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Sedona 4th of July Laser Light Show

Harley McGuire, SedonaEye.com Star Columnist reminds moms, dads, and friends to BE SAFE OUT THERE on July 4

Happy Fourth of July 2012 from all of Harley McGuire’s friends

Sedona AZ (July 2, 2012) – To celebrate the Fourth of July, the City of Sedona and Diamond Resorts have joined to host the first Sedona 4th of July Laser Light Show.

Day Star Lasers International will dazzle audiences for thirty minutes with its multi-colored lasers choreographed to songs from local musicians (provided by the Sedona Performers Guild) to create a spectacular light show that promises to be fun for all ages.

Presently the laser light show is scheduled to begin at dark (around 9 p.m.) but arrive early for parking and to enjoy the pre-show afternoon Posse Grounds Park events.

Bring a blanket and or chair at 6:30 p.m. to Posse Grounds Park, 525 Posse Ground Road, west Sedona upper softball field for a live concert by 2Suns and delicious barbeque cooked up by local restaurant, Sedona Red Rock BBQ. Picnic at the park and enjoy live music until 8:30 p.m. followed by the laser light show!

The Sedona Parks and Recreation department is pleased to offer this event to the community and thanks Diamond Resorts for its generous donation that made this 4th of July event possible. For more information, visit www.SedonaEye.com Calendar of Events on this site.

Earlier in the day, Posse Grounds Park is the site for a City of Sedona Wet Wednesday on its Multi-Use Field from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. featuring inflatable water slides, slip and slides, and sprinklers. The Sedona Community Pool, 570 Posse Ground Road, is offering a 4th of July free recreational swim from 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM.

Celebrate the Fourth of July Sedona-style in the outdoors surrounded by beautiful red rock scenery as the City of Sedona joins communities such as George W. Bush Library in Texas, Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain, Hansen Dam and Morro Bay in California, and others replacing fireworks to “go green” with laser light shows. Lasers are highly recommended for arid regions subject to wildfires.

For more information, call the Sedona Department of Parks and Recreation at (928) 282-7098.

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  1. hey there sedonaites, want the real thing? real fireworks? come to prescott! here’s the info for your readers and for the calendar of events. thanks. Phil

    City of Prescott Arizona 4th of July Extravaganza 2012 – Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM in Pioneer Park – 1200 Commerce Drive, Prescott AZ.

    Largest fireworks show and all-day family fun in the Quad-City area! Free admission and free shuttle parking.

    Festivities start at noon and go until 10:30 pm. All-day carnival includes zip-lining, water slides, bungee trampoline jumping, climbing walls, carnival games, spinning gyro, electric swings, mindwinder, train, zorbing, and much more.

    Contests, give-a-ways, face painting, airbrush tattoos, and a free craft tent where kids can make five cool crafts from tote bags to fill with goodies, hats, sport water bottles, sunglasses and cool jewelry! All this included with the wristband price. Live entertainment with Crossfire, Road One South, The MIX Band and more.

    Fireworks show at 9:00 pm. Please, no pets.

    Pre-sale carnival wrist bands can be purchased for $12 ($15 at the gate). Locations: City of Prescott, Grace Sparkes Activity Center, Freedom Station Prescott Valley and Fry’s Markets. Purchase the pre-sale carnival wristband and you’ll also receive a free mini-golf or attraction at Freedom Station, a $7 value!

    Free shuttle parking at Embry-Riddle on Willow Creek Rd. to Pioneer Park. We encourage people to take advantage of the Park-and-Ride free shuttle. Take Willow Creek Road to Dan Carol Rd. Park your car and take a free, two-minute shuttle over to Pioneer Park. There’s room for your coolers, strollers, and shade canopies. For more information, please call 928-777-1349.

  2. Bob says:

    Sorry Prescott but Sedona red rocks win out! Eric Williams’ Easy Rider Blues is a featured song along with many other talented local performers! Let’s hear it for the Sedona Performers Guild and its Suzi! Let’s hear it for Sedona musicians! SPG rocks in red rock country! Come on out and spend the day!

  3. Ron says:

    phx evening news saying Americans spending less than $200 this year on 4th of July travel. Ever bad Bush-Obameconomy cited as the cause, anybody surprised out there!!!

    Pay your bills and bury a safe. Forest fires in Colorado killed its summer and winter economies, NM and AZ lost our grand forests for summer getaways, storms back east and Florida, the Gulf is ruined no matter what big oil and government tries to pretend, polar bears are dying off in Alaska, Japan is now day-glo from outer space. Seeing any upside here!!!

  4. Teak Monkey says:

    Really? ok so Sedona has a Performers Guild…big whoop! Sedona used to have a bad ass carnival and fireworks show on the 4th of july every year, Oh, and we used to have the biggest St. patty’s day parade west of the Mississippi. So what happened? well let me tell you. old ass people is what happened, along with a bunch of hippy crystal vortex weirdos! the music has to stop at 8:30 because of the dumb ordinance “no live music within the city limits past 9:00 pm….So all the old people can get their sleep after their 4pm dinner time. Wake up sedona!!!!! yet the cops don’t stop those stupid ass drum circles from beating all night in the woods every time there is a change in the moon or some stupid crap like that…….Sedona has gone to crap!

