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Eddie Maddock: Sedona Housing and New Andante Drive Request

Eddie Maddock brought the plight of El Rojo Grande Ranch to the local, state and global communities and now turns the light on an Andante Drive zoning request change from Medium Density Single family to High Density Multi-family for 52 homes on 2.6 acres of Sedona scenic vista land.

Sedona AZ Sedona voters made the decision to incorporate thus establishing a legitimate “city” in order, essentially, to control our destiny which was then being determined by two counties, Yavapai and Coconino.

Incorporation of Sedona opened the door to new development. Implementation of the wastewater treatment plant was a huge step towards encouraging and enabling growth which was further enhanced because of ADEQ’s requirements that in order to maintain Oak Creek as a designated protected waterway from pollution it became essential.

Old news? Of course. Hopefully it will serve as a short reminder to briefly explain why at this point in time there’s a shortage of housing, commonly referred to as “affordable or workforce.”

Over the years there was what appeared to be an effort to address this affordable or workforce issue; Nepenthe and the original Fairfield are examples. More recently there was approval of a similar development near Relics restaurant. What became of that? The growing number of businesses and those required to serve as employees for these new opportunities were sorely disappointed to subsequently learn they had been deceived.

Presumably developers overlooked including deed restrictions in their development agreements – or simply never from the beginning had serious intentions of limiting the purpose of these developments for the designated intention of Affordable and/or Workforce housing.

It was not unusual for developers to somehow manage to finagle their way out of original commitments for providing a certain number of workforce (ADU) accommodations, whether within their proposed complexes or designated off-site locations. It was also not unusual for developers to acquiesce to lust for money and relinquish intent and ethics for larger profits by selling out to the highest bidder.

Red Rock views of Sedona Arizona will fall victim to high rise apartments and multifamily housing with high density zoning and height variances/changes being entertained by city council to accommodate tourists needs.

While the need for more reasonably priced housing facilities continued to grow, instead Sedona saw hopes for a solution turn into opportunities for timeshare investors followed by short-term (vacation) rentals. Although Sedona initiated a city code to regulate these types of rentals, never underestimate the power of Karma. In December of 2016, SB1350 was ratified preventing local governments to control short term rentals, therefore vastly diminishing the market for long term rentals.

The need for housing accommodations is widely spread and not unique to Sedona. Numerous articles appear frequently relating to this extended need. The economy is great. But cost of housing remains predominately high, which obviously isn’’t a problem for those who can afford it. But what about those who cannot?

Many words to convey, yes, there is a need for long term rentals. And a previous SedonaEye.com column, To Rise or Not to Rise,” likewise relates to this growing need. But how about wafting from the clouds above down to planet earth and deal realistically?

On April 16, 2019, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., there will be an Open House at the Sedona Public Library regarding a proposed change of plans for approximately 2.6 acres off Andante Drive, presently zoned for mobile homes, in order to construct fifty-two apartment units allegedly for the purpose of assisting to alleviate the need for long-term rentals.

Developers of this proposal have already applied to the city for an amendment to the Sedona Community Plan to change the property designation from Medium Density Single-family to High Density Multi-family.

Restating the need for this type of project, let us keep in mind the existing serious traffic congestion remains unresolved. Why must this project be 52 units? For example, might 11 or 15 units be more palatable to the intent of the Community Plan which was and should remain the basic tool for protecting Sedona’’s major asset, its Scenic Red Rock Vistas? Is there a better reason to strive for and maintain the standard practice of maintaining low profile and low density development?

Don’’t forget. You are offered an opportunity to express your opinions on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. at the Sedona Public Library, west Sedona.  –

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  1. Golden Girl, West Sedona says:

    What’s ousing zoning allowing now & whose paying or applied for this change? How much open space and setbacks and new road access will be required to minimize impacts? Your talking over hundred new cars with needed parking lots of blacktopped parking spaces that will be destroying fragile desert land ecosystems and more sewer hookups when 40% of us here don’t have hookups and flooding monsoon run off and wildlife disruption on land that now supports its own parking needs and doesn’t and or minimally impacts roads and wildlife!!!!!! WTF Sedona council and Yavapai zoning. Let’s get an investigation into whose requesting and whose supporting this travesty!!!! Can we agree Superloser Garrison got to be UNELECTED???? A local real estate guy estimates for me that These units could sell for $275k up or rent for $1800 up plus utilities and deeds or leases don’t have the ability to restrict shortTerm renters. He’s licking his
    Chops to get hold of Them for rental investment for tourist stays. There you have it. Developers ruining Sedona with help from our politicians.

