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Life’s a Trip, No Doubt About That with Eddie Maddock

eddie maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (March 28, 2016) – As is generally the case on Fridays, mail delivery arrives late in the day, so wearily trudging out to retrieve what was anticipated to be nothing out of the ordinary, a very large white envelope, similar to the one I recently received containing my income tax papers, was jammed in the mail receptacle, leaving room for fortunately what was little else.

The only alarming aspect of this large white envelope was the return address: Mr. & Mrs. Jon Thompson. What? A member of the Sedona City Council was mailing something to ME? Oh dear – is the first thing crossing my mind followed by a myriad of other horrible possibilities such as “Is this a new method by which a Summons to appear in Court is served? What have I done now?”

Holding it up unopened to the overhead light in my kitchen, it appeared there was handwriting inside. There didn’t seem to be any evidence of a peculiar powdery substance. The back of the envelope had a decorative seal with three tulips – yellow, red and blue, and, the word “Congratulations.” Congratulations for what?

Very carefully and breathing deeply, enough courage was mustered up to take the plunge and open it. The accompanying photo, as the story goes, says far more than can be put into words, but for the sake of clarity let me follow the trail.

Surrounding the reproduction of the commemorative USA postage stamp honoring the late celebrity Jack Benny, entitled at the top “IN RECOGNITION,” the words at the bottom are “. . . of her 39 years as a resident of Sedona, Arizona, this award is presented to EDDIE MADDOCK this 31st day March, 2016.” In the lower right corner are the words: “I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either. -Jack Benny age 39.”

Ah ha, so that was my award – I didn’t deserve it and I do have arthritis. Is this suddenly making sense? No, not really.

It gets better. The hand written offerings rimming the photograph of Jack Benny, beginning at the top left:

(1) “J.T. xox (‘Oh shut up!’ – Jack Benny);

(2) “All the best for years to come, Scott Jablow”;

(3) “I’ve got you beat, 44 years for me. Congrats, Sandy”;

(4) “Eddie, You never looked a day over 38-1/2, Love John M.”;

(5) “Good for you Eddie! We appreciate you! Karen Daines”;

To the right at top of the page:

(6) “Congrats & Hooray for Sedona Miss Rochester!! – Mark D.”;

(7) “Best Wishes on 39 years in Sedona! – Tom Lamkin”;

(8) “Congrats! – Justin Clifton”;

(9) “Long time! Congrats – Jessica Williamson”;

(10) “Congratulations! – Robert Pickels.”

i1035 FW1.1If the intent was to send me in dazed orbit for the weekend, it worked. However, if the real motive was to entice me with kind words thinking it would sway the determination of the mouthy Ms. M – not so fast. If you don’t believe it, check out the other photo provided as evidence that surely I was born this way since at the tender age of three or four, maybe even earlier, the “Tough Guy” notation captioned at the bottom was written by my own mother.

Point being: Please, City of Sedona, do not deny me the opportunity to select or change at my discretion the garbage hauler of my choice!

Seriously, this gesture, so completely unexpected, is appreciated beyond what any words could possibly convey. The best I can do is to designate placing it next to something else I deem as a treasure – a signed letter from former President Ronald Reagan dated January 8, 1987.

One final thought. Surely you didn’t have a collective autograph signing “special meeting” without benefit of a Public Notice, did you? Perish the thought you would breach the Open Meeting Law. (It was the devil in that little girl that made me write that..)

Over & Out

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. steve Segner says:

    This got me thinking:

    “Why even bother wasting time to discuss this when it was a slam-dunk from the get-go? What happened to the original intent to request RFP’s after that first year of the rigged contract? And now back to including the “Marketing and Product Development Plan?” And as for a “Performance Measures” document – another joke.”

    Tomorrows the city council is meeting to review of the performance of the 2015 Marketing programs and review of the coming plan.

    Over the past several years’ comments have been made on this site, regarding the bed tax-marketing program, why is there no audit, who is watching the chamber? and advertising money is being given to hotels outside Sedona ETC.

    If you want change, now is the time, government only works if people participate.

