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Schnebly Hill Roundabout Art Selected

City of Sedona article

City of Sedona article

Sedona AZ (March 11, 2014)The City of Sedona Art Selection Work Group unanimously approved that the proposal “The Open Gate” by Reagan Word be selected as the finalist for the public art competition for the Schnebly Hill Roundabout. 

Congratulations to Mr. Word.

The decision took into consideration many factors including the 283 opinions from the two public viewings at the Sedona Public Library and Sedona City Hall, the 1,385 online opinions from the City’s website, and the Art Selection Work Group ratings. The criteria for rating included the Artist(s) Statement/Conceptual Approach, as well as Safety, Durability and Resistance to Vandalism, Public Opinion, and the Artist(s) Qualifications.

Visitors to the exhibitions at the Sedona Public Library and City Hall public opinion count was “The Open Gate”, 165 (58.3%); “Continuum” (Joanne Hiscox and Lucy Paradise), 70 (24.7%); and “Cultural Fortitude (Gerry Quotskuyva), 48 (17%); the online opinion count for “The Open Gate” was 501 (36.2%); “Continuum”, 661 (47.7%); and Cultural Fortitude, 223 (16.1%).

The recommendation from the public and the Art Selection Group will be brought forward to the Sedona City Council for award of contract. For more information contact Nancy Lattanzi, Arts and Culture Coordinator at 928-203-5078.

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For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. J. Aire says:

    Another prime example of ways to waste other people’s money.

    The city has allocated $60,000 a year of tax-payer money for these various “round-about art”. Nice gig for those on the inside, great way to grease one another’s palms.

  2. Toby says:

    Thumbs up to Word and the finalists. Nice competition. Looking forward to seeing it during future drives.

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