  2. Steve segner says:

    Golden girl you’re wrong on almost all counts one Yavapai county has nothing to do with development in the Sedona two, this project comes with deed restrictions in with the city so they’ll be no short term rentals , people have the right to build on property they own and not leave it open for your enjoyment . This project is for workforce housing it’ll be $1000-$1800 a month . Seems kind of unfair do you want to live in a house built on land in Sedona but you don’t want anybody else to be able to build on their land . The city has already passed ordinances for higher density because we need apartments . How is it a travesty that people just want to build an apartment ?
    You ask who is supporting this project the hotels and Sedona are for a start

  3. @golden girl says:

    I thought there no tourists staying overnite in sedona… I thought we only had day trippers come to Sedona

  4. @Golden Girl, West Sedona says:

    Suggest taking your questions to the meeting on Tuesday, April 16th. It will be at the Public Library so should be convenient for you. Don’t understand your reference to “Superloser Garrison” because he’s a Yavapai County Supervisor and this proposed development is within Sedona City Limits. Therefore, after you retrieve answers to your really excellent concerns then wouldn’t the appropriate place to follow up be with members of the Sedona City Council?

  5. Bill, uptown says:

    Why is it @steve segner knows about this project before its been released to the public and why is it that it is a done deal by his words??????????????????????

    Why is it that @steve segner ????????????????????????? BTW I called two golfing buddies (Sotheby & Coldwell Banker) & they said short term rentals will be there which is why its a huge development & far beyond the scope of need for city & absolutely will have negative impact but city hall won’t interfere due to who’s asking for the favors. Also heard it won’t matter what the CCRs and HOAs say b/c not one of them will take the fight to court because of costs. (CB said the rental rate @steve segner says is bogus even laughable. The other said its CYA time at council & city hall to cover for the developers, all locals.) Bad enough my house view overlooks a penis shaped cell tower ruining the view but this??????? It will ruin that butte area totally.

    What do you say @steve segner???????????????????????????????????????????????/

  6. @ Segner says:

    One can always tell when Segner’s posts are ghost written — no grammar/spelling errors.

    It is absolutely perfect that the one leading those ruining Sedona is illiterate.

  7. Joshua VOCA says:

    Little doubt this violation of the Sedona Community Plan is already a done deal. Why else do developers request an SCP amendment to even going public with the scheme? SCAM? Done Deal? Comment from @segner being without grammar did we all read the same one? Count on it 4/9 @ 12:28 PM that represents! What about SB 1350 ratified preventing local governments controlling rentals diminishing market for longterm rentals. ASStonishing! Do State Statutes no longer apply for Sedona? Say what? That new VOC Hilton on hold for the time being. Isn’t it more important than ever for citizens to stand up to bullies and demand ENOUGH? ASStonishing nobody paid attention before the (deleted by editor) hit the fan. Voters SUCKERS or SUCK UPS. Which one are you?

  8. steve segner says:

    Bill, uptown says:I called two golfing buddies (Sotheby & Coldwell Banker) & they said short term rentals will be there
    Sorry wrong, city will not approve any development that allows short term Air B&B’S
    . it will be part of the building permit process and in the deed. I did check with the city on this point . hope that helps .
    You ask, Why is it @steve segner knows about this project before its been released to the public and why is it that it is a done deal by his words yes I do because i go out of my way to get the fact un like most the people that post on Sedona Eye.

  9. Missing Mike Ward says:

    Does anyone else remember when Mike Ward was on city council how he made a big deal and stressed the importance of TRANSPARENCY! Little wonder he didn’t get reelected as the new Sedona Method unfolds. Decisions made even before issues go public? Citizen Engagement – translated – legal manipulation for special interests to pull strings and manipulate the outcome of issues behind closed doors? Bad deal but the voters approved so everybody needs to just shut up!

  10. Don & Lois says:

    With the recent approval by city council of 4 story buildings this proposal for Andante will probably be increased to at least 150 units instead of a mere 52. Onward and upward, Sedona – LITERALLY!