    The chamber as done a great job and it shows in the bed and sale tax numbers, but we still have four to five slow months and more money is need to help all the merchants in Sedona get through the slow periods.

    Lets all remember Sedona is a tourist town and always has been and let be grateful for visitors and all the benefits their tax dollars bring us.

    There will be time for comments to the council so now are your time to tell the city your concerns.
    If you want change, now is the time, government only works if people participate,
    But you wont, just to dam hard to get to city hall, use a real name, and ask a question.


  2. @steve says:

    Bed tax should be used exclusively for the city limits. Your misusing taxpayers money. Fraud

  3. Robert O says:

    most times I don’t agree with you Steve Segner but this time, you nailed it. COME ONE, COME ALL SPEAK YOUR MIND ON 6/14. Oh, lets not forget that you will have to use your real name.

  4. @Robert O says:

    suicide promotion

  5. What's the Use? says:

    @steve Segner & Robert O — both of you suggest to attend the meeting and speak your mind, What for? Based on the past this deal has been sewed up even before the meeting, same as the garbage scam. What respect were we shown by attending THOSE public meetings – and there was standing room only if you will recall. This council does NOT want to hear from any of us that disagree with them. The ONLY solution is to make sure they are not reelected and that the new slate will have an open mind and show respect for all Sedona residents. And not just the C of C members, most of which are outside Sedona City Limits. (And they also try to dictate who collects our garbage. Wish we could put them all in our trash cans for disposal.)

    Let your voice be heard when you cast your ballot during the primary election this August which is when generally when the decision is made. Of course, we’re stuck with Sandy because she’s so far running unopposed.

  6. Robert O says:

    @What’s the Use?

    You know, you sound like a former baker in town, all talk and not work.

    So I’m guessing that because you think that “this deal has been sewed up” so that means that you want to remain silent??? If you’re that put off by the council, If you’re that opinionated, SHARE YOUR OPINION in public. Other wise stay anonymous and bake your cup cakes at home while you spread your hate. Don’t forget, isn’t that same hate why you lost your place???

  7. steve Segner says:

    What’s the Use? This council does NOT want to hear from any of us that disagree with them.
    The city holds an open meeting just to NOT hear from you!.
    You are just Lazy,
    You hate government, but I will not tell them what you think and why,!
    But you have time to write 10 lines on Sedona eye, a site no one on the city councils reads.
    Ask not what you can do for your city, but what can the city do for you.

  8. @What's the Use? says:

    Is anyone running for the 2-year council seat vacated by Angela LaFevre besides Tom Lamkin, temporary appointment by the city council? If not, we will also be stuck with him as well as Sandy and so far it seems he’s a total team player with those that selected him to fill in until the election.

  9. Robert O says:

    Well, I just got done watching tonight’s council meeting and lo and behold, not one of you had the gonads to show up and pitch your bit-hes.

    All talk and no action!

  10. Barbara says:

    I find your attitude offensive @roberto. You did not show up either to encourage and support the council that you profess to admire and adore.

    The council broadcast is for the purpose of providing those of us unable to attend a one to one opportunity to be involved and to express opinions.

    They need an interactive forum via Skype with viewers. It’s easy and it’s real time.

    And I am good friends with 4 of the council. All 4 read the SedonaEye.com – just like you.

  11. West sedona resident says:

    What…… No way….,,. You mean to tell me not one of the complainers here showed up at the council meeting to actually voice thier opinion where it counts..

    Couldn’t get out from your computers aye government haters

    What a bunch of BS artists and frauds….. Come on haters, what’s the next complaint… And the beat goes on….

  12. Robert O says:

    @ Barbara

    Since I support what the chamber is doing and like not having a city property tax, why do I need to show my face, I have no gripes or bit=hes.

    Can you imagine what the likes of all of the 10 of you on the Eye would say if they spent a dime to buy the electronics to receive and display Skype or Face time during city council meetings????

    I am glad to see that (like me) you post under your real name.

