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Letter to the Editor: Red Rock News Fails

February 27th, 2010

To:  The Editor, the Red Rock News

Dear Sir:

I was surprised and dismayed to read your Editorial in yesterday’s edition of the Red Rock News.  Yes, your paper has the right and the obligation to encourage our registered voters to vote!  However, I had thought, apparently erroneously, that your paper had clearly stated in the past that, although it would give plenty of space to the candidates and issues, it would not endorse any candidates.  I believe this is a bad decision for a local paper serving a small town.

I have also been dismayed at your paper’s coverage of the election campaign.  Why is it that you continually denigrate those who do not support the Scagnelli slate?  Any stranger coming into town would think that there is a large unruly contingent here who bullies everyone who does not agree with it and uses mafia-type tactics to get its way.  Your headlines speak of this.  There might be one or two people in any group who might feel more strongly than others about the candidates and issues, but none of these folk has broken the law.  None deserve to be treated like rowdy criminals.  Many of these folk are passionate about the future of this beautiful town.  They give up their time and energies to research these issues and bring their results to the attention of the Council.  Isn’t that what Democracy is all about?  I do not believe armed police within the Council Chambers is the answer.  Nor do I believe Council and ex-Council members have the right to treat these caring citizens as misbehaving school children who need to be chastised and punished.

Finally, I do take offense at the way you treat the National Scenic Area and the lights on 89A as “a mere blip” in the City’s future.  How far from the truth! These two issues set the way for how Sedona will be in 20 years time.  We should be electing councilors based on their vision for Sedona.  The every day issues and solutions derive from that vision.


Angela LeFevre 

410 Oak Creek Blvd

Sedona, AZ 86336

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