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Eddie Maddock: Massive Sedona 700 Mobile Home and RV Site Rezoning Near Approval

Eddie Maddock focuses her Eye on Sedona to the plunder and destruction of El Rojo Grande Ranch in the profit versus preservation of Sedona’s ancient Indian artifacts and red rocks, irreplaceable bird and animal habitat, and possible sewage contamination of the Red Wall Limestone aquifer that supplies water to Sedona, Page Springs and surrounding communities when bulldozers arrive to clear pristine pre-settler land for 700 mobile homes and RV sites at the western gateway.

Sedona AZ Finally the election is OVER – DONE – KAPUT – FINIS! Some are rejoicing over the outcome, others are shedding tears, but if the truth were known, is anyone NOT celebrating the conclusion of this every two year event?

That being said, what’s next on the agenda?

Well, most assuredly a hot topic is reaching a boiling point regarding a pending change of zoning for El Rojo Grande Ranch to accommodate a massive 700 unit development at the outskirts west of Sedona City limits.

It’s best described in the following letter from Karen Reid Offield:

Dear Everyone,

Many of you have driven by the beautiful El Rojo Grande Ranch at the western gateway to Sedona yet you never have visited the Ranch. To you, and all our friends, this letter and website is for you!

This website www.elrojograndesedona.com was specifically created to help save this remarkable, but forgotten gem of Sedona. As a citizen of Arizona, or a visitor on the World Wide Web, you can save it. You can ensure the ranch is preserved as a part of the future of Sedona. Yavapai County will listen to the public comments. Please write a letter. (Note instructions at end of article.)

The buyer – a multi-billion-dollar based Chicago Corporation, Equity Lifestyles (ELS) and the owner of the Sedona Shadows mobile home park is asking Yavapai County to change the zoning of the ranch to allow them to build a huge 688-unit mobile home park (628 manufactured homes/apartments and a 60 RV Park) right next to the Dry Creek Scenic Road at the western gateway to Sedona.

This website will take you on a tour of the Ranch, to see for yourself why it is so important for the Sedona Community to rally around the Ranch, as environmental stewards, and to block a zoning change that will allow the developer to bulldoze its ancient landscape, evict and destroy its rich wildlife and Indian artifacts, and leave it as a scarred example of the type of development that values profit over the preservation and conservation of the treasure that is El Rojo Grande Ranch.

We are urgently asking for your immediate help to rally community support to block this PAD re-zoning, which will replace this priceless scenic wonder with a massive ocean of roofs.

The fragile lands of El Rojo Grande Ranch will be forever harmed by pumping the water from beneath its riparian habitats to the development, and by dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of effluent back into its creek bed each day, or by injecting that effluent into its underground aquifer. In addition to that tragedy, ELS will dispose huge amounts of surface runoff from their asphalt pavement into the riparian habitats.

The wildlife and bird riparian habitats on El Rojo Grande Ranch will be drained and parched by the massive water pumping station proposed by ELS to supply its mobile home park. ELS has yet to propose a method for disposal of all that waste, which would contaminate the Red Wall Limestone aquifer that supplies water to Page Springs and its surrounding communities.

Thanks to its past owners, most of the Ranch’s 173 acres are in the same pristine condition that early settlers in the Sedona area found it. It is still covered with ancient juniper trees, some of which are 200 years old – trees that were growing before the white man ever came into the Sedona area. It is truly a “step back in time”. Sadly, the beauty of the Ranch has been largely forgotten by those in the surrounding community.

We invite you into this website www.elrojogradesedona.com to enjoy the photographs of its marvelous park, its wedding sites, its community gathering spots, and its equestrian facilities which was built on the 173 acres for the public to enjoy by riding on its beautiful acreage, and onto the beautiful Forest Service land that surrounds it.

We invite you to read about the hundreds of species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and plants that call its red rock and riparian habitat their home. In doing so, you will learn about the watershed, and the great riparian corridor in Northern Arizona which is currently under great stress, and in danger of being lost by the animals and plants who live here.