  13. steve Segner says:

    No one showed
    It show that this group of winers has no NO power for change, no guts to speak in person and use a real name.
    Lets see how much $ you give candidates for up coming elections, you say “vote them out”!…. let see if you can do more then talk……
    This council gets( it ) they even said so at meeting “there will always be a few people that say NO to everything” and they are not going to listen to them.

    Jennifer did a great job, and did you see the numbers ,! out of the ball park and all the new tax dollars going to the city budget, so much for JJ the sky is falling.

  14. @Robert O says:

    Yep you allow the LL looters to loot the city. Complete BS

    Spin it anyway you want but any legitimate professional manager or council person would never allow the in city residents and businesses to PAY for a special interest group (chamber) to PLAY with city taxpayer’s money.

    It’s a suicide watch when anyone speaks up against the chamber-tax.

  15. Susan P says:

    Dear Robert O you are wrong. We gladly go if the city held the meetings after 5:00. We are working.

  16. What's the Use? says:

    Sorry to disappoint you but I’ve no knowledge of or connection with any alleged baker @Robert O.

    I am, however, among those that have both signed a petition and written e-mails to the city council politely objecting to their proposal of managing our garbage hauling.

    So why single me out as being an unknown individual I’ve never even heard of. For all you know I’m one of the physicians, artists, or other professional, maybe legal, or Sedona business owners becoming increasingly disgusted with people like you that aimlessly point fingers at fictitious individuals.

  17. Alarmed says:

    Why would residents waste time attending Council meetings? We have almost zero influence in City government.

    As is well known, an overwhelming number of residents showed up for City Hall meetings to soundly rejected the single garbage hauler idea. What did that accomplish? We once again learned we have no political voice and that the process is rigged. The Mayor and Council’s incestuous relationship with their beloved regional Chamber of Commerce/Lodging Council and numerous other cronies rules.

    Please do not vote for any incumbent in August.

  18. oh la la says:

    oh la la ……. traffic is good…..traffic is wonderful….oh la la We love it, the business…..oh ladi la ….Give us more money….. we need to fill the 4,000 regional hotels up with taxpayers money la la lah $$$$.
    We are responsible for sedona…. only us. :) :) pay us more :) :)

    We play with your money and kiss as– in order to get it….. Smiling :) all the way to bank with my buddies.

  19. steve Segner says:

    Meeting was at 5:30 and it was not about garbage.
    For the people sitting home you could have sent in a email with comments and questions the Mayor would have read them!
    Oh it is to early in the day or I can not get out of my TV. recliner oh it is June and it is hot oh it’s suicide (really) talk to the city council. I bet your whole life is my dog ate my home work…..

  20. West Sedona Resident says:


    Waaaaaaa….boo hoo

    You know even if a totally new group were elected you’d still find fault….All talk no action…. Same ole same and the beat goes on….

  21. @steve Segner says:

    Woo Hoo & Yippee! Segner just summed up exactly how Sedona is being controlled. “Lets see how much $ you give candidates for up coming elections, you say “vote them out”!…. let see if you can do more then talk……”

    Yep – it’s all about paying for those that will do favors for special interests. Isn’t that just fabulous for Sedona’s already declining reputation and population.

    Keep the $$$$’s flowing to those candidates running that are rank, rotten, and putrid enough to seek public office to feed their egos and self -importance. Except for Mark DiNunzio who will not be seeking reelection, that’s what we have.

    Ain’t it wunnerful to live in Sedona among the small time pathetic souls that continue to sell us out in the name of money. OMG – what a legacy.

    Thx again Stevie. For once you got it right.

  22. steve Segner says:

    @What’s the Use? says:
    The ONLY solution is to make sure they are not reelected and that the new slate will have an open mind and show respect for all Sedona residents.

    That is correct and how do you do that? you support the people you want, you go door to door and you give money to there campaigns, youl probably never ever give money to anything.

    ,You said ” rotten, and putrid enough to seek public office ”
    Really? government just happens?
    Grow up, I will be working hard for the people I lake I will be giving $ and you will just bitch and your people will lose guarantee it.
    West Sedona said it all
    “You know even if a totally new group were elected you’d still find fault….All talk no action…. Same ole same and the beat goes on….

