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Eddie Maddock: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock begins 2018 with a political eye on change.

Sedona AZ (January 1, 2018) – Turning the calendar page to January of any new year also revives the process of old procedures to be dealt with in the months ahead. As we proceed to assess our own financial and personal situations, government jurisdictions at all levels commence to do the same. Budgets, schedules, appointments, priorities, etc. must be reviewed, adjusted, and updated to accommodate different situations, circumstances, conditions and changing times.

As the wheels of change continue to turn within our own lives that same ongoing process occurs within local city, county, and state governments. A year ago the passage of SB 1487 was a hot topic, and although approved and subsequently challenged, it remains intact although for some unknown reason legislators are hesitant to pursue that course of action when asked to do so. And why is that? Well, perhaps only The Shadow Knows.

Among other bills which the State Legislature will consider when it convenes this January is yet another controversial proposal.

Presently a Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Jay Lawrence of Scottsdale, is sponsoring House Bill 2032. If approved it would require municipalities to print a candidate’s national party affiliation next to their name on the ballot in races for mayor and city or town council. Current policy, of course, does not indicate the political affiliation of candidates opting for the position of City/Town Mayor or a seat on the Council.

Now this came about because apparently there is some concern with potential candidates who perhaps aren’t exactly forthright about their political preferences, thus allowing the opportunity to mislead their underlying intentions while pursuing election to office. A clear cut disclosure of political affiliation up front would most assuredly allow for constituents to more clearly understand the nature of the people for whom they may or may not be voting.

But of course the League of Arizona Cities and Towns is concerned about the proposal, as it seems any type of jurisdiction which might encourage State Legislators to enforce State Statutes that regulate cities and towns is unappealing to them. The League’’s purpose for existing appears to lean forcefully towards protecting officials of municipalities when they overreach well defined state confinements under which they were granted independent jurisdiction in the first place. Generally speaking, it seems very clear the League has little to no regard for citizens living within the commonly abused jurisdictions of an incorporated area. Based on objection they have displayed for other bills such as SB 1487, it certainly indicates that is the situation.

Those opposing the bill, including the League of Arizona cities and Towns, fail to see what bearing the declaration of political affiliation would have on municipalities. An Arizona Republic article, Dec. 26, 2017, cites the following:

Ken Strobeck, executive director of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, said the bill is concerning for multiple reasons. For starters, he said, the primary job of local elected officials is service delivery. They make sure police officers are on duty, garbage gets picked up on time and streets with those pesky potholes get fixed. ‘We don’’t need to organize on party lines because the services that we deliver don’’t have any kind of partisan angle to them,’ Strobeck said.”

Now that’’s an interesting concept. Arizona Cities and Towns actually believes that?  Wow! Those folks thinking that way surely must not know much about Sedona politics.

With the ongoing controversy of perceived dysfunctional local government, would the addition of a candidate’s national political affiliation really make a difference one way or another? How long does it take a voter to figure out whether an elected official leans right or left once they are elected? And would advance knowledge really matter?

They are all capable of campaigning on promises made to those who offer support, morally and financially. Once elected the never ending pledge of being financially responsible seems to fly the coop. City Limits magically disappear along with specific State Statutes as they are thus completely ignored. Maybe the reason is because none are aware the responsibilities of the locally elected should be restricted to tending to road and safety conditions as viewed by Arizona League of Cities and Towns and not funding each and every nonprofit that appears before them, seeking money for special interests of selected affiliates commonly defended as being “related to the arts” but not necessarily beneficial to the public in general.

Would it be, perhaps, more worthwhile if some sort of House or Senate Bill were considered to redefine the purpose of incorporated areas and, more specifically, remind those in charge exactly what the major responsibilities encompass beginning  but not ending with City Limit constraints and providing and maintaining adequate infrastructure and other vital services in THAT area. That does NOT include paying outside interests to use City owned facilities and/or fund each and every nonprofit in the Verde Valley, over and above a questionable “service” contract with a regional Chamber of Commerce, particularly without benefit of competing bids – Requests For Proposals.