  11. Matt, Sedona says:

    Wait one flaming second! CVS had to meet strict height requirements to not impact any views and or impact roadway and couldn’t exceed one story. Mariposa was forced to stay in the building footprint and couldn’t go higher than one story.

    Who owns that land in the misnomer Community Focus Area? I suggest residents call a special election to have height variances put to an election of the residents. How do we do that? I also think it’s time to recall four members that voted yes. Those four council members know EVERY single resident but those living off the city dole will vote against additional heights. Recall time.

  12. Ernie says:

    The council just made the VOC the go-to place for wealthy. Not Sedona. Those greedy (deleted by editor) just voted to make ghettos.

  13. Low rent council says:

    They are doing everything they can to make Sedona even more of a low rent tourist trap.

    Bumper to bumper traffic, lots of transient house rentals, homeless facilities, high rise apartments. Soon Sedona will have everything a low rent district should have.

  14. Marcia , Dry Creek says:

    “a low rent district?” Not necessarily. Unless they get some sort of solid protection (federal backing or something?) to assure rents remain “affordable” (whatever that means) then there’s no way IMO they won’t fall into more short term vacation rentals!! Eat your hearts out, Sedona Lodging Council. If the truly needy are put through a regiment to qualify for low rent housing, which they should be, then forget employed workers regardless of their jobs. Remember KARMA LIVES!

  15. BenSoCal says:

    Can’t wait to spread the word. We have hundreds maybe thousands ready to flock to Sedona and benefit from your proposed entitlements, like cheap housing, free would be better. Karma baby? SANTA CLAUS LIVES!!

  16. EW says:

    Own in that area. This bumps my rental property income up. Loving it. Kiss my (deleted by editor) councilors. You are short of nothing but know how to be capitalists.

  17. GNS says:

    There are soooo many vacation short term rentals the city knows nothing about. Both the proposed 4 story Sunset facility as well as this one on Andante will be targets for “legitimate” (qualified?) renters to sign a lease and move in. Then what? The opportunity to “unofficially sub rent” and probably make more money than these hospitality workers presently are being paid. How very very amusing if these fools actually think this will “fix” a problem. Ain’t so and down deep they know it IMO! And same as a lot of ADUs – most people aren’t whistle blowers.

  18. Not affordable says:

    Announced at meeting this is not affordable housing but professional housing. Intended for fireman and nurses.

    This development was directed by city manager and he used fake news claiming city employees can’t afford to live here!!!!!!! What ???? they are paid 2x higher than a median household. Clifton 4 x more than median household.

    City hall need to clean out the dirt. Bags and all.

  19. Ron says:

    Unintended Consequences re over-development in Sedona:



    Los Abrigados and all other destination resort locations that turned into timeshares.

    And what makes these dimwits think they are so smart that avoiding more money making housing accommodations won’t be the end result of the proposed Andante development as well as 4-story proposed Sunset location? They truly are NOT in touch with the realty of greed controlling Sedona.

    Isn’t that proven by their insistence to retain the services of the regional Chamber for made-up reasons (current “sustainability”) to allegedly benefit everyone when only their members and own wealthy greed matter?

    Go ahead with your nonsense. But for Heaven’s Sake do it with transparency if that word is even part of your hypocritical activities.

  20. Commuting Time Report for Sedona AZ says:

    Commuting in Sedona, Arizona

    The typical American commute has been getting longer each year since 2010. The average one-way commute in Sedona takes 16.4 minutes.

    That’s shorter than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

    How people in Sedona get to work:
    – 70.8% drive their own car alone
    – 5.8% carpool with others
    – 18.2% work from home
    0.1% take mass transit

  21. Gary says:

    @Ron says “Announced at meeting this is not affordable housing but professional housing. Intended for fireman and nurses. This development was directed by city manager and he used fake news claiming city employees can’t afford to live here!!!!!!! What ???? they are paid 2x higher than a median household. Clifton 4 x more than median household.”

    An unofficial poll was taken of fire & police seeing if any wanted to buy these professional houses in Sedona. Reactions varied from “my wife would kill me if we lived here” to “kids need better schools” to “Nope” to ‘it’s not good here for kids, nothing to do & too many strangers in and out of town” to majority who said they already owned homes where they wanted to live, intown and out of town. Take it city council for what it’s worth. From the mouth of babes?

  22. Phil @Not Affordable says:

    It the city manager says it’s “not affordable” it must be true.