To save the Ranch we must first make people in the Sedona area and all neighboring communities and our global friends aware of its existence, its beauty, and its potential contribution to Sedona, as a marvelous blessing for future of our residents and visitors to Sedona and the Northern Arizona region where Old West Dreams live on.

El Rojo Grande Ranch was built to be a horse and cattle ranch. It was, nearly 26 years ago, built to be a working ranch surrounded on three sides by United States Forest Service lands – spectacular and welcoming to visitors from around the world.

Please protect the land, and not allow an inappropriate development to proceed.

Please write a letter to Yavapai County, and say “Please do not change the zoning and allow this ugly and unfortunate development to proceed.”

Please do not allow El Rojo Grande Ranch to become a symbol of what unrestrained development can do in our internationally known center of natural beauty. By allowing this microcosm of Sedona to be bulldozed and turned into a sprawling ocean of mobile homes, we will be showing the entire world that our values of conservation and sustainability are only words – devoid of actions.

The sellers have said themselves that this Ranch is magical! The International Sotheby’s has described this Ranch as pristine and magical! Let’s not let its magic be destroyed by bulldozers, and replaced by a sea of mobile home roofs. Please make this happen, and support – NO CHANGE IN ZONING!

Write a letter today! Randy Garrison, Yavapai County Supervisor, is in change again of these proceedings along with the county commissioners and staff.

Here is mine which you are welcome to cut and paste – click on this link. All letters are due by December 11, 2018.

Thank you!
Karin Reid Offield


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  1. Sadie Mae says:

    Lordy Lordy jes who do ya think will be yankin’ chains to git at this chance. Them city counsil folks wantin’ ‘fordable houses or thems that will buy up these 700 propties fer vacation rentals???? Yahoo Airbn will have a HAY DAY!!

  2. Steve Segner says:

    Oh please ,sedona city council did not support this project, iout side the city and in the county area. This a a terrible project and we all should let the county know that . And just what is wrong with as you say” fordable house”! Sedona should is just for 80 +

  3. Nancy says:

    Sedona city council silence was the support needed. Where do I see their names attached to letters to the County Supervisor and County Board of Supervisors? Post them here or I don’t believe it.

    At no time did the city council alert us to this on our doorsteps. They kept it a secret. Rumor has it that they want bodies in the our public school for the SOCSD. They will sacrifice our water, our red rocks, our future for cheap labor and tax dollars ????????????????? Foothills South is slowly being destroyed for value.

    Our High School safety have been pawns in their hands long enough. It’s time parents and all Sedona west of the Y get organized before this council strips thousands off our home values and throws us to the wolves to get bodies into the school. The school parents organization better get in gear or risk losing a few more families if they don’t oppose this sham attempt to make this a sanctuary city school for the SOCSD. There are lots of good private schools and most are free.

  4. Andrew A. says:

    Wow – @Steve Segner – temper, temper! At least you admit “fordable” housing is on your agenda but definitely NOT as potential competition for vacation rentals with or without benefit of Airbnb. Maybe time to redefine your priorities? Sell your in-Sedona joint and retire is always an option? Also, as you said, this project is “(oops) iout side the city and in the county area.” And so why are your knickers in a twist?

  5. @Steve segner says:

    Hasn’t your well dried up yet?

    Still greedy and afriad they change them into short term rentals?

    Remember the proposal for this is FOR RETIREES this is age restricted folks. The SGC (sedona greed club) is the only thing growing in Sedona, they are also getting federal funding for this project. Not “fordable” stevie grebie

  6. Patty Johnson says:

    Yavapai County supervisors need letters. Write them this weekend. Thanks Eddie Maddock and Karin Oddfiels for letting us in on the secret.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I want to affordable housing I want immigrants to move here I want middle-class people to be able rob afford to live here ,I don’t want this to be Sun City north I want Sedona to grow . Nancy why didn’t you just go to the city Council meeting they discussed the project , oh they’re supposed to call you in personal invite you everything the council does is posted and easy to fine . I don’t like this project because it’s mobile home and 55+ and it will just be transient rental .The city has taken a stand if you don’t like it start bitching to the county

