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Eddie Maddock: Massive Sedona 700 Mobile Home and RV Site Rezoning Near Approval

Eddie Maddock focuses her Eye on Sedona to the plunder and destruction of El Rojo Grande Ranch in the profit versus preservation of Sedona’s ancient Indian artifacts and red rocks, irreplaceable bird and animal habitat, and possible sewage contamination of the Red Wall Limestone aquifer that supplies water to Sedona, Page Springs and surrounding communities when bulldozers arrive to clear pristine pre-settler land for 700 mobile homes and RV sites at the western gateway.

Sedona AZ Finally the election is OVER – DONE – KAPUT – FINIS! Some are rejoicing over the outcome, others are shedding tears, but if the truth were known, is anyone NOT celebrating the conclusion of this every two year event?

That being said, what’s next on the agenda?

Well, most assuredly a hot topic is reaching a boiling point regarding a pending change of zoning for El Rojo Grande Ranch to accommodate a massive 700 unit development at the outskirts west of Sedona City limits.

It’s best described in the following letter from Karen Reid Offield:

Dear Everyone,

Many of you have driven by the beautiful El Rojo Grande Ranch at the western gateway to Sedona yet you never have visited the Ranch. To you, and all our friends, this letter and website is for you!

This website www.elrojograndesedona.com was specifically created to help save this remarkable, but forgotten gem of Sedona. As a citizen of Arizona, or a visitor on the World Wide Web, you can save it. You can ensure the ranch is preserved as a part of the future of Sedona. Yavapai County will listen to the public comments. Please write a letter. (Note instructions at end of article.)

The buyer – a multi-billion-dollar based Chicago Corporation, Equity Lifestyles (ELS) and the owner of the Sedona Shadows mobile home park is asking Yavapai County to change the zoning of the ranch to allow them to build a huge 688-unit mobile home park (628 manufactured homes/apartments and a 60 RV Park) right next to the Dry Creek Scenic Road at the western gateway to Sedona.

This website will take you on a tour of the Ranch, to see for yourself why it is so important for the Sedona Community to rally around the Ranch, as environmental stewards, and to block a zoning change that will allow the developer to bulldoze its ancient landscape, evict and destroy its rich wildlife and Indian artifacts, and leave it as a scarred example of the type of development that values profit over the preservation and conservation of the treasure that is El Rojo Grande Ranch.

We are urgently asking for your immediate help to rally community support to block this PAD re-zoning, which will replace this priceless scenic wonder with a massive ocean of roofs.

The fragile lands of El Rojo Grande Ranch will be forever harmed by pumping the water from beneath its riparian habitats to the development, and by dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of effluent back into its creek bed each day, or by injecting that effluent into its underground aquifer. In addition to that tragedy, ELS will dispose huge amounts of surface runoff from their asphalt pavement into the riparian habitats.

The wildlife and bird riparian habitats on El Rojo Grande Ranch will be drained and parched by the massive water pumping station proposed by ELS to supply its mobile home park. ELS has yet to propose a method for disposal of all that waste, which would contaminate the Red Wall Limestone aquifer that supplies water to Page Springs and its surrounding communities.

Thanks to its past owners, most of the Ranch’s 173 acres are in the same pristine condition that early settlers in the Sedona area found it. It is still covered with ancient juniper trees, some of which are 200 years old – trees that were growing before the white man ever came into the Sedona area. It is truly a “step back in time”. Sadly, the beauty of the Ranch has been largely forgotten by those in the surrounding community.

We invite you into this website www.elrojogradesedona.com to enjoy the photographs of its marvelous park, its wedding sites, its community gathering spots, and its equestrian facilities which was built on the 173 acres for the public to enjoy by riding on its beautiful acreage, and onto the beautiful Forest Service land that surrounds it.

We invite you to read about the hundreds of species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and plants that call its red rock and riparian habitat their home. In doing so, you will learn about the watershed, and the great riparian corridor in Northern Arizona which is currently under great stress, and in danger of being lost by the animals and plants who live here.