    It isn’t enough that this not-so-small town (when it comes to City Hall) needs housing for their 140 something employees. Not only does Sedona have a City Manager AND an Assistant City Manager but of late a new title has surfaced, a Communications Manager in the office of the City Manager, Marty Macurak.

    At the rate employees are multiplying like rabbits at City Hall little wonder there’s a shortage of housing for all of them. However, it seems very unlikely the type of projects being proposed here would be suitable for people of their status. Of course the prospect of sub-letting might be appealing. Who knows? Lust for money seems to be Sedona’s main frame these days.

    Suggested name for the proposed $47 million dollar transit system.


    Yep you read correctly – FORTY SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR transit system. WTF????? Huge cities in this nation don’t have that kind of budget !!

    And “they” need “affordable/work force housing? OMG – Just another opinion here, Folks. But you Folks are STOOPIDS.

  23. L. Quereshi, RN says:

    I’m using a friends name to not offend my friends locally and am doing so with permission.

    Excuse me Sedona City but you never asked first if we wanted housing here. Someone in our department did and overwhelmingly it was laughed and sneered at from the top to the bottom. Most nurses here are attached to a spouse that has a job here or uses their licenses part time or on a rotation that works for them. There aren’t enough medical offices and facilities in Sedona to warrant our interest otherwise. Doctors get better deals renting. There are dozens of million dollar homes that can be rented cheaply and not one of the doctors plans to live their lives here. Ask them. This is retirement stop off or interim before families. Doctors children are going to private and elite schools and most board out. Your audience isn’t Podunk, your audience isn’t small town America, and definitely your audience isn’t tourists. No doctor on his way up wants to be here in no name medical Sedona or northern AZ. Retired doctors yes, but ambition is over for them but not for the younger set. Thanks.

  24. Adam, Uptown says:

    Suggested name for the proposed $47 million dollar transit system. Where is the money coming from, who will maintain the transit system when tourism fails which it does periodically?
    Read this.

  25. Adam, Uptown again says:

    Editor, Sent before finished w/links. Add to first comment or consider adding to submissions.

    Charlotte NC with population of 700,000over has a budget for its transportation system of $47 million and its system got the axe because of momentous issues. Sedona has no factors that can support this budget including no residual tax base that isn’t fluctuating. City isn’t doing due diligence or this wouldn’t even be under consideration. The road improvement budget isn’t fulfilling needs. Who thinks the feds are going to pull Sedona out of the ditch? SF and NYC and 16 other cities can’t make a go of it, Phoenix system is dismal failure that needs heavy subsidies.


  26. Joe & Sylvia, Sedona says:

    But don’t you guys and gals get it? With the amount of money the regional chamber of commerce receives from the city, and clearly it need NOT be spent on “destination marketing” (which failed miserably) – well – with all those excessive funds the C of C most likely has accumulated, what better way for “them” to “give(?) back?” than to graciously “donate” money for this absurd idea of a transit system?

    Ultimate purpose: To make them appear as if they are the Saviors of Sedona when, in reality, they are the ones receiving support from the city without official approval and/or authorization from Sedona voters to take control of our quality of life.

    Correct us if we are wrong (and no doubt someone will) – but not too long ago for a short time wasn’t this rabid idea of a local transit system tried and failed miserably? This city council, city staff, and incorporation of Sedona are totally: Amusing Self Serving Egotistical Snobs (emphasis with capital letters take note = “ASSES”.)

    Period and end of our comment – and thank you Sedona Eye for the opportunity. We can hardly wait for the self-appointed movers and shakers to rip us apart! Go for it Chamber & Lodging Council.


  27. Laker fanatic says:

    Sedona politicians can’t deal with facts.

  28. Vince says:

    What’s up Sedona Eye with the water / sewer / irrigation ? AZ reducing Colorado water from Powell / dam areas but we’ve had record snow pack last couple years. City trying to pull a fast one raising rates now ? I tossed questionnaire in garbage. What’s with this? People you need to pick up litter. It’s gross out there with tourists dumping (deleted by editor) on trails and garbage cans over full. Take some of it home and dump in your cans. First time ever I saw bugs on trash cans.

  29. Roger Williams says:

    @Vince asks about city’s apparent lack of acknowledgment towards current relief of water supply for sewer and irrigation relating to why they raise rates now? Well Gee Vince. Don’t you get it? They have so much bigger fish to fry.