  8. Ron Well Well Well says:

    City of Sedona finally has an opportunity to satisfy their appetite for affordable housing and Segner says they disapprove cuz it’s outside city limits? Since when does that matter since most of the chamber of commerce members, enriched with millions of city revenue ($$$$) are actually NOT located within incorporated jurisdiction? Get with it, Stevie. You can’t have it both ways. I say let the developers have a go at it and continue with the despicable trend and standards already in progress WITHIN Sedona City LImits. Karma Lives!!

  9. David Schwartz says:

    Everyone who’s posting above me is showing proof positive why this site has little to no credibility. To “Nancy” you don’t believe much if you expect to see that info posted here. Feel free to do what I did, WATCH THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING that dealt with El Rojo Grande Ranch. All the proof that you need is right there on the video.

    I really don’t get it; the city council votes to support the best for the city, you hate them. The city council votes opposit from what you like, you hate them. I’m guessing that nothing will make you happy so why not do what that guy who ran and lost for mayor did, GET OUT OF DODGE!!

  10. Beck Biljoel says:

    You’re out of line David Schwartz. Unpucker your city sucker man. When the city wants to let us know what’s happening we get the info loud and clear because they’ll send out their lapdogs. I don’t get paid to go to council meetings. I elect and pay someone to go for me. I expect they be accountable to me because I pay them to do just that.

  11. Julie says:

    Post FB & Tweets here. Won’t post there.

  12. Poor Sedona says:

    The surrounding area is getting in on the action. They have just as much right as Segner.

    Go take a look at Seven Canyons which just pulverized/obliterated an entire ridge to build more homes. Could that be what caused the major flooding there recently? Hoping so. County.

    Who was going to place hundreds of homes on El Rojo during the last potential sale?

    Segner does not want 700 to1400 more cars coming into Sedona on a daily basis as air BnB renters slow up his plan to control all visitors sleeping rooms in Sedona/Sedona area. These will not be affordable homes with a 1000.00 lot fee per month. County

    Once residential properties are zoned to build additional properties on existing lots in Sedona that will increase traffic and people as well. City.

    Just a few more unintended consequences of power and control misused by a few short sighted greedy ego driven political and commercial entities. City and County.

    Good Luck Jennifer, finding the sexy “Sweet Spot” you go on and on about. The chamber should not be using that term. Save it for peaches.

  13. Lynn Baker says:

    How do you get off saying leave town because somebody disagrees with you? You intimidate others with opinions you don’t like?

  14. Epic fail says:

    The people currently in charge in the City, Chamber and local Fake News believe lies, threats and intimidation are acceptable tactics to further their agenda. Their cohorts stole signs and made threating phone calls to those who opposed them during the recent elections. The fact Sedona has lost it’s small town charm and over 10% of its’ population means nothing to this group. They are parasites destroying the host IMO. They suggest that if you don’t like the way they do things you “GET OUT OF DODGE!!”. Snidely Whiplash, city manager says “Sedona is a tourist town !” and “Traffic is our destiny !” It really gives you that warm welcoming feeling.

  15. Email Address for El Rojo Grande Ranch Letters? says:

    Question: Who do you send emails to?

    Answer: WHEN YOU SEND AN EMAIL make sure to INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS. (Some email addresses do not reflect the name of the sender.) Emails should be addressed to:

    tammy.dewitt@yavapai.us with the Subject line: Regarding El Rojo Grande Ranch

    Remember to include your name and address in the body of the email. (Example; Good Day Supervisors, My name is Jane Doe at 00 Sedona Lane, Sedona AZ 86336 and I am writing regarding the El Rojo Grande Ranch rezoning…..)

    All emails must be received by December 11, 2018. Don’t wait until last minute, make your voice known now.