To save the Ranch we must first make people in the Sedona area and all neighboring communities and our global friends aware of its existence, its beauty, and its potential contribution to Sedona, as a marvelous blessing for future of our residents and visitors to Sedona and the Northern Arizona region where Old West Dreams live on.

El Rojo Grande Ranch was built to be a horse and cattle ranch. It was, nearly 26 years ago, built to be a working ranch surrounded on three sides by United States Forest Service lands – spectacular and welcoming to visitors from around the world.

Please protect the land, and not allow an inappropriate development to proceed.

Please write a letter to Yavapai County, and say “Please do not change the zoning and allow this ugly and unfortunate development to proceed.”

Please do not allow El Rojo Grande Ranch to become a symbol of what unrestrained development can do in our internationally known center of natural beauty. By allowing this microcosm of Sedona to be bulldozed and turned into a sprawling ocean of mobile homes, we will be showing the entire world that our values of conservation and sustainability are only words – devoid of actions.

The sellers have said themselves that this Ranch is magical! The International Sotheby’s has described this Ranch as pristine and magical! Let’s not let its magic be destroyed by bulldozers, and replaced by a sea of mobile home roofs. Please make this happen, and support – NO CHANGE IN ZONING!

Write a letter today! Randy Garrison, Yavapai County Supervisor, is in change again of these proceedings along with the county commissioners and staff.

Here is mine which you are welcome to cut and paste – click on this link. All letters are due by December 11, 2018.

Thank you!
Karin Reid Offield


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  1. Bill, Give Credit Where Credit is Due says:

    ????Just how many hard copy or online publications would be so generous as to allow contact addresses for the competition to appear (be published) on THEIR websites???? Most likely NONE and especially RRnews. Kudos to SedonaEye for not only being fair and balanced but extremely generous to make this site available to spread the word on this interesting and important issue never covered locally, afraid we’d learn about it before it’s a done deal is my guess. Thank you, Editor/Publisher/Writers/Staff/Support of SedonaEye. Here’s my email (deleted by editor) for a subscription. I’ve sent an email directly with my opinion.

  2. F.Y.I. says:

    Steve Segner doesn’t live in Sedona and has no idea how traffic nightmares have turned the City into a rat-hole for residents. The 50% of drive-thrus that would otherwise take the I-17 to the Grand Canyon clog our streets thanks to Chamber of Commerce advertising Sedona on highway billboards, flat screen TVs at Sky Harbor Airport, and brochures in Phoenix resorts.

  3. Mark Isaacs, Payson AZ says:

    The lack of coordinated response by the city, groups and clubs, HOAs, Dark Skies consultants because a huge development with 700 homes and 1500 headlights and street lights and more is abysmal. Where’s your Sedona Spirit? Has it gone green to dollar bills instead of preserving your sacred red rocks and land? This frequent canyon hiker is saddened by Sedona’s disrespectful attitude toward its stewardship responsibility. We protect Payson. Try it Sedona.

  4. ERG says:

    My hat just fell off.

    Learned more today from YC that the subjects of Traffic, Water and Sewer are all in OTHER departments of which cannot matter to YC in their decision making – so the reasons we give in our letters to oppose the change of zoning should steer towards other, bigger issues. I recommend reading the entire website to get informed, then write your letter.

    Also, there is concern that the residents of Sedona Shadows will not write letters because they could be penalized by the management of Sedona Shadows who is the buyer/developer – ELS from Chicago. Wrap your heads around this for a moment. It is a market that has not been lost on some of the country’s richest and most high-profile investors. Sam Zell’s Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS) is the largest mobile home park owner in America, with controlling interests in nearly 140,000 parks. In 2014, ELS made $777m in revenue, helping boost Zell’s near-$5bn fortune.
    It’s time to be both clever and helpful. HELP !

