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Eddie S. Maddock: What’s Next Sedona?

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock asks where will all the red rocks go in Sedona’s new concrete-friendly Vision Statement?

Sedona AZ (September 18, 2018) – As the dust settles from yet another conclusion of a city of Sedona primary election, there are those who remain stunned at the results and those who will remain jubilant, for at least the next two years.

Of course the General election is in November when the incorporated Sedona’s hot button will be approval or denial of a Permanent Base Adjustment. A good deal of information has already surfaced relating to that measure – and assuredly more will be forthcoming. Therefore, there isn’t a need to discuss the subject at this particular time.

What immediately is before City decision makers is the ongoing and unsettled issue of addressing an overabundance of traffic. In addition, decisions will be made relating to development of at least two more resort hotels bearing names of national recognition, more discussion relating to land use, creating the professed need for “affordable” housing, and, at the same time, facing and admitting that Sedona is not too far away from being “built-out.” Far reaching anticipation might very well be lurking in the background at the possibility of acquiring more land via USFS land trades, but that might be a tough sell.

Or then again, maybe not…except that revising or amending the U.S. Forest Plan would be an arduous task.

With the core of our City Council remaining essentially the same, there isn’t any reason to anticipate great changes in direction and/or policy. As development continues to commence, it’s likely to become a greater challenge for existing subdivisions to secure the integrity of their CC&R’s in the event substantial requests for rezoning to higher density development on available vacant lots surface.

Sedona AZ

It could very well become more important for individuals to monitor City Hall activities for knowledge and peace of mind to assure build-out in specific areas is in keeping with expectations of existing residents.

At the time the Sedona Community Plan was most recently updated, it became apparent certain specific changes had been made. For example, the “Vision Statement” no longer includes reference to a small town character. Rightfully so since Sedona, presently headed towards having at least one major resort at almost every intersection, has long since surpassed that vision.

For the record, following is the updated Vision Statement”:

VISION: Sedona is a community that nurtures connections between people, encourages healthy and active lifestyles, and supports a diverse and prosperous economy, with priority given to the protection of the environment.

A quick rundown of the six essential goals or major outcomes have been identified in the Community Plan as: Environmental Protection; Economic Diversity; Housing Diversity; Reduced Traffic; Community Gathering Places; and Access to Oak Creek.

Sedona AZ

During city council meetings it is frequently apparent city council members and staff are vigilant in keeping the Community Plan in focus, as reflected by many references to “the Plan” during discussions. It is fascinating at times to study and attempt to analyze justification on some occasions – such as defending “product development” as a portion of what originally was a “Destination Marketing” contract with a regional, member driven local non-profit conveniently located within Sedona City Limits.

To-date has a clear, distinct, and decisive definition ever been offered pertaining to “product development” as city officials conveniently slipped it into the process?

And is an attempt to rationalize a realistic connection with any of the above to the goals and objectives to the Community Plan a bit far fetching?

With yet another traffic/transit study soon to be under way, Community Focus Areas remain to be planned and developed. Most of the aggressive planning for Sedona’s future will be costly and, so far, there appears to be nothing offered relating to the source of those funds.

When Sedona purchased the former Ranger Station, a 3.4 acre parcel on Brewer Road which includes an historic barn and house, ambitious plans were soon to follow for such things as community events, weddings, family reunions, community garden concerts, dances, plays, movies, historic talks and tours…to mention but a few! However, the latest scuttlebutt is that the Brewer Road property has been extended for use by Tlaquepaque for parking cars allegedly for special events.

The Pushmataha building on Brewer Road is within certified wildlife habitat grounds.

Is such use of that public property even legal and, if so, what are the terms and conditions?

Does Tlaquepaque pay the City of Sedona for use of that land?

Or is lending public property to private enterprises subject to the same or at least similar conditions as to perhaps reflect a temporary gift situation? And if such arrangements have in fact been made…how much damage is being done to the former Ranger Station property and what about future costs for mitigating such damages to return the acreage as suitable for the original designation? How much might that reflect in cost escalation when and if the historic property is, in fact, turned into the promised park? Or after so many years and so many changes in composition of the Sedona City Council will the property the city of Sedona purchased for over market value in 2014 as a park simply fall into the existing forever use as that of a parking lot?

As time goes by, if ever there has been anything consistently rising to the surface, it’’s the apparent change in demographics in Sedona since incorporation. Those who pushed for it did so primarily for the reason of controlling growth and, yes, maintaining that “small town character” which has since gone hither and yon. The new generation, so to speak, turned out to have the exact opposite goals and objectives and, like it or not, that is what you are witnessing.

