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Eddie Maddock to RRN Editor and Council: Watch This ADOT Video

Sedona AZ (August 5, 2017)Sedona Red Rock News Editor, I have provided a video link below because it seems reasonable that you might at least check your own slanted opinion to verify some of your August 4 editorial allegations:

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock offers ADOT video to separate Sedona traffic facts from fiction.

Date: 8/5/2017 4:33:02 PM
To: editor@larsonnewspapers.com
Cc: SMoriarty@SedonaAZ.gov;  JMartinez@SedonaAZ.gov;  JThompson@SedonaAZ.gov;  SJablow@SedonaAZ.gov;  JVernier@SedonaAZ.gov;  TLamkin@SedonaAZ.gov;  JCurrivan@SedonaAZ.gov;  JClifton@SedonaAZ.gov

Subject: EDITORIAL 8/4/17

To RRN Editor, Sedona Red Rock News:

Regarding your editorial, “Voice of Choice Mutes Highway Traffic Solution” appearing in your Friday August 4, 2017, edition, the following link is provided as a valid example of the other side of your argument, a short video produced by ADOT:   https://youtu.be/k10df6VIeR8

While from my own point of view it was pointless for Dick Ellis and Bill Pumphrey to have submitted whatever it was you described in your article, doesn’t it seem reasonable that you might at least have checked your own slanted opinion to verify some of your allegations?

Not as a member of Voice of Choice but as a resident living off of SR 179, of course the future of this highway was among top priority issues. Therefore attending the charettes and meetings was both informative and educational. And to my recollection, ADOT remained emphatic at every meeting to stress they, ADOT, would make the necessary decisions regarding engineering and safety in designing the final plans.

In another situation I had the opportunity of participating in a televised interview with then ADOT representatives Don Dorman and his companion. When asked how traffic from a four-lane highway would be disbursed at the “Y” intersection, both gentlemen responded: “That’s a good question.”  Adding further that no matter what, unless SR 179 were to be rerouted completely around Sedona to avoid the “Y” intersection, the situation would not change. Uptown Sedona was then and remains Sedona’s version of a specialized cul-de-sac. And, by the way, several re-routes were part of the lengthy study and someplace in my own archives I have that information on file.

And as for current traffic backup, were we to have the four-lane design, then during busy times we would have TWO lanes of traffic backed up  entering Sedona. And for your information, when there was a traffic signal at the “Y” it wasn’t at all uncommon to wait for it to change two or three times in order to access the intersection. Try if you can to imagine from Sedona’s “Y” even to the City Limits inhibiting traffic movement with stop lights. Another West Highway 89 only more disastrous?

In other words, the suggestion you made in your editorial, while it might sound logical, because of the configuration of the juncture of the two highways, four lanes would not have made a positive difference. And when Sedona took ownership of the less than one mile of SR89A uptown, the situation was compounded. Clearly city engineers did not have the expertise exhibited by the professionals of ADOT.

Never, at any time, was I aware of Voice of Choice having the intention to stop, inhibit, or deter tourists. Quite the opposite, as I recall. The sole reason was to attempt to maintain the quality of our environment and those that followed closely were very tuned in. The plans for four lanes would have necessitated massive land acquisition along both sides of SR 179 and the result would have been comparable to I-17.

Not expecting you to do anything with this except perhaps snipe back at me (your choice) I will close by adding I cringed when reading your words primarily because I thought it was such a huge mistake that it became an issue because of whatever it was you received from the aforementioned individuals. Why they sent it to you was and remains a mystery to me.

Thank you for your time.

And if you are so inclined, kindly convey my best wishes to Bob and Kyle. Had the pleasure of briefly speaking with both of them recently at a local restaurant.

Sincerely and respectfully submitted,

Eddie S. Maddock
Sedona, AZ 86336

PS – Somewhere among my questionable treasures there’s a video of the meeting with Don Dorman and the other gentleman. (Can’t recall his name) Do hope the link to the video is functional and that you take time to watch it. Thanks.