  5. @F.Y.I. says:

    You neglected to mention the source of money being used by the Chamber to continue advertising Sedona. That money is the result of a faulty advertising contract based on an equally faulty percentage rebate based also on a flawed agreement the city made with Steve Segner. He may reside in Oak Creek Canyon but he manages to run City of Sedona and now apparently is extending his control into Yavapai County. Go figure??

  6. @ ERG says:

    I still say YC Sups need to be pressured as to why the zoning change. What has changed to merit a change? Some company wants to make money? Is that it? More is better? What?

  7. Eddie Maddock says:

    @Daniel Holland. Are you the same Dan Holland who’s been in Sedona for how many years? If so, not too many of us left but reading your name (presuming you ARE the man) as always you addressed an issue head-on with honesty, integrity, and determination. Way to go man! Don’t ever change. ~Eddie M.

  8. ERG says:

    Earlier, I repeated some conversation that was delivered to us today regarding using the subjects of traffic, water and sewer as our REASONS to not change the zoning of El Rojo Grande Ranch. We were told by YC that it was not a good idea, because these departments are in different parts of the government, and Yavapai County cannot use those factors to help them make a decision.

    Without these big elements, it got me thinking about what WILL be the DECIDING FACTORS to influence and achieve a rejection of this development by Yavapai County?

    In this same discussion today was also a reference to the Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan not being useful to deciding the status of the development BECAUSE in the plan the document does not tell the Commissioners or the Board of Supervisors WHAT TO DO.

    So where does that leave us ? I read the meeting minutes of the last 8 months of the County and came away with this portion of their “revised” work towards a new Comprehensive Plan due in 2022. It’s a ways off, but there is important thinking here.

    #1, We, the People, are above the Government. The government does work for us and this is what they wrote: If the Comprehensive Plan does not tell the County what exactly to do – I think we the people can, in our letters, our outreach and our follow-up. There is nothing about this development that is correct, not for the location.

    It’s going to take time – but truly believe we are stronger than ELS, Sam Zell, and his Rojo Grande Development. We are ( most of you are) citizens of Arizona. Your letters and participation will make a difference.

    • Ensure compliance on all applications that citizen participation has
    been done correctly Growth Areas Element (4 Goals)

    • Identify potential growth areas for appropriate land uses that were compatible to surrounding communities
    • Promote efficiency of automobile, transit and other multi-modal circulation
    • Conserve significant natural resources and open areas in the growth areas
    • Promote the public and private construction of timely and financially sound infrastructure expansion through the use of infrastructure funding and financing planning that was coordinated with development activity

    Yavapai County ASKED the City of Sedona to weigh in and give their opinion. Here is a short portion of their response. Density – The City of Sedona does not believe the proposed eight-fold increase to dwelling unit density over the existing zoning is appropriate for this area.
    • The proposed use is too intensive for the location and the fact that there are no services such as grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores, movie theaters, etc. will require residents to seek those elsewhere, the closest services being in the City of Sedona. COULD THIS PAD ZONING BECOME ANOTHER VILLAGE OF OAK CREEK ?? CAN WE BE CONFIDENT IN THAT ?
    • An approximately eight-fold increase in density is a change which would typically be accompanied by elements in the proposal which result in a positive impact on a community or neighborhood. Positive impacts were not apparent.
    • The proposal does not maintain the rural character of Yavapai County.
    • Simply the existence of neighboring developments of comparable density should not result in the automatic conclusion that use should be replicated or that this type of project is right for this area.
    • Other land uses may be more appropriate.

    Hope this helps – thanks for helping!

  9. Brian, Sedona says:

    This land should be preserved. Ask Sinema & Gosar to get involved and coordinate a state bill. It can be bipartisan. El Rojo Grande Ranch can be a state park or monument because it’s necessary to protect the water and this land has a direct influence on its saving. Ask Trump to do it to save Sedona from its business and Chamber predators because the Sedona Chamber is in favor of this rezoning change (they’re hiding behind the city on this one because it’s a big big big ugly conflict for them if they are publicly pro development which is what they are and have always been). All you nonprofits that took money, this land’s destruction is also on your hands voting for big business like Chamber. Land development is Chamber desire.

