etc) for the tab for mesa Development questions and its related costs and Not the city Taxpayers and Not the county.

    Where do the County Supervisors weigh in on this? What does the NTSB say about this? What does ADOT say about this? What about Sedona Fire trying to get to an even more Congested airport mesa?

    What about, What about, What about? This is a my Hand will Wash your feet Jesus if you Forgive my sins Behavior.

    I predict a very short Term for new Council and reelected Mayor if this goes much further. I predict lots of Lawsuits, EPA findings, ADOT studies, Washington DC government investigations and Injunctions and so forth. At least this news source will have plenty of Fodder for the taxpayers out there to read. Where do you take a stand on this?

    Go for it you airport Activists and laid back Jack and Jills…let’s see the Sparks Fly. It’s cheatin’ time at the Saloon, said the gambler. Wonder who walks away with the Gold on the Table Mesa?

    And here’s a quick question that ought to be questioned in any Impact Study about the stated Conference Center? Any idiot knows that it is not a Conference Center – it will be Sky Ranch Lodge’s guest Lobby and Facilities which they don’t have now. Deal those cards, said the gambler. I feel a Win comin’ my way.

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks for that feedback Ray.. interesting!!! Will this bring in more airport traffic , more noise pollution? And a conference center on county land? And Sounds like a jackpot for the county since Sedona will not receive a penny of sales tax money from any development! If the Sedona City Council is at all concerned about allowing a major amendment for this development, why are they not concerned about the increased airport traffic, airport noise pollution and the recent discovery of fuel dumping which is causing people to get sick and degrading the quality of the air for the residents and tourists? That airport needs to be moved not graced with a new venue for excessive airport traffic.

  3. Liked reading this story on Facebook.

  4. Jack 1 says:

    yes way & where in the hell do you nuts want to move the airport ? you think that the mesa grill spent money knowing they would NOT be there to make money ? you think that the terminal gets put on blocks and moved ? airport’s here to stay you move.

  5. Sedona Airport looking to expand on the Mesa taking away the public land and turning it into commercial land against the Sedona Community Plan! They are asking for a major amendment to the Sedona Community Plan. This new building will give further revenue to the airport, which in turn will give them more money for their new baggage handling system and pilot’s lounge. Their stated goal is 279,00 air events per year. They want a conference center on the mesa, this will lure commercial aviation to use the airport in the future and create more noise and more pollution for Sedona. What we have are more people who are looking for ways to profit off what Sedona has to offer. These additional visitors will then be taking more air tours. Tell the city council NO approval to change the Sedona Community Plan. Kristin Monday 8:27am Aug 31

  6. N. Baer says:

    I am not sure why Sedona even has a Community Plan if builders/developers are allowed to request an amendment any time of the year, while residents are only allowed to do so once a year in April, I believe. So why even have the Plan? Where is the logic in allowing developers/builders to recommend changes to the Community Plan during its update? Furthermore, if I was currently working on the Community Plan update, the fact that this and the other John D. Miller purchase of the 9.16 acres of Posse Ground Park bordering Casa Contenta has been introduced, would be pretty unsettling.

  7. Harold says:

    in real world is community plan any different than most of city codes? unenforcable such as adu’s and short term rentals? none are worth paper written on.

  8. Jeanne says:

    I hope people come to the meetings.

  9. N. Baer says:

    Time to dispel a Sedona myth – Sedona residents, especially those who have been residents here for 25 years or longer, please take note that this expansion is being requested by one of your long term residents.

    IMO, that I need to correct a notion held and often verbalized during any local political conflict by these longer term residents, that it is those of us who relocated to Sedona who are wanting to recreate the same ambiance as the places we relocated from. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Those residents I know who have relocated here, understood what they were giving up in terms of urban culture (including crowded cities and suburbs), in exchange for clean air, relative calm, lots of hiking trails, dark skies (soon to be history) – all things related to the outdoors and nature..

  10. E.S. Maddock says:

    Responding to Nancy, I agree that SOME of those relocating to Sedona do so for the reasons she mentions. However, being one of those residents living here for over 25 years, I have personally witnessed many who, indeed, once they have moved here long for “back home amenities” . . . the doomed from the beginning Cultural Park being one of them.

