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Eddie Maddock: Sedona investigations highlight city darkness

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (April 14, 2018)How sweet it is!

A few days ago there was a comment posted on SedonaEye.com about the FBI raiding the Sedona home of a sex pervert supported by a SE account tweet and followed by a RRN article about Michael Lacey’s $1.6 million Oak Creek Canyon home raid. So this neighbor to the Oak Creek Canyon Estate of Steve Segner, a familiar name on SE, was indicted “for allegedly promoting adult prostitution and child sex trafficking ads” for years on his website, Backpage.com.

But it gets even better! “AG Opens an SB 1487 Investigation into City” headlines the front page RRN – Friday the 13th – of April 2018. Is there a black cat out there someplace lurking under a ladder?

City Attorney Robert Pickels reveals the AG investigation is related to short-term rental business license requirements and presents a threat the state might withhold funding to Sedona to the tune of two-million or more dollars causing potential distress for funding of city services. Say what? Now ain’t that a kick?  “They” suddenly are worried about a measly two million bucks after throwing more than that at a regional chamber of commerce who aren’t required to be stringently accountable for much of anything except uncontrolled traffic and, most recently, pursing unidentified projects under the also unidentified heading of “Product Development.”  Not to mention the operation of a city-funded Chamber of Commerce visitor’s center pledged to represent ONLY their members. Another subject mentioned a time or two here on SE:  TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

Sedona AZ city view

But does this pose yet another question? Where was the Goldwater Institute when a number of Sedona residents pleaded with them in addition to our own State Legislators (Thorpe, Barton and Allen) to please, please request an AG investigation into that city/chamber contract for a multitude of reasons, also reiterated numerous times on Sedona Eye?

But maybe even more curious is the “complaint was filed with the AG’s office on April 4 by AZ State Rep. Darin Mitchell” who represents District 13, Yuma and Buckeye!  Oh, ho, ho, ho – an outside district authority takes more interest in alleged Sedona corruption than our own elected representatives?

Well, even if the AG & Goldwater Institute find no violations relating to Sedona licensing of vacation rentals it doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. It’s been said it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Could it be this might be that crack in the door leading to the light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe, just maybe, Rep. Mitchell might be willing to take a look at the ongoing concerns many residents have about indiscretions pertaining to SB 1487 which prohibits municipalities from passing laws that conflict with state laws.

Taxing without representation? Is that a breach of state and or federal laws?  Hmmm . . . . .

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  1. Lock them up says:

    The AG’s office needs to look into the city’s agreement with the chamber. Then the AG needs to claw back moneys wrongly given to the chamber and lock some people up. I’ve heard city staff gets gift certificates from local businesses. If so, lock those staff taking bribes up too.

  2. Carol, Sedona says:

    Welcome back Eddie with a one two punch in the gut to city for lack of transparency. No one does it better when digging in the red rocks of Sedona. We all thank you Eddie. (Sign me in Mr. Editor as a long time Sedona Times and Sedonaeye.com fan.)

  3. Thank You! says:

    Thank you Eddie!

  4. Ben says:

    Is this the deal? Sedona wants residential vacation rentals to get city business licenses and charge taxes. Yet they think it’s OK for legitimate licensed city businesses, who collect city taxes, to be discriminated against by the chamber of commerce, financially supported with those taxes, by not allowing them to display advertising at the chamber’s visitors center unless they are chamber members?

    And most of the chamber members are outside city limits. No business licences and collect no taxes?

    What’s wrong with this picture? That alone should convince the state legislatures to expand their investigations. It’s nuts. make no sense.

  5. @Ben says:

    You make no sense Ben….

  6. steve segner says:

    Ben says: Yet they think it’s OK for legitimate licensed city businesses, who collect city taxes, to be discriminated against by the chamber of commerce, financially supported with those taxes, by not allowing them to display advertising at the chamber’s visitors center unless they are chamber members?

    This a failed local (deleted) but always uses the phrase
    “legitimate licensed city businesses or legitimate residents. She hates the chamber because she had to become a member to put her rack cards at the up town chamber office that is owned and operated by the chamber . This is her world.

  7. Ben says:

    @Ben, and you think it makes sense to reward unlicensed non-tax collecting businesses the privilege of “free” promotional advantages in the city funded Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center and at the same time deny those businesses who are actually collecting the money (city taxes) for that same operation unless they are dues-paying members? BS! If residential in-city short term rentals can get away without business licenses and collecting taxes, then why shouldn’t they? Unlicensed businesses outside City Limits are getting away with it on both counts! Enchantment & Hilton are two mere examples of the majority members of the C of C. Their reward? Already explained.