    For example next Wednesday 4/24 @ 3:00 PM there will be a SPECIAL city council meeting for the purpose of, guess what? Well Golly Gee & Hot Dog! Their very most special subject 24/7 – Their beloved Regional Chamber of Commerce:

    “AB 2484 Discussion/possible direction regarding Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau’s Destination Services Plan, plan of work, contract, and preliminary FY20 budget.”
    HEY VINCE IT’S Continued reasons for Sedona residents to hate what many have coined the Sedona Chamber of Corruption.

    The business at hand will be how to gouge the public so they can plan ways of maintaining their policy of dishing out the do re mi for the nonsense proposed with the con-operators of the Chamber of Commerce and Lodging Council! We who have the pleasure of NOT being connected to the sewer count our good fortune as we continue to bless the Man Upstairs for sparing us from the greedy hands of the Chamber & City local control.*

    *Take Note of that “local control” – The real control lies within the power which so far has deferred those of us from having that sewer fee noose around our necks.

    GLORY BE & HALLELUJAH!! It’s all crap meetings to overspend. You do know VINCE that they are going to build a ghetto on Andante? Couldn’t shove it on the sewer plant grounds so moving it to an affordable housing neighborhood they look down on. Don’t see it suggested for Jablow’s neighborhood? LMAO

  30. Tax residents give to chamber says:

    Sewer fees way up, so the city needs to give more money to the chamber. The city also needs to hire a few more layers of staff and give everyone on the city payroll a big raise.

    Residents? HAHAHAHAAHA

  31. Two Andante Residents says:

    We were in attendance at that library meeting on 4-16-19 with about 60 or more opposing the development. That’s right OPPOSING IT. Zach Richardson & Marc Sterling an accountant & former member of city council held it because they & others are trying to ram it down our throats!!!!! They don’t care about traffic or views !!!!!

    They addressed questions but they seemed to ignore our objections. We sent them a message. WE DON”T want the rezoning! Get it???!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!!! WE WILL VOTE RECALL OR REFERENDUM & NOT GIVE PERSONAL OR BUSINESS SUPPORT.

    The people there circulated a petition & an email list. We’re on it, how about you??? Want to get on it???? Go the FB & LinkedIn. Tax accountant Mark lives in Cottonwood & Richardson lives someplace else almost all the time. This group of fools Either revise the plans to comply with existing density limitations or drop the idea of presenting this scam before the P & Z Commission.

    We will see to it that Council seats change (3 locals say they’ll run against councilors that vote yes if we get them support and they’ll all oppose increased density & restricted city development to maintain Sedona integrity as world destination.) LESS IS MORE. If you’re interesting in running or helping a campaign sign on now.

    RED ROCKS NOT HOUSING BLOCKS. These businessmen need to feel our disgust in their wallets. Don’t support greed. Spend your dollars to keep Sedona glorious, not fund these used-to-be-locals-who-left-because-Sedona-changed developers raping Sedona’s valuable high desert wild soul!!!! RED ROCKS NOT HOUSING BLOCKS.

  32. Hera Farber, Sun Valley says:

    El Rojo Grande Sedona Ranch
    http://www.elrojograndesedona.com has a list of things to do to prevent this. Use their guidelines. Call Yavapai County Supervisors, all of them because Garrison is pro development. Don’t rely on your mayor or councilors unless they will publicly make a recorded statement against it. Local Sierra Club and KSB didn’t help with El Rojo Grande but statewide one helped. Some USFS people did. State in Phoenix and out of city did. Ask Rob Adams to go on the record. Make recordings and share with contacts. Don’t wait.

  33. @Hera Farber, Sun Valley says:

    @Ask Rob Adams to go on the record? Are YOU kidding? When he was Sedona Mayor HE and that Barbara Littrell were such kiss-ups to Jennifer Wesselhoff, Chamber of Commerce CEO (then and now) it would have made you sick to your stomach. Rob & Babs led the parade to get the Chamber that perpetual memorialized contract! How bout them apples?

    And you think “He’s seen the light??” (well – it’s Easter and stranger things have happen I ‘spose)

    Not only that, Mr. Adams when on the KSB Bd. of Directors supported for the C of C to shine those fright-light into the USFS during the holidays!!! Real charmer, that one.

