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Jerry Joslyn – Candidate U. S. Senate – Green – Arizona (Primary)

SEDONA AZ–“Issue number one is jobs and the economy,” Jerry Joslyn, Arizona Green Party candidate said. He is a small businessman and an investor who has been tracking the business environment for years. He doesn’t like a lot of what he sees.

Joslyn pointed out that, “In 2007 (Warren) Buffet earned something like 47 million and paid 17%. His secretary earned $60 thousand and paid 30%. Four out of five Americans pay more in payroll tax than income tax. So the constant focus on income tax misses the point. Payroll tax is the biggest burden for the vast majority of people. Lower income groups need to pay a smaller percentage.”

Candidate Joslyn said that we need a major overhaul of the tax system. He would like to eliminate the payroll tax, the capital gains tax, estate taxes, and the current income tax. Then he would replace them all with one simple income tax. Every taxpayer in America would get a standard deduction of $20,000 and above that all income would be taxed at a flat rate of 28%. Joslyn claims this would balance the budget, be less cumbersome and ultimately more fair. It isn’t a flat tax, entirely.

Joslyn believes that the current system focuses on supply side economics but today the focus should be on demand side. For demand to increase families and citizens need to have more money in their pockets.

“Elimination of the payroll tax would be the biggest boon for Arizona,” Green Party candidate Joslyn said. “Two thirds of all job creation comes from small business. Eliminating the payroll tax, lowers labor cost by 15.6%.  Take that 15.6% off, and that in itself will create jobs. Put more money in the hands of the people who are doing the hiring, and that puts more money in the hands of people who buy things.”

Joslyn thinks the national economic debate has descended to “MSNBC vs. Fox News” and it isn’t based on understanding, it is based on rhetoric that doesn’t do business or working people any good.

Jerry Joslyn is against SB1070. He was also against the Iraq war from the beginning, and remains against it, claiming the wars are a bad investment, a waste of lives and resources. He said, “Our war is against Al Queda, Iraq is a clear case of mission creep, it has become nation building. Nation building has never worked. We must continue the war against Al Queda with a lean mean and cost effective military.”

As for economic chicanery, candidate Joslyn states that a lot of what is wrong in our financial markets isn’t a lack of policy from the SEC but a lack of enforcement. The rules need to be enforced rather than ignored. and as a Senator Joslyn intends to look into it.

For more information go to, http://www.joslynforsenate.com/.

Article by Joni Dahlstrom, sedonaeye.com Staff Writer   JoniD@eSedona.net   Sedona Times Publishing Election Central  c2010



  1. Sedona Times News Interview: We’ve linked to you on BlogInterviewer..great articles!

  2. Jerry Joslyn says:

    Actually I said the SEC should bring back the uptick rule, and that naked shorting should be illegal. Market volatility and frictionless trading are not good things for the small investor. The mission creep has occurred in Afghanistan, Iraq was a bad idea from the start. Other than that, a great piece of work Joni, and thanks for the pixels.
    Jerry Joslyn

  3. Jerry Joslyn, Green Party AZ U.S. Senate says:

    Project Vote Smart:
    Jerry Joslyn (AZ)

    Office Seeking: U.S. Senate
    Party: Green Party

    Background Information
    Gender: Male
    Family: Wife: Joan Fouquet
    Birth Date:
    Birthplace: Anaheim, CA
    Home City: Scottsdale, AZ
    Religion: Christian

    BA, Business, Arizona State University

    Professional Experience:
    Publisher, New Digest, 1987-1995
    President, Scottsdale Systems, Limited, 1979-1986
    Writer/Editor, MicroAge Computer, 1977
    Founder, American Postal Corporation
    Arizona National Guard
    California Air National Guard
    Computer Software/Internet Industries

    Political Experience:
    Delegate, Arizona State Convention, Jerry Brown for President, 1992
    Delegate, Arizona State Convention, John Lindsay for President, 1972

    Photo for Jerry Joslyn (AZ)
    Biographical Issue Positions
    (Political Courage Test) Interest Group Ratings Position Papers Speeches and Public Statements Campaign Finances
    Contact Information

    Campaign Email:
    Campaign Website:

    Campaign Address
    10105 East Via Linda, #103-302
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
    Phone: 480-280-3642

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