    Time to sock it to the cheaters AZ Atty General (city, C of C) – NOT Enchantment & Hilton etal. It was just their good fortune to build outside City Limits and not be caught in the evil web.

  8. Steve segner says:

    The Chamber of Commerce owns the building the Chamber of Commerce runs the center city helps supported it,all members who have brochures their pay .
    You just don’t want to Pay.

    The hotel bed tax supports this operation not your tax dollars under state laws this is where it should be and can be spent.. The visitor center is to make sure people visiting the Verde Valley find all the great things there are to do and the more we disburse them through out the Verde Valley the better it is for everybody. Please call the Attorney General and while you’re at it look at the same contract that Scottsdale and Phoenix have.

  9. Eddie Maddock says:

    @Steve Segner. Better sit down for this one, Steve, because I wish to thank you for making a very important point. If the mortgage of which you speak refers to the building uptown on 89A clearly designated with a tasteful sign: “Sedona (Oak Creek?) Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center,” you are correct. When the mortgage on that property was paid off, a gala event was held at Poco Diablo to celebrate the occasion of burning the Chamber’s mortgage which both myself and late husband had the honor to attend. Quite possibly Mayor Sandy recalls the event.

    However, apparently since then the C of C has had even better good fortune without local support and admiration it needed back in those days. Because they have established a second location in West Sedona which recently underwent extensive renovation, they obviously do not need dedicated applause from local residents who once so dearly respected and supported “our chamber” – for their community contributions like the “Meller Dramas” to mention only one of many annual “Chamber” events. Great fun and a place our own out of town visitors adored. In fact, just recently a dear friend, Lorraine Cousin passed away. And in her obituary it mentioned, as former owners of Rollie’s Camera Shop uptown, she and her late husband Ernie performed in those great classics.

    If the City of Sedona were to establish a legitimate Sedona Visitors Center instead of riding on the coattail of the long time Chamber establishment, continuing to claim it as an “official” enterprise of the City of Sedona, and which clearly you admit it is NOT, there’s little doubt, if any, it would eliminate a good deal of bad blood. In my opinion, it’s the City of Sedona who created this giant size can of words and NOT the Chamber of Commerce. (hope you were still sitting down)

    It’s wonderful the Chamber has been able to become so profitable in order to pay for the additional location in West Sedona as well as the increased payroll for staff needed to operate their enterprise(s). If they are so successful, why do they even need funding from the City of Sedona when our roads are in such dreadful condition and they continue to scramble for money to fix them?

    Anyhow, thanks again, Steve, for the reminder that the Chamber of Commerce owns free and clear that uptown property. Wish the City of Sedona could make the same claim for the high end mortgage they took on when they purchased the controversial City Hall back in the day. (Another story):)

  10. Facts over Fiction says:

    Governor Doug Ducey Salary $95,000 salary

    Weesilholf CEO chamber according to 2016 tax returns 99,578!!!!!

    But her buddies at city hall 164,999 & 133,108

    They push taxpayers money to chamber at an alarming rate over 2.5 million this year. No RFP’s

    Chamber owning and remodeling from the MILLIONS they receive. Segners club is an affinity group of chamber. Rip off

    Now they want the residents to PAY for traffic issues they STOLE from you.

    They are Playing while resident are paying. Stop funding the regional chamber!!!

  11. Jerry, Legitimate Sedona Voter says:

    And the CofC holds title to the Jordan Road property, too. But unlike the hard earned money that funded chamber’s 89A location, the former bank building was purchased with city tax money – regardless of the source.

    Oh sure – isn’t the property eventually supposed to be deeded to the city? Ha! And the Cultural Property was NEVER to be used for commercial development either. Deals (especially with the City of Sedona) are made to be broken.

    What happened to the promise for Request for Proposals on the chamber contract bid after one year? It just goes on and on. New members on council and they inherit bad deals and don’t seem to have the guts to end the trend. It’s true – city’s fault NOT chamber!

  12. More Facts over Fiction says:

    By the Chamber’s own numbers, their Visitor’s Center sees only 10% of tourists. Obviously it a waste of taxpayer dollars to support that. Pointless too, seeing as how timeshare companies provide the same service for free, and because most people have the internet in their pocket now.

  13. Alan says:

    Appreciate Publish of those numbers from where you got them here @morefactsoverfiction, Can’t comprehend that’s right.