Would the ability to identify a candidate’’s national political affiliation really change anything?

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  1. JJ says:

    All the takers believe they are smart. Spewing out garbage to muddy the waters. No confusion here. I spoke to members of the county supervisors. They want to hear more. Everyone should file complaints with both counties. That is the only way to make possitive change. Make your voices heard. The state does not control cities. The counties do.

  2. Tony Tonsich says:

    I don’t think it matters what party you are a member of. The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same team, the uniparty. No matter who is elected nationally nothing changes.

    I’m going to run for Mayor of Sedona.

    Most of the readers of the Sedona Eye know where I stand.

    I want to try and move Sedona back to the town many of us fell in love with years ago. I want to help future residents fall in love with Sedona as we did.

    I need your help. We can change things.

  3. @m mallon says:

    @M Mallon

    Love it ….anyone that speaks out agaisnt you haters “must be on the take”…you so funny and predicatable..


  4. Ann P thompson says:


    Sedona issues
    (928) 719-0900
    you can donate now help us make a change

  5. @tony T says:

    Yea ok Tony T.

    Can’t wait till you get crushed (Deleted by editor)

  6. MaryC says:

    “Yea ok, Whaaaa, anyone who speaks out against you, you so funny and predicatable, Can’t wait till you get crushed.”

    I wonder who the “haters” might be? ;)

    One thing is for sure, English and complex thought are not their strong points !

  7. steve Segner says:

    Tony please give us address to mail ck ,I want to give you $$$ just so I show up as supporting you on the state reports, now that you have said you are running you will need to file with the state.
    We can also see all the people on the Sedona eye that support you and there names and address. I know they will give you huge ck’s of $10 or $15.

  8. Eddie Maddock says:

    Learning of potential candidates for future elections is always of interest, and I appreciate such notifications if my columns provide the opportunity.

    However, please, if you must start bashing those individuals, kindly do it elsewhere unless, of course, at some future time I decide to submit an appropriate article relating to the specific subject.

    In fact, depending on the individuals under siege, there’s another source in Sedona where, based on selected past elections, they would oblige those desiring to engage in character assassinations.

    Thank you,
    Eddie Maddock


    Your name has once again been pirated. See comment above dated Jan. 9th, 10:52 AM. (with reference to your previous disclaimer almost one year ago stating the appearance of your name henceforth would no longer be authentic.)

  10. WSR says:

    (deleted by editor)
    Please there’s enough rethoric from Tony T thrown up all over Sedona Eye.
    There is plenty of Tony T’s posts these past bunch of years here on SE to make a determination about his character…..or lack there of ..

  11. Wake Up says:

    Wake up – yeah – wasted words on the evil energy emitting from city hall, city council & staff. think of nothing but servicing greed mongers, ignoring residents. Don’t think so? then observe ill winds blowing thru Sedona as surrounding areas are gifted with a really precious commodity – RAIN!! Even your precious appendage chamber of commerce cannot buy that as a much needed and NECESSARY product development. you sit in your ivory tower, servicing evil and you are rewarded with the same – EVIL. No rain and you preach sustainability as you encourage more and more contrary activities in direct opposition. Phonies – ALL OF YOU. Same as snakes – speak with forked tongues but bite the hands of those that fed you. The dunces who voted for incorporation. Soon the 30 year anniversary of the death of Sedona Schnebly (incorporation) will be commemorated but not with joy but as a mourning of the demise of her heritage. If the ship doesn’t sink it will be destroyed in flames. Just wait. Take your glory to the great beyond. some legacy . YEAH.

  12. Tony Tonsich says:

    @ steve Segner

    Thank you for you support.You will receive my address to send your check for $$$ to support my campaign as soon as I have things set up.

    Thank you.

  13. JJ says:

    Red Rock snooze.

