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Remember Without You Change Would Not Be Possible

Sedona AZ (November 23, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Hi SedonaEye.com readers,

As we’re ramping up behind the scenes we just wanted to let you know we’re thankful for each and every one of you.

It is because of your outpouring of love and support that we’re striving to make a change in our world… and without you it wouldn’t be possible.

So, today as you sit down to eat your meal with your family, spend time with those you love or even sit down to watch a game, remember to just be.

Look around you and appreciate everything in your life up to this moment, your family, your friends, your work and all the amazing food.

All the little things that have shaped you into who you are today.

Be thankful for each and every trial and tribulation as well as every success and accomplishment. Believe in the higher Purpose weaved within each. These moments are the backbone that will propel you forward.

Regarding our shared mission, we are grateful that, as agendas of control are becoming more obvious, and as we each begin to realize that technology and “modernization” will not save us, people everywhere are unplugging from what they are told to think, returning to common sense, and desiring simplicity.

People want to take back their time and space so that we can be present with who and what really matters.

This meta-desire is even coming through mainstream media. As a fresh example, please enjoy this NYT piece, “Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over” or copy and paste this address in your browser:

Be encouraged. We are together. Even when it feels like we are not.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Cal, Josh & Faith
InPower Movement

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  1. Mike Adams says:

    This Flagstaff area circle of family and friends were saying this a couple years back. Where you been Josh? City growth here has brought us nothing but more crime and murders. For businessmen not living here can get richer? For all the self important socialism comments and rules Sedona and Flagstaff councils spew out they don’t practice it in grabs for the (deleted by editor) dollars. Brings in people who offer nothing to the area but bad air and garbage and feces flushing in our sewers. Costs more to have them than they leave when they go. It’s in the math but business people keep thinking they’re the exception. Ask Amazon if they’re the exception? College kids pissing on doorways after bingeing alcohol or vomiting on sidewalks. Their parents seem to feel entitled like their kids(look at LiAngelo Ball family example). I’m done. Girlfriend said stop. Starting to get frustrated but liked this article and we wanted to say we don’t have a smart meter based on your stuff years back. Keep it up Josh. We’re listening.

  2. Tony T says:

    Excellent article, thank you !

    “People want to take back their time and space so that we can be present with who and what really matters.”

    We need to take Sedona back from the developers, traffic and people who never have enough.

    We can change things !!

  3. Georgie Napoli says:


  4. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thank you Cal, Josh, & Faith for your wise words, so true and well written. All too often as seen on SedonaEye people can only lash out in anger, so don’t be surprised if it happens to you as well.

    The comment from Mike Adams is, of course, a compliment to your efforts which also clearly summarizes the direction our quality of life has been forced into over the last few years. Funny but sad is the stark reality that no matter what the greed and power mongers achieve they, too, will not live forever nor will they remain free from negative health issues and other misfortunes that are all part of this journey called life. But maybe most profound, they cannot take their wealth and power with them into the great beyond – in either direction.

    Your closing words: “Be encouraged. We are together. Even when it feels like we are not” are difficult to grasp when the chips are down, the deck(s) appear to be stacked, and there seems to be no light at the end of the long tunnel. However, knowing others share the disappointment and become depressed over the lack of concern for the welfare of the majority, the premise still lingers that miracles do happen and maybe it is true there will be a window of opportunity to take back our time and space at such a time when the house of cards finally tumbles.

    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a New Year offering hope and light in spite of the current darkness.

    Eddie Maddock

  5. Poco D. McGuire says:

    Well, ’tis a bit odd for this pup to be making a comment ‘cept under my own storees, but its a favor to Madre. Ya see, she don’t preciate my barking much o’the time but tother day she was grateful fer it. As I barked, growled, snarled and was ready to rip off the lims of some stranger at our back gate, shut tight wif a pad-lock, Madre stormed back to check me out and saw the stranger strate away. Well – she can finish up this skeery storry hersef.

    Adios from my portion,
    Poco D.

