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Harley McGuire and Friends Ask That You Share The Love

Harley McGuire, SedonaEye.com Paws Up Columnist

Sedona AZ (October 11, 2012) – Several friends shared this story with SedonaEye.com Paws Up columnist Harley McGuire, so when Harley’s pals Hudson, Inoch and Sadie asked him to share this story with his Sedona Eye readers, a beautiful story of a heart-warming and uplifting display of true love, Harley McGuire sent the following dispatch for his Paws Up fans:

A Wisconsin man has been thrust into the spotlight after a picture of him and his 19-year-old dog was seen on the Internet.

According to the Northland’s NewsCenter report: The image of John Unger and his dog Schoep has been reaching people across the world. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

“My mother has a saying,” said Unger, “For the comfort and convenience of the dog.” Unger is the epitome of this saying. Unger loves his dog, he takes care of this dog, his life is about this dog. John Unger and Schoep have spent almost twenty years together; he was rescued as a puppy.

John Unger and his beloved Shoep

“We both wanted to work with a dog that had been abused and we knew this. We talked about it and that’s what we wanted to do. We wanted to help out an animal and bring out his full potential,” said Unger.

It’s hard for Unger to talk about their time together because 19-year-old Shoep is nearing the end of his long, happy life. “What he means to me? I can’t put into words.”

Shoep suffers from arthritis and has trouble sleeping, so to ease his pain, Unger takes him swimming and Schoep will fall asleep in his arms.

“Not too many more times are we going to be able to do this. So every time now it’s a pretty special feeling….the buoyancy it gives him in the water relieves the pain, or at least some of it to the point where he’s relaxed,” said Unger with Schoep by his side.

Inoch and Hudson

Photographer Hudson’s picture captured this moment perfectly and her snap shot, viewed three million times, comes down to one word…love. “They are two amazing beings and if you can take anything from this photo, take the love from it and pass it on to other people,” said Hudson.

“You give love and that love will return ten fold, that’s what I want people to get from this photograph,” said Unger.

Harley McGuire writes a postscript: To John Unger and his beloved, Shoep, how great a love you two share! 

Please, dear reader, go visit your local humane society. There are so many of my pals that need a John Unger in their lives. Please rescue a broken-heart today and make it whole with your love and affection.

Here’s a Shout Out! to Village of Oak Creek resident, Deb Belding, who rescued Sir Purrs-a-lot, a Persian cat removed to the Sedona Humane Society from a local hoarding situation. Deb reports that Purrs is making progress accepting love and affection! Thank you, Deb Belding, for your heart.

And, to my own human mom that rescued this broken-heart from Texas, I love you!

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  1. sweet sweeeeet sweeeeeeeeeet

  2. This is to thank Harley’s publisher/editor and pals Inoch, Hudson, and Sadie for stepping in as his agents during my down time.

    The dread of having to part with Harley for three days was far worse than the surgery, and that’s the truth. Last year it was Harley’s jaw getting rewired, this year his mom had her time out for repairs. But in no time we’ll both be back out in the Village joining our friends at the Kiwanis Park.

    Response to Harley’s last comment:

    Thanks to you, my darling Texas love of my life. The trouble I went through to adopt you no where measures up to the pleasure you continue to give me. You are my reason for living.

  3. Dear Harley McGuire’s Mother,

    Every now and then we all have to take time out to get repaired. After a while, we are back to being as good as new and, in fact, better than before…we know from personal experience. Take the time to heal and let our pal Harley take good care of his human mom.

    See you at Kiwanis Park!

    Inoch, Hudson, Sadie AND Dominic

  4. Denise Huntington liked this Facebook article found on Sedona Humane Society.

  5. Great article–made me cry. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Chip'n Dale says:

    Thank you Harley, mom saw this story on TV and it is wonderful what this gentleman is going for his pup. We think your mom would do the same for you and we hope our mom would be right there too.

    As always – Hugs and Hisses love Chip’n Dale

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