  16. @epic fail says:

    Wow what a drama queen and delusional story teller.
    (deleted by editor)
    Get a grip man

  17. Wm John says:

    LMAO I say let em build the bigger and more dense the better. The dense portion represents Sedona city and the pea size of the brains that already destroyed the incorporated part. May as well expand to the Outer Limits like the Village of Oak Creek. Greedy bastards live here and there. Segner doesn’t like the competition about time someone whittled the man down to his real size. (deleted by editor) Sedona’s own Caesar / Napoleon .

  18. Phone Calls DON'T COUNT says:

    Between now, and December 11, 2018, Yavapai County will be collecting your letters and emails. Any letters received after December 11th will be given to the Commissioners and the Board of Supervisors, but will not be delivered to each council member ahead of the day the decisions are made. Please do not delay. PHONE CALLS DO NOT COUNT!

    Postal Letters should be addressed to:

    Attn: Planning Dept – Tammy Dewitt
    Re: El Rojo Grande Ranch
    Development Services
    10 South 6th St.
    Cottonwood, AZ 86326

    Emails should be addressed to:

    tammy.dewitt@yavapai.us with the Subject line: Regarding El Rojo Grande Ranch
    WHEN YOU SEND AN EMAIL make sure to include YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS in the email. (Some email addresses do not reflect the name of the sender.)

  19. Mack says:

    Saw this & it’s good fact. Use it when you write Ms. DeWitt. Check out the website for talking points. Share this story on every social media account & ask every friend to share it NOW. The World needs to know. Get the Chamber and City to share it. No excuses.

    Here’s a talking point from web:

    Despite what ELS has been saying, the ranch is not surrounded by commercial properties. A map shows that it is surrounded by National Forest and Residential properties. Be ready to challenge anyone who says otherwise.

  20. Mack again says:

    People need to go to web site. Found this good fact there. Copy the facts and use them in your letters.

    This mobile home park would house 1200 – 1400 people. That is a huge addition to the current Sedona population of 10,000, and it will put a heavy strain on the already strained resources.

    1200 – 1400 people traveling into and out of Sedona every day will have an enormous impact on the already-serious traffic problem. What will be the impact of all that additional traffic? The current traffic plan already predicts large increases in the traffic in the coming years, and that doesn’t even include all this additional traffic.

  21. Jay D. says:

    As Steve Segner has pointed out on more than one occasion, people should be able to build what they want on their properties. So what’s wrong with a housing development in or outside Sedona city limits? None of HIS business. And even if the developer(s) reduced that number to 300 or 400 hundred units, what’s to prevent buyers from using them for short-term (vacation) rentals? Seems like a win-win for the property owners and renters – and NO TAXES TO SEDONA CITY!!!!

  22. steve Segner says:

    All this hate and saying greed over and over will not help, ask the question what is it now zoned for? and what does that zoning allow,? Then ask why the change…. first get the facts stick with the facts

  23. Dave says:

    @steve it’s a friggin ranch moron , buyers wanted land for mobile home because they WANT IT , they give shit about where it’s located, it’s all about the GREEN on corporation books , they operate like you Steve

  24. steve Segner says:

    @Steve it’s a friggin ranch moron thanks dave for your well thought out comment, no that being said, what is the zoning? Building allowed per acre? And just why should the county change zoning, that will be how this is decided not your rants on Sedona eye. And calling everyone greedy . Grothe is good and will happen we can help guide it….

  25. Jerald, Cottonwood AZ says:

    Talk about being disingenuous, what business does the Sedona City Council have in butting in with whatever is going on outside their own jurisdiction? The same for Steve Segner, living in Oak Creek Canyon which the last I knew was in Coconino County (not Yavapai).

    For him to say this is a terrible project after his beloved council members it seems never saw a timeshare or major resort project they didn’t like AND approve??? Proof can be found at almost every main intersection in Sedona.

    Give us a break. Keep your noses out of our plans. Same as VOC, they’ve told you on more than one occasion to stay OUT of their neighborhoods. What next? Will they be invading Cornville, Cottonwood and Jerome? And that goes for your stupid Chamber of Commerce. Maybe there wouldn’t be so much hate Steve if you would all mind your OWN business.

