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Eddie Maddock: Sedona investigations highlight city darkness

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (April 14, 2018)How sweet it is!

A few days ago there was a comment posted on SedonaEye.com about the FBI raiding the Sedona home of a sex pervert supported by a SE account tweet and followed by a RRN article about Michael Lacey’s $1.6 million Oak Creek Canyon home raid. So this neighbor to the Oak Creek Canyon Estate of Steve Segner, a familiar name on SE, was indicted “for allegedly promoting adult prostitution and child sex trafficking ads” for years on his website, Backpage.com.

But it gets even better! “AG Opens an SB 1487 Investigation into City” headlines the front page RRN – Friday the 13th – of April 2018. Is there a black cat out there someplace lurking under a ladder?

City Attorney Robert Pickels reveals the AG investigation is related to short-term rental business license requirements and presents a threat the state might withhold funding to Sedona to the tune of two-million or more dollars causing potential distress for funding of city services. Say what? Now ain’t that a kick?  “They” suddenly are worried about a measly two million bucks after throwing more than that at a regional chamber of commerce who aren’t required to be stringently accountable for much of anything except uncontrolled traffic and, most recently, pursing unidentified projects under the also unidentified heading of “Product Development.”  Not to mention the operation of a city-funded Chamber of Commerce visitor’s center pledged to represent ONLY their members. Another subject mentioned a time or two here on SE:  TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

Sedona AZ city view

But does this pose yet another question? Where was the Goldwater Institute when a number of Sedona residents pleaded with them in addition to our own State Legislators (Thorpe, Barton and Allen) to please, please request an AG investigation into that city/chamber contract for a multitude of reasons, also reiterated numerous times on Sedona Eye?

But maybe even more curious is the “complaint was filed with the AG’s office on April 4 by AZ State Rep. Darin Mitchell” who represents District 13, Yuma and Buckeye!  Oh, ho, ho, ho – an outside district authority takes more interest in alleged Sedona corruption than our own elected representatives??

Well, even if the AG & Goldwater Institute find no violations relating to Sedona licensing of vacation rentals it doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. It’s been said it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Could it be this might be that crack in the door leading to the light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe, just maybe, Rep. Mitchell might be willing to take a look at the ongoing concerns many residents have about indiscretions pertaining to SB 1487 which prohibits municipalities from passing laws that conflict with state laws.

Taxing without representation? Is that a breach of state and or federal laws?  Hmmm . . . . .

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  1. Darla says:

    Interesting commentary from @Conflict of Interest.

    Just by virtue of the chamber of commerce being a member driven organization, for the city to be awarding them a city related contract for ANY reason considering most of the C of C members are outside city limits, shouldn’t that be deemed illegal based on conflict of interest described above? It’s seems to be further revealed in a recent article on SE about rumors, largely the basis of so much conflict in Sedona and also pointing out pretty much how it is for the system here to work through a regional chamber. WRONG. Sedona clean up your act!

  2. steve Segner says:

    I save the farm for state and national democratic office holders,people that can actually put money back in my pockets, not you peons, you seem to think that people should (me) should not talk or have friends in public office.
    I support them for elections,and I will work on home rule, my group gets $2.5 million a year that we would not get if there was no home rule. …..
    We just did an event for Kyrsten Sinema, and Tom O’Halleran. you need to keep up. Brad I meet with city official and city employees every week, work groups or city commissions, and city meetings, because I want to make sure I keep getting my share of taxpayer funds. I also work on the history walk and the history walk lighting project, it’s one more thing that taxpayers pay for that I can use as a attraction for my hotel guests. So Brad what have you done for me lately?

  3. JD - Sedona says:

    It’s no surprise S. Segner treats all his political friends to soirees at his “farm.” Also amusing, especially in the case of Tom O’Halleran. A nice enough guy but former Republican. When he wasn’t re-elected under that flag, he switched his political persuasion to “Independent.” Then guess what? He lost again. But it seems the third try won him a seat up there with the big boys. Voila! As a Democratic he’s flying high. Wonder if he’d still be invited if the process were reversed? Of course not.

    At least the “man of the hour” (or so he thinks) is honest enough to admit his liberal trends. Wonder no more why Sedona politics keep meandering to the left. Weekly meetings with the gang at City Hall, participation in city groups and commissions, and special event paybacks at Steve Segner’s fancy “farm” appear to keep the deals sealed. Ain’t that a kick?

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