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Eddie Maddock: History in Headlines

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock with a Sedona History in Headlines review.

Sedona AZ (June 25, 2017)How much of a story can accurately be conveyed with a few simple words at the beginning of an article?

That, of course, is subjective and best ascertained by those reading the information and forming individual opinions which might thusly be considered as an invitation to objectivity, strictly formulated from that personal belief or point of view.

Endeavoring to test the waters, offered here are samples:

EXTRA – Los Angeles Times: Monday Morning, July 21, 1969: “WALK ON MOON” – ‘That’s One Small Step for Man … One Giant Leap for Mankind’

Sedona Red Rock News, 8/24/88: “Innkeepers, chamber still urging tourism promotion”

Sedona Red Rock News, 9/07/88: “Innkeepers group gifts $500 for new brochure on Sedona”

Sedona Red Rock News, 9/21/88: photograph only “Celebrating a change – Pink Jeeps’ owners John and MaryAnn Minnick threw a shindig Monday to celebrate the sale of the 30-year-old scenic touring business. The new owners, Shawn Wendell and Jim Hearns of Texas, were on hand to present John Minnick with a special pink and white cowboy hat. Many of the Pink Jeep drivers were on hand to wish the Minnicks well. John said he and his wife will remain in Sedona.”

Sedona Red Rock News, 2/21/96: “Developers at risk due to sewer policy” – sub headline: “Mayor Thron Riggs said the city made an assumption that the treatment plant could handle more than the permitted flows based on assurances by experts”

The Arizona Republic, 1/08/97: “Hog wild and pig crazy – Javelinas inspire love, hate, misunderstanding”

Sedona Red Rock News, 6/20/97: “Alternate route forum draws crowd” – ‘A contentious issue – Jim Odenkirk’. Photo caption: “HARRY EASTON was one of about 25 citizens who chose to speak at a meeting of the Citizens Task Force last Tuesday evening (top photo) which took place in the multi-purpose room at the Sedona Fire Station. Receiving input was task force chairman Tom O’Halleran and member John Miller (left photo) and the other Task Force members. Public comment ranged from positive to negative to pleas from local residents to ‘do something’ concerning an alternate route to ease traffic congestion on Hwy. 179.”

Sedona Red Rock News, 12/5/97: “Sedona has a new zone category: Lodging”

Arizona Republic, 1/3/98: “Newcomers find Sedona too pricey – Few can afford housing”

Side bar: “Priced Out Of Paradise (in part): “They are ‘Forbidden Cities’: Aspen, Vail, Jackson, Incline Village, Sun Valley, Sedona, Taos and others, Western resort areas that have become so affluent that few can afford to live there.”

Red Rock News, 4/1/98: “Our Opinion – Taxpayers tell government ‘No more’ – Thomas L. Brossart, Managing editor” Notation: “Sedona” not appearing with RRN at top of page.

Letter to Editor from Michael Rofe, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. – Red Rock News, 2/11/2000: “Sedona not worth it unless noise limited”

Verde Valley News, 8/16/2000: “Opinion – Legislature changes Open Meeting Law” – Insert: ‘There is no substitute for education. Lawyers for public bodies should conduct a training session to share these changes with clients. Sessions should be held in public so members of the public learn the law, too, and gain confidence that the particular public body cares about obeying the law.” – Tim Delaney, Chief Deputy, Arizona Attorney General

Sunset Park children’s playground 2017

Red Rock News, 8/6/04: “When in doubt, blame it on the devil” – A Time to Talk – John Reid – “ Insert: ‘It is the individual city staff members who must demonstrate they have the sensitive nerve endings that enable them to raise red flags before the storm hits.’

Red Rock News, 10/28/05: “Council considers ‘hilltop’ ordinance – Protection of even one ridge is worth it, councilman says”

Red Rock News, 3/22/06: “Parks & Rec. survey results released” – ‘Developing new facilities such as ball fields, tennis courts, picnic area and a recreation center rated low. The majority of respondents also felt that an indoor swimming pool was not necessary.’ – ‘Property tax, dedicated sales tax and current sales tax were the least popular forms of funding.’

Red Rock News, 11/01/06: “Available parking affects city’s revenue”

Red Rock News, 12/29/06: “Pricey holiday party” – ‘City spends over $12,000 on 2006 celebration’. Opening paragraph: “The city of Sedona spent $12,291.78 on its 2006 holiday party for 168 staff and volunteers.”