  14. Food For Thought says:

    A handful of rain (Pennies from Heaven) is far more valuable than the millions of dollars the City Council foolishly wastes annually. For example, the Chamber of Commerce, for starters.

  15. JJ says:

    Tony T for mayor. Sedona needs to get rig of the parasites Jen- Steve- Council- City government over paid Parasites. We pledge anything and everything it takes to squash the vermin.

  16. @Wake Up says:

    Your words are sad but true. It’s painful to even watch council meetings these days. Decisions are prearranged. Listening to idle words like how they’ve cut funding as much as they can. Oh really? What about the millions given annually to the chamber of commerce, Vice Mayor Martinez? And the other perks to non profits? Contract with Red Earth Theatre? Don’t tell us you can’t reduce the 55% kick-back from the bed tax and don’t tell us that funding couldn’t be used for traffic projects. If there’s any truth to the rumor about you running for mayor, it’s yet another slap in our faces, discrediting your pre-election pledge to be fiscally conservative. Phony lip service doesn’t cut it any more. Practice what you preach and cease and desist making decisions to dishonor the memory of Sedona Schnebly and discredit the integrity of why Sedona incorporated in the first place. PLEASE~~~~

  17. John Martinez says:

    @Wakeup, I would love to meet you for coffee so that we can both better understand my position on Fiscal Responsibility (COLA) and anything else that you are misinformed about regarding the Bed Tax, Chamber and the false rumor of me running for Mayor. In fact, maybe when we get done with coffee I can convince you to run for city council instead of just complaining in SedonaEye.

    As I always said, “if you are not part of the solution, maybe you are part of the problem”. Please don’t be the problem.

  18. Legitimate West Sedona Resident says:

    Hey what a great idea @wakeup go and meet him then you’ll be convinced the guy shouldn’t sit on council. Old fart that elevator stopped working 10 years ago. All ego ed out with the other old boys that meet at reds. Blah blah Martinez. You never learned to count City spends more than they bring in.

    EVERYONE Martinez is proving you need to VOTE NO on homerule. STOP the crazy asx spending and TAKE YOUR money BACK from special interests. NO CITY funds a regional membership group an unconditional % of bed taxes..

    PS martinez time for you to ree-tireer man

  19. Jerry, Legitimate Sedona Voter says:

    The ONLY person on City Council opposing the recent half-cent sales tax increase was John Currivan who felt cuts to other budgeted items should be reassessed. And specifically at a council meeting both John Martinez and Scott Jablow stated that no way could budgeted items be reduced.

    Really? Sound familiar? Such as in the Federal Government shutting down because the Democrats continue to maintain that taking care of people breaking Federal law should be given consideration before legitimate citizens of the United States?

    Yep – take care of the special interests in Sedona, John Martinez etal, especially the members of the chamber of commerce (most located outside city limits) prior to even looking at the out of control ongoing increased traffic, crumbling city streets, and careless, over-use of hiking trails. Encouraging litter-bugs, day trippers, and unconditional money flaunted carelessly is the current motto of Sedona. What happened to maintaining a small town atmosphere, Sedona Mayor & Council Members?

    Without new blood supporting Councilman Currivan nothing is going to change. And, of course, restricting spending by voting down Home Rule would be a start. But be prepared for the “scare tactics” and other BS to fly prior to when that issue hits the ballot – same as on the Fire District Bond issue which fortunately was appropriately exposed for what it really was – an opportunity for Phoenix contractors!! How much different is that from catering to the “regional” members of a special interest group Chamber of Commerce?

    Although City Council elections, unlike Fire District events, are restricted to only City of Sedona registered voters, it’s way past time to let your voices be heard at the ballot box and vote “NO” on Home Rule and carefully listen to candidates running for the three seats and mayor later this year. (that is if anyone even runs except those possibly seeking another term which is yet another issue) But restricting Home Rule for sure will be a first step to slowing down the out-of control course of action that is running rampant.

