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Eddie Maddock: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock begins 2018 with a political eye on change.

Sedona AZ (January 1, 2018) – Turning the calendar page to January of any new year also revives the process of old procedures to be dealt with in the months ahead. As we proceed to assess our own financial and personal situations, government jurisdictions at all levels commence to do the same. Budgets, schedules, appointments, priorities, etc. must be reviewed, adjusted, and updated to accommodate different situations, circumstances, conditions and changing times.

As the wheels of change continue to turn within our own lives that same ongoing process occurs within local city, county, and state governments. A year ago the passage of SB 1487 was a hot topic, and although approved and subsequently challenged, it remains intact although for some unknown reason legislators are hesitant to pursue that course of action when asked to do so. And why is that? Well, perhaps only The Shadow Knows.

Among other bills which the State Legislature will consider when it convenes this January is yet another controversial proposal.

Presently a Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Jay Lawrence of Scottsdale, is sponsoring House Bill 2032. If approved it would require municipalities to print a candidate’s national party affiliation next to their name on the ballot in races for mayor and city or town council. Current policy, of course, does not indicate the political affiliation of candidates opting for the position of City/Town Mayor or a seat on the Council.

Now this came about because apparently there is some concern with potential candidates who perhaps aren’t exactly forthright about their political preferences, thus allowing the opportunity to mislead their underlying intentions while pursuing election to office. A clear cut disclosure of political affiliation up front would most assuredly allow for constituents to more clearly understand the nature of the people for whom they may or may not be voting.

But of course the League of Arizona Cities and Towns is concerned about the proposal, as it seems any type of jurisdiction which might encourage State Legislators to enforce State Statutes that regulate cities and towns is unappealing to them. The League’’s purpose for existing appears to lean forcefully towards protecting officials of municipalities when they overreach well defined state confinements under which they were granted independent jurisdiction in the first place. Generally speaking, it seems very clear the League has little to no regard for citizens living within the commonly abused jurisdictions of an incorporated area. Based on objection they have displayed for other bills such as SB 1487, it certainly indicates that is the situation.

Those opposing the bill, including the League of Arizona cities and Towns, fail to see what bearing the declaration of political affiliation would have on municipalities. An Arizona Republic article, Dec. 26, 2017, cites the following:

Ken Strobeck, executive director of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, said the bill is concerning for multiple reasons. For starters, he said, the primary job of local elected officials is service delivery. They make sure police officers are on duty, garbage gets picked up on time and streets with those pesky potholes get fixed. ‘We don’’t need to organize on party lines because the services that we deliver don’’t have any kind of partisan angle to them,’ Strobeck said.”

Now that’’s an interesting concept. Arizona Cities and Towns actually believes that?  Wow! Those folks thinking that way surely must not know much about Sedona politics.

With the ongoing controversy of perceived dysfunctional local government, would the addition of a candidate’s national political affiliation really make a difference one way or another? How long does it take a voter to figure out whether an elected official leans right or left once they are elected? And would advance knowledge really matter?

They are all capable of campaigning on promises made to those who offer support, morally and financially. Once elected the never ending pledge of being financially responsible seems to fly the coop. City Limits magically disappear along with specific State Statutes as they are thus completely ignored. Maybe the reason is because none are aware the responsibilities of the locally elected should be restricted to tending to road and safety conditions as viewed by Arizona League of Cities and Towns and not funding each and every nonprofit that appears before them, seeking money for special interests of selected affiliates commonly defended as being “related to the arts” but not necessarily beneficial to the public in general.

Would it be, perhaps, more worthwhile if some sort of House or Senate Bill were considered to redefine the purpose of incorporated areas and, more specifically, remind those in charge exactly what the major responsibilities encompass beginning  but not ending with City Limit constraints and providing and maintaining adequate infrastructure and other vital services in THAT area. That does NOT include paying outside interests to use City owned facilities and/or fund each and every nonprofit in the Verde Valley, over and above a questionable “service” contract with a regional Chamber of Commerce, particularly without benefit of competing bids – Requests For Proposals.

Would the ability to identify a candidate’’s national political affiliation really change anything?

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  1. Missy says:

    I usually register to vote with a party affiliation just so I can vote in the primaries. In the last few elections by the time you have a choice for president it is between bad and worse. Both major political parties are bought and paid for.

    Putting your affiliation on a local ballot would prove nothing.

    (YouTube hyperlink deleted by editor)

  2. Don Smith says:

    I remember when conservatives were suspicious of regional and national government dictating to local towns and cities. I guess that’s only when the other guys are in office.

  3. GNS says:

    So few people are even willing or interested in running for office the picken’s are slim at best. Then with voter apathy being what it is only adds to the choke hold those in control have over Sedona. Quite possibly the biggest problem is just that – apathy. Has nothing to do with whether or not a candidate’s political affiliation appears on the ballot. If you don’t vote then don’t complain about quality of life.