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  1. East Side Residents says:

    We also live in a subdivision accessed by SR179 so took interest in the Fox Graham RRN editorial. Of course it would have been more meaningful (maybe) if the referenced material had been offered to readers but possibly that was the reason it was omitted?

    However the portion that claims the two lane scenic version was promoted to discourage tourists doesn’t make sense.

    If that were the case then why were prominent business people actively participating in the efforts of Voice of Choice? An example? Manager of Hillside shopping center to name one.

    Agreeing with Ms. Maddock, what could possibly have been the purpose for this subject to be dredged up at this time? After the very bad publicity Keep Sedona Beautiful incurred by secretly attempting to have this area declared a National Monument, their reputation was badly tarnished.

    Christopher Graham’s linking KSB with the Voice of Choice is the first we ever heard of such a thing. Wonder where his proof is of that being a fact as he maintains he insists from those that submit letter to him, as the editor of Red Rock News? Another case of do as we say but not as we do?

  2. West sedona resident says:


    You made reference to the RRN and thier slanted opinions!!

    Now theres the pot calling the kettle black. You do nothing but give your slanted opinions….Always from the sidelines of course..

    And the beat goes on in your search for relevance..

  3. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    My Goodness, West Sedona Resident, West sedona resident, WSR, wsr, WsR, etc., etc,. etc. How boring would your life be if it weren’t for SedonaEye and ESM to constantly keep you on your toes? How about writing your complaints to the Red Rock News? Oh – forgot – you would have to reveal your TRUE identity. Another reason to be grateful for the SE Editor’s policy of being fair enough to post ALL letters regardless of content – with a few obvious deletions here and there.

    Count your blessings. If SedonaEye and/or I am the the most dreadful events you must endure in your obviously miserable life, be grateful. The thing is – you can easily end your misery by discontinuing wasting your precious time on even reading what appears here. Simple solution for a simple mind?

  4. WSR says:


    Based on your response…….I most be hitting a little close to home …
    Spin as you do from the sidelines.

  5. Charles (Chas) N. says:

    It’s pretty much common knowledge Red Rock News has the say-so here in Sedona. Hasn’t that been proven for many, many years as they somehow manage, even at the 11th hour, to manipulate the outcome of City Council elections? So why bother to argue?

    And just in today’s issue (8/11) a follow-up on the Voice of Choice devils blames them for not having a 4-lane bridge across Oak Creek which would have mitigated a recent fender-bender someplace in the area. Now, of course, there’s no mention that 4-lanes would have also spanned the frontage of Tlaquepaque as well as the newly established Tlaquepaque North – which in turn would have meant halting foot traffic crossing 4-lanes instead of a mere two. And what about the total reconfiguration of the character of probably the two most cherished shopping attractions in Sedona?

    Funny they made no mention of the 11 hour shut down two days ago of I-17 by Black Canyon City because of a somewhat larger incident – but one, nevertheless, that necessitated closing down all four lanes. So sad – too bad.

    However, since we have this masterful editor who is so very diligent about digging up non-facts from the past, let us pray he will not overlook reporting his “opinion” about the former Citizens For An Alternate Route – better know back in the day as C-FAR. When the low water Red Rock Crossing washed out in 1988 (thereabout) instead of insisting it be restored, too much time lapsed and this industrious group, C-FAR, attempted to persist on no less than a spanned, elevated bridge that, not unlike the monster 4-lane replacement of SR179, scared the B-Geesus out of a lot of folks – and instead of graciously accepting a low-profile two-lane replacement, to this day we have NOTHING! (and keep in mind – Red Rock Crossing is neither a city nor state road – it belongs to Yavapai County.)

    And another gentle reminder about SR179 – so far it is still owned by the State of Arizona and NOT the City of Sedona. Thank the powers-that-be for that, and thank the industrious group that stopped the city for taking ownership of 89A in West Sedona. As proven by the disaster they made of uptown 89A, they are NOT qualified to build or maintain State Highways. So any intention of owning any part of SR179 better think twice. But maybe, maybe, the new law resulting from the ballot outcome 6-7 years ago will prevent such a situation from arising again? Just asking.