  20. M Mallon says:

    Bill boards, advertising for day trippers and low income high density housing. We need a complete new city council. Throw the bums out !!

  21. JJ says:

    @ John Martinez

    No John You are the problem. Those that get taxpayers money tell you that you are brilliant. Don’t believe them.

  22. Joyce M. says:

    And just why do you suppose @Jerry Legitimate Sedona Voter the Democrats are soooo supportive of those violating the immigration laws? Think maybe it’s because they represent future votes for them? And is it really any different than the trend in Sedona only of course on a much smaller scale. Think about it. Wasn’t it one of the partners in the Phoenix ad agency contracted by the Chamber of Commerce that contributed the maximum to get Sandy Moriarty elected mayor at least her first term? (second go at it was in the bag cuz no one ran against her)

    These elections no matter at what level are all about buying the representation who will fill buckets with paid “due-bills” to those who run the show. And with J. Martinez defense of S. Segner and the deal he sealed with the bed-tax-city-chamber contract he will be a no-brainer shoe-in for mayor if he so chooses to run. Remember that RRN photo and headline of him back in the day when he tooted his horn for his ill conceived accomplishment of pulling that off and his ongoing defense of his pal Segner and the irresponsible Chamber of Commerce. Of course that isn’t their fault. It’s the fault of Martinez and the others who continue to allow it to happen.

  23. Lawrence & Terry says:

    As former visitors to Sedona we checked into this web site. We will not be back; prefer remembering Sedona as it was many years ago. Very sad. It seems the least Arizona politicians should be concerned about is whether or not candidates vying for public office declare their political party. What’s wrong with that League of Cities & Towns for heaven’s sake? Never heard of so much city tax revenue being thrown at a Chamber of Commerce. Why aren’t member dues used for advertising? Cannot believe how this could happen to what we remember as a very beautiful place now turned to trash because of greed and exploitation. We are happy for our memories and BTW our past visit was because we had friends who told us about Sedona. Had nothing to do with your Chamber of Commerce. And that’s the truth.

  24. Neyland Stad says:

    As per the editorial from Christopher Fox, let’s see how many of you bitcher’s have the guts to run for council. Easy to take pot shots when complaining from your couch, with no concept of how government works.

    Plus, Currivan was not in favor of a half cent sales tax, but was in favor of a quarter cent tax increase. A tax increase of any amount is still a tax increase. If you recall when he was asked to support the elimination of COLA for city employees, he declined.

  25. West Sedona Resident says:

    The editorial was clear. WE RULE. Sedona gang, Sedona Mafia, ole boys club. That is how it is done in Sedona. Sedona employees are way overpaid, special interests get funded by taxpayers and THEY like it that way.

    CF showed his colors with his one-sided obnoxious editorial on Cliff. But why would we except otherwise since the rr news makes money from the city.

    They direct all the groups to get money from the city like the film festival foxes poetry slam and other activities. Just like the sitting cc. IMO Adams & Littrel are still continuing to get money from the city fro their pet projects. Not good enough to make it on their own so they need to snake it from the taxpayers.

  26. @west sedona resident says:

    @west sedona resident

    What do you care about anything Sedona anymore?
    You moved to Prescott Valley. Let it go . You had a nice job here in Sedona but you couldn’t play nice.

    Enjoy you life let Sedona go..
    Nice and easy

  27. @lawrence and terry says:

    Bye bye.

    No one cares that you won’t be back or your two cents of fake information..
    Bye bye

  28. GNS says:

    So the City of Sedona spends millions of $$$ to attract visitors such as Lawrence & Terry (commented on 01/22) and although they were specific it was friends who told them about Sedona, isn’t the rebuttal remark from @lawrence and terry on Jan. 23 nevertheless disrespectful and counterproductive to expensive marketing efforts? Think about it. That is if you are capable of touching bases with common sense.

  29. Tony Tonsich says:

    Speak for yourself when you say no one cares if tourists come back.