  4. Say What? says:

    And what planet is that guy, Ken Strobeck, living on:

    Ken Strobeck, executive director of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, said the bill is concerning for multiple reasons. For starters, he said, the primary job of local elected officials is service delivery. They make sure police officers are on duty, garbage gets picked up on time and streets with those pesky potholes get fixed. ‘We don’’t need to organize on party lines because the services that we deliver don’’t have any kind of partisan angle to them,’ Strobeck said.

    If he believes that the poor fellow along with the rest of League of AZ Cities & Towns are delusional. Here we have incorporated Sedona, not only ignoring the extent of the governing limitation but funding and claiming to operate a City Visitor which is clearly identified as being that of a regional member-driven organization – Chamber of Commerce. Promoting only their members but going against city licensed businesses as does the city by also funding the Red Earth Theatre, also competing against tax collecting city businesses.

    It isn’t whether or not candidates declare their political affiliation the State Legislators should be worried about, it’s the misdirection and erroneous concept the AZ Cities & Towns League have about how incorporated municipalities are being operated that needs investigation, ASAP!! DREADFUL MISCONCEPTIONS.

  5. Rex A Stevens says:

    Having over 18 years combined elected City Council and ten of those years were as a City Mayor in Winston Oregon. I am familiar with Ken Strobeck as he spent many years here in Oregon Politics and was the Director of the Oregon League of Cities from 2002-2005. I consider him a friend and he has always been for Protecting Cities rights. I have served as a member of the League of Oregon Cities Board and as Oregon Mayors Association so I believe Mr Strobeck’s views saying City Councils main objectives no matter where the City is located or what State it is in; is to provide services and maintain those services. Everything that goes on inside the limits of each city is that Mayor and Councils business. We must make sure that State and Federal Laws are upheld by each of the departments that are in the cities, that is why we hire City Managers. I have been a Mayor or a City Councilor in two Oregon cities and I believe that a label of Democrat, Republican or Independent has no place in local politics. These labels would tend to interfere with the speed required to bring services to the public. Most Government political actions move at a snail’s pace with the exception of Cities and some Counties. The best Government practices are local. If you do not believe in the Arizona League of Cities check out the the other 49 State Leagues, I for one believe in most of the National League of Cities policies and I know Ken Strobeck is doing a great job for the state of Arizona. Keep local politics local, keep the people’s voice free from the political Parties Agendas. Keep City Governments fast.

  6. A Suggestion says:

    If the AZ League of Cities & Towns spent more time educating municipalities about state law and convince them of their duties (police, roads, basic provisions) they might actually be beneficial & serve a purpose instead of encouraging rogue activities and there would be no need for things like House & Senate Bills. Sedona does NOT comply w/state laws but nobody will do anything about it (State Legislators, League, and, of course, Sedona itself because they get away with the violations.) If State would enforce statutes by withholding funding bet things would shape up in a hurry. Just another opinion which will probably be scoffed at.

  7. Harv, Sedona says:

    Appreciating the defense of AZ Cities & Towns League by Rex A. Stephens, it doesn’t resolve the frustration we sustain in incorporated areas that do not abide by state laws pertaining to incorporated municipalities. When we see blatant breaches of spending city revenue to promote competitive businesses outside city jurisdiction, what is the point in state law that specifically should be prohibiting such activities? Promoting non-tax contributing entities with money from those paying? How fair is that? And what recourse, Stephens, do we have? No longer do we have direct access to the State AG or Auditor and our own State Legislators have abandoned us. The only suggestion we receive is a list of attorneys to contact and with the high rents and overhead here it clearly isn’t an option. What we do see are vacant store fronts, close out sales, and in-city businesses relocating outside city limits where they can reap Sedona city profits without paying city taxes. Where is the fairness of your League in defending this outlaw activity? Same as state legislators? Conspicuous by absence. And the most you are worried about is whether or not a candidate’s political persuasion will appear on a voter’s ballot?

  8. steve Segner says:

    Harv, Sedona says:spending city revenue to promote competitive businesses outside city jurisdiction,
    ok Harv. please show us the Advertising for businesses outside city jurisdiction, or for that matter, business in side the city.
    Please show us the ads. and remember all business “pay” for any placement on the wwwdotvisitsedonadotcom site and for placement in the up town visitor center…..
    Harv the bed tax program was set up by the State,not Sedona to help city’s in marketing, It save funding from general funding.

  9. @steve Segner says:

    Nice try, Segner – to tip-toe around the acclaimed “official” City of Sedona Visitor’s Center when, in fact, it bears the sign Official Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center. Not only that, the city funds it – what? Half a million annually now? (over and above the almost $3 million kick-back from the .5% bed tax increase?) And FYI the CEO/Pres of the “regional” chamber of commerce (Regional because most of their members are outside city limits and it’s their members the Chamber is obligated to promote) And that CEO/Pres has stood before city council meetings and openly admitted they will NOT promote any businesses at that Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center (funded by City of Sedona) UNLESS THEY ARE MEMBERS OF THE CHAMBER!!!!!