    So please, Mr. RRN Editor, continue your fine work of fair and balanced reporting, keeping in mind that you don’t do very well at qualifying your stuff as being “your opinion” and in turn, that is MY opinion. Thanks also for confirming the names of those recently appointed to Chair the Chamber of Commerce which is noted to include RRNews General Manager Kyle Larson. Way to go!

  6. Red Rock Crossing says:

    Low water crossing washed out in 1978 (not 1988 as questionably indicated by Charles Chaz N). Other than that, I agree with your opinion and am not surprised to learn of the young Larson boy being a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. One wonders if the amount spent by both the Chamber and City on advertising isn’t what keeps the paper financially afloat? The Chamber and RRN grow wealthy while city residents and many licensed businesses struggle to even tread water (excuse the pun since this comment is after all about flooding.)

    Thx SedonaEye Editor for making this forum possible.

  7. Village Joe says:

    No way is that eff road or
    Bridge coming through us. We vote here and we dont eff vote for Sedona to clean our clocks or turn us into a highway exit. Sedona ruined Foothills neighborhoods and lousy planning put up cheap motel where view was for high end and classy. Sedona has been sucked dry by California and New York lower to middle class raised bullies who want to be seen as upper class because they bought big houses with middle of the road educations. Your lack of class can’t be fixed with money or your ability to maintain high end city.

  8. Charles (Chas) N. says:

    @Village Joe – Well said and I hope the editor of the RRNews as well as city council read your statement.

    However and as you are probably aware with the number of VOC people showing up at council meetings and participating in Sedona government everyone out there doesn’t agree with you. It seems some are even active in Sedona Citizen Engagement committees and isn’t one of your citizens serving as a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors – the biggest promoters of exactly what you pointed out – lack of class? And so many of the complaints about traffic backup and need for reopening RR Crossing that appear in letters to the RRN editor are from VOC residents.

  9. West Sedona Dave says:

    Just a reminder to all who want the city to do something about RR crossing….The city has zero to do with it……Its 100% county, thats all…..Now Sedona can say their for or against something, but have no financial or any other horse in the race.

  10. One Voice of Reason? says:

    Speaking of Voice of Choice, for one fleeting moment there was a Voice of Reason at a council meeting when they approved that Schnebly Focus Area. Councilor John Currivan made the suggestion for the area to be incorporated into the traffic study for professional feedback. Make sense? Seems like it but the Mayor and other Councilors didn’t because Currivan’s suggested was shunned and more specifically flatly denied. So (maybe this comment should be under Business as Usual) the zone plan was changed for more lodging and commercial use meaning even more traffic (as if a four lane highway would have made a difference)

    Always the same questionable use of good judgment. No different than when they approved Tlaquepaque North fully realizing the foot traffic crossing the highway would be intensified. And it was and IS. So now the big decision what to do about it? (overhead or tunnel walkways) And has ADOT approved of that? And who will foot the bill?

    Isn’t this as lame-brained as when the city fathers allowed the uptown businesses to redesign that section of 89A when ADOT was oh so happy to sign title over and release their professional engineers that could oversee and pull in the reins when it came to final decisions for safety and functional designs? The amount they paid the city was a drop in the bucket when the amateurs put their heads together and came up with the ill conceived idea to narrow the road. Businesses decided – oh yes – they wanted WIDE sidewalks, blah, blah, blah – all terrible ideas that ended up costing far more than what the city got from ADOT and the money dumped into the bad idea never ended and continues to clog traffic to this day. And no – it wasn’t the fault of the roundabouts. Except for the fairly recent one at the top of the canyon, there aren’t ANY coming down – but traffic is backed up for HOURS! And tourists staying at hotels outside of Sedona that collect NO city taxes but are members of the C of C, become nothing more than day trippers that may or may not stop in Sedona to shop. Reality in motion.

    So all you brilliant couch-potato engineers that think you know better – you DON’T.