Red Rock News, 5/16/07: “Council accepts land, foregoes $845K in fees”

Related Editorial – Red Rock News, 5/16/07: “Two steps forward, one step back” – Greg Ruland, Managing Editor, Larson Newspapers: “The entire 7.8 acres lies in a flood plain. No land developer wants it. Most distressing of all, this so-called ‘gift’ is actually going to cost the city $845,000, money intended by law to reduce the impact of rapid growth on Sedona residents.”

Red Rock News, 01/02/08: “Mayor accounts for only 1 of 7 votes” – City talk, Jerry Frey, Vice Mayor

Red Rock News, 6/18/08: Editorial – Managing Editor’s Slot – “When will traffic keep people from coming to Sedona?” (By-line unidentified)

Kudos, 10/08/14: “Remember When” – “Second Time Around – Sedonans vote to incorporate” Featuring photo of Ron Bricker and Pat Kantor  (Note: On Oct. 15, 1985, voters in six of seven precincts rejected the bid to incorporate which denied the measure to incorporate by a 2,071-1,486 margin. Two years later, on Dec. 2, 1987, the measure passed: 1,897-1,332.)

Does anyone wonder if that vote were taken today, would those 565 individuals vote the same way?

That’s it for now, but there might be more to follow.

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  1. ATTN: San Tan Valley says:

    Residents of San Tan Valley thinking about incorporating – DON’T DO IT! There’s still time to learn from the mistakes of others. And don’t be foolish enough to think it will be different for you. Ain’t gonna happen!

  2. West Sedona Dave says:

    Eddie quote:Does anyone wonder if that vote were taken today, would those 565 individuals vote the same way?


    Very good question, but do you think it’s a simple answer?….
    We are suffering from success, so depending on who you are and how it effects you it could be the same?

    I bet a business owner right now making money are more than happy….

    Now us regular full time residents that are pulling are hair out over traffic not so much.

    Questions like this will only polarize people and give their opinions!
    Now I believe in thoughtful exchange of ideas, accepting the good with that bad!

    So as of now I would vote yes again, because we are seeing successful gains financially.

    Now if this had turned into a ghost town I can’t imagine other than the old chronic complainers being happy….

    With any and all successes there is good and bad, it’s all about proper balance!

  3. Bravo! says:

    This is GREAT!

    I wouldn’t vote to incorporate the city of Sedona today. We are better off in county less people snakin public funding for their special interests.

  4. Norma says:

    I find it very interesting that back in 1997 the residents were speaking up about the traffic on 179. Yet over the last twenty years the city council has IGNORED the residents and thrown more money into the chamber over 20 million to date and NEVER dealt with the problem. 20 million could have done a lot of infrastructure.

    It clearly shows how immature and irresponsible ALL the councils decisions have been. Untrained and reckless. The entire region is paying for the special interests to play and benefit from taxpayer funding.

    In my Opinion

  5. Another AHA Moment says:

    “Parks & Rec. survey results released” – ‘Developing new facilities such as ball fields, tennis courts, picnic area and a recreation center rated low. The majority of respondents also felt that an indoor swimming pool was not necessary.’

    That survey was in 2006 and yet all those things became top priority anyhow. So much for the will of the people. But when surveys don’t reflect what those in power want, apparently they don’t believe the results. Could that be the reason we don’t get surveys in the mail anymore? All I get are very expensive reports that try to convince us what a great job the Sedona government is doing. Oh really? Is that why they need to find new sources of tax revenue?

  6. PS from Another AHA Moment says:

    I stand corrected. To date we haven’t been graced with an unwanted recreation center. Or? Maybe is that City Hall? Hmmm another point to ponder.

  7. Norma says:

    While the Sedona City taxpayers residents & businesses pay the bucks for the regional special interests aka Sedona Chamber. Those outside the city limits are limited as the Tourist-Grinches took away their quality of life. The roads are clogged and they can’t get around.

  8. steve Segner says:

    Another AHA Moment says:
    “Parks & Rec. survey results released” – ‘Developing new facilities such as ball fields, tennis courts, picnic area and a recreation center rated low. The majority of respondents also felt that an indoor swimming pool was not necessary.’

    You guys are so funny, Sedona is not a democracy, and city government is not the tool of the majority.

