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El Paso Texas Joins Folksville USA

El Paso Texas Folksville USA Anti-Litter 1-1 CAV effort bags of highway trash

Sedona AZ (April 9, 2012) – In 2010, the 1/1 CAV was invited and agreed to work with two former Vietnam 1/1 CAV members, one of whom founded Folksville USA whose mission is to restore the beauty to American highways and communities.

Vietnam veteran and Folksville USA founder, Gary Chamberlain, and seven Arizona neighbors began to question the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) taxpayer funded anti-litter program for its lack of results.

Unable to resolve program issues with the bureaucrats in the Arizona state agency, Folksville USA was created to coordinate anti-litter volunteer efforts. The local scenery began to noticeably change for the better.

Citizen advocate Chamberlain is proud of the difference Folksville USA is making to local and now nationwide highways and communities anti-litter efforts.

“The El Paso, Texas 1/1 CAV collected 98 bags of trash on both sides of a one-mile section of Texas Highway 95 during their recent event,” Chamberlain said admiringly. Pointing to the photograph of the Texas litter filled bags, he added, “What do the facts suggest when it comes to those who trash our country? Remember that this photograph reflects only one mile of collected litter and Texas has thousands of highway miles needing to be cleaned.”

“It is my hope,” said Chamberlain, “that all of the Armed Forces initiate a nationwide effort to clean up our highways. This effort should include active and retired military personnel. If our nations Armed Forces and veterans participated in the Adopt-A-Highway programs in the states they reside, together, we could turn the tide against those who litter. Litter is not only a health and safety issue. People who litter and businesses that fail to prevent litter are guilty of personal, community and national disrespect. It should not be tolerated and public education and enforcement are the keys to prevention.”

To the Folksville USA Armed Forces personnel of El Paso, Texas that joined Folksville USA in its nationwide “call to arms” lifting litter, Point Man Chamberlain sends a “HOO AH!” in appreciation.

To learn more about the Folksville USA anti-litter campaigns and how to join and or contribute to its volunteer efforts, visit www.FolksvilleUSA.com or contact Gary Chamberlain at FolksvilleUSA@gmail.com. For more stories and articles visit SedonaEye.com and use the search words “Gary Chamberlain” and or “Folksville”.

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  1. Gary Chamberlain, Cornville says:

    It is my hope that businesses and residents in every city, town and state replicate our Arizona Verde Valley “Folksville USA” efforts to restore the beauty to our communities. If we all have skin-in-the-game in solving the national highway litter epidemic that discourages, tourism, new home sales, new residents, new businesses, and potential job growth in our communities, then we can all be proud of being part of this national effort.

    The “Broken window theory” that adversely destroys neighborhoods also applies to littered highways that destroy the economy of our communities. ….. People have choices if they want to live and work in your community. First appearances do matter.

    It is my hope that residents and businesses everywhere will consider one of the following 3 options:

    Option 1 consists of providing me with $10 for every bag of highway trash that I personally collect. For a list of those who have already contributed to my Folksville USA Verde Valley effort connect to this link: “http://cvbugle.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=33057&SectionID=1&SubSectionID=991&S=1”. (Thank you SedonaEye.com for printing this link.)

    Put me to work collecting litter by sending the $10 per bag fee to Gary Chamberlain, Folksville USA, PO Box 1138, Cornville, AZ 86325. If you have questions, comments and or concerns contact me at FolksvilleUSA@gmail.com or 928-202-1186. I am conducting my personal anti-litter activities as a “For profit business” and believe in capitalism. I am trying to cover the direct expenses for my efforts with this $10 per bag fee.

    Option 2 consists of paying your favorite Armed Forces unit, youth club, and or church organization $10 for every bag of trash they recover from our highways. Your favorite club, group or organization should assist one of the many Adopt-A-Highway Groups in the nation. For those wishing to contact one of our Arizona Verde Valley ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Groups contact me for information. Option 2 is my favorite because it would get more people involved!

    Option 3 consists of doing nothing and suffering the consequences.

    This is a ”We the People” effort where we can all come together and leave our personal prejudices at the curb for a better community!

    Gary Chamberlain
    “Point Man” Folksville USA
    (to find more stories about Folksville USA and Road Warrior anti-litter efforts search this site using keywords “Folksville USA”)

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  3. H. Groombridge says:

    Awesome article. I have it posted in our HHT’s Conference room. Looks good there.

    1SG, USA
    First Sergeant

  4. Gary Chamberlain says:

    FVUSA, local businesses and “Litter getter offers cash For trash”!

    Thanks to Steve Ayers for sharing his Verde Independent and Camp Verde Bugle story about how “We the people” and Verde Valley businesses making a difference.

    This story clearly reveals how businesses and residents are making a difference in the visual aspects of the Verde Valley highways in an effort to attract tourists, new residents and new businesses that bring employment opportunities.

    FVUSA is also bringing visual pleasure to our local residents.

    Who wants t live in a dump?

    Verde Independent story:


    Thank you Mr. Ayers.

    Gary Chamberlain
    “Point Man” FVUSA

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