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La Raza and Arizona Superintendent of Education

Sedona AZ (January 20, 2015) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Attn: Letter to the Editor

January 18, 2015

Subject: RepublicRats Pose as Conservatives
Ref: Politicians talk Conservative / act Socialist.


arizona department of education logoWe Conservatives have been and are being “Snookered” by smooth talking RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only, whom I call “RepublicRats”). For example strong Conservatives supported the past Governor Brewer, whom we backed on “Border Issues” and then sold the State down the tube to the “Gates/Obama Bribe” supporting Common Core. Then we backed the new Arizona State Superintendant of Schools Diane Douglas, mostly due to her stated stand against the Common Core Issue and, I believe, others besides my wife and I understood her to be strongly supportive of our position about “Secure Borders” and “The Rule of Law” instead of “Voluntarily Opened Borders” and “Dictatorial Rule by Executive Fiat, Supposition and Innuendo.”

Now we are faced with Superintendent Douglas making some agreement with the “Far Left Open Borders Activist Group” called La Raza, a “Nationwide Socialist/Totalitarian Subversive Organization” from the 1930’s era that insists the Southwestern United States was ‘Stolen from Mexico,” and from what I have been shown, the La Raza teachings will be added into the curriculum, at least in the Tucson School District.

This is problematic in more ways than one; because their teachings do not take into account the actual “Historical facts” or the differences in the Governments of the two Countries, and, why the people from Mexico will risk everything to be in the United States instead of “Reforming their own Ultra-Corrupt Government” that is actively enabling them to run away from the Mexican Problems.

Even “If” the US / Mexico Border had been made to include Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California into Mexico, most of it would look like Northern Mexico does now – and Mexico would still be buried in Governmental Corruption and trying to get its people to “Flee to the United States.” It is not the ‘Land’ that is different, it is not the ‘People’ who are different, it is ‘Possibilities’ that are different; those possibilities that are made available to the “Citizens of the United States” by the limitations that are placed on the “Government” by the “Constitution of the United States.”

United States and Mexico border is highlighted in green

United States and Mexico border is highlighted in green

The physical location of the “Border” makes no difference either; if the border were a straight East-West line in the sand half way between Laredo, Texas and Mexico City, Mexico, the Mexican side would still be impoverished and the United States side would be productive and flourishing.

The Generous Foreign Aide and Commercial Trade Treaty (called an Agreement) of NAFTA that has taken Millions of Dollars and thousands of Manufacturing jobs out of the US, and created jobs in Mexico, did nothing to curb the “Illegal Trespassing” into the US, nor did it decrease the corruption in Mexico.

Mexican Citizens need to “Reform the Mexican Government”; why try to make the United States into an extension of their distorted fiasco?

It would not matter what La Raza would teach anywhere; if our “Public and Private Schools” actually taught History and US Government without the destructive revisionist (Totalitarian) doctrine that has been being increasingly adopted for the last one-hundred years or more. Most people that actually know the truth of a matter are much harder to subvert and fool with distortions, regardless how masterful the deceiver is.

I am sincerely disappointed in Diane Douglas’s decision; however, I am not yet quite ready to give up on her doing good in her position as State School Superintendent, although it has lowered her considerably on my list of Favorite Political Personalities and makes me much more skeptical of anything she does.

Dale Gohr, Clarkdale, Arizona

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For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!



  1. Go to a SW town to see the truth. Here is the teachable moment to La Raza…All borders are fluid. Wars happened. Peace happens. Treaties & compromises & buy/sells evolve. Welcome to the present. Now that history is understood, get out your free US education books and learn something that will get you jobs, you know, those jobs you can’t get in Mexico & South America because your governments think people like you are low class and ignorant? La Raza wants to keep you ignorant & a servant class, La Raza is a tool of those governments. You’re better than that. Now prove you’re equal. Kids teach your parents, parents teach your kids. Stop being tools of false prophets.

  2. we’re laughing, this family proud americans for generations & not mexican hyphens, think we want to live in mexico or have mex traditions? F*** (deleted by editor) NO, you ever been there, you’re crazy, can’t drink the water & they prance around with dead skeletons on holidays. weird (deleted by editor)!!!! pats at the super bowl

  3. Carol Rizzi says:

    People do your research. Here’s just one article for you to read: “Breitbart exposes farce campaign against AZ Ed Sup’t.”
    Diane Douglas is meeting with a number of school districts, one of which is Tucson to correct violations in their ethnic studies classes that are using pop acts such as Rage Against the Machine and KRS-One to promote resentment and advocate ethnic solidarity. Diane has not done anything for us not to support her and don’t believe everything at face value – do your homework.

  4. In an effort to shine a light on the importance of full-day kindergarten, Representative Brenda Barton and Senator Jeff Dial will be joined by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to tour a full-day kindergarten class at Horseshoe Trails Elementary School in the Cave Creek Unified School District, Phoenix. The tour will take place on Friday, February 13 at 10 AM. Barton and Dial are the authors of House Bill 2426 and Senate Bill 1068, the “Additional Classroom Time for Kindergartners” legislation. The legislation will require Arizona public schools to provide optional, free, full-day kindergarten to all eligible students. The Sheriff and legislators will be at Horseshoe Trails Elementary from 10 am to noon, and will have lunch with the children after the tour.

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