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Poco Diablo McGuire Bids Linus Adios and Leeta Hello

SedonaEye.com Star Pet Columnist Poco Diablo McGuire

Sedona AZ (March 20, 2018) – Hi everybody!

There’s some good news and some bad news. The bad news came from the Mommy of my pal Linus.

She wroted:

“For those of you who don’t know…about 6 weeks ago we had to put Linus to rest. He was one sick pup. So, we now have a new pup.

She is 4 years old (so they say) her name is LEETA (formerly Lolita) and although she is still fearful of people, she loves other dogs. She weighs about 20 lbs and is a Chihuahua mix. I think she has a little Dachshund in her. Sweet as can be, very quiet, house trained and we love her as do Nikki & Mojo. Every day she gets a little better about the things that scare her.”

It’s ever so sorryful but Mom hepped me to answer back:

“WE” are sooo sad to here about Linus, but the up-side is your acquisition of LEETA! Still missing our Harley McGuire, but looking at Poco Diablo it’s comforting to know we needed each other and are where we were meant to be. That’s how it goes with dog lovers. Leeta – adorable little girl.

Poco & His Madre”

So’s ah wanted to tell you this story but somehow Mom lost Leeta’s picture. Her bad.

Poco Diablo has a new Four Paws Up Pal, Leeta!

To Leeta’s Mom:

“Poco Diablo wanted permission to write up a little story about “LEETA” but his dumb mother answered your email and didn’t keep the adorable photo. Just as well though because we wouldn’t have moved forward without appropriate permission.  So – – – we will wait in anticipation and hope to hear back with OK & Photo!! Let us know!”


“Here it is and you can always write all the articles you want about us….we love the celebrity of it all.  Now we can tell our friends we are even famous in Sedona AZ.

Nikki, Mojo AND Leeta”

SedonaEye.com Star Four Paws Up Pet Columnist Poco Diablo McGuire wishes Pal Linus happy tails on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


“Buenos Diaz dear Poco (or you can say Good Day in English). We did send another picture and are hoping to get a “family” photo soon (to which we will forward to you) if we can get us all together to take one.


“Hi Leeta, Siblings, & your Mom:

We will be waiting wif bated bref! I needs all the hep I’cn get wif bof English & Spanish (Mom wrote those words).

Adios Leeta, my new girlfriend? (I’m Chihuahua too case ya didn’t know)”

But of course, Leeta being a female jes had to have the final word. Besides, she’s bigger than I am:

“Hi Poco Diablo….I like my new forever home, but I just can’t get over being skittish with everything.  Hopefully, I will get better with time.  Mom & Dad say I am doing better each week.  I still can’t seem to take a treat (and they’re pretty good ones too) from someone’s hand. You have to lay it on the floor (and hope Nikki & Mojo don’t get to it first) before I’ll pick it up.  I know my parents are wondering what someone might have done to me that makes me that way, but they don’t dog speak and I can’t tell them in English or Spanish. The papers on me have me listed as a Chi/Sh mix and I didn’t know there were long haired Chihuahuas.  I truly love my sibs…they let me jump all over them and the best part is I can out run them.  We DO have fun.

Keep in touch my new friend!

Poco Diablo McGuire

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  1. Skipper says:

    She sure has a very shiny coat.
    As a rescue dog I know how scary it can be til ya get used to our new homes and parents.
    It’ll come together as soon as you take the cookies and run!

  2. Just Chip says:

    Poco so good you have another friend. Mom misses you and your mom.

    Hugs and hisses!

    Just Chip

  3. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    Yup, Skipper, buddy – we’s learned the tricks and will hep that shiny-coat Leeta as best we can. But, same Just Chip and his Mom, Leeta lives way afar in that Caleefornea place so’s I dun’t git a chance to romp in the back yard wif them. But, course, Just Chip’s a kitty-kat so that wouldn’t work anyways.

    Adios my Pals,

    Poco D.

  4. Clyde says:

    Hi there, Leeta. Cute name. I agree w/the others in that it is indeed good news Poco has acquired a Nuevo Amigo! Hola, senorita. Hope you have a very happy life in your new home. Meow.

  5. Leeta says:

    Hey boyfriend, I just loved your column which was all about ME. I can’t believe I’m a star!. I’m trying really hard to not be so skittish around people, but my parents say that in time I will be better. They’re a little upset I’m not charging for my autograph but I’m really shy and don’t want to be pushy. I’m sure my sibs (Nikki & Mojo) would charge in a heartbeat. I feel I’m not quite a National star but I’m definitely Interstate.
    Thanks for the publicity & will try to not let it got to my head.
    xoxoxox Leeta

  6. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    Oh, Leeta, you beauteeful girl. My hart be still (but no need to stop beating)!
    Happy you like Your Story. & puleese, jes settle yursef down, take deep brefs, and enjoy those treats! Ya won’t be sorry! An ya better not send me a bill fer tellin’ yer story! Nosiree, that’d be a deal breaker.

    Chill out, Girlfriend
    Poco D.

  7. Leeta says:

    Dear new boyfriend (actually the only one I’ve ever had), I will try hard to not be afraid. I wish my parent could dog speak and I could then tell them what makes me this way…oh well, I really am happy in my new home — I get treated really good. Even though you are far away dear Poco, I am so glad we are good friends. My Mom sent your article on me to everyone (it was almost embarrassing). After all, being famous can be a burden. I guess I’ll just have to learn to relax and enjoy it as well as learning not to be a fraidy cat.
    Love ya’ a whole bunch,

  8. Buster says:

    Hey, Poco, how cum Leeta chooses yu afore she even knows bout some of yer other boy-dog pals? NO FAIR.

    Anyways, Leeta, your a mighty fine lookin’ pooch and probly your parents don’t do dog speak cuz they don’t know yous a dog! Many human tend to do that – think of us as bein jes like them!! And that ain’t a BAD thing.

    Tuffen up, Girl! Relax and enjoy the good life in your new safe and ferever home!

  9. Chester Field, Kingman says:

    I disgust everybody with my drool. They keep a special stack of clean cloths to wipe my jowls. I pretend not to understand when they yell CHESTER!! really loud after I slurp my water bowl clean and shake my head before they can wipe my face. Try it, Poco and Pals!! It’s FFFUUUUNNNNN !!

  10. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    Chester Field, Kingman = On my stars above, Chester Field, what a classy name.
    And how are R thing in Kingman, Chester Field mah boy.

    Wisht I culd say I have them sort oh floppy jowly thingies it wood take ta shake the water all over da place. Ooooh – what a fun time twood be but it ain’t gonna work here.

    Tanks fur the clue tho. Hope tothers git the idea.

    Now, then, Buster Boy. Jes cuz I have first dibs on Leeta don’t mean she ain’t available. Hey, Mon, she’s a new kid on the block and jes keep shinin’ onto the possibly of stealin’ her away. Shucks – it’s all in the family here. Right?

    Poco D.

  11. Leeta says:

    I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’….who’s Buster? Does he have a pedigree or a mutt like me?
    I have an older sister & brother who are very protective of me so Buster better be a gentleman…I have standards ya know.


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