In a nutshell, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In the case of Sedona, massive concrete developments in many instances are blocking Sedona’’s famous views — views versus red rocks appears to be the current trend. Massive concrete development can be re-created any time and any place. Sedona’’s red rocks cannot.

In general, the new/old City Council has their work cut out for them and based on Sedona’’s registered voters their decisions appear to be going well, keeping a majority of the “inmates” content.

The logical option is to join forces, roll with the punches and extend kind thoughts and good wishes for successful decisions. And the decisions must prove to be in the best interest for the city of Sedona in general which, first and foremost, is its Health, Safety, and Welfare…”with emphasis, please, on Health and Safety.

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  1. Liz says:

    In five years we’ll not recognize Our Town.

  2. DSB says:

    Thanks for pointing out how Sedona’s changed. It’s certainly switched channels to opt for big city amenities. I’m happy to say past visits left some good memories until about 2 yrs ago. To drive 35 mins mid week to look at rocks when used to go swimming on weekends before water quality and traffic went bad we decided not worth it. Some changes good then some changes are bad.

  3. Mike H says:

    Did you know the City of Sedona PAYS Sacajawea Plaza, Larson Newspapers and the Sedona Fire District for the partial use of of their parking lots for tourists and tourist business employees? Undoubtedly the Ranger Station will become a parking lot.

    I saw a group of La Auberge employees hiking to work from uptown. We would not want to make the hotel supply parking for their employees, it might prevent them from adding a few more rooms. We pay for the bus service.

    It’s not your town anymore. It’s a tourist town.

    The voters voted with their “Feelings”. They will get what they voted for, good and hard.

  4. Joe Lee says:

    No doubt about it, the movers and shakers have taken charge of Sedona. It’s no longer the small quaint village we once new. Simply put, the charm has been choked out. Sad. Tarred parking lots in preference to open space. Such a deal. NOT!

  5. @Mike H says:

    Mike you are quite a “”STORY” teller.

    You saw employees “hiking to work”!!?
    As I said…..”nice STORY”

  6. Sedona Women Speaker says:

    Big brother and big egos run this town. They all came from nouveau riche households and wouldn’t know quality if it hit them in the head and or they were raised in lower middle class homes and weren’t well educated and think development profits are made by “more” rather than less – it’s the less that makes property and locales desirable, more makes it like Walmartvillas.

    Good article again, Eddie. Someone has to walk the walk for reminding us what is casually lost by selling our land and souls too cheaply. It’s become you and the Sedona Eye advocating for this city.

  7. Eddie Maddock says:

    Of course not everyone agrees with you @Sedona Women Speaker. And that’s what makes the world go around. In fact, those who disagree and have the courage to put their opinions out here on SedonaEye instead of opting for emails telling me where to go in my opinion deserve more respect.

    Having received such an email yesterday my response was to suggest to the writer to do just that – post the criticism on line. Of course that so far hasn’t happened but right here, publicly, I will again extend the invitation.

  8. A Sedona Employee says:

    @Mike H. You saw a group of La Auberge employees hiking to work from uptown?
    Really? Thank goodness I wasn’t among them. However, a creative thought just popped into my head, one of the unappreciated Sedona employees who has it so damn hard.

    How bout using that Brewer Road property for affordable housing? How well would that mesh with overflow parking from Tlaquepaque? Can’t you jest magine a row of them cutsie “little houses” on that property? Ain’t that what Mayor Sandy wanted to put out on that vast sewer plant acrage?

    Good luck with that, Mayor Sand! Ain’t jurisdiction of Sedona City to decide what goes out there. Taint in Sedona City Limits!!!!!

  9. Change is afoot says:

    For example, the “Vision Statement” no longer includes reference to a small town character.

    Here is the reality:

    The Village of Oak Creek also has a vision statement which was completely ignored by the County when Marriott came knocking to build the Westin element in Oak Creek Outlets.
    A loophole was used in conjunction with allowing the high point of the lot next door to be used to make the outlet first floor to be considered a basement therefore, no citizen engagement needed to allow a 50 ft building with inadequate parking to be erected.
    $200,000 in room fees to the County.

    The view shed driving in has been destroyed with zero input from the community until after it was a done deal. Big Park Council sat quietly by and did nothing. A few meetings were held after the fact to share what was going to happen and make us feel engaged.

