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Poco Diablo McGuire Celebrates First Birthday

SedonaEye.com Poco Diablo McGuire Four Paws Up Star Pet Columnist celebrates his first birthday – well, sorta!

Sedona AZ (May 31, 2017) – This is a glorious day. Yes it is. Wednesday, the 31st day of May – year 2017. Ya see, it ain’t like when I entered this world in Moreno Valley Caleefornya on November 27, 2012, at 2:42 AM and took mah first breath of air. Shore – that twas over four years ago. So maybe that’s sort of official. But ya see, it was just one year ago when mah new mom brought me to a new beginnin’ with her and  dearest Harley McGuire. Yup – one year of mah new life of most happiness started then.

Now reason I say mostly happy times is ‘cuz we took some bumps long the way. Biggest bump in that new road was when my new brother Harley McGuire crossed over that Rainbow Bridge jes two and one haf months after I moved in. We bof still miss him terribyly but manage to plod through one day at a time. Mah reward for being a good boy and gettin’ the potty place method rite was when Mom added McGuire to my name – that’s to honor my sweet departed brother.

Poco Diablo McGuire.

Now ain’t that moosic to yer ears?

Mom and the late great big bro Harley McGuire before I’s arrived.

Now I is sorrowful to say I don’t have the gentle disposition as Harley M. did, but I’m workin’ on it at Mom’s insistence. It’s gettin’ better when we meet up with folks when we take walks. But, if they come into MY house – MY territory – well – it just ain’t workin’ fer me to sit back and not act up a bit. It’s OK as long as they sit. But when they stand and take even one step. Oh – I can’t help but nip at their heels and scare the besomthin’’ out of ’em. Mom gets very cross so then I shape up a little – but not much and only til the next time they come intrudin’ into MAH territory.

Never did get the hang of playin’ with toys and golly knows there’s plenty of ‘em. Also it’s been my pleasure and joy to have inherited a doggie bed in every room, not just cuz of Harley McGuire, but many, many others that comed prior to mah time and ev’n Harley’’s.

My bestest thing to do is ride in the car. Yep – I could do that forevah. But problem now is I must mostly stay home cuz Mom sez it’s too dang hot and it would be bad fer mah health. Don’t want to get sick now cuz ahm livin’ the life of some unknown doggie named Riley. His picture’s on one of the walls, too.

So that’s mah story and ahm stickin’ to it. Mah old life the first three years was OK – no abuse or nothin’ like that. It’s just that I never had a collar or leash or took trips to the vetanaryan and other stuff that Mommy sees to – includin’ keepin’ my pearly whites really white.

Am I a lucky pup or what? Happy One Year Old Birthday to meself!

Adios, and, what I learned from Harley McGuire,


Poco Diablo McGuire

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  1. Buster says:

    Gee whiskers, Poco D – you been at your new digs for one year already? Way to go, Bro. Happy birthday for last Nov. 27th, for this #1 special day of May 31st, and in advance for when you turn 5 next Nov. 27th. With so many birthdays won’t that make you an old man way before your time?

    From your pal Buster

  2. Teree Settembrino says:

    What a great story.Thank you so much for sharing! what a wonderful life, We need more stories like this. Very Very sweet. I hope more pets get adopted and treated with such kindness and love. Thank you again for putting a smile on my face!

  3. Oscar de la Ripper says:

    I’m a cat. Love to claw my way up. and down. all around. How I earned my name. Glad you don’t live at my house. I’m #1 and only. HB to PDM

  4. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    If any of you is having problems gettin’ connected wif my latest tale of happiness, here’s what a fan in Kentucky just sent:

    Great article, and yes you are a lucky pup. The only way I could access it was to google Sedona.eye, and I am so glad I was able to do so.

  5. Barney says:

    Poco D. McGuire, this is from another lucky pup that was adopted by a loving mom & pop. They told me some wicked folks went and broke into that Paw Prints Thrift Shop out here in what they call the Village – and stole the safe with $700 in cash! They are mean, mean, mean – and probably bullies that pull wings off butterflies and abuse little animals. So that makes it even more special to appreciate those kind humans who take us in with love and care. Phew! Are we glad we are US or what!

  6. Toby says:

    HB HB little guy

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