  14. Mary Lee says:

    It’s amazing – it appears the only deals and/or promises the city enjoys breaking are those made to the voters who elected them. (Cultural Park land; low density development; preserving small town character; controlled sewer rates – the list goes on and on.) yet the commitment which questionably should never have been made in the first place was the contract with the Chamber of Commerce (for ANY reason). They apparently did well on their own before Sedona incorporated so let them sink or swim without all the added income.

    End City/Chamber contract. Clean Sedona’s own swamp (not the one at the sewer plant). Vote NO on Home Rule.

  15. @ Alan says:

    Numbers were in the recent City newspaper (whatever it was called) that was thrown in our driveways. Numbers are consistent with those in the past. 10% of visitors is all they get.

  16. Alan says:

    Appreciate it again, don’t get that paper. The numbers of visitors they bandy about like 4 mil is provably false making me disregard what the city and chamber say. Nobody said what about Pickels revelation. Subject matter of article in case nobody paying attention.

  17. OakyDoak Canyoneer says:

    Time for doors to close permanently and lease property out. Follow Williams AZ example. Tax must be ( is) paying chamber salaries like was admitted in print. Audit required. Let Sedona Film Festival have visitor space for zero rent because it’s the biggest generator of tourists bringing high dollar business.

  18. steve Segner says:

    More Facts over Fiction says:
    April 16, 2018 at 10:27 am
    By the Chamber’s own numbers, their Visitor’s Center sees” only” 10% of tourists

    10 % of 4 mil visitors is 400,000 or over 1000 people a day at the visitor center.
    and you say Only?
    10% of 2,000,000 visitors is 200,000 a year or 500.00 people a day
    both numbers a huge ,
    You people just sit around all day thinking about the chamber ?
    at least do some math first.!

  19. Julie says:

    Here’s a job for volunteers: Sit at visitors center threshold for one month with a counter and see how many people go in. Ask 2 question survey when exit at door like //// Did you interact with a Chamber representative while inside? and ////Was it helpful? Take results to council meeting for independent survey. They use word of mouth and Chamber feedback, let tax payers provide another.

  20. @Julie says:

    The problem is unless Chamber and City get the results they want they would call the survey bogus or rigged. It’s happened before. They tried to do it on the City takeback of W89A. Of course they were proven wrong by voters at the poll during the Initiative/Referendum ballot issues. Now it seems the council avoids approving measures that can be countered by disgruntled residents. Instead they tend to make decisions by giving staff instructions and circumvent the process. Clever legal advice?

  21. @ Juile says:

    The thing is, Julie, whether the Visitor Center is effective is irrelevant when there are at least 4 Visitor Centers being run by timeshares that do not cost taxpayers one penny.

    Likewise, people have expressed that the City/CoC Visitor Center is not fair because only CoC members are promoted. While that is unfair no doubt, the more important point is why waste money at all on a service others are providing for free.

  22. What a joke says:

    Have a friend that works there EVERY time the door opens is how they count visitors. Including everyone that enters, members loading rack cards, deliveries and employees.

    in= 1 visitor
    out= 2 vistors
    employee go to work= 3 visitors
    employee leaving work = 4visitors
    Member bring rack card= 5 visitors
    Member leaving = 6 visitors
    Delivery = 7 visitors
    Del leaving = 8 visitors

    dumb dumber dumbest ever

  23. Travelers vacation information online! says:

    Hilton Head Island welcome center has closed, and the chamber of commerce has abandoned plans for a new one.

    The Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce closed the welcome center this week after a survey found that more travelers are looking for vacation information online.

    The chamber presented plans last year to the town, which owns the building and property,

    “Technology is the new normal for travel,” A recent national survey found that more than half the visitors queried used their smartphones to search for nearby restaurants or shops and used their phone’s GPS to find those establishments.


    92% of consumers say they trust earned media, such as social media, word of mouth, recommendation from friends and family, above all forms of advertising (Webbed Feet)

    Chambers are old.

  24. Alarmed says:

    Steve Segner is lying again (April 15, 2018, 2:46 pm comment) imo.

    By state law only .5 percent of the City’s bed tax collections is required to be spent on tourism. The other 3 percent was in effect before April 1, 1990, the requirement’s effective date.

    The .5 percent does not need to be spent on the Visitors Center. According to Arizona law (ARS 9-500.06 – Hospitality industry; discrimination prohibited; use of tax proceeds; exemption; definitions), expenditures by a city or town for the promotion of tourism are limited to the following:

    1. Direct expenditures by the city or town to promote tourism, including but not limited to sporting events or cultural exhibits.