    The County, City of Sedona,ADOT and corporations are full speed ahead with many project all at the same time. Overwhelm and implement seems to be the strategy.

    Now the talk of The Village and Red Rock Loop Rd having to foot the bill for an alternate route through Red Rock Crossing. It would run right through the quiet neighborhoods with homes devalued and not a cent to be made for the Village, just a path to Sedona.

    I envision Verde Valley School Road looking as filthy and worn down as 89a looks now. Dangerous drivers and filth. The eventual degradation of nature is without question going to happen.

    Now there is talk of a shuttle plan from Sedona through to the Village and up the Canyon.
    It seems like the Red Rock National Monument is being built without formally becoming a National Monument.

    People walk around vomiting the word “sustainable” which anyone who has read the Rio Agreement that we signed as a Country knows it is full United Nations Agenda 21 terminology come to fruition 20 years later. The most deceptive word of our time and everyone is convinced that it means something good.

    “The term ‘sustainability’ should be viewed as humanity’s target goal of human-ecosystem equilibrium (homeostasis), while ‘sustainable development’ refers to the holistic approach and temporal processes that lead us to the end point of sustainability.” Despite the increased popularity of the use of the term “sustainability”, the possibility that human societies will achieve environmental sustainability has been, and continues to be, questioned—in light of environmental degradation, climate change, overconsumption, population growth and societies’ pursuit of unlimited economic growth in a closed system.”
    You are seeing it in action.
    This is what has happened to Sedona and the County. They are signed on.

    What all these politicos do not realize is that when all this sustainable BS has been put into place, their level of governing will be eliminated as the next step.

    Awaken, do something for your community, get involved. We can turn it around!

  10. @change is afoot says:

    You are crazy and have a very dark negative mind.
    Keep your negativity to yourself please.. you haven’t been “right” about anything..

    You want to live in the shadowed corners of you sick mind. Seems you just live to find fault.

  11. Marv says:

    Sustainability and product development. The Greater Sedona Newlyweds?

    (or more like oxymorons?)

  12. Steve Segner says:

    Wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1E-YmxsOEw small town character.
    This was used at last week city meeting and guess what “small town character” in the statement along with the word “CITY.” .character does not mean NO growth , and no one is talking about building a bridge over oak creek, except the people on the Sedona eye.

    You say A loophole was used in conjunction with allowing the high point of the lot next door to be used to make the outlet first floor to be considered a basement therefore, no citizen engagement needed to allow a 50 ft building with inadequate parking to be erected.
    $200,000 in room fees to the County.

    Well sedona has it’s own zoning laws and the count has less strict laws. you people are never happy. Growth is coming until you all stop having kids, that is the real answer….. people are coming and they will build homes and drive up from Phoenix and why not.

  13. @ Segner says:

    Could it be there is something going on that you have not been included in?
    Yes. Apparently.
    Expect more of that in the future.

  14. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thank you, thank you Steve Segner for offering the link to the original version of Sedona’s “Vision Statement.”

    After some searching I was able to locate an article relating in part to the fabulous tone of former city employee Nick Gioello’s melodic voice-over during the presentation still being used at the opening of Sedona City Council Meetings.

    As explained in the article dated March 18, 2015, to which I’m offering the link, the current and shorter version of Sedona’s “Vision Statement” was under consideration as a replacement for the original presentation. For whatever reason Mr. Gioello’s performance is still being used although it does NOT reflect the updated revision of Sedona’s Community Plan Vision which is presented in my current article precisely as it appears on the Sedona City Web Site and omits reference to small town character.


  15. Nancy Clark says:

    Many people in Sedona have not followed the before purchase and after purchase of the Ranger Station Property. I practically live next door to it and have followed the progress of it for some time now.
    A lot of people don’t seem to realize the property was bought with the intention of a building a park in that location. That is a documented truth and nothing to debate about. The idea was sold by Mayor Sandy to the public when they had their eye on it when it came on the market. They wanted to purchase it so much so that they threatened to condemn the property if they didn’t get a “good price for it”. The price was too high they felt (again this is all documented in minutes) .
    It was bought. It could have been bought (under the table intentions) with the eye on “giving, lending, sharing, bartering, or other type of agreement, to Wendy Lipman of Tlaquepeque for her special events, which continue to cause traffic headaches . I have a recording from the city stating that IS their intention for the next five years. At that point, it will be a forgotten promise by the city for a park.
    The city had a “ribbon cutting” ceremony a couple of years ago with the drawings laid out. The drawings are on the wall of the barn building or you can look at them on the city’s website. Ranger Station is the key word to use when you google the city’s website. It is also called “Brewer Road Property”. The recent minutes are now found under “Historic Preservation Commission Meeting”

  16. Tony Tonsich says:

    We can talk about the vision statement and a video all we like. The saying “Actions speak louder than words.” sums things up. The council is allowing rezoning to higher density. The council is continuing the payments to the Chamber. The pro growth and pro spending won the election. They won the election lying about the defunding of non profits. Low information voters believed them.