    At minimum get Gosar and Sinema to go on record and oppose its rezoning. Gosar because he lives in Yavapai, Sinema because she needs to ingratiate herself with Yavapai who voted 3 to 1 against her. She can lose the next election like Kirkpatrick did as Congresswoman if Sinema doesn’t prove herself in the first term.

  10. Nancy says:

    Why isn’t Sedona Film Festival asking us & its membership in Hollywood et al to write letters? Send a cut/paste of the letter and send it out to every HOA and group like somebody said yesterday!!!!!!!! I I can’t believe that Pat & SFF want a huge sea of aluminum roofs welcoming Hollywood ?????

  11. Jess Wundrin says:

    Where’s the Sierra Club and/or Keep Sedona Beautiful on this issue?????

  12. Sean says:

    Dear ERG,

    You wrote that Sedona council provided the following only at the request of Yavapai County? Why was their response delayed? Why is it so ambivalent? Thanking you for the kindness of your reply in advance.

    [Yavapai County ASKED the City of Sedona to weigh in and give their opinion. Here is a short portion of their response. Density – The City of Sedona does not believe the proposed eight-fold increase to dwelling unit density over the existing zoning is appropriate for this area.

    • The proposed use is too intensive for the location and the fact that there are no services such as grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores, movie theaters, etc. will require residents to seek those elsewhere, the closest services being in the City of Sedona. COULD THIS PAD ZONING BECOME ANOTHER VILLAGE OF OAK CREEK ?? CAN WE BE CONFIDENT IN THAT ?
    • An approximately eight-fold increase in density is a change which would typically be accompanied by elements in the proposal which result in a positive impact on a community or neighborhood. Positive impacts were not apparent.
    • The proposal does not maintain the rural character of Yavapai County.
    • Simply the existence of neighboring developments of comparable density should not result in the automatic conclusion that use should be replicated or that this type of project is right for this area.
    • Other land uses may be more appropriate.]

  13. Tim Baxter, New Orleans says:

    What’s the projected income for the County annually if this project goes forward? How much does Sedona Shadows generate now? How many homes are in Sedona Shadows and what’s the land rent? I hear it’s over $1300 a month plus utilities and wifi. Does this Chicago firm own other Sedona properties?

  14. Joe Lee says:

    So Yavapai County asked the City Council for their opinion? No surprise considering the mess they’ve made of Sedona. Resort hotels on almost every corner, traffic back-ups in all directions. The grandslam contract paid for with bed tax (Sedona only) with the chamber of commerce to bring in even more tourists as they promote their members scattered all over the region. They (Yavapai County) most likely figured Sedona Council would bless the development hoping it might offer some much affordable housing. More vacation rentals on the horizon? Gotta love it!

  15. @joe lee says:

    Ok Focus Joe Lee..This isn’t about the C of C or the city of Sedona… Say to yourself focus three times and take a deep breath….Oh yes make sure you send out an email to all on your contact list…..particularly the international ones….LOL

  16. @Brian says:

    Oh no Brian let’s not get the AZ government invoked …. no no no
    The last time Sedona was considered for Nat Monument destination SZ Liberty was up in arms…”It’s A Land Grab”. You all remember… Forget Gosar…

    This is just a simple land transaction between two entity’s …
    It’s just business…. please keep government in all forms out..
    If a unspoiled natural habitat has to be destroyed …..so be it… Keep government out at all costs…. “it’s a land grab”

  17. Joe Lee says:

    @@Joe Lee So the land grab isn’t about Sedona or its regional chamber of commerce? Why then did Yavapai County ask for their opinion? To ask the opinion of “the city” is asking for the opinion of the regional chamber of commerce because (in case you didn’t know) the regional chamber of commerce controls the city council and city staff. Period. End of report.

