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Monday Morning Quarterback

Sedona AZ (November 17, 2008) — When kudos are deserved, kudos are given. The Sedona City Council recently passed a declaration proclaiming Sedona a Zero Waste City, meaning the city will strive to recycle waste back into energy and produce no waste, if possible.

According to the Sierra Club, a progressive environmental declaration such as this, by the City Council proclaims that Sedona is concerned with the “environment of the future, economic growth today, global warming, and preservation of its natural resources.”

Good show Sedona. Regardless of the council’s agendas, both visible and hidden, actions such as this demonstrate that regardless of opinion or direction those who control the council have on issues such as lights for 89A, an NSA designation for Sedona or an alternate route for Red Rock Crossing, at least the council moves forward as one on certain environmental actualities.

Well, it looks like the stock market is poised for another dismal performance today. I spoke to numerous people over the last few weeks who have taken hits upwards of $700,000 in this market. There are retired formally upper-middle class residents in this town facing the same kind of financial hardship our business owners are.

People are holding on to the hope that some kind of a miracle will happen and their paper holdings will somehow turn themselves around.

Perhaps some kind of mass meditation/affirmation is in order here. They say if we can imagine something strong enough and put enough emotion behind the vision we can make it happen.

So, let’s give it a shot.

Let us envision the market up by 1,000 points by the end of the week, starting today. Who knows? This is Sedona. We are in a very special place known for amplifying energetic will.

Please read our story on the Zero Waste Resolution. It is always nice to have something positive to look at in a field of negative news.


Article written and submitted by Tommy Acosta for Sedona Times – SedonaTimes.com .

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