  5. AshDeezy says:

    Hey Ron I was hoping you could just write a post complaining about a bunch of stuff and blaming it on everyone else…OH WAIT

  6. Question for Teak Monkey:

    Just how old are you yourself since you so vividly remember the 4th of July carnivals in the parking lot of the old Bayless market, the fireworks displays at the Posse Grounds, and the fabulous and “real” St. Patty’s Day Parades?

    Do you also recall the Chamber of Commerce Meller Dramas? Of course, that was before they were handed $600,000 every year from the city and the C of C actually offered something for the community and raised their own funds to boot.

    Maybe the problem isn’t so much with us “old folks” and it’s the new generation who’s changed everything and turned Sedona to crap (which I agree.)

  7. Teak Monkey says:

    Just Wondering,

    I am old enough to remeber the great time we had at those functions. I do remember the Mella Dramas! they were great.

    What I mean by old folks is the people not by age as much as attitude. the ones who have moved here to retire and do not want any lights, fun, or noise in the sky. I could ramble on for hours about this, but won’t.

    I don’t see the new generation in city council? so how is the new gen. changing it? I am the middle gen and do feel there is a great need in this community to do more for family oriented entertainment as well as focus on the new gen. do we really feel the retirement gen is going to always keep this city feeling alive/ I think not.
    Heck maybe we should ask Del Webb to come in and run things for us! lol

  8. Speaking of the St. Patty’s Day Parade, as it’s always been held on a Saturday, in the “old” days it would be on the Saturday closest to March 17th (duh.)

    Well this year St. Pat’s Day was actually on Saturday March 17th, and when does this well-funded Chamber of Commerce decide to have the parade? It was either two or three weeks before Saturday the 17th. Why? Supposedly “they thought the weather might be better” or some stupid reason.

    Those parades historically were held on the set Saturday regardless of rain, sleet, snow or sunshine and never . . . never were the crowds of people discouraged. Ha. No way.

    Also miss the frequent events at the Elk’s Club and the Kiwanis annual auction on KAZM radio. The good old days seemed to vanish when these non-profits, who all provide services to make our lives better to some degree (if only for the reason to provide community spirit), were forced to be creative and hold fund raisers to keep things moving. Now their efforts seems to be limited to taking from the grab-bag give-away every year from city hall,

    I say it was when Sedona incorporated that Sedona turned to crap.

  9. Teak Monkey:

    IMO your second paragraph (after Just Wondering) pretty much says it all with the following exception taken from “Also Disgusted:”

    “I say it was when Sedona incorporated that Sedona turned to crap.”


  10. By The Way says:

    Seems to me that middle paragraph from Teak Monkey regarding “the ones who moved here to retire etc.” with few exceptions now and then pretty much describes the members of all elected councils I’ve observed. Too much time on their hands? Plus, how many people are even willing to run for council?

  11. Not Disgusted says:

    I moved here with my family just under 2 years ago. We are 54, 49, 16 and 13.

    The honeymoon is still going. We love it here.

    You complainers need to get that thing…what is it called?…oh ya…a LIFE.

  12. Teak Monkey says:

    Dear Not Disgusted,
    If you had moved here long long ago I would argue with you. But since you are part of the nuevo Sedona there is no sense in it . you just won’t understand the history of Sedona. Good Luck!

  13. The Facts About the Laser Show at Posse Grounds Park-

    July 4 we had 2,000 people in probably 1,000 cars; drive around our neighborhood for two hours, or park illegally blocking driveways and sitting bumper-to-bumper with engines running (and, in some cases boom boxes glaring) on Posee Grounds road. If any emergency had occurred requiring vehicles to access any of these roads, it would have been impossible to do so.

  14. Teak Monkey says:

    Boo-Hoo for you! So you have to deal with it once a year….maybe you should have not moved there….maybe rimrock or cornville would have been a better location for you to enjoy no people!

    you yet elected to live in a city of approx 12k people with an annual tourist count of over 5 mil. a year.

    makes me hope there are 10k people in your neighborhood next year! um by the way Posse grounds road and all the streets around it are public streets last time I checked?

  15. Diann says:

    So, did anyone actually see the light show? We were staying at Best Western Plus and could see the park from the balcony and saw some laser lights. The only color we saw was green and couldn’t make out any shapes or anything. Just wondering if we saw the extent of it or if it was more impressive watching it from the park. Thanks!

  16. Robert Grey says:

    Sorry I have seen a lot of LASER SHOWS and this was very poor, I have no idea who daystar is but there is better local talent in the Desert from what I have seen over the years. Sedona, what are you thinking?

  17. E.S. Maddock says:

    OMG, cannot resist! For several days no new comments were posted on Sedona Eye and, of course, the logical conclusion was that the publisher must be on a well deserved get away. Now I pick up on a slew of remarks that easily I might be accused of having posted. Wish I could take credit.

    “Teak Monkey, Just Wondering, Also Disgusted, and By the Way” . . . you have all succinctly expressed thoughts which at one time or another I’ve taken the liberty to convey myself. Thank you for that and although I seriously do not know the identify of any of you, let us be grateful for memories of those days when even the Chamber of Commerce had respect because they sponsored the St. Pat’s Parade and MellerDramas without city funding because, guess what, Sedona wasn’t a city!

    Your comments made my day worth living for more reasons that you could possibly know. Oh Happy Day!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thanks also for Harley McGuire who seemed to have fired up this fascinating exchange!


    E. Maddock

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