  26. ERG says:

    On the website, on the tab FACTS there is a white paper on the buyer, a company called ELS, and the owner of Sedona Shadows.

  27. steve Segner says:

    to all the people posting

    So let get this straight
    you are for ?
    1. No-to the 500 to 700 mobile 55+ homes.
    2. Yes it is a great idea
    3. No -homes on large lots only.
    4. yes – Small homes l like in the village
    5. yes Large mc, mansions
    6. keep it to the zoning it now has.
    My vote is keeping the zoning the way it is … gave fun

  28. Rosanna Danna 2 says:


  29. Elaine Brown says:

    Here is a copy of my email to Yavapai County Development Services. Cut and paste what you like to help with your own letter. Anyone knowing people who might be interested in land preservation, please forward this letter and website. There has to be someone out there who would happily develop differently. Spread the word! Thanks.

    Dear Tammy DeWitt:

    I am writing to oppose the Zone Change / Zoning Map Change request (from RCU-2A & R1L-70 to PAD)
    On parcels408-29-001F, 001H, 001J & 276A

    Here are several reasons that support my decision to oppose the zoning change that will enable the “scraping” of pristine land and destruction of wildlife habitat to cluster build a project that does not mesh with the area.

    #1The Geography.

    Coconino National Forest and within that the Red Rock Country, an ADOT designated Historic State Road (89a) and an ADOT designated Scenic Road(Dry Creek). Dry Creek Scenic Road is from MP 363.5 to MP 370.0 or Page Springs to the Dry Creek Road.

    Historic Highway 89a

    https://www.azdot.gov/docs/default-source/historical-roads/sr89a_highwayhistory.pdf?sfvrsn =2

    Supervisors Thurman and Garrison share portions of the Dry Creek Scenic Road according to the District maps.

    Dry Creek Scenic Roadfrom MP 363.5 to MP 370.0
    https://www.azdot.gov/docs/default-source/scenic-routes/cmp_89a_mingus_mountain_road.pdf?s fvrsn=2

    #2 Wildlife and environmental impact studies must be done before action.

    Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. This supersedes just about everything.
    Endangered Species Act of 1973
    Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918
    Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1940
    National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
    This list names a few

    Common Name
    Scientific Name
    Arizona cliffrose Purshia subintegra ESA LE
    Bald eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus ESA LT
    California brown pelican Pelecanus occidentalis californicus ESA LE
    Chiricahua leopard Frog Rana chiricahuensis ESA LT
    Colorado pikeminnow Ptychocheilus lucius ESA LE
    Desert pupfish Cyprinodon macularius ESA LE
    Gila chub Gila intermedia ESA LE
    Gila topminnow Poeciliopsis occidentalis ESA LE
    Mexican spotted owl Strix occidentalis lucida ESA LT
    Razorback sucker Xyrauchen texanus ESA LE
    Southwestern willow flycatcher Empidonax traillii extimus ESA LE
    Spikedace Meda fulgida ESA LT
    Headwater Chub Gila Nigra ESA C
    Page springsnail Pyrgulopsis morrisoni ESA C
    Yellow-billed cuckoo Coccyzus americanus ESA C

    ESA=Endangered Species Act, LE=Listed Endangered, LT=Listed Threatened, PE=Proposed Endangered, C=Candidate.

    #3 Historic trails and visual intrusion.


    Check Historic Lime Kiln trail for example.

    https://d2umhuunwbec1r.cloudfront.net/gallery/asp-archive/Parks/DEHO/downloads/DEHO_Lime_K iln_Trail_c.pdf

    Please go back to the drawing board on this one. It will be worth it.

    Become part of the reason why people chose to live here. I live here with likeminded people who value and coexist with nature, the environment and all that it includes. This includes the State and Federal Government.

    Thank you to the many neighbors who have cared and worked hard for all of us in the past so that we may continue the effort as present good stewards of the land.