    We elect a council and they hire management we give then the power to run Sedona.
    Most citizens do not
    Play tennis but we supply tennis courts
    Or play baseball, but we supply a place to play ball.
    And not all citizens hike, but the city supplies access to trails.
    Most people don’t walk in front of you home but we supply sidewalks
    Most citizens don’t use parks on weekends but have them
    As do most cities also have little theaters, gym and basketball courts pools and much much more.
    Just remember it is not all about YOU.
    You guys live in the past you keep talking about the old days.
    We are a CITY like it or not, we have a city council, and we are a tourist town
    Remember there are 8000+ people that live in Sedona and 8000+
    that make there living in Sedona, And the Sedona city government
    Represents them all not the majority and not you.

  9. Tony T says:

    The past and present city councils prove that they ignore the citizens and only listen to special interests. First, eliminate Home rule, that will cut their budget in half. Then or concurrently eliminate the City of Sedona. It had been a scam by special interests from the start.

  10. Wsr says:

    @another AHA moment

    SE readers this is the women who hates everything and posts using 10-15 different names sometimes all in one day…

    She is a bore and a complainer like most of the r”regulars” who post here..

  11. Give it Up says:

    Give it up Wsr, WSR, West sedona resident, west Sedona Resident, and whatever deceitful labels you wish to use. After reading your almost identical comments on Face Book, specifically about Dwight Kadar and Mike Schroeder, we clearly know who you are, JW. And is the city paying for your lunches at the Pump House and elsewhere these days? Just askin’! And as for Steve segner, it was the registered voters in the designated city limits that approved incorporation for the purpose of reflecting what it is THEY want for city to become. Enough of your BS rationalization of how YOU think things should be. Ignoring legitimate polls because they don’t reflect what the city council and special interests want has resulted in where we are today – lack of money for infrastructure necessities which should have been Number ONE consideration. Go back to California where you agree with socialized government or whatever.

  12. Wsr says:

    @Give it up

    Thank you for ranting your haterd and proving my point whichever one of the 15 made up names you are using today..

    You sound like a baby that needs its diaper changed constantly!!!!!

  13. Wsr says:

    @give it up

    Oh yes I forgot,,,, not sure who you think I am………but any 8 outta 10 people could of wrote something negative about those decitful Tea Party cliqns you mentioned..

    They thrive on lies and misinformation like you!!!!

    In my humble opinion

  14. J & D, Big Park Residents says:

    It took a while before we realized we weren’t in incorporated Sedona. We only share the Fire & School Districts. At first we were disappointed – but definitely not now. (Also not being part of the VOCA is a big relief.)

    What we do resent is the lack of control displayed by Sedona city government in managing traffic and showing good judgment in how they spend their city taxes. It definitely has a negative impact on us and now days it’s more convenient for us to go to Cottonwood via Beaver Head Flats than make our usual trips to Sedona.

    Another issue which needs to be checked, is whether or not it’s true that merchandise ordered online and delivered to homes out here is being charged Sedona city sales tax? Our zip codes are different in the VOC (86341, 86351), we still are tagged Sedona but we should NOT be charged city sales tax! Is it true residents and businesses outside Sedona with 86336 zip codes (like Oak Creek Canyon) are charged Sedona city sales taxes? (Garland’s, Dairy Queen and others?). We don’t get many packages but intend to check with our friends that do because wouldn’t that be illegal? If so we need to rally and protest at a Sedona City Hall Council Meeting against wrongful tax charges if it’s happening.

    As for real hate mongers posting on Sedonaeye, it’s really quite evident who they are and what they represent. Someone pointed out in a letter to the editor in today’s Arizona Republic (6/28) it’s nasty Hollywood celebrities that are the true pros at vile threats. There have been others coming from Meryl Streep and the cast of The View, but two pointed out were (1) Madonna for threatening to blow up the White House and (2) Johnny Depp for asking “when was the last time an actor assassinated a president.”

    Persistent comments coming from probably the same couple of people that seem to lie in waiting for the next opportunity to slam factual input in the Sedonaeye with which they disagree – like the 3-part articles from Henry Twombly and contributions from J. Rick Normand and Eddie Maddock, are as hateful as the Hollywood bunch who can’t accept the fact their terrible candidate didn’t win the last election for President. (A big difference here is the city exists. They won whether they personally voted it in or not. What’s the continued beef?)