    If you want to stop things now you have to , to paraphrase Maxine Waters “She said council members and highly visible Chamber enablers should expect harassment at restaurants, gas stations, shopping places, and even their homes until they change their policy.”

    For those of you who don’t know Maxine Waters, She is a Female of Color congressperson. She is not someone I would normally quote.

    It’s up to you. It is still your town.

  17. Alarmed says:


    Department: City Manager – Financial Services
    RFPs – Finance
    Start Date 09/04/2018 5:50 p.m.
    Close Date 10/03/2018 4:00 p.m.

    “The City of Sedona seeks a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) and Proposed Fee Structure from firms experienced in conducting wastewater rate studies and analyses, the development of customer class service rates and charges, and a cash flow analysis which will demonstrate the ability to repay outstanding debt and allow for repairs and improvements to the wastewater plant and collection system. The report developed will enable the City to comply with the State of Arizona Title 9 requirements in connection with a possible wastewater utility rate increase.”

  18. Mike H says:

    In the spirit of compound increases, if you start at the over $61 per month current wastewater fees. Then 4 years at 4% increase per year, you are just under $100 per month in 4 years.

    The Mayor’s Wine Fest and the Sedona Chamber thanks you .

  19. Richard D. says:

    Will someone please tell me where I must have gone wrong. Wasn’t the gist of the above article to point out how it’s possible change in Sedona demographics are responsible for also changing direction of development here? From conservative, low profile, focus on preserving natural resources and views to the present higher density and commercialism?

    My question I guess is primarily directed at Tony Tonsich because realistically isn’t Mrs. Maddock agreeing with him?? Pointing out those are the people whose council candidates were elected? The movers & shakers???? And that’s also what was reflected in the revised “Vision Statement” by removing reference to maintaining a small town environment.

  20. Harry C says:

    Tony, Actions speak louder than words you say??? Well, the masses in Sedona were louder than you ever were and you had your butt kicked by a senior citizen.
    I’m sorry to say that not knowing you, I signed your petition because I thought we needed a new person at city hall. After the dust settled, Mayor Sandy proved far better than you. After listening to you several times you proved that you were not a person I would ever want. (deleted by editor)

  21. No Poo for You says:

    The CVS actually has to close thier bathroom to the public because they exceed thier usage allocation. The Mariott Courtyard has a problem and it smells like sewer by the globe and back.
    We don’t have the capacity for all this building.
    There is a smelly vision for you.

  22. Thomas W. says:

    Good point @No Poo for You. Half of Sedona isn’t even connected to sewer plant due to lack of capacity so how is it they are getting away with all this increased and dense building? Where’s ADEQ on this? Lack of a wastewater treatment plant was one of the excuses used for Sedona to incorporate in the first place. A bunch of nuts in charge here and those at state level aren’t any better unless they come in and clean house – both literally and figuratively.

  23. steve Segner says:

    Mike H says:

    September 22, 2018 at 2:42 pm
    In the spirit of compound increases, if you start at the over $61 per month current wastewater fees. Then 4 years at 4% increase per year, you are just under $100 per month in 4 years.
    Wrong did yo go to school?
    fifth year is $74.19
    Please if you want to post use good numbers

    Nancy Clark: Ranger Station is the key word to use when you google the city’s website. It is also called “Brewer Road Property”. The recent minutes are now found under “Historic Preservation Commission Meeting”
    Nancy, the park is planned, and will be built , some money is in this years budget but it will be several years before the build out.
    I have been told the city is short of staff to manage the project now and the city council must fund it in the coming years, I am on HPC and we look at the plan almost every meeting….
    No Poo for You says:
    The CVS actually has to close thier bathroom to the public because they exceed thier usage allocation WOW, one more 100% not true….. Sedona does not have a usage allocation…. what CVS does is up to them

  24. Yo Segenr says:

    Did YO go to school?