    I care. When people come to one of the most beautiful places on this planet, and don’t want to come back there is a serious problem. Sedona is my home. When someone makes my home an unpleasant place to visit I take it personally. When greedy people only care about more and more traffic from day trippers without a care if tourists or any person had a positive experience it is a sad day.

    WE can change things. WE can get rid of the city funding for money focused chamber businesses that care only about maximizing sales. WE can get rid of over paid, overstaffed, unresponsive city personnel. WE can make Sedona once again for the residents first, and welcome tourists to our amazing home so that they not only enjoy their stay but get Red Rock Fever and want to make Sedona their HOME.

    Word of mouth is the best advertising, the current leadership has ruined Sedona’s reputation.

    Vote NO on home rule. Vote in a new City Council. I’m running for mayor. I need your help.

  30. Gone bye bye says:

    Pay attention City Council

    People you to follow the money! Vote the takers out!!!!! Take your city back like you did with 89A.

    When you vote them out you can stop the death through tourism!!!!

  31. West Sedona Dave says:

    Gone bye bye?

    Your communication skills sure do rank up there with about a dozen other posters!
    So just let me understand your wild thinking?

    First are you saying City Council is taking bribes?

    Take your city back like 89a???….Would that be the 89a with all the lights?…Or should it be said be careful what you wish for?

    And the last is the best……So we will not bring in visitors anymore, so our tax base…..Yes, our tax base gets removed by 65%??????

    As like most Sedonians, I would love to simply wave my magic wand and fix all its troubles!
    But that’s not how it works, and being involved is how things get done and fixed!

    How happy will business owners, restaurants and any other business do with a giant drop in tourism????

    How will people react when the tax base is removed and all us have our property taxes doubled?……….Are you so nieve to think that that is exactly what would happen?…..If your mad now, WOW…..Just wait!

    You want change….Go out there and do it, ragging and complaining over and over is such a true statement of the pathetic and lazy……From the continual regurgitation of hate from only a few posters says to me, yes you are stupid and lazy and worse off, is you do nothing positive to fix it….

    As I have said before you people who live with your glasses half full really need a good hard dose of reality…..Be it a death or tragic disease before you could even realize how pathetic and whinny you do sound….

    So go out today, breath in some of that fresh Sedona air, and for once feel gratitude!

  32. Another Loser says:

    AZ. Rep. Bob Thorpe has proposed another couple of doozies:

    HCR 2016 – Proposal asking voters to triple legislative pay from $24,000 to $76,000. And also for future raises to county supervisors in counties with 500,000 or more people.

    HB 2275 – To raise his daily expense pay to the federal reimbursement rate which would increase his per diem from $60 a day to $130.

    This from a fellow who couldn’t even bother to respond to those who cordially filed complaints with him relating to HB 1487? Don’t think so, Mr. Thorpe.

    The best gift to Sedona would be for you to be swept OUT along with the dirt on our local City Council and City Staff members to whom it’s highly suspect you pledged your loyalty.

    (Deleted by editor)

  33. Sometimes less is more says:

    As a long time business in the city limits sometimes less is more.

    Over saturation, greed . Time to step back and take a clear look. My business doesn’t benefit from all the increase of traffic and day trippers.

    The truth be said my repeat customers don’t want to deal with the “QUALITY of TOURISM” in Sedona. They can sit in traffic all they want at home. What is Sedona really offering that you can’t get elsewhere? I mean the city limits use to mean something. Now we are the burdened with higher taxes to advertise those that do not contribute.

    City of Sedona you are driving everyone out including tourists. Do tourist matter? No your message is clear.

  34. Fake People says:

    To Sedona Eye readers and Tony T

    Lawrence and terry is s FAKE post .
    You got it!?

    And and tony t(this won’t be posted cause apparently we can’t question Tony T) or bring up his dumb posts from the past (deleted by editor)

  35. @Fake People says:

    And WE are supposed believe YOU aren’t fake?