    2. Contracts between the city or town and nonprofit organizations or associations for the promotion of tourism by the nonprofit organization or association.

    3. Expenditures by the city or town to develop, improve or operate tourism related attractions or facilities or to assist in the planning and promotion of such attractions and facilities.

  25. Wiley says:

    When looking at the big picture I feel so useless! All the money going to bring people here for a day when Sedona isn’t meant or designed for that kind of visitation. It takes days to hike, enjoy our peace and quiet, visit our New Age Centers and interesting places. Church of Holy Cross and Tlaquepaque. It’s not possible to do a refreshing restaurant visit in a day after traffic and travel time. I’ve concluded the Chamber is doing damage to our flora and fauna and air and paths and naturally our infrastructure and my friend’s businesses are getting less cars at Hillside because it takes so long to get parking they don’t want to leave until going back home! What’s the point of more cars and ruined lifestyles?

  26. Peter John says:


    Wow you sound so frustrated. if you’re really not happy, maybe you should do us all a favor and move.

  27. Marcie says:

    Message to “Wiley”: So you sound frustrated – and rightfully so. Consider yourself more fortunate than your critic. Poor John seems to be Petered out!

  28. @Peter John says:

    There is an easy solution STOP FUNDING the chamber or any other marketing. Do like other tourist towns. No need to advertise. Save over 2.5 million.

    @ wiley Don’t pay attention to JA Peter John AKA special interest stealing taxpayers money. They are so greedy they want to kick out all residents so they can make more money. BUT it is time to make them pay.

    You can make them pay by
    Vote out ALL Chamber cronies running to be re-elected which is:
    Sandy Moriarty – Mayor
    Scott Jablow – Councilor
    Tom Lamkin – Councilor
    Jon Thompson – Councilor
    Jessica Williamson – Councilor

    Show them how you feel. Kick them out!

  29. Karen says:

    Maybe you should all do us a favor and move. You can just leave Sedona to it’s true owners, the Chamber of Commerce and City Staff. You losers can’t muster anyone to even run in the next election. When we win again we will show you who is in charge.

  30. Steve segner says:

    Many Sedona residents have noticed a considerable increase in traffic on our roads over the past several months. While Sedona always contends with a high volume of traffic during peak tourist seasons, congestion has been particularly problematic since early 2017. This may seem surprising considering that hotel occupancy rates have remained the same in the past few years, and no new hotels have been constructed since the recently opened Courtyard by Marriott. However, an examination of the possible causes of Sedona’s surge in traffic reveals that one of the main culprits is SB 1350. This detrimental law went into effect at the end of 2016 and prohibits Arizona’s cities and towns from banning the short-term rental of private homes through services like Airbnb.

    By overriding local zoning regulations and seizing the power of cities to control property use within their boundaries, SB 1350 has unleashed a plethora of problems. Since this law was enacted, approximately 900 short-term rentals have been added in the Greater Sedona area—and at least as many additional cars now travel our crowded roads. Unfortunately, most of these rentals are located in residential neighborhoods, creating disruptions and potential safety hazards for residents who seek peace, privacy, and security within their communities.

    A worrisome trend that has been on the rise since the enactment of SB 1350 involves investors buying large homes and essentially transforming them into mini-hotels, which they rent as “party houses” for events like weddings and family reunions. This trend distorts the local real estate market, exacerbates traffic problems, and creates additional disruptions in residential neighborhoods. Even though these properties bring in numerous visitors, they are not regulated to nearly the same extent as hotels. For example, most owners do not pay sales or bed taxes and are not subject to oversight by the county health department.

    Another consequence of SB 1350 is the loss of much-needed affordable housing. Sedona has always faced a shortage of apartments and rental homes for our city’s hard-working employees in the hospitality or restaurant industries. However, SB 1350 has escalated the problem by turning many available units into short-term rentals for out-of-town visitors—thereby forcing out lower-income locals.

    Over the years, the Sedona City Council has strived to balance the needs of residents and visitors. In the past, Sedona had strict regulations on commercial development and the locations of hotels or bed-and-breakfasts—but the city’s control over these matters ended when Governor Ducey signed SB 1350 into law. With Sedona’s well-considered planning processes now cast aside, our city is paying the price for the state usurping local governments. We have lost affordable housing as apartments are turned into nightly rentals, large homes are being transformed into unofficial hotels or event venues that are not taxed or regulated, residential neighborhoods are being disrupted by visitors constantly coming and going, and Sedona’s traffic problem has been amplified by the influx of short-term visitors.

