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Reflexology: The Path to Better Health Lies at Your Feet

Considered to be the most humble of healing arts, reflexology is also one of the most powerful. For where but at the lowly feet can one find to key to perfect health and harmony?

Reflexology, the healing art of the ancients, has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Egyptian royalty used it, so did the Aztec kings. The Imperial Chinese used it. British royalty used it religiously as a preventative healthcare tool. It has a grand history and a sparkling future.

The human body is not just a physical manifestation.  It is also electrical. The brain, through the nervous system, controls every cell in the body. The nervous system starts at the top of the head and ends at the bottom of the feet. As a result, the feet become a control panel through which the brain can be stimulated to heal any part of the body one wishes.

Specific points on the feet correspond to specific parts of the body. Press a point on the foot and the corresponding part of the body begins to heal.

As a reflexologist I have seen many people brought back to health from seemingly-hopeless medical conditions during my 20 years of practice.

When I was eight-years old I was partially paralyzed by doctors performing a spinal tap on me. I was able to live a relatively normal life when symptoms began to return when I was about 30. I was losing mobility, vitality. I was constantly sick with respiratory ailments. My hair was falling out and my right side was beginning to atrophy. That’s when I learned about reflexology and decided to try it out.

After six months of reflexology I was a new person. Today I enjoy perfect health, strenuous physical activities like boxing and my hair has grown back.

After my own regeneration, I decided to become a reflexologist and share this wonderful healing gift with as many people as I can.

No one knows for sure how reflexology works. It is theorized that by stimulating the nerve endings , messages are sent to the brain through the neurological system, where the brain in turn sends healing messages to the areas in the body that are out of balance.

This healing principle of balancing energy is similar to that of acupuncture.

The difference is with acupuncture meridian lines and points are spread throughout the body and are stimulated with needles. With reflexology all the points are right there at the feet and hands and no needles are needed.

One can think of these reflexology points as buttons in an elevator. You press one and it gets you to your floor. No one questions how the elevator works. When you click an icon on a computer it gets you to the program it represents.  The same principle applies to reflexology. Press a point and the corresponding part of the body is affected.

The most profound healing effect of reflexology is the relaxation and freedom from stress one achieves when receiving it. A relaxed and stress-free body cannot help but heal.

A typical one-hour session involves lying on your back on a massage table in a pleasant and nurturing atmosphere. Relaxing-healing music is played while the feet are anointed with aromatherapy oils and specific points corresponding to every part of the human anatomy are pressed.

There are virtually no negative physical conditions that reflexology cannot address. You name it, reflexology can help. Treat yourself to a reflexology session.  Experience healing and relaxation at its best!

Editor’s Note: Tommy Acosta is a Master Reflexologist who studied under the tutelage of Laura Norman, America’s top reflexologist.  He is the founder of the New Canaan Institute of Reflexology and Holistic Health. He is now the founder of Sedona Reflexology located in West Sedona. For more information, please call 928-300-8318.

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