  11. Bettye says:

    My Public Notice says, “Applicant: Sedona Oak Creek Airport Authority/Sky Ranch Operations LLC” It also includes that this land is now “Public/Semi-public”, and the amendment would change it to “Commercial Lodging to provide for the expansion of the Sky Ranch Lodge”. Also included are “up to four affordable housing units”. These are extremely important details that We all should consider. Do We really want to give up Public land to line someone’s pockets?

    In fact I was wondering when the other shoe would hit the ground, and here it is. Why else would the owner of the Sky Ranch Lodge and Her fictious cohort, Liz Smith, lead such a crusade to lie, cheat and steal to put lights down 89A, and even including Mayor Adams in Her advertisements and nonsense Internet site. Do you really think that She was concerned about Your Safety, or, perhaps, to lead a path to even Grander things to come, aka 40 new rooms and 6,000 s/ft conference center.

    I don’t care if You’re an Old or New Resident of the City, everyone has an opinion. Let’s stop the old Sedona tradition of pointing fingers at each other, and focus on the situation at hand. Do We really want to give up Our Public Land?

    It’s time to either show up at the September 18th Council meeting, or send an e-mail to the Mayor & Council saying “NO”.

  12. Becki says:

    YES!! Northern AZ is in need of steady economic growth by small businesses.

  13. N. Baer says:

    You go, Bettye. This is actually the SECOND request to purchase public land. The first was the John D. Miller escapade that occurred before the old council seats were cold and the “new” council was seated. His pitch was that he had an investor who wanted to purchase 9.16 acres of Posse Grounds Park land bordering Casa Contenta for a sculpture park for 10 years duration, during which time, his client would be charging people to see the sculptures and maintenance, etc.. This deal nearly went through that evening for less than $500K so as to avoid any due process, or okay from the residents.

  14. Three of us talked over lunch on Friday and after calls not getting answers I’m asking publicly where is the city public lands and property list for sale with development options? Where do we find an updated list? Where is a list advertised? We all have clients that want to bid or purchase and don’t see a comprehensive listing any place on the internet or MLS or forest service or city sites. Why weren’t real estate offices and developers notified and bids advertised for this public land project? Isn’t that land in Yavapai county and not the city? Why is the city even involved with its development? Can’t get answers now asking publicly and thank you. Put me down to get your newsletter

  15. Bettye says:

    Response to Real Estate Offices….

    You pose a very interesting question. The Airport (1105 Airport Rd) is owned by Yavapai County, and is Public/Semi-Public. However, Yavapai County doesn’t recognize a Lodge being on the property, as it is part of the Airport. Hence the request by ‘Airport Authority/Sky Ranch Operations LLC’. The only place any reference to a Lodging business is on an old Sedona Zoning map that color codes a small area of the Airport as ‘Commercial/Lodging’. Guess You will need to ask the Airport Authority, Yavapai County, and Sedona Planning and Zoning.

    Looks like Kathy (above) is right. Sedona will not see a penny of Sales Tax money.

  16. Puzzled says:

    Henry Twombly’s letter states the purpose of the subject meeting is to “redesignate” (not sell) 4.6 acres. Comments indicate this is public land. If, in fact, that is the case, is it USFS land or City owned property as is the acreage on Soldiers Pass Road that the City wishes to unload to build a creek walk and public park? Talk about fuzzy.

    No wonder Real Estate Offices Uninformed cannot get answers from the City

  17. Susan says:

    The Lodge and Mesa Grill do collect city tax even though they are on county land and their landlord is the Sedona Oak Creek Airport Authority. Since the Lodge is on county land why are they applying to the city of Sedona? Shouldn’t this be a county issue?

    Also questionable is “community housing” with a view! If built, these four units will become exclusive housing as has happened in places like Tiburon, CA, Aspen, CO, etc. The Lodge is already considered a “non-conforming use” by the county so how can they get a variance from the county for residential?

    Whatever anyone thinks of the owners of SRL they have a right to conduct business lawfully. The meeting will be interesting!

  18. Paul says:

    Get your heads out of the clouds.

  19. Telluride (CO) losing its airport service because not enough customers to keep it serviced. Check it out and see why.

    Like your content. Subscribed.

  20. George says:

    what’s the latest about this & what about the airport mesa road, btw sky ranch will pay if it collapses when the “conference center” has backed up traffic trying to get up an unsafe highway with to much tonnage, no matter what sky ranch says it will be them not the county & not the state & and not the airport authority because those lawyers have unlimited funding. they better check with a lawyer that is from Phoenix & not from here.

    ex transportation guy

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