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Evolution is Not Scientific Fact

Sedona AZ (May 25, 2018) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


Evolution as Scientific Fact?

The letter to the Verde Independent editor by Gordon Twa is about typical for someone who thinks there is no Higher Power than Self. Do you honestly believe the Power and Design of all Creation came about by Happenstance, with no intelligent guidance? If you do, please do not call it Science. There are holes in the Theory of Evolution wide enough to float aircraft carrier battle groups through.

I was taught and believed in evolution until my study proved, beyond doubt to me, that Evolution does not and can not work.

To start with, how could and would Evolution change from the ultra-efficient cell division form of reproduction to having need for a male and a female of a specie? How could the Eyes have evolved when the chemical make-up of the Eye is of chemicals that will not mix in natural surroundings? How could Honeybees have evolved when they cannot reproduce without Royal Jelly, and Honeybees are the ones that make Royal Jelly?

Charles Darwin’s claims were bogus: The Tortoise were still Tortoise; the Iguana were still Iguana. Where are the new species if the animals and humans evolved? Was there some catastrophic event that made Evolution stop?

I was raised believing in Science and I found Evolution was not true; I still didn’t believe in God, until I was involved in miracles [including broken bones repaired completely, in less than an hour, with first x-ray of head bones shattered and the second x-ray showing no sign of there ever having been a broken bone].

After that I started studying.

Don’t even try to throw me that Evolution is Science because Evolution is all negative Emotion.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale, AZ USA

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  2. Ken Phelps says:

    “I was raised believing in Science…”

    That seems to be the root of the problem. You were raised to believe, not to learn or understand. When your views are based on belief and faith, instead of reason and evidence, there is a tendency to bounce from one misunderstanding to another.

    I would be curious to know where the author looked for answers to his not very original questions. (The questions are boiler plate rhetoric from religious websites intent on confusing the uninformed) Such questions are what are known in the trade as “PRATTS” – Points Refuted a Thousand Times.

    It’s a pity the author’s “studies” apparently didn’t include gleaning any of the readily available information available on the actual subject.

  3. Rob Olivera, Flagstaff AZ says:

    Make your opinions known by using the link in story. Put it and your opinions to good use.

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