  25. Leah Sachs says:

    I’ve smelled stink in more than Marriott. Why aren’t inspectors sent out? Where’s the city report phone hotline?

  26. Nancy Clark says:

    Thank you Steve for your response regarding the Ranger Station Plans.
    My complaints about the Park Plans is that the plan for it is to let Wendy Lipman use it for the next five or so years. I really don’t think this is the best use of the park for the next five years. I assume you know about this “agreement”. It was not told to the public that the city didn’t have the funds to complete the park. I think most of what you laid out in the above posting is pretty lame sounding. Do you think that is the best use of the property (Tlaquepeque) using it for parking?
    Gifting another piece of the city’s property is not good timing either, considering it seems to be an accepted practice at the City of Sedona nowadays.
    The city threatened to condemn the property, to lower the price (strong arm tactics to get the seller to sell), then using it to stage the tunnel of concrete, destroying the land and us eating dust for the last 4 years or so. It now looks like
    the worst eye sore in Sedona. Certainly we can do better? What about all the grants you guys were talking about in the last preservation meeting? The city is really that poor? I guess coughing up all the money for the Chamber is sucking the city dry? Surely you would want this park completed ASAP since it backs up to your property? This all sounds very shady and does not pass the smell test.
    Is it possible that the city bought this white elephant with the intentions of not doing anything but let it sit because of course, they needed a potential parking lot for you know who? Why would you want this parking lot in your backyard?
    I have the recording from the city, which you may listen to, (A city of Sedona Engineer) that called me back when I asked what was going on over there.
    The recording stated that they were going to let Tlaquepeque use it for the next several years for her special events. This is what is so frustrating. It sounds like to me that the preservation committee is not being told the real story by the powers at be.

  27. Harv, Sedona says:

    My guess is that Ranger Park could have been funded five times over with just part of the money the city has given to the Chamber of Commerce. It would be interesting to know where the source of funding the C of C used to remodel their office in West Sedona came from. The city always comes up w/funding for whatever the C of C wants, such as the marathon, over and above their asinine contract for “destination marketing.” (“destination” to where? Flagstaff? Grand Canyon? VOC or even Cottonwood. No Sedona city bed taxes at any of those places) Sounds like cop-out BS to justify using the city property to accommodate Tlaquepaque parking for sure @Nancy Clark.

  28. Steve Segner says:

    First off the city did not strain. arm anyone, the property has always been zoned for park and public use, the seller was trying to get it zoned commercial, and sell it for the the higher price, the city paid a fair price actually to mush.

    You asked “Surely you would want this park completed ASAP since it backs up to your property? This all sounds very shady and does not pass the smell test.”
    yes I want the park and it is up to the city on the timing and how to pay for it. I think traffic is there first priority.

    Parking on the lot for events is ok by me till we build the park.

    Nancy, your comment I guess coughing up all the money for the Chamber is sucking the city dry? is just not true, the chamber marketing money comes from the bed tax and can not be used for the park.
    Nancy, preservation committee job is to protect the buildings, and we are .

  29. F.Y.I. says:

    Steve Segner is lying again. Legally, only 1/2 percent of the City’s bed tax money must be used for marketing. The other 3 percent existed prior to April 1990, is not restricted to marketing usages, can be spent however the City wants, and $0 have to be gifted to the greedheads at the Chamber of Commerce.

    As many know, the AZ Attorney General is investigating a complaint that the City’s contract with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce violates the “Gift Clause” of the Arizona Constitution.

  30. Steve segner says:

    Sorry not lying the 1/2 of the bed tax can only go to visitor enhancement the remainder goes to the city as I stated it’s up to the city Council where they allocate the money , as for the Attorney General investigation you noticed the first one was dropped and this one is not a criminal investigation it’s looking at the contract. Marketing money was taken from advertising and use to buy a parking lot for visitors how treacherous a devious is out in the city could have ownership whenever it wants

  31. Harold & Marge, concerned residents says:

    One specific thing jumped out at us in the above article.

    “It could very well become more important for individuals to monitor City Hall activities for knowledge and peace of mind to assure build out in specific areas is in keeping with expectations of existing residents.”

    And now it’s been confirmed by the ongoing and unquestionable use of Ranger Park on Brewer Road as a parking lot for Tlaquepaque. Which incidentally Tlaquepaque didn’t have adequate parking for their addition across SR179 and so it’s now city property being used to help solve the inappropriate approval of that addition?

    Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Hey if the city can wheel & deal behind closed doors about their Brewer Road land what’s to prevent them from intruding on ANY vacant property in ANY Sedona subdivision. Don’t forget -vacant land is up for grabs and subject to rezoning.

  32. Nancy Clark says:

    I really think that if the city is really interested in preserving those buildings that are historic, they have already missed the boat. The buildings have an incredible amount of damage and deferred maintenance. The committee that you are on Steve seems to merely pay lip service to Ranger Park’s success. I listened to many of the voice recordings of the last six months of meetings. Nothing really moves forward, its just grumblings about minor little things regarding historic properties in the city. A “front” for the city’s continued legalized graft. I would like to know if you know if Wendy Lippman, the owner of Tlaquepeque, will be paying for this deal and how long will it go on? Open ended I assume, til the city comes up with the necessary money to fund the park? Which will be never? Delay, delay, delay.
    You yourself complained about vagrants over at the buildings. How long before they start a camp fire and burn down those precious buildings? Littering, dumping their trash. I have seen them over there already, camping thorough the night.
    I guess we will have to ask for freedom of information act regarding this “deal”. I suggest that you watch the documentary “All The Queen’s Horses”. A recent documentary about how small cities get ripped off. Excellent, you can stream it on Neflix. I feel we are being ripped off everyday by this eyesore. This park could be done in less than a year and everybody knows this. Wendy doesn’t contribute to the “bed tax” from what I can tell, so why do we subsidize her parking needs? The public is being endangered by having this eyesore.
    Maybe the seller of the Ranger Station would like to put their two cents in the ring regarding how/if they were pressured into selling to the city at a much reduced price than originally listed for?

  33. I Pray says:

    That all of you commenters are showing up to the council meetings. If you form a email list and delegate 2 ppl to attend each and every one of the city meetings, the citizen engagement , planning and zoning, etc, you can make a huge difference when the time is needed to gather en masse. Take highlights of the meeting, record it and send it to the keeper of the main email to be disrtibuted.
    It works. I’ve done it.

  34. Wendy lippman says:

    Hi all
    Tlaquepaque has no written agreement to use the lot at brewer except for four events in the year …. the lot is not used at any other time for parking to my knowledge. We use the lot as overflow due to proximity to our property.
    There has never been a discussion of gifting or building a parking structure.
    There are zero plans on the table for a structure …. if we had one we would build on our own property.
    I am required to obtain a special use permit for each and Every event. That is the only agreement that exists. We pay for shuttles and insurance to use the property four times a year. I hope I have clarified the poor information and bad intel. My office is always open and my number is 282-4838…. if you have further questions or need more clarification I am happy to speak with you. Thank you

  35. Nancy Clark says:

    Following up Steve, regarding the sale of the 250 Brewer Road Property.
    The company that sold it to the city of Sedona was Surrey Vacation Resorts, Inc.
    They are out of Branson MO and still exist. I hardly think they bought that property, since they paid 1,000.000 for it back on 6/01/11, that the zoning stated that they couldn’t build the time share property that they were thinking of building.
    Another shady comment that it was “ALWAYS” for public/park use. Hardly.
    Interesting fact is the sales price that the city paid for it is not listed on the Coconino Tax Appraiser website. The city bought it on 3/17/2014 . Sales price with the county is listed is 0 for some reason. So now they have owned it for 4 years coming on 5 years as of 2019. So if they wait for 5 years to build it, 10 years of sitting there doing nothing. Really? This is the best we can do. We can always ask John D. Miller, the agent, what the city bought it for and what it was zoned for. The company that sold it to Surrey Vacation Resorts was Brewer Road Property, LLC. Ring any bells for anybody?

  36. Nancy Clark says:

    Looking at the City of Sedona’s own website. According to the city The property was auctioned off (Ranger Station) by the Federal Government. The only requirement was that the barn and the old house were saved and preserved. Nothing else. You could have a commercial enterprise, as long as you kept those two buildings. So really, it is now being used as a parking lot, and has been for years. So what about that enterprise is not commercial? So you could have had a time share property there as long as the owner retained those two buildings. So the city is violating the zoning laws now? Since it is being used and has been used as a commercial parking lot for the last 4 years. I would have preferred to have had a time share property. At least it would have been finished by now. Quit all the spinning please. They even advertise it as the City of Sedona Parks & Rec Parking lot for heavens sakes. The only benefactor of it so far as been Wendy Lippman though. Why not let anybody use it?