    There are many ways to combine nature with business opportunities.

    Elaine Brown
    Village of Oak Creek
    Yavapai County

    Cc Board of Supervisors Thurman and Garrison

  30. Beryl & Lesley & Oce says:

    @elainebrown you’ve been our hero with cell towers, we’ll cut/paste Thanks! Save our little bit of heaven on earth and keep our skies dark, our cell phones noncancerous, and our cell towers invisible.

  31. Ernest W. Yavapai County says:

    Thanks to Elaine Brown and others offering intelligent, well written suggestions for addressing this issue.

    What continues to stick in my craw is the arrogance of Sedona City Council to dare offer criticism about this proposal. Based on their own record how do they have the nerve to be so bold?

    Granted it isn’t just this City Council, but seated members over the years have done little more than approve high density projects (timeshares, resort hotels, as other have mentioned) and most recently the expansion of the Marriott and then the pending complex on the former Biddle property. Traffic congestion on both state highways has become impossible and yet they continue to approve even more density to add to the congestion. Definitely not a positive invitation to sustain the ridiculous and costly ongoing advertising from the Chamber of Commerce courtesy of Sedona City bed taxes as I understand it. Makes no sense.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! Nonsense is what they are. And just wait until they turn Sedona into a Sanctuary City and provide extended housing for the homeless. Keep this in mind before you continue to pass judgment on this most recent land development proposal. Incorporated Sedona IMO has set the worst possible example of what NOT to do!!

  32. Stuart, 12 to 13 homes per acre! says:

    This is from their website. Check it out. http://elrojograndesedona.com/developer/

    The construction process will involve:

    Destruction and removal of virtually all native vegetation and trees – including some very ancient juniper trees, which are 200 years old, and might otherwise live for another 200 years.

    Eviction and destruction of the habitats of birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and wildflowers.

    Leveling of the land, removal of natural drainage, excavating and pouring of concrete footings, and trenching all across the Ranch for the utilities to the 688 mobile home and RV sites.

    Construction of a large sewage treatment plant adjacent to the creek, which will be vulnerable to flash floods.

    Construction of two massive concrete bridges that will be built very high above the creek, to prevent them from becoming dams when flash floods wash trees and other debris down the creek during monsoon seasons. One of these huge bridges will be 55 feet wide and 350 feet long, while the other will be 55 feet wide and 250 feet long. (They might need to construct a third bridge. However, that bridge is not shown on this map)

    Note: Click on this website’s tab labeled The Land and Water of Dry Creek to gain an understanding of the fragile nature of the Ranch ecology, and rain events.

    An example of 4-Plex/4 Mobile Home/Apartment cluster of Manufactured Homes

    The mobile homes across the park will be installed shoulder-to-shoulder along the asphalt roads. ELS says that the density of the housing will only be 4 homes per acre. However, they get that number by averaging the number of houses over the entire 172 acres of the Ranch – which includes all of the flood plains. A closer look at their Letter of Intent reveals that a typical homesite will only be 50 by 70 feet. This amounts to a 3500 square foot (0.08 acre) home site. With the homes arranged shoulder-to-shoulder, this amounts to a density of about 12.5 homes per acre!

  33. Eddie Maddock says:

    Your kind words are appreciated @Rosanna Danna 2. However the source of this information stemmed from a phone call from a very good friend who, in turn, is well acquainted with Karin Reid Offield from whom my friend obtained the information. Subsequently Ms. Offield sent the information to me via the publisher/editor of SedonaEye and thus the resulting editorial. The really important issue here is getting the word out for which I extend my gratitude to my friend, Ms. Offield, and others who are willing to speak up and let their voices be heard.

  34. ERG says:

    We can imagine how busy the season is for all the readers, so the website has prepared a sample letter that may help you with letter writing. Yavapai County wants to be given REASONS by the public. Find the sample letter on http://www.elrojograndesedona.com/how-to-help/ We can print it here also.