  23. Tom Z says:

    The reason I and other reasonable people do not run for the city council is the city is too far gone. Who wants to preside over the bus driving off the cliff?

    Even those who led us down the path to ruin will claim they could not have seen it coming.

    I feel sorry for those who sold out the city for greed or power. Karma will be hard for them.


  24. West Sedona Resident says:

    @Tom Z

    Who every said you were reasonable? You sound like a completely defeated (deleted by editor) to me…. Why not move?

  25. Al S says:

    @steve segner you should be ashamed. You have proven time and time again that you are simply an opportunist taking advantage. What are you gonna do when you can’t fill your rooms or get workers? You have 5,000 homes become your completion along with the new hotels in town. Do you think the employees and residents won’t remember how you cheated them? You’ll get it. So will Jen & Linda.

  26. Bob B says:

    Stunning that Linda Goldenstein claimed the Chambers success for keep 4000 Sedona hotel rooms occupied. What about the slow months? And since when did incorporated Sedona have 4000 hotel/motel/B & B rooms? In other words, how many of those 4000 are NOT

  27. Bob B says:

    (continuation of original message because I accidentally submitted it too soon

    located within Sedona City Limits and therefore do NOT collect city bed and sales tax? Nice try, Bee Essers, but as you know you have the powers in charge snowed up to their eyeballs.

    And keep in mind – NONE of the above will be subject to dictated control of their garbage hauling. Yes, three or more companies will continue to travel our city streets in spite of the idiotic lip service from the soothsayer consultant and city staff puppet.

    Personally I can’t wait to be among the first to opt out, especially since this farce has no apparent ending.

  28. steve Segner says:

    so please tell us how and why I am such a terrible person, I go to meetings I support people running for office and I ask people to come to city council meeting to tell the city what they think, What have you done for Sedona lately? Give us a list and I will give you mine!
    Please for all of us How did cheat anyone? I have had the same employees for 14 years, 5000 room rented out will just be more business for all of us, you may not like it

  29. Alarmed says:

    Steve Segner’s “5000 room rented out” is crazy BS. A recent version of the Western Gateway CFA Plan lists the exact numbers.

    City of Sedona Lodging Inventory
    Total Current Lodging Units

    Hotels – 1493
    Timeshares – 816
    B & Bs – 63
    Approved Units – 235

    Current & Approved Units – 2607

  30. West Sedona Resident says:

    My above comment was purely me. Nothing constructive to offer and only insulting comments.

    I work for the city, you see me on every council meeting.

    And the beat goes on.


  31. @West Sedona Resident says:

    And are we supposed to care who you are? Such prattle from you isn’t worth reading although difficult to avoid while running the list of comments looking for productive input.

    KD? Kook of the Day?

  32. Steve Segner says:

    Steve Segner’s “5000 room rented out” is crazy BS. A recent version of the Western Gateway CFA Plan lists the exact numbers.
    With the new law that lets every home rent out a room lean to read

  33. @Alarmed says:

    It appears Jennifer Wesselhoff and now Linda Goldenstein (among others including city council and staff) do not understand the concept of an incorporated city – that it is defined by boundaries. http://sedonaeye.com/sedona-city-limits-101-with-Eddie-maddock/

    Point being that since the city insists on maintaining a destination marketing contract with a “regional” Chamber of Commerce, and as an alleged non-profit special interest organization must honor its primary obligation to represent only its members, it clearly has no consideration for nonsense such as “city limits.” You see, most members are outside that area and although they do not contribute to city bed or sales tax, they are the beneficiaries of City of Sedona financed advertising.

    And so, cutting to the chase, a couple of examples are Enchantment and VOC Hilton, not to mention whatever other lodgings facilities are listed as outlying members in the Chamber directory publication , “Live – Work – Play SEDONA 2016-2017 Home Town Guide.”

    Conveniently this easily adds up to the 4000 lodging rooms referenced by Ms. Goldenstein at the recent council meeting. However, without clearly defining the number of those rooms that actually contribute DIRECTLY to the Sedona City tax base, the reputation of the perceived corrupt alliance between the city and this special interest organization stands pat. To use the excuse that guests staying in outlying areas will shop and dine within Sedona City Limits is not sufficient to justify the whim because factually what that does is turn them all into more day-trippers which most of us will agree we do not need.