    Get over it Sedona wimps. Like the Hollywood celebs except without notoriety, you are wimpy saps that would be better off if you stayed in your little beds all day and sucked your thumbs. Discourse presented here represents all kinds of opinions. Simpletons don’t get it.

    Grateful to live outside Sedona the city,
    J & D, Residents of Big Park, the beautiful Sedona

  15. Steve segner says:

    I just bet you tell all your out-of-state friends you live in big Park Arizona on the outskirts of sedona we all know you do that because you hate SEDONA so much

  16. WooHoo says:

    Congrats to J & D Big Park residents for really lighting Steve segner’s fuse. (Take note he doesn’t even capitalize his last name.) His reaction spoke volumes, especially after his lengthy diatribe about how “Sedona is not a democracy.” Yes, that’s a direct quote.

    BTW are you by chance being charged Sedona city taxes on your utility bills and/or franchise fees for cable access? Another potential rip-off if that’s the case. And if all of these unjustified taxes have been applied over the years, how about taking legal class action to not only stop these charges and fees but also going for reimbursement of past collections for the last 20 years? Sound like a plan? Surely you must have connections with one or more attorneys out there? Hope so.

  17. Jerry, Legitimate Sedona Voter says:

    Steve Segner is correct, Sedona is NOT a democratic government. (Never thought I’d agree with him.) However the chamber and affinity groups are now totally in control, especially since the city continues to negotiate new contracts almost on a weekly business. (Most recent? Council Meeting 6/27 – Development Agreement & Reciprocal Easement Agreement – City & Chamber & “Sedona Jazz Collective”(?) for construction of pedestrian access improvements – northwest corner of Forest Road and 89A in Uptown. Another sweetheart deal to lamely justify “product development” and infiltrate public funds via special interest control for official city business. Wonder if the commercials the Chamber is running on Radio Station KYBC soliciting new members are also part of “product development?” The product of course being increasing dues paying members outside Sedona City Limits to the regional Chamber of Commerce since a Cottonwood radio station is paid to promote them. Such a deal! But definitely NOT for the residents of incorporated Sedona.

    Oh yes, one last thought here. Belated thanks to Jerry Frye for having made the contribution in the above article possible: “Red Rock News, 01/02/08: “Mayor accounts for only 1 of 7 votes” – City talk, Jerry Frey, Vice Mayor.” Does anyone else think it would be a good idea for City Council to attend a refresher course on Sedona’s form of government (besides it not being democratic). Specifically a weak mayor. Translated – except for conducting meetings, signing documents, declaring emergencies, and attending things like ribbon cutting events, the Mayor in our form of government has no more authority than other council members. (supposedly)

  18. JJ says:

    It’s not sedona we hate it’s YOU

  19. @steve says:

    Steve I love sedona but HATE a chamber of horrors imo Wild people that hurt Sedona and carry germs hehe imo

  20. Another Old Timer says:

    It was really disappointing to many of us in the Red Rock Crossing area when that first vote for Sedona to incorporate failed. However, as it turned out it’s been a blessing in disguise. I know of no one out here that wants any part of your anti democratic form of government, controlled by one supposedly non-profit called the chamber of commerce. Probably if the truth were known it’s the biggest money/profit making enterprise in all of the Verde Valley. And most of all we do not want to be paying any of your taxes for deliveries or anything else! And FYI we have our own active and very successful Red Rock, 89A Corridor, Dry Creek Land Use association where we work closely with Yavapai County to implement the way WE want our area to be developed. So any great plans you have for all that vacant land you own (but do not control) ain’t gonna happen without our approval. Get It?

  21. Flagstaff & Sedona Sanctuary Laws Will Cost Money says:

    Go ahead Sedona and Flagstaff, keep passing these laws & make some lawyer happy to drain your coffers. Flagstaff needs to repeal its law.


  22. New Headline to Add says:

    “J. Wesselhoff CEO Sedona Chamber Of Commerce, Hits Face Book With Latest Photos of Her Vacation in Park City, Utah”

    Looks like fun. Wonder how she learned about Park City since they DO NOT GIVE ONE PENNY to their local Chamber of Commerce. All of their advertising funding goes to the Utah State Bureau of Tourism. Interesting?

  23. WSR says:

    @another old timer

    Who Cares!?