    Thanks, but no thanks. My preference would be for the housing project as is. Adams gets involved and you’re likely to have a REAL high rise to accommodate his beloved Jen and her chamber of commerce:-(

    NO, NO, NO – Time for HIM to get kicked to gutter same as he did the residents all in order to stand up for the Chamber/Sedona rip-off scam! Especially check the meeting where he asks Jen in the most coy tone of voice, something like: “Now that you have your money what are you going to do with it?” (NOTE: “your money” and those words ARE a direct quote referencing what just happened to be public funds) Look that one up in City Hall minutes archives unless it’s conveniently been deleted! Nice guy, that Rob Adams!!!!!!

    Check your facts. Go to City Council records back when that dud was mayor. Slick Robby versus Slick Willy. “Robby” more appropriate for that guy IMO.

  34. Marilyn T. says:

    why would Yavapai County Supervisor Garrison get involved with this Andante development? @Hera Farber Sun Valley. It has to do with the City of Sedona – not Yavapai OR Coconino County for that matter? If the City Council doesn’t recognize how strongly Sedona residents object to this development and the suggestion for yet another four story complex on Sunset, then it’s up to those same Sedona residents to rise up, get a Referendum on the ballot, and put a stop to this. It’s now or never.

    (Sedona incorporated to get out from under county jurisdiction. Back mistake especially for those living in Coconino side of Sedona)

  35. JD West Sedona says:

    For sure that Chamber loves to take credit for bringing in every single tourist who ever came to Sedona. Adams, Litrell, other silent hand extended retirees should be proud of their accomplishment to destroy Sedona. They all contributed to the advertising campaign that’s resulted in primarily day trippers to clog our highways and ruin the serenity that people stayed for, now they gawk, poop, and drive thru.

    That Chamber advertisement policy is being used by them to demand government subsidized affordable or low income housing. And a transit system that’s used by less than 1% of locals will get $47million dollars of our tax money. I read the comment about the Columbia South Carolina w/ 700,000 residents with the same transit budget that failed. Did the management moron here read it?

    That meeting next week with the city and chamber will spew bogus reasons to continue on with that BS contract. But now the rest of the city is waking up to the nightmare. The buzz from Sunset and Andante isn’t a swat but its a swarm. I heard conversations at Cowboy Club against it, I heard a Starbucks customer commiserating with another local over the disrespectful of Sedona people in town this year. When I joined in and mentioned city hall was going to allow high density, they were stunned. You will reap what you sow, city council. You better rein in city staff and remind them we’re all about rocks. We’ve got nothing else worth coming here for.

  36. Doris W. says:

    It seems as if every time I open a paper or magazine anymore there’s something about Sedona. For example, Arizona Republic today (4/20) p. 2C “Short on time? Here’s a quick Sedona hike” – relating to Cibola Pass-Jordan Trail Loop. And just last week there was a feature about seeing Sedona in 24 hours!

    Another invitation for potential day-trippers “Today’s Woman Now” Louisville, KY, March 2019: “48 Hours in Sedona” In which case, maybe two-day trippers will be enticed?

    At any rate, if these local yokels in charge actually believe two-bit, non-professionals with their absurd and amateur “destination marketing” have produced worthy results, get real. IMO they are a lame bunch of con artists. And those buying into their cheap and whining sales pitch are even more pathetic.

    Trite but true is You reap what you sow and the proof is in Sedona’s ever growing line-up of day trippers! What a pity with the kind of money Sedona can afford to “shell out” (forgive the pun) for true professionals they continue to throw it at losers.

    Better yet, they take the money to improve roads, drainage and other infrastructure necessities and maybe, just maybe, create and maintain stuff like the promised Brewer Road park that’s sits shamefully in disrepair ever since it was purchased by the City of Sedona. Beautiful asset? NOT! Oh well.

  37. @ JD & Doris says:

    Actually the ones rightfully reaping what they’ve sown are the majority of morons who elected morons to Council. There was a clear choice in the last election and the voters here blew it. They blew it completely. This is The Worst Council ever. Great job, moron voters!

  38. Back to the subject says:

    Fail to understand what’s wrong with the proposed housing for Adante drive? Private property owners have a right to sell it if they choose. The location is a good spot for more affordable housing. This town needs more income diversity and less belly aching by so called Sedona experts who bemoan everything Sedona government try to undertake. After reading Sedona Eye mostly all I see are a bunch angry people who find fault in ALL. Good riddance.