    As has been said many times before, there’s no honesty among thieves. Snatch grab the money and run. Bogus, sham, scam. At least at the meeting Councilman John Martinez brought up the strange notion of entertaining Requests for Proposals when negotiating future advertising contracts. The reaction to that logical suggestion merely prompted something like a why would you want to do that(?) sort of response from Ms. Wesselhoff. (not a direct quote but the meaning is very succinct – don’t rock our gravy boat)

    In their own small little minds with lots of money to spend, they really believe the members outside Sedona City Limits are entitled to “free” benefits while only those in-city businesses that acquiesce to becoming members of this farce attain representation at the city financed visitors center. And even they have no assurance they indeed will be honored with referrals over and above the favored few on the preferred list.

    This refreshes my memory to a message still on my answering machine from the gentleman in Park City, Utah, who was astounded when I informed him the nature of Sedona’s contract with the Chamber of Commerce. Park City gives zero to their Chamber of Commerce and contracts directly with the State (of Utah) Bureau of Tourism, thus bypassing the questionable, controversial, and divisive set-up that was firmly set in place here in Sedona by a previous City Council with replacements solidly sponsored by those assuring Chamber benefits will continue.

    And by the way, Park City’s population has exploded to 30,000 because the only way outlying areas were allowed to be linked with the lightening rod name, Park City, was to become a part of the incorporated area, thereby agreeing to contribute to the financial base from which all will equally benefit.

    This is merely a repeat of the same old story of which we are already aware, but that’s the way it is except for one significant change. The price tag for the city has now been raised to over $2 million for fiscal year 2017.

    Eddie S. Maddock

  34. steve Segner says:

    I just want to take a moment and thank everyone on Sedona Eye for your inaction last week.

    I purposely went out of my way to invite , cajole , and shame the members on this site to go to the council meeting and actually speak to the council. Not just to each other.

    I did this little TEST to show the council members that there is No reason to worry about what people post on the Eye.

    Thanks everyone, once again for proving Gorilla marketing works. Sorry to say this will be my last post. You have no power and there is no need to try and educate a bunch of all post no action people. DO Nothings with made up names.
    BY-BY. Ss

    PS: Keep up the good work West Sedona Resident. Whoever you are.

  35. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    About passage of Senate Bill 1350 allowing short-term vacation rentals throughout Arizona, the question of enforcement once again looms.

    Why would anyone be stupid enough to report them and relinquish the tax free system they are already using? Except for those that use Airbnb or other online services to market their facility, how in the world will Arizona Department of Revenue be able to track them except, possibly, if neighbors report them? How will we know whether they are licensed and collecting taxes? And why should they go legit since it was already difficult to catch them when they were illegal? And if the Dept. of Revenue has thought this one through, it will indeed be interesting.

    Since we no longer will be able to defend and enjoy our single family residential zoning, why make it easy for those that have chosen to interfere with the integrity of our subdivisions by cooperating as whistle blowers on violators? Besides, our city leaders are way too engrossed in figuring out how they will pull off this garbage collecting scam.

    A cursory count I made of homes in my own immediate subdivision, including the three most recent residential resales, total 12 part-time residents. If they cancel their garbage service during the months they are away will the rest of us full-time Sedona residents be charged for that loss of revenue?

    No point asking at City Hall because this City Council, based on their lack of consideration to those that have expressed concerns, do not want to hear from us.

    Since there will be no apparent way to account for short-term rentals that are beating the system, it sure won’t add to the treasury at City Hall but for sure might cut into lodging rooms that are ponying up city and bed taxes.

    Oh well – back to subject. When they have their way they can always add the cash shortfall to our monthly garbage service bills. Do those of you on sewer understand what I’m saying?

    PS TO EDITOR: Nice surprise to receive your subscription bulletin today. It’s been over a year since my last weekly notice. Thank you:-)!