  24. No Big Deal says:

    As Jerry, Legitimate Sedona Voter makes reference to: “Development Agreement & Reciprocal Easement Agreement – City & Chamber & Sedona Jazz Collective”, what’s the big deal? This is to construct an ADA compliant sidewalk to better access the “official” Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center (not “official” City of Sedona Visitors Center). And the city is only kicking in a mere $50,000 to the project estimated to cost $132,000. And the Chamber is generously relinquishing $30,000 from their almost $3 million they collect from the city . The Sedona Jazz Collective owns Forest Road Plaza, site of another “public gathering place” and where Chipotle is located. This is the new deal – public/private partnerships. Something similar to National/Global contracts. And we all know who ends up footing the bill for the Big Boy coalitions. The good old USA, of course! And now we have good old incorporated Sedona, cash cow for everyone except the residents

  25. JeanJ says:

    Another new headline to add: Red Rock News, 6/07/17: “P & Z delays wireless vote”

    In danger of slipping beneath the radar is the fact that Consultant CityScape and the City Manager’s Office are going with urban density cell tower coverage for Sedona vs. rural density. The Red Rock News lists the six Federal law mandates for cities, counties and states. None pertain to numerical needs determinations. And, as readers may know, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine encourages avoidance of radio frequency exposure such as from cell towers, etc.

    Obviously, the requirement of twice as many wireless infrastructure sites for urban density does not equate with the least negative impacts on the health and safety of rural Sedona’s residents and workers; additionally, it fails to preserve the natural beauty of Sedona, a City of only 19.07 square miles.

    Currently, 8 cell tower sites with their monstrous, noisy base stations are proposed on City Property, and 10 on Other Property. Already 22 towers are located in or near the perimeter of the City.

    According to CityScape documents, a wireless master plan can “Create a new method for new community revenues.” CityScape has located 20 City-owned sites. Only those within City rights-of-way fall under the limited rental payment of $50/year mandated by new AZ House Bill 2365 and signed by Governor Ducey– legal challenges yet to come.

    Vertical Consultants’ website states the average yearly cell phone tower lease rate is $45,000+. Might such payments become one of the City’s new potential sources of needed revenue?

    In my opinion, the City should chart a new course that requires very little RF exposure.

  26. Maxwell (Max for short) & Family says:

    Just returned from a vacation so catching up. Wow missed a bunch & not all good. Terrible about the Prescott fire. Let us hope to get through the 4th (tomorrow) without incident.

    Find above headlines very interesting. Following the trend it appears not much has changed over the years. To my recollection there was some sort of deal made with lodging to provide employee housing. . new projects and expansions. Fairfield had been tied in with some breach? Any information on that might be of interest since the matter of affordable housing surfaced again recently. Good to be back traffic and all. Happy & safe 4th of July to all.

  27. Eddie Maddock says:

    Maxwell & Family: You ask about the Fairfield project.

    Renegotiations for the Fairfield project occurred in 2005 – prior to availability of SedonaEye/SedonaTimes. Thus, and obviously, there’s nothing on record in SE archives relating to this subject.

    However, my own hard copy files reflect two articles from the Red Rock News:

    (1) 10/14/05 “Fairfield plays hardball with council” – (sub-heading) “Timeshare’s agent won’t answer city questions” by Cyndy Hardy;

    (2) 11/11/05 “Modified Fairfield plan OK’d” – (sub-heading): “Fairfield gets amendment; city gets housing” by Cyndy Hardy.

    The general dispute between the City of Sedona and Fairfield developers related to failure, by the contractors, to produce affordable housing as required in the original development agreement under discussion in 1997. Both meetings cited here were subsequent requests for amendments.

    Attempting to search Red Rock News archives disclosed there are no records available from 2005.

    It’s unfortunate because the same as the Nepenthe development, originally approved solely as affordable housing, it was not appropriately written in order to adequately make that provision stick. It would appear a similar situation occurred with the Fairfield development although designed as timeshare’s, providing a substantial number of affordable rentals had been part of the agreement.

    Quoting from a portion of the November 8th meeting:

    “In 1998, the Fairfield project was approved for 72 timeshare units and 64 apartment units, among other agreements.

    Fairfield built the timeshare units and 12 of the apartments.

    The company advertised the apartments for $1,900 to $3,000 per month.

    The units have sat empty since, Fairfield claims, because they couldn’t find renters.”

    Quoting further from the cited article: RRN 11/11/05:

    “Now, regardless of who builds on the property currently occupied by Fairfield, the development should’ be 27 percent apartments, according to the resolution.