    As a friend and former colleague wrote today…”YC does NOT want to hear our emotional thoughts or feelings on the destruction of the Ranch’s beauty or it’s rolling hills. Since Yavapai County is looking at economic growth, it would seem our defense is Water, Resources, Ecology disruption of specific creatures living there that need protection and the global reputation of the Sedona greenbelt and red rocks.” She is right, and we need to take THIS situation one step at a time and ask the Yavapai County to say “NO” to a zoning change.

  35. @ ERG says:

    OK, but another point is, why having zoning at all if it can be changed by anyone with money and a plan? What was the original intent of the zoning and what’s different now that warrants changing that — except maybe that greed has become respectable?

  36. Liz Seriously says:

    Oh c’mon! R U saying the Sedona city council had the audacity to comment on this proposed project after continuing to be major contributors to the ruination of Sedona?

    How is that you might ask? For starters by agreeing to continue with the apparently eternal contract with the chamber of commerce to market Sedona. Incorporation might have been the dumbest thing as it turns out, but those in charge have been haphazard and slipshod in trashing this beautiful area. And now they are commenting on projects outside their jurisdiction? Making complaints about higher density that might make traffic matters even worse?

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all.

    People do not come to Sedona because of the C of C. Never have, never will. They (used) to come here because of the beautiful red rocks and low key commercial aspect! Ha – not anymore. Want proof?

    Count the additional day-trippers driving through Sedona since the failed marketing of the C of C during the last few years. NOTHING has been offered to challenge the money given to the C of C has amounted to anything but hype and BS ……………NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

    Maybe the best message to Yavapai County’s Randy Garrison would be to have him and his colleagues visit Sedona and attempt to get to a scheduled appointment without being delayed by congested traffic. Weekends are generally worse but more and more often during what allegedly has been labeled as slower times of the year moving through Sedona has become a challenge.

    Point being? Garrison, kindly check out Sedona and use it as a living example of what NOT TO DO! – Be it El Rojo Grande Ranch or other future developments. Of course, these are my own opinions which wouldn’t matter to the group who continues to strangle what was once a magical place.

  37. @liz seriously says:


  38. Liz Seriously says:

    @liz seriously And why do you waste your time reading SedonaEye if you find it so boring. Gawd – you must REALLY be bored, poor pathetic no name. How about picking something like maybe Jessie, Karen, or Jenny???

  39. @liz seriously says:

    In one of your rants you write. “How is that you may ask”

    Well guess what…..No one is asking. Keep your tired old rants to yourselves please… Your very boring blaming the C of C for your unhappiness in life..

    You’ve been spewing vile and disconnect for years and years now… You really need help man.. Life is passing you by…don’t squander the rest being mean spirited and stupid..

  40. Kudos to the Sedona Eye says:

    Great article thank you Karin, Eddie & Sedona Eye!

    It is good to see a stand alone unbiased news outlet still exists.

    Sad to see that the Sedona Eye is the lone news that give us the truth. The others only present one sided bias media. Both use their so called news as a way to feature their highest paid club advertisers. I gave the RRN one last chance. They failed so I won’t renew or ever place an ad there again.

    Thank you Sedona EYE!

  41. Terri says:

    I pay city taxes. Is my city council attending Supervisors meeting and delivering letters saying all are opposed to this zoning change request????? I expect the Mayor to go and speak up and say no this isn’t appropriate. BTW I vote.

  42. ERG says:

    – The @ERG response is on point, and by the reading of City Council/County Commissioners meeting minutes you notice there are many exceptions to the RULES. The Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan ( on the website FACTS ) undergoes a revamp in 2022. They are working on those changes now.

    Remember that at every meeting there is a time set aside for the PUBLIC to talk, and there is a chart on their YC website that shows it is on the TOP the PUBLIC , first – then the lawmakers. People do get disheartened. Lets show the YC that this time, the public opinion can win. Please write a letter.