    And yes, Madre Maddock here will take over. As Poco D. explained, he barked ferociously around noontime at the closed glass sliding door in our office, and much to my surprise indeed there was a strange fellow standing at the locked gate. The only possible reason anyone would have to approach that entry to the property would be for the APS meter reader and the data is easily available without entry through the locked gate. Though locked, the chain-link fence is only four feet high which makes climbing over it fairly easy, especially for tall people with long legs!

    Anyone with reasonable intentions would have approached the front door by way of the entry porch out front, and would have been clearly visible to me from the kitchen where I had been standing at the time of the incident. The intruder’s white truck was parked at the entry to my driveway, and the only possible way he could have reached the back gate was to have crossed the property without using the logical manner – the full length porch.

    The man was dressed in familiar gardener’s clothing complete with the type of white sun hat with sort of flap-like protection. As I clearly saw the fellow’s face, it wasn’t either of the two men who I confidently call for assistance on jobs too difficult for me to handle. And as I trust both of them implicitly, neither would have reason to appear unannounced or at least would show the courtesy to contact me at the front door or call first.

    My point in bringing this up is because of the reference to increased crime made by Mike Adams. For the record, two homes on Morgan Road were actually robbed in recent years – both during the daytime. This occurred as I recall at about the same time that robberies took place also in the Chapel Area which were identified later with a white truck having been observed. Coincidence? Maybe. But point being is to remain alert.

    The mysterious man had made his ability to leave my property so convenient he was gone by the time I walked back to the front of my house which only took seconds.

    With Holidays and many gifts and packages slated to be delivered, please take heed and through cooperation with friends and neighbors encourage a concerted effort to look out for one another by actively participating in “Neighborhood Watch” programs as more and more strangers are encouraged to browse subdivisions and neighborhoods just because they can. For those who have experienced the violation of having had your property robbed, it’s creepy, scary, and an experience never to be forgotten. We were among those in an area that had been hit hard in California and, in fact, threat of theft was high on the list of our reasons to leave California so many years ago. And can it be the trend has now become so common in our own once safe little corner of the world? Just more points to ponder.

    And, little Poco Diablo, Madre will not be so quick to scold you for barking anymore. Thank you, Little Man.

    E. Maddock

  6. Bill, west Sedona says:

    Poco D & madre – – – – Sharing is the new way of life in Sedona! Instead of barking at strange guys according to strange guy Segnar —you should have licked his hand —invited him in —offered a spare bedroom and allowed him to hand pick every thing his heart desired from your fridge & wallet. That’s how we do it in Sedona now! Segnar calls it SOCIALISM. In case you don’t believe it, read some of that tripe from Segnar and check the council agenda for this coming week. Revision of the the LAND USE CODE (deleted by editor) Time for a recall again

  7. Ron says:

    VOC has couple of shady characters seeming to come down from Sedona hanging around pretending to be cable or telephone or internet installers, fixers or checking things out with people by knocking on doors or loitering. I feel they’re capable of harming somebody cause people are saying they aren’t afraid of being caught on driveways or at their door. It’s scarier in Sedona. More Colorado Phoenix weird kind of druggies driving in and checking us out, thinking we’re easy marks up here in the desert. We are. Lock your doors and watch your backs going in and out. Close your window blinds at night. Lock your cars. Strangers checking you out and you don’t know it can lead to being taken by surprise. Put valuables in a hidden safe or the bank. Don’t be careless or lazy. Lots of bad people mixing it up here now.

  8. Wayne, Lima says:

    You and your liberal media readers get it wrong again & again & again! Headline this morning? ABC News issued a CORRECTION regarding a story it reported earlier on Friday about President Donald Trump and former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s alleged contact with Russian officials…

    The initial report claimed Trump asked Flynn to contact Russian officials while still a candidate. The correction, according to the network, was that the president made the request to Flynn after he was elected president while making preparations to transition into office….

    AFTER HE WAS ELECTED. ABC gets it wrong again and again in rush to denigrate our President. Why?

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