    The affordability of the units can vary, however, the apartments must have a combined average affordability to renters who earn 80 percent of the Area Median Income.”


    So, to date and now functioning under the flag of “Wyndham” were any affordable apartments EVER provided?

    Only The Shadow Knows.

  28. Fred F. says:

    About affordable housing then it seems efforts to solve the problem were averted by at least some of those designated to provide it (although I am aware of others that complied such as, I believe, Sedona Rouge.)

    It surely doesn’t seem equitable that some do, others get away with shunning the responsibility – presumably because they might lose a few bucks profit? Wonder if the new Marriott complied or was even asked to do so?

    At the moment, however, and based on other indications buzzing around town, it looks like it might be possible for “affordable housing” to become another phantom mission for “product development.” If that is true, where will multiple housing projects be built because Sedona has been known to strive for low density development to protect the scenic quality and open space feel. (a major reason for having incorporated) Will our leaders resort to even new lows and tromp on our subdivision zoning to cram in inappropriate density?

    If developers shun the idea (again) because it doesn’t offer them enough profit, will the city enter the real estate business and sanction public funded housing as acceptable in Sedona, population 10,000 and shrinking due to part-time residents and out of state property owners using their investments as vacation rentals?

    Haven’t yet done so but believe it’s imperative to check into that new land use study that’s presently on the table. This is nuts! (IMO)

  29. Max says:

    But really @Fred F is any one specific city maneuver nuttier than another? Let’s face it, just based on the results of that Parks & Rec. survey 3/22/06, except for the rec center everything else rated low by participating residents became a reality anyhow !! Isn’t it just a systematic scheme of one shell game after another in order to discourage public participation except by those who are in on the game? It seems like nothing short of divine intervention is going to change anything. We’ll remain pawns in the games until ?????

  30. West Sedona Dave says:


    May I suggest you go to the city website, sign up for the email notification for P&Z meetings(audio only) and all city council meetings….

    You will be shocked and surprised what you will find out and learn…..As a matter of fact, keeping an eye on P&Z meetings then emailing anyone with a question or give your opinion works great….Yes, you can also attend all meetings.

    If my memory is correct, Rouge, Marriott, and Sky Ranch Lodge, all have set aside affordable housing units…..As the city mandated it.

  31. Max says:

    Thanks much @West Sedona Dave for your contribution to crediting those deserving for providing affordable housing units. Keeping in mind Fairfield is a timeshare project versus lodging most likely had something to do with setting some sort of different policy because timeshares don’t collect bed taxes. There was/is in place an “in lieu of bed tax” policy as an offset – but if the affordables had been appropriately provided by Fairfield it would have been extremely beneficial to the cause.

  32. Richard D. says:

    I would just like to bet that if the truth were known (the REAL truth, that is) and if all lodging had been required to follow the policy without wriggle room and alternative arrangements, affordable housing would never have become an issue. Nepenthe might have been the first policy breach but certainly not the last – nor was Fairfield. After all, it’s very customary in other states (Utah/Colorado two examples) for resort towns to require a certain amount of employee housing be furnished by resorts and lodging facilities. But of course, most of those areas don’t give any money to their respective Chamber of Commerce let alone millions of $$$. Interesting how often references are made to how things are done in other places but only when it works to benefit those on the “take”.

  33. Say What? says:

    Why doesn’t the city council get it? They either didn’t live in Sedona or as most of them claim don’t read the Eye:

    Quoting – Red Rock News, 3/22/06: “Parks & Rec. survey results released” – ‘Developing new facilities such as ball fields, tennis courts, picnic area and a recreation center rated low. The majority of respondents also felt that an indoor swimming pool was not necessary.’

    And yet at most meetings (if not all) John Martinez reporting on Parks & Rec functions seems to constantly beg for better turnouts to whatever it is they are offering these days.

    Martinez, wake up and smell the flowers! Read the results of the March 2006 survey. Better yet have the city take a new survey without loading the questions to suit your own needs. Surely you’ve found out that doesn’t work. Better yet… read the message from Steve Segner – no democracy in Sedona – majority doesn’t rule here. Or maybe they do? The majority are STAYING AWAY from your costly parks and other facilities they DIDN’T want in the first place. Wise up!

  34. And They Look for New Money Sources says:

    Wonder if there would be this dire need for new sources of money if those at city hall making the rules and calling the shots had, in fact, stuck by the original rule to abide by the will of the people. Translated: majority of Sedona City Limit Residents. The answer to that is obvious.