  11. @West Sedona Dave (or is it Chris?) says:

    Congratulations! You aced another correct answer except maybe not a day late or a dollar short. The ownership of RRX-ing was already included in the previous comment:

    Charles (Chas) N. says:
    August 11, 2017 at 8:58 pm (“and keep in mind – Red Rock Crossing is neither a city nor state road – it belongs to Yavapai County.”)

    Likewise the TWO STATE HIGHWAYS (89A & 179) – the main routes running north/south; east/west through Sedona – do NOT belong to City of Sedona! Only because ADOT was gracious enough to offer opportunity for making comments because of the value of the scenic attraction of this area design options were made available.

    However kindly keep in mind that ALL residents of Yavapai County – in or outside incorporated areas, including Sedona – have equal opportunity to lobby their County Supervisors for restoration of Red Rock Crossing. So every single resident of Yavapai County should pay attention – within or outside incorporated areas. Don’t waste time here in Sedona. Go directly to your Yavapai County Supervisors and make noise. It’s YOUR County Taxes that are being spent!!

    Thanks again, WSD or “C” – Good information.

  12. Jack Briggs says:

    Old man Dick Ellis doesn’t speak for VOC or for City these days. Neither do those folks who used to try and run VOC with your publisher’s old friend Copen. We are Sedona without your city trash and your city views obstructed by traffic. We will keep what’s ours to protect from your greedy hands and wallets. Leave our rocks and views alone.

  13. @Jack Briggs says:

    Be careful of what you wish for because the VOC is quickly becoming the new metropolis. Watch closely at the outlet mall as it morphs into something worth shopping at. Don’t forget the new three story (the city limits the building heights at 2 story) hotel. Then don’t forget about the Collective which is tanking once again but still has the great farmers market. Don’t you think that these three places will be attracting a lot of traffic? If you think that you “Village People’ will be done with development you are far mistaken.

    There is something to be said about a city that has it’s own zoning and ordinances so I hope you are quick to embrace that THREE STORY HOTEL that’s coming. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  14. OOPS says:

    @@Jack Briggs – Don’t be so quick to cast stones. Check out latest comment from Eddie Maddock passing along incorporated Sedona’s intention to amend Community Plan to approve High Density Development.

    Shame shame double shame. Everybody may NOT know your name (but who cares?)

  15. @OOPS says:

    Thanks for the comments but I care not what Eddie Maddock says. Ever wonder why when the postings on SE get scarce Eddie comes to the rescue with some newsworthy dribble where it is quickly changed to something anti- CoC or City.

    Go back 1 year and you’ll see the same. Now go back 5 years yes, the topics change but are quickly turned around to be anti- CoC and City NO CHANGE.

  16. Laughing My Ars Off says:

    So you @OOPS don’t find it of interest to learn the city is seeking a major amendment to the Community Plan to allow high density housing development? Who is it that might have a secret agenda behind that bit of knowledge which is what I believe is the information contained in Eddie Maddock’s most recent comment posted here. And it’s doubtful she has anything to gain but more criticism from people who don’t like facts in their face. Maybe?

  17. @Laughing My Ars Off says:

    Point being that if the community really embraced the “Writings of Eddie” then those 7 names of one wouldn’t continue to cast blame or change the topic to the CoC or city government. Look back over the years and that’s what takes place.

  18. At It Again says:

    The most recent editorial in the RRN Fri. 8/18 expounds once again on “the same 30 folks who scream at City Council meetings” when it seems pretty apparent the only people attending council meetings on a regular basis are the old standby reps from the C of C. And as usual they are generally granted extended speaking time and those are the only occasions the mayor doesn’t bang the gavel when the audience claps and cheers. So can’t help but wonder what “30 folks” the RRN editor speaks of? In his dreams?

  19. Sally says:

    Have any of you folks still yammering about how wonderful it would have been (or would be) for SR179 to become a carbon copy of I-17 even bother to watch the video offered? (subject of article) Oh well maybe 4-lanes would justify the overwhelming amount of the bond the Fire District will have for approval on the November ballot. More wrecks – more need for emergency services!

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