  36. @Eddie Maddock says:


    You continue to rant the same “facts” over and over year after year. I’m not saying that your “facts” are not facts, I think that you should take your rants on a road trip. If you really feel that you’re right with all of those “facts” take them to the podium at city hall, take them to court, take them to the AG’s office or take them to the Governor JUST PLEASE take them anyplace and file a complaint if you really feel that your “facts” are facts. Otherwise, move on to something new.

    You and that cake lady continue with your rants saying how right you are about so many things and yet you don’t have the tenacity to follow through.

    I’m guessing that if you are right and things really change, you’ll have nothing more to rant about and your 30 years of fame will be over.

    How about taking on that “chicken guy” on your corner on 179 for his blinding lights at night.What ever happened to Dark Sky’s in our town??? If anyone can make those lights go dark, it would be you.

  37. George says:

    The stage is set. Now is time for payback. We the residents who the city has disregarded and disrespectful can take it back.

    The city and the special interest groups think they can make more money off us and continue to gift millions to the REGIONAL private membership groups.

    The residents will NOT get involved in the city game to play neighbor vs neighbor or will we play the game business vs business.

    To the city good luck with trying to get sales & bed tax out of vacation rentals. Your greed and manipulation has created discord.

    It’s going to be so much fun to watch ALL the hotels and cheap B&B’s try and fill up their rooms. Now we residents can provide nicer places than you!

    PS CITY COUNCIL to endorse city funding of a regional private group like the chamber year after year is misuse of taxpayers’ money. Yep you’re now heading to 16 million.
    Duh, who wouldn’t love you when you gift them this kind of money.
    We will created a code of silence.

  38. Wazzamata? says:

    Is the kitchen gettin’ too hot for ya’ll @Eddie Maddock. And why do you people continue to read SE when clearly it riles you so much and boils your blood? You’re better off sticking with S Segner and his “Gorillas” since they are solidly the winning team. Enjoy your glory and stop whining. (at least you admit recognizing facts when you see them) Can’t stop laughing.

  39. Hoot & A Half says:

    The unknown person(s) @Eddie Maddock taking her to task didn’t question the content.. “I’m not saying that your “facts” are not facts.” So what’s the problem? To answer my own question, these people are on a roll and do not want their train derailed with the truth.

    The best part IMO is that finally the lid was blown off the fallacy about how good regional advertising is for Sedona City. Conclusion as pointed out by Maddock is those staying at lodgings elsewhere are the winners as long as they can tolerate the lines of traffic they add to. No City Sales & Bed Tax on their hotel rooms. And they needn’t worry about who picks up their garbage, even when they litter the highways. DAY TRIPPERS!

    City Council and Staff wake up.

  40. Thank You says:

    Thank you unnamed person (@Eddie Maddock) for acknowledging my extensive factual rants. That was a step up from accusing me of poison pen writings.

    Eddie S. Maddock

  41. @Eddie Maddock says:

    @Hoot & A Half

    Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear:

    If Eddie thinks that she’s right why doesn’t she or anyone else on this site DO SOMETHING. All Talk and No Action!!!!

    The only ones of this site that have the balls to do anything is J Rick and as pampas as he is, when it came to changing the land designation only he and Schroeder stood up and did something. They put together meetings, they went to council meetings THEY DID MORE THAN TALK on this site.

    While you may not like Segner at least he will stand up IN PERSON at meetings and have his say PUBLICLY.

    Eddie and the Cake lady don’t like anything especially the CoC so they bi*ch and rant but do nothing.

  42. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    To those that continue to connect me with “the Cake lady” let me set you straight. (@Eddie Maddock)

    Eddie Maddock is an independent agent, and if you don’t believe me ask anyone that is even remotely connected and has knowledge of how I operate.

    Although I may agree and support efforts of many others, including Rick Normand and those that have rallied against the National Monument Designation, I simply do not at this stage of my life formally ally myself with any group or individual for that matter.

    All too often those people for whom I’ve supported and even backed financially when and if I could afford it have turned the tables and marched in another direction. NO MORE.