  37. Dave says:

    Did you see what Michael Schroeder posted in Facebook?
    Michael Schroeder
    September 25 at 1:56 AM

    Come meet the 3 Sedona Fire District board candidates this Saturday!

    Ice Cream Social

  38. F.Y.I. says:

    Yes, Steve Segner, buying 401 Jordan Road for a parking lot is treacherous. It presents major health and safety issues for Uptown residents living north of it. We are trapped and cannot evacuate in case of a wildfire with exiting vehicles from the parking lot blocking Jordan Road..

  39. Ralph says:

    We don’t go to Facebook but appreciate the heads up about the Ice Cream Social. We look forward to attending and meeting the three gentlemen running for the Sedona Oak Creek Fire District Board. Thanks.

  40. Nancy Clark says:

    In response to Wendy Lippman in the above posting:

    Since you have only used in 4 times a year. That would be about 12 days of use per year. That being about Friday, Sat. and Sunday for each use?
    So 3 days for each use. Times 4 times equals 12 days, times 4 years equals: 48 days in the last 4 years approximately. That equals 1460 days minus your days is
    1,412 days that it sits empty. That is even more shameful. Going forward, since the city has promised your use of it the next 5 years, the multiplication of all the empty days is mind boggling. Gifting, Grafting, whatever you might call it. Its stinks to high heaven. The depreciation of this unused and damaged property is just getting larger and larger. Lets see: The city pays 500,000.00 for a piece of property, you get to use it for free I am assuming. Divide the 500,000.00 by each of the 48 days that you use it: What is the cost? Could math problem. I think it would be $10,416.66 per each use. That is ultimately what the citizens of Sedona must pay for each use. More if you count depreciation and damage to the property. What about the continued use of it for the next 5 years? Getting a permit and having to pay insurance for the use of it, wow that must have been really hard and taxing.

    I would imagine that it would benefit Steve’s property to have it sit empty all those days, as when the park is built, maybe too much noise for his hotel’s visitors??? Also, since the city made sure that Los Abrigados would not have to deal with another time share to compete with in their own backyard, they made sure to threaten the company with the “option to condemn it” if the city didn’t get their way of purchasing it. For a lot less than Surrey Vacation Rentals paid which was One Million Dollars. If I remember correctly, the final sale was about 500.000. Maybe someone can let us know? Since it is not posted on Coconino’s Tax Assessors Office Website for some reason… question mark. The threats to condemn it or use eminent domain is not bad intel by the way, it is on the city’s minutes. It just takes some digging. I have copies of it all. It was also spoken of in the Red Rock Newspaper.

  41. Nancy Clark says:

    So according to the Red Rock Newspaper, article May9th, 2018, the property was bought for $650,000.00. So my calculations were off a bit. I had figured about 500,000.00 from memory. So the actual cost per use by Wendy Lippman would be $13,541.66 per use in the last 4 years.
    It stated in the article that Mike Ward and John Martinez voted against the purchase fearing that the money to purchase it comes from a restricted account and that the city didn’t have the money in the future to do anything with it. Ward stated that its just going to sit there and be a maintenance nightmare according to the article. That is exactly what has happened.
    So in effect the end results:
    Tlaquepeque – Gets Free Parking Lot (4 years now and predicted 5 years at least) Smart!
    City runs Surrey Vacation Resorts out of town by making it clear it was not going to approve any resort on that property by threats of eminent domain or condemnation. Smart!

    Vagrants camp there and get free camp ground. yea!
    City states they don’t have the money for this project – Chamber laughs all the way to the bank.
    Property sits there for 4 years creating dust and depreciating everybody’s else property value that lives nearby. No citizen gets use of either (unless you are parking over there for Tlaquepeque event) . Ugly No Trespassing Signs still up.

  42. @Wendy lippman says:

    Can you explain why you built Tlaq North without proper parking or pedestrian crosswalk?

    Why should the community continually pay for the merchants and you to make money?
    If you cared about the community you would stop supporting city corporate welfare and stop supporting the chamber. Special interests GREED imo.

  43. Steve Segner says:

    The only requirement was that the barn and the old house were saved and preserved. Nothing else. Yes and it came with zoning for public use only. New owners never got the zoning changed….. Went into bankruptcy.the city has been up front about the time it will take to build the park, this year the grounds were used to hold dirt from the rebuilding of Soldiers wash project. The property has been used for years for overflow parking, elect and water were put in this year, the lot will now be leveled this year and it should be used for visitor day parking . I want the park more then anyone, It will come when the city has the time and money. Write to your council people tell them you want the park ASAP….