  18. Steve segner says:

    And joe what did the city say, no they did not like the plan,end of story county issue

  19. ERG says:

    On the website under the FACTS TAB is the Sedona City Council meeting. Their meeting notes were released a week later, and that letter in it’s entirety is published also under FACTS. Each fact submitted by a. citizen or an agency or news paper subject is numbered and easy to access –

    There is a white paper ( research paper written by a local neighbor that is backed up by available data) also published about ELS/the buyer and owner of Sedona Shadows and what the rents have been for 20 some-odd years –

    The Sedona meeting was held October 8, the letter to Yavapai denouncing the project October 18, the video of the meeting is published on the website in entirety.

    The letters we are receiving delve into the issues of what is affordable housing – so at the risk of creating more subjects to discuss than our heads can even handle – here is a portion of a letter where an informed citizen did some figuring…

    This is an age 55+ delimited community, and the vast majority of the people we need to help are not in that age bracket. Further, I briefly studied costs that will be involved to “move in”. You’ll need a double-wide manufactured home for $50-110,000 (only 2 manufacturers in Arizona) See: https://www.thehomesdirect.com/blog/average-cost-of-a-manufactured-home.

    Then you have to transport it to Sedona from Chandler (at least). You have to build stem walls, plumbing and electrical connections and have it set into place. By the time you add taxes, insurance, heating and cooling (not super insulated) water, sewer and electricity you are up to an annual cost with the $900 monthly site rental fee (way low, because that was based upon infrastructure construction costs at Sedona Shadows about 30 years ago) of about $22,000.

    Typical bank loan ratios limit housing to no more than 30-35% of your income. So, you’re going to need age 55+ income of about $66-70,000. That leaves out teachers, most city staff except Dept. Heads, and certainly none of the various lodging resort, or retail staff. So even if there were a cadre of folks that this parameter fit, the State of Arizona prohibition against discrimination based upon investment use as a short-term rental is applicable to counties as well as cities – so we have the same elements at work, except for 13% more people on our roads and trails.

    Guess who’s police and fire will get called to respond to a problem 2.5 miles from city limits.

    The winners in this Planned Area Development appear to be the owner/developer and Yavapai County (property taxes). The folks left with the challenges created (and no additional funding) are the residents of Sedona.

    So you can see, the respondents to this CALL TO ACTION are coming in with many REASONS WHY TO DENY A CHANGE OF ZONING.

    PLS go to the website http://www.elrojograndesedona.com

  20. Denise, west Sedona says:

    Steve, Could you be a little less obtuse and pro development? It’s grating to hear 15 character blurbs of mendacity. You have facts? Ever? PRO SEDONA isn’t your strong suit. Learn to read for content and retain. It’s easy to see your mind is made of but of what and why? You are self defeating and don’t know it.

  21. Supervisor Clueless says:

    Them Supervisors have a habit of allowing “Parasitic Subdivisions” that feed off the various cities infastructure at no cost to them.
    Verde Santa Fe, Seven Canyons, Red Rock Loop,etc.
    They don’t care as long as they don’t have to support the homes with schools,hospitals, stores, gas stations.

  22. Steve Segner says:

    Sorry, Denise yes I like growth, get over it and no I am not for 700 new trailer pads out side of town, or 55+ communities, New condos or apartments in Sedona Yes…. does that help …Denise. this is such a hot topic that you use a made up name?

  23. Debbie Byrnes & Trey Dewey says:

    If you people think this city sucks now its because its ruled by (deleted by editor) that think we’re parasites. 7 Canyons? Red Rock Loop? VOC? Oak Creek Canyon? Enchantment? I’fgo on and on and on and on and on but I’m walking my paycheck and grocery shopping to Cottonwood Wally World where most of Sedona goes to shop any how because taxes and food costs less there like gas prices.

  24. Tommy says:

    @segner You’re for new condos or apartments in Sedona. Retaining the land and continually profiting far above other uses by raising rents & controlling the people you let move in? @Denise hit it out of the park. Whether the city approves or not people will rent their homes out. Been going on for decades.