    And as for the recent petition that was circulated for the purpose of opposing the proposed city controlling our garbage collection service, except for signing it, as did I believe an additional 600 or more individuals, that was the extent of my participation. I happened to have received e-mails from at least five unrelated sources prior to the notification from the person creating the petition. And it was not I.

    It was extremely discerning to overhear Councilman John Martinez comment at the beginning of a council meeting, when obviously he wasn’t aware the microphones were in operation, asking former Councilwoman Angela LeFevre about what are we (they) going to do about Eddie Maddock and, specifically named another individual. Sweet to be so important to irresponsibly be linked inappropriately with another person and without a shred of evidence or proof of unknown and non-specific ongoing allegations.

    And as for “Eddie and the Cake lady” not liking the C of C, and speaking only for myself, kindly be advised that at one time my late husband and I were avid supporters of the local Chamber of Commerce – were members and proudly participated in promoting what they stood for. My late husband and the late Attorney Fred Esser were instrumental in reviving the monthly Chamber Mixers when they had grown weak, limp, and barely surviving. That, of course, was when the purpose of that special interest association truly did offer benefits to the general community as we all showed up at Poco Diablo to celebrate the “burning of the mortgage” for the uptown property, which was made possible by public participation and not standing in line like a bunch of cry babies whining for a handout and claiming there would be no Sedona without their efforts. Oh, really?

    And let’s not forget the annual Sedona Oak Creek Canyon Chamber Meller Dramas – a summer function of performances by members of the Chamber in an outdoor venue uptown featuring a steak dinner. Great fun for residents, guests, and, yes, tourists. And guess what? That was one of many FUND RAISERS sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce without benefit of public money. A concept apparently dead and buried once Sedona incorporated and became a “city.” No more giving back to the community from that group – No Siree. Their new motto is “City of Chamber of Commerce = Cough Up Your Cash.” Muhammad Ali takes second place to them as “the greatest.” Don’t believe it? Just ask them.

    As for the “Cake lady” and presuming we are referencing the same person you so enjoy attacking, like many others in Sedona I consider both her and her husband good friends which includes the understanding and acceptance that we may not always agree on all issues.

    So kindly shut up and stand on your own two feet. The city council has already made it very clear that only those people agreeing with them are treated with respect at public meetings and affirmation of that occurred at the recent public meetings regarding the proposed garbage changeover. The degrading manner in which the city council treated Mr. & Mrs. Chris Taylor was deplorable, as others speaking against the proposed change in garbage service were and remained snubbed. And what incentive is that to attend public meetings? Or write to City Hall? Or make phone calls?

    For the record I strongly disagreed with dissolving City Commissions in favor of Citizen Engagement Groups and I believe that was not in harmony with certain people that you persist in insinuating we work in tandem.

    And what’s the point? Clearly the Chamber of Commerce is solidly linked to the city coffers ad infinitum without consideration of ever pursuing RFP’s or realistically looking at the injustice of it all. And the apparent unwillingness to admit those businesses being promoted outside city limits that do not collect city taxes on rooms or products offer little if anything more to incorporated Sedona besides representing more day trippers is blind sighted at best.

    So continue with your groundless finger pointing if you must. But unless you are willing to identify yourself or maybe even call me up and speak with me one on one, I’ll be happy to do so. The gentleman that called me from Park City, Utah, did just that. Interesting a complete stranger didn’t have qualms about doing so but you who continue to sound off are too ashamed to give your names? Speaks volumes.

    Having survived the struggles of making a living in Sedona for so many years, I feel deeply for those that are presently being treated so poorly. Lunching weekly with a friend, a former Sedona resident now living outside city limits, we respect the local patrons at this popular and long time thriving restaurant, and a plus side is it is not a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Amazing how vibrant it remains and even with reports of very negative references being made at the city financed visitors center. Yowzer! And sponsoring a visitors center with such questionable integrity is something of which to be proud?

