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Sedona 89A Switchbacks to Close

Sedona 89 A Midgely Bridge

Sedona 89A Midgely Bridge

Sedona AZ (November 2, 2013)The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will be improving a five-mile stretch of State Route 89A within the Coconino National Forest during summer 2014. 

In order to complete the work in a safe and timely manner, ADOT will be closing SR 89A for up to five weeks between mileposts 386.60 and 390.07 which is through the Oak Creek Canyon switchbacks.

The work includes milling the existing asphalt and repaving the highway with rubberized asphalt, replacing guardrail, repairing a bridge deck, and mitigating for falling rocks.

adot city construction highway

ADOT SR 89A Construction project announced for summer 2014

ADOT representatives, with the assistance of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, have set up a meeting for the business community in Sedona at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 19, 2013, to give local business owners background behind the design and construction of the paving project. The meeting will be held in Wayside Chapel’s Jordan Hall (401 North State Route 89A on west side, north of Apple Avenue & Matterhorn Shoppes).

For questions on this project, contact Julian Avila, ADOT Public Affairs Manager, at javila@azdot.gov.




  1. During summer? That’s a really busy time of year to have the canyon closed!

  2. Linda Hersey says:

    ADOT strikes again. Why pick the summer to do the paving project? This should prove to be a nightmare for tourists and businesses alike. If one of your main reasons to come this way is to drive through Oak Creek Canyon, then maybe you’ll find someplace else to go. (Sedona 89A Switchbacks to Close)

  3. needs to be done! Will ease the traffic coming into uptown. Will be nice for locals!

  4. something wicked this way comes……

  5. Sharlett says:

    Yep, Linda – ADOT strikes again! Wonder if this is more payback to what our grandiose Council of a couple years ago thought they could pull off – until over 70% of the voters said NO!

    Any concept of closing the switchbacks down in the summer is ADOT INSANE! Yet how many times have we watched them do their “stuff” with no regard to our revenue basis?

  6. Mike says:

    This means detours to Cottonwood to get to 17 north & south. That will take less time than getting up the canyon in the summer. Finally progress.

  7. I work at Garland’s Indian Gardens in the canyon and this closure is going to be terrible for me as I’m going to be staying at various places besides my home in Flagstaff in order to get to work (like with my family in Cornville just south of Sedona). Businesses in the canyon will suffer, however we must be thankful for local business because that is what will carry us through this rough summer. It’s ridiculous the amount of extra miles, time, and gas it will take to get from Flagstaff into the canyon. But hey, who knows. There may be some random unseen advantages. Let’s hope so.

  8. Steve E. says:

    @Christian Zeno: The advantage which no one readily acknowledges is that this closure will result in a safe means to get from Sedona to Flagstaff. One lane closures on the switchbacks? Aside from being dangerous the back-ups and waits would be even more inconvenient. Bite the bullet, folks, and for once let ADOT, the professionals, get the job done. Please.

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