    Let’s not leave out of the mix the millions of $$$ to the C of C and the little former Teen Center that rightfully should be rented out FOR PROFIT and not another City Hall boondoggle.

    Oh – I forgot – our city government is NOT a Democracy, direct information from Steve Segner in case ya didn’t know.

  35. Wsr says:

    Say what
    Richard D

    Both the same hate fueled person who posts sometimes using 10-15 diff ent names in the same day sometimes

    Ignore she is nuts and only finds joy in her hate rants…..whoch are mostly lies and half truths

  36. JeanJ says:

    In March 2002 the issue of having an Indoor Recreation Center at the Posse Grounds Park came before the voters and was defeated in spades. The components were identified by the City as an Aquatic Zone, a Fitness Zone, and a General Zone, with amenities designed to meet the needs of people of all ages from infants to seniors.

    In January 2006 a “Dear Resident” letter with a list of 25 recreation activities was mailed out by Marie Brown, Director of Community Services, asking every resident of Sedona to provide thoughts and ideas as to what they saw as needed or not needed for our community. A self-addressed, postage paid envelope was included.

    The results of the Survey? Except for more parking at trail heads and some bike lanes, Sedonans responded that the Forest Service amenities were all that was needed. Our voices were not listened to, and the City forged ahead with developing a costly Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

  37. West sedona resident says:

    @Jean Jenks

    Yea right!?

    More BS from the people whose recreation is writing BS letters on SE

  38. The Jig is Up says:

    By Jove this MUST be the answer. WSR translated — Wallowing in Self Repulsion. What else could it mean?

    This sick person retaliates without cause or facts and offers nothing but misspelled words and senseless rants. Angry, hateful, and vindictive. That’s a frustrated person who cannot deal with in-your-face truths as they are frequently intellectually articulated by readers of The Eye. Even West Sedona Dave contributed worthwhile information about resorts contributing to affordable housing. From “Wallowing in Self Repulsion (WSR) – Nada except next to illiterate, senseless ramblings. (Them’s the non-majority that runs this govment?) OMG!

  39. Gary Chamberlain says:


    Keep after it ….. you’re the voice that is never silent and remains respectful.

    Gary Chamberlain

  40. Eddie Maddock says:

    Hi Gary Chamberlain.

    Good to hear from you and your kind words are much appreciated. Your move to the east coast was a loss to the Verde Valley, but your ambition and tenacity has surely been a benefit to your new environment. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes,

  41. Sue Sanford says:

    @west Sedona resident This a quote which you should find informative.

    What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say. Ralph Waldo Emerson

  42. Eddie Maddock says:

    Sedona City Council Meeting – Tuesday, July 25 – 4:30 p.m.

    Regular Business
    a. AB 2261 Discussion/possible direction on moving forward with a community survey.

    Very interesting. Another headline in the making? (Reference RRN, 3/22/06 “Parks & Rec. survey results released”

    Hmm – what will be the nature of the questions? Type of survey: mail, phone, on-line? If mailed – how far reaching? All “Sedona” addresses regardless of zip code? (RE Village of Oak Creek) All 86336 including outside City Limits? (RE Oak Creek Canyon/Red Rock Loop Dry Creek Enchantment areas?)

    And who will be the source of questions? More “product development” from the Chamber of Commerce/Lodging Council or their high profile mouth piece?

    And, more to ponder. If our Sedona government isn’t based on the democratic policy relating to majority rule, as recently pointed out by Steve Segner, what is the purpose of such a survey? To ascertain what unwanted amenities to provide to continue catering to vocal minorities?

  43. West sedona resident says:

    @edfie Maddock

    You sound like a crybaby!!!

    And the beat goes on……”from the sidelines as always”

  44. West Sedona Dave says:

    Right from city council ajenda: http://www.sedonaaz.gov/Home/ShowDocument?id=31583 Pages 61 and 62 copyed below.
    In 2002,
    2004 and
    2007, the City conducted a statistically valid
    National Research Center
    National Citizen Survey (NCS) to gauge
    ’s feelings on quality of life in Sedona. The types of questions ranged
    from asking
    about citizen safety to access to affordable, quality housing and childcare. S
    ee Exhibit A for
    the Report of Results
    the 2007
    survey, which includes
    comparisons to the 2002 and
    2004 surveys.
    Because it has been 10 years since the last community
    survey, staff has done initial research
    regarding the possibility of conducting a current
    survey, and what type of survey that should
    The potential benefits of having results from a current survey are:

    The ability to make more informed decisions.

