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Join the 47th Annual St. Patrick’s Parade

st patrick's day paradeSedona AZ (January 31, 2017)The city of Sedona’s Parks and Recreation Department is looking for parade participants for its 47th Annual St. Patrick’s Parade to be held Saturday, March 11, 2017. As in the past, the parade will begin at 10:30 a.m. and travel along Jordan Road between Jordan Historical Park and Mesquite Avenue in Uptown.

Part of what makes this holiday parade great are the many musicians, organizations, decorative floats and businesses that participate, all reasons why the city continues to value community interest in this fun event. Parade participants include people on the floats, marching bands, those who decorate and drive their cars, and even people walking in the parade.

After decades of the Sedona Main Street Program organizing the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the city of Sedona’s Parks and Recreation Department will take the lead this year, building upon the legacy of this successful community event.

“With an energized new team leading the way, we expect participation and enjoyment of the parade to be just as good as last year’s and are doing our best to make the changes behind the scenes a smooth transition,” said Rachel Murdoch, Parks and Recreation manager, city of Sedona.

One unique aspect of the city of Sedona St. Patrick’s Parade is the participation of university students. Every year a new group of Northern Arizona University students enrolled in the College of Social and Behavioral Science’s Special Event Planning course, takes on the challenge of developing and executing the parade. Student Kelcee Moore is up for the challenge, saying, “It is an honor to coordinate and plan such a fun event with the city of Sedona Parks and Recreation Department staff and we hope we can continue to improve the event each year.”

To be a participant in the parade, fill out an entry form and submit the application along with the entry fee before its Friday, February 24, 2017, deadline to RMurdoch@SedonaAZ.gov or via in person/mail to:

City of Sedona Parks and Recreation Department
525 Posse Ground Road
Sedona, AZ 86336

Entry forms are available for download on the city’s St. Patrick’s Parade calendar page at www.SedonaAZ.gov/Parks. A paper copy can be mailed to interested parade participants by calling the city of Sedona Parks and Recreation Department office at 928-282-7098. Space is limited, so entry spots are available on a first come, first served basis. The entry fee for a business is $100, with individuals and non-profit applicants paying $25.

In addition, parade sponsorship opportunities are available until February 17 and those interested may contact Rachel Murdoch at the above email address or phone number.

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  1. Here We Go Again says:

    “After decades of the Sedona Main Street Program organizing the St. Patrick’s Day Parade . . .”

    The Sedona Main Street Program hasn’t been around for decades so responsible parties for such an outlandish announcement should promptly retract that statement.

    Years ago the Chamber of Commerce sponsored that parade – sans any city financing because there was no city. Those were the days the C of C was worthy of respect because they actually contributed something beneficial to the city without begging for money.

    Too bad the Parks & Reck will be taking this over which will only cost more from taxpayers. The C of C gets more accolades from the USFS to maintain their trails than taking over a project that they originally, along with Sedona native the late Ray Steele, sponsored as the non-profit they continue to claim to be. Pity.
    And the corruption and ruination goes on.

  2. Joanne W says:

    Wow the city took over a long time event that the was supported and paid for by the businesses. Could this be because they overcharged the businesses for services and forced them to collect taxes to advertise their competition? Another one bites the dust.

    This should be interesting. Let’s see how they mess this up.

  3. Phyllis Stanley, Pine says:

    Great, cute, fun, it’s America at its best being America. We applaud you for valuing traditions that embrace being America and visiting America.

  4. Bernice Terroya says:

    Fine and good.

  5. Liz says:

    Main Street hired a new director from Prescott several months ago b/c she was touting Schnebly Hill for development and making Schnebly the new road to Flagstaff and bypass the switchbacks and 89a. Hmmmm. Wonder if the new kid on the block got the message she was ill equipped and out of her league? Wonder what landowners aka rock heads were pushing that agenda? And the city complains about Trump? OFLMAO

  6. Alarmed says:

    Here We Go Again is wrong when stating “the Sedona Main Street Program hasn’t been around for decades.” It’s like it hasn’t been around for months–approximately three.

    The Annual St. Patrick’s Parade should not be a City event.

    City staff has always wanted to grow the government by any means, especially through laying their hands on beaucoup bucks. Currently in the wind: (1) a City sales tax increase and (2) “a proposal to form special taxing districts for infrastructure improvements”/Thank you, Brace Yourselves.

    By the way, according to the Arizona State Treasurer’s December 2016 Draft FY 2015/16 REPORT OF LONG TERM DEBT, at $3,680 the City of Sedona has the 10th highest per capita debt of Arizona’s 91 cities.

  7. I Don't Really Care says:

    I don’t really care who coordinates this parade as long as it continues to happen. What a great way to bring a community together.

    I applaud the 17 years of Holly’s hard work. She should and was commended for accomplishing the goal of her Main Street project. If the goal was accomplished and Holly retired and the Main Street committee ended on a high note what more can anyone ask for? Correct me if I’m wrong and I’m sure someone will, if there’s no Main Street project isn’t that a wind fall savings for the city? I would think that it would be a Win Win if the events can continue each year and the extra money can be used to on drainage issues.

  8. City of Sedona Traffic Alert - Feb 18 & 19 says:

    Due to changing weather conditions and light morning traffic; on Saturday, Feb. 18, we will have fewer traffic restrictions than planned.  Left turns onto and from Jordan Road will be restricted only between the hours of 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., if needed.

    If traffic congestion increases, left turn restrictions will be applied, and an additional southbound lane on SR 89A between Forest Road and Amara Lane will allow visitors to access Uptown shops and keep traffic moving from the canyon. Northbound motorists needing access to Jordan Road will be directed along a detour route through Forest Road or Apple Ave.

    On Sunday, Feb. 19, weather and traffic conditions will determine the traffic control schedule. 
    Thanks for your patience please drive safely.

  9. St Patrick's Day Parade Update says:

    Looking for a fun family event to welcome spring? Make plans for an Uptown breakfast, then join the community for the Sedona Saint Patrick’s Parade on Saturday, March 11. The parade begins at 10:30 a.m. at the Jordan Historical Park, travels south on Jordan Road, and ends at Mesquite Avenue.
    This year’s parade features a veteran’s military honor guard, cowboy riders and wagons, a pipes and drums corps, student musicians and drill team, and an antique fire truck. The parade is a joint production of the city of Sedona and 50 students from Northern Arizona University.
    “We love the enthusiasm and ideas we always get from our partnership with NAU students,” said Rachel Murdoch, parks and recreation manager. “The students have been great, helping with organization, logistics and marketing.”
    Come early for the best parking and visit the Uptown shops and restaurants before the parade starts. Visit the Parks and Recreation Department calendar of events for updates and download the Uptown parking map for parking locations. Questions? Call the Sedona Parks and Recreation Department at (928) 282-7098.

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