    One thing for sure is we know Tony T is for real. Have never met the fellow but be assured he already has my vote. Let us know when and where to sign your petition to run for Mayor Tony Tonsich. My vote for you will follow and that’s for real.

    As for shopping in Sedona, my habits will change beginning in March. Will NO LONGER buy anything taxable, including gas. My tax for those items will go outside Sedona City Limits. Just like a good deal of the money given to the Chamber of Commerce does. And from then on will buy food from restaurants TO TAKE OUT! (more than one way to skin a cat?)
    And thanks for the heads-up about Bob Thorpe. Another political loser IMO>

  36. @@fake people says:

    @@fake people

    Yea ok like you shop here now!!!!?
    No loss to Sedona…..why your at it, why don’t you just move. Bye bye
    You won’t be missed

  37. Vote NO on Home Rule says:

    VOTE NO on home rule

    STOP funding the CHAMBER a private membership corporation. They are NOT part of the city

    They are ruining Sedona and chasing the paying customers OUT.

    VOTE NO on Homerule!!!

  38. More on Thorpe says:

    Moron Thorpe.

    Check this out — Laurie Roberts…….. Rep. Bob Thorpe wants to be able to conduct state business on his personal cell phone and bar you from finding out about it. https://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/laurieroberts/2018/01/15/roberts-what-rep-bob-thorpe-trying-hide/1034177001/

  39. Oliver Manfred Goodall says:

    So @@@fake people, are you suggesting same as city council and chamber of commerce continue to strive for ONLY HIGH END BUYERS ARE WELCOME IN SEDONA?

    Really your terse words spoke volumes. Thank you.

    And daytrippers take note: U R NOT WELCOME WITHOUT BIGS BUCKS (and that don’t mean male deer. they were all driven out by blinding lights in the surrounding US Forest Lands)

    Oliver Manfred Goodall aka OMG

  40. Tony Tonsich says:

    Don’t let people try to scare you with higher taxes.

    1) The city can’t institute a city property tax unless voters approve it.

    2) At the Sedona city council meeting 1-9-18, Item 8A at 32.21 minutes Yavapai County Supervisor Randy Garrison stated ” The county has done studies and visitors only pay about 17% of the sales tax.”

    3)If voters vote NO on Home Rule, it will force Sedona to SPEND between 10-14 Million LESS than the city has budgeted to spend this fiscal year. Sedona has more staff and spends way more than the State of Arizona says a city our size should spend. If voters vote NO on Home rule Sedona should be able to reduce taxes, which is one of my goals.

    Vote NO on Home rule. Vote in a new city council. Tell your friends and neighbors.

  41. steve Segner says:

    Sedona City Council and Chamber jointly strategize tourism

    Later, Sedona Lodging Council President Steve Segner spoke and discussed how the chamber dollars are spent marketing to other cities, states and countries. He said that right now, things are going well for most hoteliers, and that they can’t focus on the negative.

    “It’s true, summers are hard,” he said. “We’re full on weekends. What we need are more mid-week visitors and more winter business. We had a very good December. We’re on the right track, but let’s not try and micromanage.

    “Maricopa County is the fastest growing county in America. Let’s welcome these people, and let’s not use day-trippers as a bad word because Uptown lives off those people. We’ve got a good thing going. Let’s try not to get too negative.”
    red rock news

    wow , Donna always says , gift from city no strings….. Seem like city is leading the marketing as they should. You will notice in my comments I am all for day trippers not just high end stays. We have a lot of business that need that customer and lets always remember Sedona sits on two state highways…..
    Some people want all the benefits of living in a tourist town, taxes paid by visitors, great dining, maintained hiking trails, Strong housing prices, but with out the visitors…. sorry.
    Tony Tonsich says:
    If Tony becomes mayor he can drive around town taking pictures of city employees eating lunch…..Please run please I am so saving up for it

  42. steve segner says:

    Tony Tonsich says:
    Word of mouth is the best advertising, the current leadership has ruined Sedona’s reputation.