  25. Shadows says:

    There’s a few in here that’ll get involved.

  26. Margaret Gould says:

    Sedona government is sooooo hypocritical. The have the audacity to object to the Yavapai County development yet on the other sides of their big mouths they approve yet another 90 room hotel (Marriott) next to the existing monstrosity at the Upper RR Loop Road. Righto.

    They indicate they will provide the big apartment complex Segner sooooo wants to fulfill the need for affordable housing (upchuck) maybe on city owned property over by the Posse Grounds. Righto. Was’t that exactly what the project on Sunset/Shelby was to have been? And yes, there was supposedly a stipulation in that development agreement assuring the deal. Let’s all say Nepenthe!

    contracts in Sedona are made to be broken in favor of developers and people the likes of a Steve Segner and his Chamber of Commerce IMO.

  27. Steve segner says:

    Debbie Cottonwood has a Food tax, Sedona doesn’t so you drive 40 +miles round-trip to the city to buy groceries and To pay tax, good for you cottonwood can use the money

  28. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To “Tommy” you’re making a big statement about Steve Segner can you please tell me how he’s profiting far above other uses?

  29. Kay, EP says:

    If developers had been held to the fire and provided ADU (or staff) housing for their resorts as other resort places are required to do (Utah, Colorado) Sedona wouldn’t be having the problem now. But broken promises over the years from developers committed to provide but didn’t. Long gone now (same as city councils come and go) but the problem lingers on. That’s the only thing in Sedona that seems to be a certain. . . Screwed up Management.

  30. I save money says:

    I save millions of dollars by NOT advertising my business. Pay dirt! The city of sedona fools at city hall think it’s their responsibility to advertise my biz. Generally in lodging advertising is a big cost. I don’t have to pay it as the sedona mafia has me covered.
    Now I pocket my advertising dollars and can give to political pacs to keep the millions following there. All is good here. I don’t want anymore competition all those little houses they want to build can be flipped to vacation rentals.

  31. Now you are talking says:


    This is what Yavapai County should be doing here instead of parasitic tin home building.
    Write your letters.

  32. @no your talking says:

    Yavapai County should not do that ..,
    That would be a “land grab” and AZ Liberty is agaisnt the government grabbing land as thier opposition to the Nat Monument..

    Can’t have it both ways when it’s convient to you.

    This is a land sale between to parties… Back off Gosar

  33. @i save millions says:

    Deep breaths now..

    Did you send out those emails yet?

  34. Steve segner says:

    Why should the lodging industry be held to a different standard than every other business. Is Bashas required to supply housing for their employees, what about Safeway. No other business is required to supply housing for their employees. Housing is now an issue in Sedona because of State Law SB1350 which allowed anybody to rent out their homes or rooms that used to be housing for employees of all businesses , Sedona is a tourist town, 70% of Sedona operating income comes from tourism.
    Sedona Bed Tax marketing supports jobs for over 10,000 people .
    SB1350, is the major reason we have traffic. if you want to get upset get upset at our governor ,

  35. George Costa says:

    Facts are missing from the Segner statement. This is a residential city that is a destination for tourists, this is not a tourist Mecca sought by residents. Be mindful.

    Fact is that residents can sustain limited infrastructure due to the inherent mountain terrain and high desert water.

    I sent an email.

  36. Cecil Rawl says:

    Plenty of trme to write this weekend. Happy thanksgiving Sedona.

  37. 10,000 people? says:

    Where are those 10,000 people? Not making more than 10-12 dollars per hour, cleaning people paid by rooms cleaned? Hotel Shuttles busing people in from Cottonwood that have beautiful cars and trucks at home. All the other employees fending for themselves. No benefits. Visitors destroying the trails and littering the roads. Seven canyons grinding/pulverizing the ridges to build. All the businesses selling to large corporations and gobbling each other up. 20 year business owners getting out. Jeep companies, clothing stores.Never ending traffic , more hotels. You are mad.

