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Republican Debate Exposes Glaring U.S. Problems

Sedona AZ (January 16, 2016) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


white houseIn the Fox Business Network Republican (South Carolina) Debate some of what I consider as glaring problems jumped out at me and I’m curious:

One of the first has to do with the legitimacy of Ted Cruz’s Candidacy: From what I understand he was born in Canada to a United States citizen mother and a Cuban father, which I thought would disqualify him and, if not, what was the big thing about “Obama’s Birth Certificate”?

Do not get me wrong, Ted Cruz is a one of my three favorite choices for President. The matter of Cruz’s birth I think could be problematic and comparing his situation to John McCain’s is like “Apples to Oranges.” McCain’s father was a US Military Officer assigned overseas in Panama and his mother a “Military Dependent” who was, of course, there when John was born. However, their official residence was still the State they came from and their official mailing address was undoubtedly an APO or FPO in some city in the United States probably like San Francisco, Philadelphia or New Orleans.

US House of Representatives

U.S. House of Representatives

Next is what I consider the most important issue facing the United States and the World today – and that is “ISLAM” and, as the candidates danced around the subject, it became obvious to me that of the seven candidates on the dais, only two (Carson and Trump) have even a basic knowledge of the Qur’an and, if we (and especially our Political Leaders) do not learn its tenets, which is the system of belief of the “Islamic Form of Governance” and the “Dominating Grotesque and Satanic Dogma of the Muslim Religion” we will be overrun with “Sharia Law” which is diametrically opposed to the Constitution of the United States, supposedly sworn by (United States Muslims) by oath to be protected.

There a few other issues that were touched on that I did not hear any kind of workable solutions. Let’s touch on a few:

U. S. Senate Chamber

U.S. Senate Chamber

Immigration:—In September 2015 I submitted a Letter (Reduction of All Immigration Problems) which outlines a plan that could do exactly what the title indicates, with accountability and other aspects for funding, that would be far better than anything anyone else has put forward that I have heard about.

Infrastructure:—Funding the “Maintenance of the National Highway Roads and Bridges” was supposed to be taken care of in the very high per gallon “Fuel Tax” that the politicians managed to STEAL somehow; I think they put it into the “General Fund” (I’m not sure) but now they are crying for money. I want accountability.

Trade Agreements:—Free Trade Agreements with Nations that want to destroy the United States (which includes any Communist, Nazi and Islamic dominated entity) were, are, and always will be “Stupid, Self-Destructive Policies.”

Rubio’s Flops:—The inconsistencies that have marked Rubio’s stands especially on Immigration and his close ties with RINO’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Progressive Democrat Charles Schumer, and his apparent laps of memory about Major Hussein and the Fort Hood Massacre; the policies of this country of enlisting and training “Foreign Troops” was bad enough in my opinion but things went overboard with Islamic and Muslim enlistees, whom their families back home are shouting and carrying banners of “Death To America” and “Death to Israel.” So we train them on how to kill us, our troops, and our allies. Stupidity Personified.

A Parallel DemocracyJeb Bush—Getting Lindsey Graham’s endorsement is about right “Two Peas in a Pod” only Jeb has not had the authority to be a help to the “Muslim Brotherhood” the way Graham and McCain have.

This letter is somewhat gapped and rambling but I hope to get some thought into different issues and, right now, I’m in that kind of rambling mindset and this just scratches the surface of issues – there are a lot more issues like Taxes, etc.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale Arizona

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  1. Val Fox, Kansas says:

    Sen. Ted Cruz erased all doubts legally that he’s entitled to run. His mother was an American citizen in Canada at the time of his birth. Wouldn’t matter if he was born in Kenya, he says he’s qualified to run, he’s running. The Democrats can’t challenge because the shoe is on the other foot this time around, the Republicans won’t challenge because they have everything to lose and nothing to gain, the same place the Democrats were with President Obama in the first election. It’s quid pro quo time.

    (Our family loved Sedona views, we have pictures of our visit about 13 years ago and age has not improved our travel experiences and won’t get there again. I read many online articles and always find something of interest here.)

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