    The City of Sedona is currently working with transportation experts to develop a long-term, comprehensive plan to address the traffic crisis, and the Chamber of Commerce now spends 20 percent of its annual budget on efforts to improve traffic management and disperse visitors from high-use areas. However, as a concerned Sedona resident and business owner, I believe that Governor Ducey and our elected officials must also take action by considering measures to mitigate the harmful consequences of SB 1350.

  31. jack wiley says:

    The only reason to fund the chamber of commerce is because of the huge voting blockheads they control. This allows the city to put the people in power they know will go along with the program thereby filling their agenda. Crooked as hell! Don’t for a moment believe it is about tourism promotion. By the way the contract has been reworked according to el presidente Steve Segner. 80% is for product development. What the heck is that? Might as well look them in the face while they are shaking you down.

  32. Mark says:

    @Steve segner says:
    April 19, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    And who was the author of your recent production? We’ve read too many of your disconnected rants, Steve, and no, this isn’t your typical work.

    As for private homes being rented in residential neighborhoods, we have a couple in our subdivision and I must say they do NOT add to the traffic. In fact, in most cases where two cars are used by the owners, only ONE car occupies the garage of the home that are rented to very quiet, unobtrusive vacationers. So the message sent forth in your well written diatribe is nonsense and you are all wet. (the only thing that can make that claim in Sedona these day)

    The key to your gripe is at the beginning: “that hotel occupancy rates have remained the same in the past few years”. In addition your feeble attempt to justify the outrageous amount of money the chamber of commerce manages to siphon off the city budget every year is more poppycock. We don’t need them Steve. And how many people would miss you if you were to suddenly disappear?

  33. Tom says:

    IMO this piece on behalf of the lodging group and city hall and Chamber was not written by Steve without co-author(s). Who helped that he didn’t credit?

    Steve, you need to include the fact you have a conflict of interest with SB 1350 because you are in direct competition with it and, as a city spokesman, you have its interests in addition to your own in the AZ court case outcome.

    Steve, do you personally realize that your opening paragraph disavows any knowledge of Chamber of Commerce and City of Sedona funding value?! You have clearly stated a mathematical truth. You have clearly said there was and is NO GROWTH as result of Chamber marketing as “….Sedona always contends with a high volume of traffic during peak tourist seasons, congestion has been particularly problematic since early 2017.”

    Steve, you stated …………..”This may seem surprising considering that hotel occupancy rates have remained the same in the past few years, and no new hotels have been constructed since the recently opened Courtyard by Marriott.”

    Thank you for saying that the Chamber of Commerce has done nothing with our citizens money. Everything was the result of something other than Chamber and City funds.

    Also, was it someone at City Hall helped write this? Who else helped you with information?

  34. @Mark says:

    Guess if Sedona Eye disappeared too that would help keep things under control in the city? Too many voices. We need RRN only. Good riddance Sedona Eye if it happens.

  35. Mark says:

    Thanks to the person who acknowledged my comment aka @Mark.
    Actually you made my day by proving another point.

    Sure – you and the RRN would LOVE it if SedonaEye vanished. Then no worry at all whatsoever abut putting a gag on the voices of the people. No rocking of boats at City Hall (Sedona’s Swamp) and the C of C and their “buds” would have a field day.

    Well, nothing lasts forever and that goes for ALL things Little Man/Little Woman/Little Mind? Mindless might be more appropriate.

  36. Sue Anthony says:

    sedonaeye.com gets this vote
    its writers are good

  37. Richard D says:

    @@Mark, like many things, Karma works in mysterious ways. Who controls the wind? Lack of rain? Why is SedonaEye here in the first place? You can’t seem to stand it because the horrible people in city hall allowing a few obnoxious few to run everything get opposition. Get over it, Little People. We Flatlanders are sick of you!

  38. Harry says:

    @@Mark says, Oh yes lets just rely on the (deleted by editor) that is biught and paid for by the city of sedona.-LL

  39. Steve segner says:

    The chamber does no marketing in spring and fall, the hotels are at max capacity this year and last year, the new traffic came from 1350 that clear that up for you Tom?
    As for conflict of interest that only applies to people who work for the government or elected officials I am just a private citizen stating my views and I know a little bit more about the hotel industry than you do
    Tom instead of attacking the chamber why don’t you really look at what I was saying and understand that the governor and The Goldwater Institute is the one that caused this problem you just want to go back and beat the same old dog .