  39. Sedona Voters speak says:

    But , but the guys running for mayor were white males, everyone knows you have to vote for women. The Red Rock Fake News said one of the guys was the worst candidate ever to run for Sedona mayor ! The DORR said if we did not vote their slate the library would close and all the non profits would lose funding !

    You mean we voted for the Worst Council ever? But we voted in 3 women, how could that be?

  40. Spence & Evelyn says:

    @@JD & Doris, we agree with your assessment. People complain on Sedona Eye and in conversations with each other. And yet when given the opportunity to vote for change they act like pussywhipped critters running from a bed of red ants.

    Therefore we have decided to ignore Sedona politics as best we can because the root of the problem isn’t with the City, Chamber of Commerce, or Lodging Council. It’s as you say, with the moronic voters.

  41. @Back to the subject says:

    The “subject” is about developers requesting an amendment to the Community Plan to change the property designation from Medium Density Single-family to High Density Multi-family which apparently they’ve already applied for. This is a pretty good indication it’s “a done deal” considering the request is already being processed. The farce of the meeting at the library was stupid.

    Wasn’t the main reason for incorporating Sedona in order to control development – to maintain low-profile development and avoid the exact thing now being pushed through with this higher density and four story proposed structure in the Sunset/Shelby area?

    The charm has been choked out of Sedona and voters spoke and approved for it to happen. End of story. So just shut up if you don’t like it. You clearly are the minority.

  42. Public Service Announcement says:


    Is the 24 million dollars gifted to Chamber KILLING your Sedona?

    Is this NO BID contract hurting YOUR business, employment and quality of life?

    Have you had enough? Don’t move speak up. Please share and tell everyone who lives works or plays in the Sedona Area Communities to speak up.

    Now is your CHANCE to speak up.
    April 24, 2019 City Council meeting will decide:
    Paste from page 3 http://www.sedonaaz.gov/Home/ShowDocument?id=38094

    Term: should we continue with a long-term automatically renewing contract?
    • Amount: if the AG finds no issues with the current contract, is there still a desire to
    change it? If so, should there be a new formula to replace the 55%? Some options
    o Fixed contract set at 55% of the preceding years’ bed tax receipts
    o Negotiated rate for multiple years
    o Negotiated contract for each fiscal year
    • Scope: should any part of the contract become fixed in a base budget (such as the
    visitor center) while others become variable (such as tourist attraction and/or

    SPEAK UP EVERYONE!!!! Stop city council from giving a regional chamber your rights, livability and quality of life.

    April 24, 2019 3:00

    WRITE THEM STOP the Chamber!!!!!


  43. Bettye says:

    Thank You Eddie for Your article and bringing up this subject, as it is close and personal to me. I am in the 300’ notification area, and we received the notice for the plan and Open House on March 29th.

    In reading the comments I find some confusion, so I want to add some insight: Tommy Stovall owns the 2.26 acres off Andante Dr., which is located much below street level exactly where two large flood water culverts meet. Tommy, Marc Sterling & Zach Richardson make up the Serenade LLC. Group. The only access to the property would be through 300 Andante Dr. which is owned by Piersall & Fraser. Serenade LLC. has signed an agreement to purchase the 300 Andante property, for access and to total 2.54 acres.

    Their property lays between two single family communities, Crimson View on the East, and Harmony on the West. Both are beyond outraged at the idea.

    As the 2.26 acres sits, it is zoned for 8 then 10, now 12 single family homes. The Serenade Group is asking the Sedona Planning & Zoning to change the zoning to High Density so They can build a 52 unit, two story apartment complex. Presently Andante Dr. is an Extremely Busy road, and has 51 single family homes between 89A & Thunder Mtn., add 52 apts. and the present families double.

    The Letter of Intent to the City (which you can view at: http://sedonaaz.gov/your-government/departments/community-development/projects-and-proposals/serenade-apartments ) is strange, and seems to be a total cut and paste from the City requirements, including 4 letters of Approval, at least 2 of which I’ve seen before from other projects, one from segner, the other from the school board, not dated. Actual Engineering, Traffic Studies (done on 26, not 52 units), Etc. are nonexistent. Pender of Pender Engineering admitted at the meeting that true studies haven’t been done yet.