    Sedona Named #13 Among Top 25 US Destinations by TripAdvisor
    TripAdvisor® has named Sedona, Arizona, lucky 13 in its newly published list of the 25 Destinations in the United States.”
    13 I only bring this up to you that Tony is full of sh*&^

    So Tony you are now an advertising expert? word of mouth you say is all we need! then why do Disneyland and Coke still advertise…. lots of places to go on vacation.
    Tony stick to what you do best taking pictures of fireman having breakfast and making an ass of your self with letters to the editor…..Run on the NIMBY ticket please run for Mayor please

  43. @Oliver Manfred Goodall says:

    You get the picture all right. Hope you run for city council. You are what Sedona needs and would be the worst nightmare for the Good Ole Boys, that’s fer sure.

  44. Wonder Why . . . says:

    Wonder why the real Steve Segner isn’t screaming like a Comanche because others continue to use his name. That, of course, is based on his very striking disclaimer in early 2017 that he would NEVER again comment on SE:

    “Steve segner says:
    January 12, 2017 at 10:51 am
    After last night meeting and the outcome, and the no shows from the sedona Eye,I will no longer need to follow all the crazy talk signing off no more posts.”
    If you see a steve segner it will be a phony posting been fun so long ss”

    Therefore maybe those continuing to plagiarize his good name might just be in the market for a law suit? Better watch your P’s & Q’s & Poops.

  45. Vote NO on Home Rule says:

    Stop the insane private clubs stealing from taxpayers.

    Vote NO

  46. Tony Tonsich says:

    Those who support the chamber’s advertising should check their numbers. In the recent city council and chamber meeting the chamber stated they spend about $600,000 on advertising. The city wrongly gifts the chamber $2,300,000 on a no bid contract. Some think that spending $600,000 or 26% on advertising and the rest $1,700,00 on administration and “product development” is a good deal.

    I don’t think you have to be an advertising expert, that’s a bad deal. You decide.

    NO to Home Rule, No to the Chamber . Elect a new city council.

  47. F.Y.I. says:

    Extracted from the SELLING SEDONA series: “The Chamber’s exaggerated numbers and inflated tourist spending “estimates” continue. So do the tainted surveys, illegal Chamber behavior, promotional targeting of day-tripper traffic (who spend little or nothing), spurious return-on-investment calculations, discrimination against non-chamber member businesses and the City Council’s blind eye to all of this. Resident’s resentment of too many tourists also continues to grow as the quality of life for those who live here declines from tourist overrun. And, finally, data continues to verify that residents, not tourists, are the ones who pay the most to fund City services.”

    http://www.sedona.biz/editorial-and-opinion/opinion-selling-sedona-one-year-later/ April 11, 2016

    http://www.sedona.biz/editorial-and-opinion/selling-sedona/ March 30, 2015

  48. Low LIfe says:

    Some would like Sedona to be compared to Coke or Disneyland.
    I would prefer Aspen, Carmel or Dom Perignon.

    The choice is cheap and sugary or class?

  49. @ F.Y.I. says:

    It would be so nice if you people would qualify your comments with THIS IS MY OWN OPINION.

    Extracted from the SELLING SEDONA series: “The Chamber’s exaggerated numbers and inflated tourist spending “estimates” continue. (please produce your facts)

    So do the tainted surveys, (tainted, how?)

    illegal Chamber behavior, (it’s a good thing you didn’t put your name to that slanderous comment)

    I could go on and on…..

    You have no true facts to back up your accusations so just give it a rest.

  50. F.Y.I. says:


    They are not my accusations you dishonest fool. I merely quoted an article cited as an editorial and opinion. In addition, I provided the link. For your information, the article was written by a former City Councilor with the aid of a Citizen Engagement Budget Work Group member. They know the facts.

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