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Poco Diablo McGuire Goes Social

SedonaEye.com Star Pet Columnist Poco Diablo McGuire on Going Social

Sedona AZ (October 16, 2017) – Now puleeze understand –I aren’t Harley McGuire and by no means tend to take his place. Just still sorta a new kid on the block and gotta lot to learn ’bout life and stuff. Fact is, Mom just interduced me to a new venture. We made a social call,– my very first in fact.

So she has this friend name Virginia (Mom wrote that so’s the spelling would be right). But this lady likes to be called Ginny” (also a Mom’ contribution). So she invited “us” for a visit to see where she “put to rest” her own precious love of her life.

Ginny losted her Panda a coupla years ago or so. And from pictures Panda girl looked jus’ like our Harley McGuire. Ginny, Panda’s mommy, painted a beeyouteeful likeness of her on the rock honoring her past life on earth. Honest to Goodness, when I looked at it, even I felt like patting it with a paw and askin “”..come play wif me, Panda!”

We were invited into Ginny’’s beeyouteeful home and I felt a little nervous. But ya see, when we pulled up in front of the house, my mother rolled down the front window when Ginny came to greet us. I jumpted on to the front seat and didn’t growl or try to bite her hand when she reached in to pet me. Mom was pleasantly surprised, but Ginny didn’t know the difference –that usually NEVER do I sit calmly when someone comes by the car or specially into “my” house!!

We went inside and Mom had my water bowl and a few of my treats cuz I’m not sposed to get people food. Ya see, –I’m on a diet! Yep! After one year of living my new life,– well, ya might say, I “filled out” just a bit too much. So we’re working on that –  the ““we”” part being my mother. She’’s pretty careful ’bout how many treats I get, but this day was special. I even was lucky nuff that they took pity on my nervous condition and allowed me a coupla bitty bites of cheese. YUMMY my favret, but oh such a no no for critters counting calorics.

Poco Diablo McGuire pal, Tila, loves her trees.

Now Mommy was very, very pleased with my behavior (and so was I cuz I didn’t know what the hay was goin’ on).

Was this to be my new home? Another change? Oh my, –I sat close to Mommy on my blankie on the couch and didn’t know what to think. Finally, as the two old friends chatted on and on and on, I dozed off and felt safe with my two securities…Mommy and my Blankie!

Timed whizzed by and I never even tried to make a move from my safe place. But Mom had to go someplace (?) and Missy Ginny sat wif me for a few minutes. Oh my, –she petted gently and spoke kind words to a “nice doggie.” What? Didn’t she no I had a name, Poco Diablo McGuire, but I answer to Poco? I was a bit shaky and very happy when Mommy came back – and then I knowed she hadn’t went away and left me fer good!  Phew!

We commenced to take a little walk. T’was a beeyouteeful day and a nice change fer me to walk in new territory. (Ya like that word?) The good friends hugged and thanked each other for laughs and sharing life’s ventures and other stuff.

Four Paws Up super pooch Inoch and family earns a Four Paws up from pal Poco Diablo McGuire

It’s sad I never gotta meet Panda, but I was a lucky pup (I’m OK with “pup”, –but “doggie”?  Uh Uh..) to have been allowed to visit this very elegant house and with such a warm welcome.

Now Mommy praised me for having been such a good little boy and, maybe, this sperience was a lesson to teach me that nipping at heels and growling isn’t really the best way to act. But, of course, that happens in MY territory.

And yet, Mommy’s lesson to me has been and remains the mose important thing to remember is to be true to yerself.  If that means fer me to mind Mommy and not be so unsure she won‘t always love me, then my reward will be the gentle hand that can never, ever pet me enough along with kind word of affections. Try it. It works.

Adios Amigos,

Poco Diablo McGuire




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  1. Ginger says:

    Thanks, Poco D for reminding us there are also pleasures to be enjoyed in this life. Fur sure enough people just see bad stuff – a lot of that around. But specialy I liked the part about being true to yourself. Getting away with cheating doesn’t make it right but of course us four footed friends have a harder time pulling off that cheating thing!