  44. Mike Schroeder says:

    This Saturday at the Elks Lodge we are having an Ice Cream Social to meet the three Fire Board Candidates that are running as a slate.

    Personal one on one time, ask all the questions you want, we want to listen and respond to your needs. 1 PM to 3:30 PM.

    Registration is required, and can be done at http://www.arizonainfo.us

    Mike Schroeder

  45. Nancy Clark says:

    The Soldier’s Wash Project, another deal, in the best interest of 2 companies only: Tlaquepeque, and Los Abrigados. Don’t believe any other companies would be affected by a flood in that area. Parking lots gets flooded every 100 years or so. Spend a million or so on it. Another corporate welfare program. Pour at least a million pounds of concrete in a wash, make another eyesore. Cut down roosting trees for protected birds. Create a traffic hazard with the new turn onto Brewer where no one can see around the corner.

    Special Events that mean nothing to the community, except cause major traffic headaches.

    As a neighbor to Tlaquepeque we had to hire a lawyer to keep Tlaquepeque traffic from coming into our historical neighborhood during these events. Ms. Lipman tried to get her “overflow” traffic out the backgate of Los Abrigados. And was successful for several years. Making a coordinated effort with the City of Sedona to disrupt our neighborhood that has been here much longer than Los Abrigados and Tlaquepeque. Violated zoning laws which we told to the city over and over.
    Not til we hired a lawyer did anyone listen. Los Abrigodos got so angry over our
    complaining about the traffic coming up a one way street, that they shut down a pedestrian gate that had been there 30 years at least. What about the neighbors now having to walk up on Brewer Road and taking their life in their hands with no sidewalk to traverse the neighborhood now? Endangering lives just because they couldn’t keep dumping their crappy event traffic into our neighborhood. Nice

  46. Steve segner says:

    Well Nancy pretty negative, NIMBY ish, one it is not your neighborhood, two,it’s not your road, three it’s not your park, and four soldiers Pass Wash it is a public hazard ,the city could be sued for not fixing it.it flooded out The hummingbird house three times. , PS I hope that they do open up the back of Talaquepaque, it helps on busy days and road is a city street and can be used by anybody not just neighbors

  47. Nancy Clark says:

    Ouch Steve!

    The road that I am speaking of, is a private road not a city or county road by the way. It is a one lane road, owned by Los Abrigados. The approval of Los Abrigados by zoning laws had 19 conditions of being built back in the early 1980’s. One of the conditions stated that no traffic come thru our neighborhood. (notice I said “our” neighborhood). The only traffic from Los Abrigados or other enterprises, was to be for emergency vehicles only. You are welcome to come over here and speak with the neighborhood of Juniper Hills to explain why you think it is important that Ms. Lippman have use of this private road. We certainly like to hear all sides of the traffic issues in Sedona regarding Tlaquepeque’s events. These issues existed back in the 1980’s.

    Yes, “the Ranger Park” does belong to the citizens of Sedona. I am a homeowner, invested in the community and pay taxes so it belongs to everyone, including me. I have spent thousands of dollars in this community, including eating breakfast at your beautiful inn. Renovating an old house that was in disrepair, that originally belonged to the founder of Tlaquepeque’s son. So I am heavily invested in my historic neighborhood and protecting it from enterprises that might want to ignore its significance and use it to relieve traffic issues that should have been dealt with back in the 1980’s. You are welcome to walk the neighborhood and see that this community of Juniper Hills is extremely important to the city of Sedona. I live here full time and do not rent my house out nightly or compete with other inns or hotels by the way on Air B&B.

  48. Roger says:

    Well the city & Tlaquepaque will continue to do whatever it is they are doing. No doubt about that. What will be interesting is whether or not the voters will approve Permanent Base Adjustment in November. Ha! Silly thought – of course they will based simply on the outcome of the primary election.

    Socialistic Sedona on the move. Wonder if they’ll officially change the name? Sedona Schnebly must be rolling over in her grave.

  49. Steve segner says:

    If you’re speaking of Prochnoe The back road out of Los Abrigados, I’m speaking of a temporary exit from the dirt parking lot for Tlapapaque during events with overflow parking in the unused portion of the park . I understand you concerns

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