    The ability to note
    trends between the three surveys to see if perceptions of
    community issues have progressed, regressed,
    or remained the same.

    The ability to compare our results to those of other communities to help gauge our
    identified two types of survey methods that could be used. First, to keep consistent with
    the previous two surveys, NCS could be chosen as the vendor. A limitation is t
    he survey
    would be relatively standard, with the option of adding only a few
    questions at the
    end the survey
    . See Exhibit C
    for the NCS template.
    is to ensure a new
    survey could be accurately benchmarked against the previous
    NCS surveys and also with
    other Arizona and national communities
    . See Exhibit B for the comparison data to other cities
    for the 2007
    . NCS guarantees statistical validity and if
    the response rate is similar to
    the previous surveys, it is expected there will be over 400 responses. The estimated cost
    Second, if City Council prefers to have more customizable survey questions, there is the
    option of staff creating a survey. Staff would strive for a statistically valid survey with at least
    400 completed survey
    , by having staff create the questions, this leaves room for
    potential bias compared to the questions posed in the NCS
    . The estimated cost for a staff
    created survey is around
    but staff time would be significantly higher than using NCS
    is seeking direction
    on whether or not to
    proceed with conducting a current survey and if
    so, what type of survey that should be: something more standardized like a NCS survey or a
    more customizable survey, which
    be created and executed by staff.
    Staff recommends conducting a current survey and choosing NCS to preserve the
    benchmarks and statistical validity.

  45. Eddie Maddock says:

    In addition to your previous contribution confirming lodging requirements for affordable housing, thank you again, West Sedona Dave, for your valuable input relating to this forthcoming discussion about the survey.

    If this event moves forward, it will be the responsibility, presumably of residents within Sedona City Limits, to take advantage and appropriately respond if given the opportunity. This might become even more significant because of the number of part-time Sedona residents in addition to the increase in out-of-state owned vacation rentals, now legal because of the change in the state law. Much to consider here.

  46. Zoo of Sedona says:

    Considering the RRN 3/22/06 survey mentioned above was credited as “Parks & Rec. Survey results released” this becomes even more interesting. Of course the line of questioning and extent of coverage of the survey under consideration remains undetermined, but based on the direction in motion none of it will matter anyway. If as steve Segner says:

    “You guys are so funny, Sedona is not a democracy, and city government is not the tool of the majority.
    We elect a council and they hire management we give then the power to run Sedona.
    Most citizens do not
    Play tennis but we supply tennis courts
    Or play baseball, but we supply a place to play ball.
    And not all citizens hike, but the city supplies access to trails.
    Most people don’t walk in front of you home but we supply sidewalks
    Most citizens don’t use parks on weekends but have them
    As do most cities also have little theaters, gym and basketball courts pools and much much more.
    Just remember it is not all about YOU.
    You guys live in the past you keep talking about the old days.
    We are a CITY like it or not, we have a city council, and we are a tourist town
    Remember there are 8000+ people that live in Sedona and 8000+
    that make there living in Sedona, And the Sedona city government
    Represents them all not the majority and not you.”

    Why waste ANY money on a survey if we are doomed to get a bunch of stuff that, as Segner admits, most citizens do not play tennis, etc, etc, etc. More mothers car pool from surrounding areas to bring their kids to the splash pad at Sunset Park. (again not really wanted by those living here but “Represents them all not the majority and not you.” (Segner again)

    How amusing it will be if the charming Chamber CEO is enlisted to assist in drafting questions. Heaven help us – the blind leading the blind? She couldn’t even give an accounting of how many Chamber members are located outside Sedona city limits! She claimed it was too difficult! Yikes. It seems maybe we ain’t seen nothin’ yet since that sage piece of information has only cost Sedona residents several MILLION of dollars. And BTW speaking of headlines, here’s an interesting one: “Letter to the Editor” (RRN) – “Uptown work hurts business” (Ric Quayle Sedona – 7-21-17). He claims his business is down about 50% over 2016 but it’s hard to believe the uptown construction was the sole cause of that. More proof the chamber has NEVER provided or proven a reasonable report on ROI (return on investment) which same as survey results seems to have ended up in some round file someplace. Absurd.

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