  2. Skipper says:

    Mi Amigo Poco,
    Yur looking pretty slim and trim these days and I know your Mommy’s love is very special. She’s taking good care of you and it shows. You’re making her happy. That’s all that matters.

  3. Poco D. McGuire says:

    Ginger & Skipper – my heart is singing because of your kind words. Thank you.

    Muchos Gracias (mom didn’t do spelle check)

    Poco D. McGuire

  4. Boo & Napoleon says:

    Great job buddy!

  5. Auntie says:

    So happy to hear! MIss you cutie!!!! Can’t wait for my next visit. Love you Auntie D

  6. Phil says:

    Sweet article NIce read!

  7. Martha says:

    So very proud of you and your good behavior while visiting. Keep it up Poco D. McGuire, and know Harley McGuire would be proud.

  8. Just Chip says:

    Poco, how fun for you. You and your mommy share a wonderful talent, a way with words.

    My mom does not take me anywhere, but then again, I am very happy sleeping on my cat-tree by her side as she crunches numbers. I love to watch her fingers move. Wish they were petting me, but my turn will come (:.

    Be well. Good luck with the reduction in treats. I meow enough and get extra!!!! Works every time.

    Hugs and Hisses – Just Chip

  9. JOHN says:


  10. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    So “JOHN” ’tis good to know you tooked time to read my story – an as I thunk sed, Mom hepped me only wif spellin” “VIRGINIA” (and GINNY) as she did wif “JOHN”. Ya see, tis all part of gittin’ “educated” (she hepped me with that one two – oops -too).
    Adios, Amigo,
    Poco D. McGuire

  11. @JOHN says:

    VM John dah???? Are your serious? You have no sense…… Poco wrote the article. You are really slow and shouldn’t be making decisions as CC. dumb man

  12. Poco's Mommy says:

    To John, whichever one you are, I should be so lucky to have the good fortune to be as creative as my little vagabond Poco. To have the imagination to come up with
    ” beeyouteeful ” for example. BRILLYANT!!:-)

  13. Buster says:

    Hi Poco:

    Defnitly your not Harley McGuire but what a great little man to fill a vacancy much needed on this web site. Too bad more nasty hateful people don’t chill out and look for something to put a smile on their faces.

    Thanks Little Buddy>

  14. Nappy Guy says:

    I agree with Buster man. Sick of the local money grabbers. THANK YOU POCO!!!!!

  15. Tabatha says:

    So I’m a kitty kat but have doggie friends too. But kitties don’t get to go visiting much cuz most of us don’t like riding in cars much. Wisht we could play, Poco. And Buster, yore a good sole to frown upon the human nasties bickering. They all need time out if ya ask me. MEOW!

  16. Duffy & Mysty says:

    Wat we luv is the part bout bein’ true to yourselfses. Mom & Pop reads some of these hateful words from the 2-footers – then they goes to the TV and sees some news – and then they go to what they call the “medsin” closet and pores themselves a dose of what they hopes will be a cure-all to all the meanness happenin’. Problem is – maybe ’tis the wrong people drinkin’ that happy juse????

  17. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    Hey guys, gals, pups, and kitties – oh how I do luv ya all. Tanks for you words of couragment. My mommy specially liked the suggestion from Duffy & Mysty and wants ta no where to get some of that happy joy juse? Puleese – let me know. Sooner the better but defnitly before Nove. 7th when FINELY the big fuss of the bond (whutevah that is) will be done with. Phew – Bring on the joy juce. YES!

    Adios Amigos,

  18. Gladys & Gunther says:

    kibbles nibbles & bits cute boy

  19. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    La ayuda!

    Mom’s hit the skids fer sure. Yestaday we was goin’ fer the morning walk, and well, she put this raincoat on me ’twas too big and ya see cept takin’ it off fore we left the house, she didn’t – but being ins a hurry she stuffed her foots into shoes.