  40. Norma says:

    I vote for Sedona Eye!!

  41. steve Segner says:

    To all readers of the SedonaEye.

    On April 21st and 22nd, those readers of the SedonaEye who come to El Portal will receive one free breakfast. Just mention you saw my posts in the SedonaEye and you agree that Sedona should share with all. As charity starts at home I am offering free breakfast to those that agree with me.

    I’ll see you Saturday and Sunday at El Portal.

  42. Food For Thought says:

    The adage “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is heard often, and is normally used to refer to an act of charity that masks a hidden destructive or hostile agenda; now used regularly as a warning when a supposed gift or act of virtue is thought to hold a hidden threat.”

  43. Mike H says:

    @ steve Segner,

    Are you giving away breakfast to all the people that think you are full of it? It would be a much bigger turnout. In my opinion the group that agrees with you would just look like a chamber of commerce and city council joint meeting. I can’t see the guy that eats canned soup on vacation giving anything away. I would not trust anything anyone posting as steve Segner says.

  44. steve Segner says:

    April 19, 2018 at 10:52 pm
    To all readers of the SedonaEye.
    On April 21st and 22nd, those readers of the SedonaEye who come to El Portal will receive one free…..
    Is that how you handle something you don’t like, you don’t answer my comments you just post under my name, I win thanks

  45. @Stece S says:

    That’s alright Steve

    If you agaisnt government or the C of C sedona let’s you post anything..

    However if someone agrees with you or speaks out agaisnt the crybaby’s …. sedona Eye doesn’t post your comments…. (deleted by editor)

  46. Food For Thought says:

    The adage “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is heard often, and is normally used to refer to an act of charity that masks a hidden destructive or hostile agenda; now used regularly as a warning when a supposed gift or act of virtue is thought to hold a hidden threat.”

  47. Brad says:

    Hey Steve why not host a real Gala Event for Sedona Eye readers at your Oak Creek Mansion estate as you allegedly did for City council & Staff & your beloved C of C? Huh, Stevie, Huh? How come????

  48. M Mallon says:

    @ steve Segner, Steve segner

    The post noted below was obviously not written by the normal authors of ” Steve signer.”
    Steve segner says:
    April 19, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    Most of the posts composed by Steve segner are poorly punctuated, misspelled gibberish.

    Then you have multiple promises to never post again. The offers of free breakfast, or not.

    Please explain why anyone would believe any posting by any version of steve Signer? Steve segner? segner? ss?

  49. steve Segner says:

    Hey Steve why not host a real Gala Event for Sedona Eye readers at your Oak Creek MansionBrad said:

    I save the farm for state and national democratic office holders, you seem to think that people should (me) should not talk or have friends in public office.
    I support them for elections,and I will work on home rule…..
    We just did an event for Kyrsten Sinema, and Tom O’Halleran. you need to keep up. Brad I meet with city official and city employees every week, work groups or city commissions, and city meetings, because I want to help I also work on the history walk and the history walk lighting project, So Brad what have you done for Sedona lately?

  50. Conflict of interest says:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia-
    A conflict of interest (COI) is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests, financial or otherwise, in situations where serving one the interests could involve working against one of the other interests. Typically, this relates to situations when the personal interest of an individual or organization might adversely affect a duty owed to make decisions for the benefit of a third-party.
    The presence of a conflict of interest is independent of the occurrence of impropriety. Therefore, a conflict of interest can be discovered and voluntarily defused before any corruption occurs. A conflict of interest exists if the circumstances are reasonably believed (on the basis of past experience and objective evidence) to create a risk that a decision may be unduly influenced by other, secondary interests, and not on whether a particular individual is actuallyinfluenced by a secondary interest.
    A widely used definition is: “A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgement or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interest.”[1] Primary interest refers to the principal goals of the profession or activity, such as the protection of clients, the health of patients, the integrity of research, and the duties of public officer. Secondary interest includes personal benefit and is not limited to only financial gain but also such motives as the desire for professional advancement, or the wish to do favours for family and friends. These secondary interests are not treated as wrong in and of themselves, but become objectionable when they are believed to have greater weight than the primary interests. Conflict of interest rules in the public sphere mainly focus on financial relationships since they are relatively more objective, fungible, and quantifiable, and usually involve the political, legal, and medical fields.
    Follow the city taxpayers money. This explains attach here on the eye along with Bogus editorial written by the RR snooze. Special interests are trying to scare you. Follow the money the are getting rich off of taxpayers.

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