    Sedona is going to implode thanks , in large part, to your greed.
    Thank Goodness that residents can take some of the money you would like to keep for yourself renting their homes.
    That number is as inflated as your Northern lights turnout data.

  38. @Steve segner says:

    You forever blow off hot air about how things are done in different places. So what’s wrong w/Sedona since the lodging businesses here refuse to provide housing for at least some of their employees? That IS what’s done elsewhere – Park City, UTAH for example. Climb off your white stallion, segner. Get a grip and face reality. It WAS Sedona residents voted for incorporation, NOT TOURISTS (unfortunate as it’s turned out).

  39. F.Y.I. says:

    More BS from Steve Segner. SB 1350 is not the major reason Sedona has a traffic problem. Last January’s “Transportation Master Plan” by Kimley-Horn found that 50% of Sedona’s traffic is drive-throughs.

    Billboards on highways, flat-screen TVs at Sky Harbor Airport, and brochures in Phoenix resorts marketing Sedona are responsible for the horrific traffic clogging our streets. The $2.4 Million in taxpayer funds the regional Chamber of Commerce receives from the fiscally irresponsible City Council annually needs to get axed here and now.

  40. Lodging Owners says:

    Well when you read Steve’s comments it becomes clears that he is in it for his own enrichment and doesn’t care about the community. Since his statements are a repeated with a lack of concern for the residents and the community at large, I ask the readers of Sedona Eye “When is enough, enough?”

    One sided economics never work. Approving more Hotels isn’t the answer City Council. Putting in affordable housing isn’t either. The Hotels can’t find employees. Have you though why? Are the hotels providing the right type of work, pay and hours for residents? What family wants to work on the weekends and evening and live in a tiny house? What 58 year old (the average age for Sedona) wants to work cleaning hotels rooms? Waiting on tables? Working for tips?

    Issues are created by playing favoritism to the chamber, City of Sedona. Hotel occupancy is only 68% in Sedona while the average Hotel occupancy is 65.8% in the US.

    THE VISITORS have VOTED Sedona you aren’t anything more than a dash and bash, drive through.
    Sedona is NOT a stay and play quality stay.

    When is the city going to grow up? Tourism is driving the cost UP! Schools are failing in, driving families out. Wake up City of Sedona and try to be fair, transparent and BALANCED!

    They got you to vote in home rule and eject PBA. The wealthiest highest paid people in Sedona are controlling our community, City employees, owners – managers of Hotels and Chamber. Slow it down, think it through and connect the dots.

    The cronies are in it for personal enrichment. They play with your emotions and get YOU to vote in what brings them MORE money. The City manager gets more than Meals on Wheels BEFORE his benefits!

    Is Sedona a place you’d stay, play and vacation in? Or is Sedona a dash in or drive through location?

    The visitors voted a SECOND time with the traffic reports showing us we are no longer a destination stay but a onetime dash through. Think it through.

    Two unbiased votes by Visitors. Guess what? They are NOT impressed with the quality of stay.

  41. Lester Jarvis says:

    Very interesting dialogue exchange here but hope the theme of the message isn’t lost in the midst- Yavapai County Zone Change of former El Rojo Grande Ranch. Send written comments to the sources given if you do not want for this to happen.

    In the meantime this chap Steven Segner seems to have warped thinking. How can he possibly compare retail stores and other businesses with the lodging industry when it comes to housing for employees to service hundreds of rooms? Surely he can’t be serious especially since it’s the overabundance of hotel rooms (and still growing) that substantially adds to Sedona’s also increasing traffic problems. Why shouldn’t the hotels IE lodging require more accommodations since they are responsible for such excessive wear and tear on Sedona’s infrastructure?