    Dios Mio! I codn’t walk down the driveway so she tooked off the thingy and we went on are way – but met up with Andre the poodle and his daddy so went to the end of the road with them. ‘Twas at that time Andre’s daddy pointed to Mom’s footware and asked if ’twas a new style? Well, she didn’t even know the shoes she stuffed her foots into in such a hurry didn’t match! Yup – one was dark blue and t’other one white. Tank goodness twasn’t the time O-day when most folks here were out walkin’!

    Any suggestions short of callin’ for some gents in white coats to haul her away? (oh boy, can’t wait for the responses to that on this here web site)

    Dios mio & La ayuda!


  20. Martha says:

    My dear Poco, you have an amazing Mom who takes such good care of you. About shoes, she has a matching blue and white pair at home just like the pair she wore on your walk.

  21. Nikki, Mojo & Linus says:

    Dear Poco, we don’t dare write about all the nutty things our Mom does or we would be living in the garage. We’re getting up in age too so we can’t comment too much. There are many days we act a little strange ’cause we’re not concentratin’. Growin’ old is a bitch so we understand why Mom isn’t always quite with it.
    Take care Poco, we think of you often.
    Nikki, Mojo & Linus (who can’t see out of his right eye, can’t hear very well, walks in circles, stares at walls & is now pooping in the house (lucky we have tile floors), but we love him anyway.)

  22. Gloria E., SLC UT says:

    Poco Diablo McGuire,
    I certainly can relate to that poor woman.

  23. John O. in CA says:

    POCO D.



    PS – “Hanky & Panky” think you’re cute!

  24. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    So how’s bout we takes a snoot full of fresh air to ponder bout whats good? Fer me tis easy cuz its over a year since Madre tooked me in and she gives me the fine life – daily walks, rides in the car when it aint’ too hot, all the toys I inherited but don’t no how ta play wif, doggy clothes … some fit …. others not so swift …. but I luvs the attention. And so it ain’t to my likin’ being on the diet thingy, tis for my wellsfair. And tis maybe a good thing to remind all you pet lovers to NOT over feed any of us on this Tanksgivin’ Day (or any time fer that matter).

    So thems my reasons fer bein’ grateful and livin’ the loverly life tho I still miss my big bro, Harley McGuire. We was just gettin’ along so fine then he was called away. Not fair. But hey = we’s still here and in fact on Monday day number 27 in this month of November, ah’l be FIVE years old (that’s 5)! Oh yes, LIFE IS GOOD!!


    Poco Diablo McGuire

  25. Buster says:

    Poco Pal, you were certainly blessed when you came to live and be taken such good care of by your Madre. Of course, she is also blessed to have you in her life even if she does do the diet thingy with you. You do realize though that it is for your own good. Know you both miss Harley McGuire as he was very special.

    HAPPY 5 BIRTHDAY on Monday.

  26. Skipper says:

    Too sweet.

    Yes, daily walks, rides in the car and all day naps are all we doggies need to be happy. These of course are with our favorite human and Life Is Good.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  27. Nikki, Mojo, Linus (and now) Boris says:

    We too had a great Thanksgiving. Besides all the extra goodies (like white meat turkey of which our Mom is a great cook), our aunt Terri brought over her dog, Boris. He is a real cool dog (a little bigger than me n’ Mojo) ’cause he gets along with everyone. Then Pops took all 4 of us for a long walk before dinner. Wish we were as young as you so enjoy all your future years. We are all sooooo lucky to have great Moms (and we have a Pops). Talk with you soon.
    Nikki, Mojo, Linus (and now) Boris



  29. Auntie C says:

    Happy Birthday buddy boy! You’re the bestest.

  30. Boo & Napoleon says:

    Happy Birthday POCO DIABLO McGUIRE!!!
    We love you Buddy!!!

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