  43. @Teri says:

    And why should the Sedona City Council speak on your behalf or anyone else’s for that matter? Go to the Yavapai County Supervisors and speak for yourself. You apparently aren’t aware that not all Sedona (city) residents live in Yavapai County. What about those in Coconino County? (some of whom probably don’t give a hoot about what’s built between West Sedona and Cottonwood)

  44. Daniel Holland says:

    For Gods sake let’s stop arguing and send off an email to mid Dewitt or a letter…
    I just did….
    Tell them how you feel…
    Let’s use our voices constructively…

    Thank you and God Bless

  45. Matt Sachs says:

    I visited Sedona with my family in late August and what we remember is the approach was built by excitement of trees and wide open land spaces after coming up the freeway from Phoenix airport and sitting in traffic after exiting. If it had been rows of commercial buildings and hotels and restaurants and mass residential developments of cheap housing, we wouldn’t have persevered and kept going. We talked about turning around twice, once very seriously but then we saw the big Dome Rock. When we left (our timeshare was in the villages) we had the beautiful Bell Rock in our rearview mirror beckoning us back. You change that, you change what people like us remember. I overlooked your overpriced food, awful awful tourist shops, and liked the quiet beauty of the village nights and days to the hectic city. Our jeep tour was wonderful memory. Our walk in the canyon was a wonderful memory but it was crowded and a local told us of a place in the village with water that’s a secret we won’t share. I’m writing a letter to keep those trailers out of Sedona. You have a nice mix of all incomes in west Sedona and don’t need a thousand more low income. Quality is more important than quantity.

  46. Steve segner says:

    Arizona is not short on experiences for travelers, and two cities were named among the top 10 in the U.S. in a recent TripAdvisor Survey for serving up different things for tourists to do.

    Sedona ranked No. 2 on the list — and No. 6 globally — for the best experiences in the U.S. while Phoenix ranked No. 4. The list ranked cities by the average rating for bookable experiences in a destination.
    6th in the world….. seems some people loved there visit to Sedona…. A couple of local, Donna, likes to Donna, negative comments about Sedona we are a great and growing city Seems a little PR and marketing works .

  47. @Matt Sachs says:

    Hi Matt:

    I think that it’s great that you visited our red rock city back in August and you remembered so much including the existence of SedonaEye. How interesting.

  48. Jim says:

    Daniel is right. We’re taking copies to sign and asking everyone we meet. How about Printing copies and distribute to every neighbor and mail it -Don’t trust they will mail. You do it.

  49. @mattsachs says:

    Glad you enjoyed using my name in your comment and not your own. Let me guess that you live a sheltered life in Sedona. When you come to LA and enjoy a vacation, I do hope that you’ll recall a few scenic highlights other than our massive homeless population. If you are fortunate enough to know a few locals, you might receive a group email from them, and maybe they will include an important local news story with a request to send letters and ask that you too send to everyone on your contact list. I sent it to a majority of my contacts and many are national and international travelers. Some have been there and some haven’t. Does that come across as interesting? I’m sure @mattsachs you also sent a letter. You seem to have plenty of spare time, no name, but plenty of extra time. Maybe you could volunteer to help during the next film festival and introduce yourself, after forwarding this post to your contacts requesting they write?

  50. ERG says:

    So, like the Sedona EYE – Inform and Inspire or become informed – Celebrate our rights to do both! here’s a list of how to reach the Arizona citizenry and a list of what you’ll find on the website – if you have a friend that likes birds – send them the link to the Bird page on the website.

    Sedona Red Rocks News: 300 words or less


    Cottonwood – The Verde Independent : 300 words or less


    Coronino – AZ Daily Sun : 350 words or less

    http://www.azdailysun.com For this one you need to submit through their portal. So open link and in the upper left hand corner is a menu icon (the lines in the square) click on the menu and a drop down appears, click opinion, copy and paste then click submit.

    Phoenix – AZ Republic – You can do an op-ed 550 words or less or letter to the editor 200 words or less.

    INDEX TO OUR WEBSITE http://WWW.elrojograndesedona.com

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