    May I join you in offering congratulations to J. Rick Normand, Mr. Schroeder, and the others that have diligently and as it seems successfully pursued a hotly contested “regional” issue, and with transparency. It doesn’t appear they were in need of using any “gorilla?” (guerilla) tactics either. Way to go. Maybe you could give me and the “Cake lady” a page out of your book if you are able to snag us both at the same time. Not an easy task due to our varied schedules and life styles.

  43. West sedona resident says:


    Oh boy

    Talk about whining and complaining….

    Hey why not tell us Thats restaurants name that you frequent so we can all enjoy it

  44. @Eddie Maddock says:


    I’m not attacking anyone. Everyone on this site knows that you and the Cake Lady (or should I say former Cake Lady) are best of friends and that’s not a bad thing she’s very nice just doesn’t know when to stop being a pain in the butt. As a former customer every Sunday morning for the past 7 years it’s a shame that she’s closed her doors. JUST A FACT. The two of you historically have challenged the CoC and that’s not a bad thing either. My point being that instead of ranting for years and years try following JRick and Schroeders lead and go rant to someone who will make a difference.

    You can continue to twist and turn all that you want, YOU ARE ALL TALK!!!!.

  45. Rebecca Tan says:

    I found this site after a nice woman at a retreat in Sedona Mago mentioned it. It’s everything she promised it would be. I find it irreverent and a slap in the face of orthodoxy. Praise be.

    Keep up your good works, keep up your good news. Only thru selfless acts like bringing forth Truth vs Evil will we survive on this planet.

  46. R U NUTS? says:

    And just where is the comparison about issues @Eddie Maddock? The National Monument designation is just that – a national issue. The regional chamber of commerce as well as who picks up garbage are both local issues and not something either state or national elected officials are interested in. Get a grip. Speaking of being ALL TALK?

  47. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    Very funny @Eddie Maddock. You are too much of a coward to take up my offer to call me directly, on the telephone, and yet you claim to be the spokesperson “for everyone?” (And your usage of exclamation points is sophomoric.) Thank goodness I’m eliminated from that generalization, otherwise I’d be roaring louder than a fierce lion. Our exchange is hereby terminated.

    And as for good old West sedona resident, whatever you say must be true. At least you haven’t claimed to be a spokesperson for anyone other than your own unidentified sorry self which, believe it or not, puts you in a class above the other coward @Eddie Maddock, subject of the first portion of this response.


  48. Alex says:

    @Alarmed Thank You for posting

    “A recent version of the Western Gateway CFA Plan lists the exact numbers.
    City of Sedona Lodging Inventory
    Total Current Lodging Units
    Hotels – 1493
    Timeshares – 816
    B & Bs – 63
    Approved Units – 235
    Current & Approved Units – 2607”

    After Linda Goldenstein statements I wonder how many of the council persons or city managers caught her false statements.

    I come from Florida where only those inside the district get any benefits. Crazy crap here the city paying – giving a chamber over 2 million. nutsville.

  49. @Eddie Maddock says:

    Well Eddie, there you go again, deflecting away from the question.

    I didn’t think I ever typed or mentioned that I was the spokesperson “for everyone” so why would you say that, oh yes DEFLECTING AWAY from my question yet again.

    You can type it, you can say it “otherwise I’d be roaring louder than a fierce lion” but you only know how to “roar” on this site. You are so opinionated but I guess you haven’t figured out how to “put the tire to the road”. You love to voice those opinions here and then complain that no one in government listens to you. Well Eddie, get out of the house and file a complaint, LET US ALL SEE YOU ROAR like that lion you speak about.

    You say it’s wrong what the CoC does well, DO SOMETHING – TELL SOMEONE! Otherwise button it up!

    Like I said a few postings back, I’m tired of seeing that gift shop with the big chicken in your neck of the woods with the blaring, non-conforming lights. I’m guessing that the city can’t do anything about it. If you’re so much like a “lion” why don’t you give it a try. How about posting something here on the Eye, get those neighbors rallied together!

    But you won’t because your no longer that “lion” from years gone by that you type about, just a kitty with a cute meow.

  50. west sedona resident says:

    @Rebecca Tan
    @RU NUTS

    These are all the same person posting under different names trying really really hard to disquise their writing styles

    FYI SE readers

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