    At April 16th meeting we were told that Andante Dr. was never meant to be a residential street where cars can back out of driveways, and, we were told Andante (narrow with no sidewalks and culverts at black top edge) is walk able for the apt. residents? Even though Serenade is promoting the 52 units for ‘work force housing’ on a 60 day lease, after the meeting Zach told a resident that if they don’t get the zone change they will build 12 single family home and rent them all out as Vacation Rentals.

    I know that this comment is much to long, and I’ve only given a tiny portion of what we now know, but I can’t close without giving one more fact, and maybe the reason that there were several developers & possible investors in the back of the meeting… April 16, 2019 – An article was posted on an Arizona Business Site by Monica Tapia of the City of Sedona Planning & Development Dept. https://azbex.com/sedona-working-toward-workforce-housing/

  44. Eddie Maddock says:

    Hi Bettye:

    Thanks so much for your detailed review of the Andante situation, reflecting the true story from one who knows. As I recall way back when, wasn’t it at a public meeting relating to ADU’s (Auxiliary Dwelling Units) where we first met? Sort of deja vu.

    Your insight, of course, is stunning and your in-depth research exceptionally revealing. It would be wonderful if city planners might think about taking a page out of your book prior to delving into this development without benefit of sage observations. Just another opinion, of course.

  45. Alex says:

    Lots of money, lots of spending

  46. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Ms Bettye:

    I too remember you from way back times when you wanted to stop the lights on 89a and promoted a lot of half-truths about what would and wouldn’t happen. Just to name a few; all of the trees will be removed, the skies will be filled with bounce back, etc.

    While it is helpful to know that you live someplace in that area, I don’t actually believe what you have posted (deleted by editor).

    Didn’t you also work with Mike Schroeder on the lights on 89a issue? (Deleted by editor) We all have him to thank for having 2 lanes on 179.

  47. Eddie Maddock says:

    @John Daniels W Sedona

    It’s very interesting you should bring up the two lane bifurcated revision of SR179. In my archives I have a local TV station interview with ADOT representatives prior to the decision made for the present design.

    Because the recordings are on tape, recent instructions possibly will serve as a guide to transfer that particular program to a DVD in which case it will be my pleasure to forward it to the Editor/Publisher of Sedona Eye for possible publication on this site.

    It will take a while to isolate that interview but in all honesty it just might serve as an eye opener for those who continue to believe a four lane highway (predicted to have been even wider than I-17) would have served Sedona better than the present scenic route, selected by popular demand after extensive public input but always under strict guidance of ADOT engineers.

    Let’s face it. The less than one-mile of SR89A in uptown Sedona accepted from ADOT was subsequently turned into a disaster and will now cost in the millions to attempt to remedy a huge mistake. Unless you are a highway engineer may it be suggested you consult with the professionals prior to making judgment?

    And as for the public rejection of City of Sedona ownership of West 89A, that was the result of the Referendum/Initiative process. Sedona voters rallied together and overturned the City Council’s decision to approve jurisdiction of the remainder of that State Route within Sedona City Limits. Maybe the mess they made of uptown 89 had something to do with it? Can’t say.

    Anyhow, if it works out to offer the ADOT gentlemen’s TV interview available here, it might be well to watch it. It was so long ago I’m actually looking forward to watching it myself!

  48. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Ms. Maddock:

    Oh yes, I remember the threat about a road wider than I-17. I don’t remember which side was pitching that but I couldn’t see such a wide road fitting way back then. Time moving on (so long as we all keep living) gives one a great education as to who people really are. (deleted by editor) So Ms Maddock if you feel the desire to transfer those old tapes to digital audio files, HAVE AT IT! I’d love to hear them as well.

  49. Bettye says:

    Thank You for the good words Eddie. Yes it was an ADU public meeting where We first met.

    I know that growth will happen in Sedona, I’m just hoping for Responsible Growth that won’t Negatively Effect the lives and property values of the residents that live here.

    @John Daniels W Sedona, it appears that You have past hostilities that need working on. Haven’t seen Eddie’s video, but maybe it would be of help.

  50. Eddie Maddock says:

    Regardless of whether or not the video can be isolated, this exchange @Betty, @John Daniels W Sedona IMO represents a civil discourse which most likely will result in agreeing to disagree. Thank you both for that.

    Regarding SR179 and 4-lanes, the amount of private property necessary to accommodate widening to ADOT standards would have forever changed the complexion of Sedona, as it has in West Sedona. “ADOT standards” being the operative words.

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