    An even bigger joke is the alleged demand for “affordable” housing. How many reading this at one time or another had employment where it was necessary to drive sometimes many, many miles to get to it? And how many people from Southern California could afford to live in say Beverly Hills or any of the other high end coastal cities? And did they cry and whine and make demands on the government to provide such amenities? Of course not we had jobs, worked, and over a period of time and if we were lucky we climbed the ladder to loftier places (maybe NEVER Beverly Hills, Malibu etc – but upgraded)

    So stop your whining. This is the age of Socialism and we are ALL supposed to surrender our possessions to the government in order for them to divvy up evenly and allow all the lazy bums to benefit from free entitlements! Only one catch NOTHING IS FREE! Money comes from hardworking people paying taxes.

    Then, of course, it remains a fact that other higher end resorts than Sedona have fine hotels that DO accommodate to various degrees housing for their workers. It’s a huge benefit for attracting loyal employees and cut down employment turnover. It seems to be common knowledge good help is hard to come by here, and with an attitude like that displayed by Mr. Segner it’s understandable.

    Just another opinion and random thoughts related to why Sedona continues to lose her charm. It’s too late here but maybe we can help prevent more disaster outside Sedona City Limits. Let’s all send those emails and write those letters. Now or never.

  42. @lodging owners says:


    Obsessed much!?

  43. ERG says:

    Yes please – Lets follow Lester’s lead here. Stay on topic. Please . It’s important.

  44. No commuters says:

    I was recently sent information on lots for sale in Lake Montezuma/Rimrock. One for $3000 one for $4500. People used to commute from there to work in Sedona. They won’t commute when with traffic it takes an hour and a half to get to work at a job that barely pays enough to survive. Segner would like the City to build slave quarters so he can have cheap labor. The thought of him sharing one of his 3? 4 ? residences never enters his mind, good socialist that he is.

    No worries, we are headed for an economic downturn that will lower room occupancy rates and reduce the demand for labor. Since Sedona city manager Snidley Whiplash says “Sedona is a tourist town !”, the city and the Chamber will keep advertising for day trippers. My prediction for Sedona,bumper to bumper traffic, no tourist income. That is what happens when greed and Karma meet.

  45. @no commuters says:

    Repost from above applys to you

    Obsessed much…
    I would also like to add
    “Please get a life”

  46. steve Segner says:

    George Costa says:
    November 16, 2018 at 6:29 pm
    Facts are missing from the Segner statement. This is a residential city that is a destination for tourists,
    Really, or perhaps it is the other way around?.
    Most residents first came as tourists, they bought homes and lots from “Greedy*” developers that built roads, and destroyed the natural environment. See it all at how you look at it.
    If, George Costa moved to Orlando he would say Locals first….

    * (Greedy)a word used in Sedona Eye for any one or business that is make in living from tourists.10,000 work in Sedona , 10,000 live full or p.t. in Sedona and 10,000 people a day can visit Sedona

  47. tom Howell says:

    You people are funny.
    People move to Sedona and then get up set by the “Tourists”
    tourist town
    A town with a relatively small population that seems to grow exponentially during the season or seasons due to tourists. Usually located close to many major places of interest – to the tourists, naturally, as the locals have seen everything of interest at least 50 million times. More often than not, these tourists keep summer/winter homes – they’re too damn wussy to survive the rest of the year there.
    I hate living in a tourist town – there’s always a f&%%&& traffic jam!
    How to fix MOVE.

  48. Anonymous says:

    OK – Please give me the reasons why Yavapai will change the zoning. Lets make a list!
    From Supervisor Clueless: 1. “They don’t care as long as they don’t have to support the homes with schools,hospitals, stores, gas stations.”
    This is true about schools with a 55plus population in the trailers. Everyone else uses stores, gas and hospitals.
    3. lets make a list!

  49. Not an original thought says:

    Obviously a very low IQ, you keep repeating “yawn”, “Obsessed much” , ” Please get a life.”

    I realize you are only capable of “working” at your unnecessary city job, don’t strain yourself trying to contribute to the SedonaEye, your repetition is so pathetic, dull and boring.

    Go away dear. Your posts only get pity for your lack of substance from the more intelligent readers.

  50. @anonymous says:

    Number 1-10

    Your a bore with way to much time on your little fidgety hands.

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