    Yes, Steve, LICENSED TAX COLLECTING BUSINESSES IN SEDONA RE NOT REPRESENTED OR GIVEN REFERRALS UNLESS THEY ARE COERCED TO JOIN THE C OF C. Where’s the honorable League of Cities & Towns to allow such a travesty to be acceptable? So, there is your proof. Go back to 2013 & 2014 articles on SedonaEye and there is verifiable testimony from Jennifer Wesselhoff, aforementioned Chamber CEO, proving the discrimination existing in Sedona with in-city revenue. The advertise and promote their members outside incorporated Sedona. Isn’t that also lost revenue to the State?

    And as for the contract with the Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism, there is nothing in State Law limiting Sedona to annually renew that contract, without ever getting RFP’s, and failing to EVER provide a promised outside audit and accurate accounting of how the money is being spent or Return on Investment if any exists.

    But of course tourism has tapped out Sedona’s resources to accommodate them as is evidenced by hours of traffic- back-up and unsafe conditions. And the manipulation of using that money for unidentified “productive development” is the biggest con job yet. Oh, wasn’t one use last year to give some of that city revenue to the USFS for trail maintenance? Way to go. Was the favor returned in the form of violating Federal Land protection of wildlife by allowing invasive laser lighting to focus on red rocks of Sedona – and possibly in a designated Wilderness area?

    No Steve, that increased bed tax because of the discretionary status could be far better and legitimately spent on infrastructure which most assuredly would benefit the lodging/tourist industry and provide a means by which to measure accountability of money presently being tossed into a bottomless pit to which there is no tracking.

    Oh, forgot about that property the Chamber purchased uptown with city money for additional parking. And who owns title to that property and who received a commission on that sales transaction?

    And for a final summation, wasn’t it the current City Manager who recently approved that bogus chamber of commerce contract for SEVEN YEARS – and without accountability and/or outside audit? And that’s what the Arizona League of Cities & Towns represents? OMG – how could we do without them? (very nicely imo) Yep – let them worry about whether or not candidates names are required to ID their national political affiliation while sharks are allowed to continue circling incorporated Sedona without recourse from those who by voter approval allowed it to happen. (of course, many are long gone from Sedona as the population here continues to dwindle because of the lousy quality of life and disintegrating conditions) – not pleasant for tourists either.

  10. Alarmed says:

    No matter the political party, City Council members are not realistic about the impacts of tourism on the residents’ quality of life, the long traffic jams on weekends, the environment, or City Hall budgets.

    The traffic isn’t moving with the millions of tourists we have now. With a 55.4% visitor population, the 44.6% of residents are paying 75.2% of the cost of operating the sewer plant (Ref: 2017-18 proposed budget). City staff is mushrooming and so are budget shortfalls. Full-time Equivalent Employees increased to 142 this year when compared to 125 last year. During the same time Total Estimated Personnel Compensation went up to $12,648,970, an increase of $2,326,900. This fiscal year the City of Sedona has a budgeted negative cash flow of $9,989,641.

    There are no advantages to more tourism.

  11. @steve Segner says:

    Show us the State program! (Deleted by editor)

    NOT all cities have BED TAX!!!!! in Arizona.

  12. @ Steve whatever says:

    The only thing the state says is the bed tax has to be used for tourism.AKA destruction to our roads, car accidents , crap in the sewersAKA money pit,GRIDLOCK. ST### Progresso soup brain.

  13. Former Sedona Business Owner says:

    About all the woo-hoo about Sedona taxes, shouldn’t be forgotten but somehow slipped the minds of the big-shots at city hall.

    Commercial rents in Sedona are a bargain @ 3-4,000/mo and keep in mind, those who lease pay Sedona sales tax on those amounts. High end rentals are $14,000/$40,000/mo.

    So when your lunatic reports come out that it’s the lousy chamber of commerce bringing in all the sales taxes money, it’s a blatant lie. As it’s also a lie that without the arrogant airheads now in charge Sedona would have never been discovered. And we have equal arrogant airheads AKA Az. League of Cities & Towns that condone these activities? OMG it gets worse but not for me. I’m happy in Payson. A new, different and wonderful environment so far.

  14. @former sedona business owner(Yea ok) says:

    @former Sedona Business owner(yea ok)

    Your post sounds like s lie……but you seem very hateful still at sedona cause YOU couldn’t make your business work here in my hometown.

    I’m sure it won’t take long for you to find something to hate in your new location.
    Bye bye

  15. steve segner says:

    I posted in answer to Harv,
    Sedona says:spending city revenue to promote competitive businesses outside city jurisdiction.

    steve said , no one posted any ads for a business paid for with bed tax dollars …. take you time I have all day…. just a lot of same old same old “Baker” stuff.
    please Harv.. just show us…. the ads….

  16. Don't Forget says:

    The city council not only approved the increase in monthly sewer fees but also a half % sales tax increase effective in March. So all you who are paying for commercial rentals, brace yourself. And you get no special contract with the city for a rebate to assist your struggling businesses. What’s wrong with this picture? And they never give consideration to lowering the 55% rebate to the chamber of commerce under the terms of the phony baloney bed tax contract.

    And what’s the connection to elected officials political party? Of course those pushing for ongoing entitlements including “affordable housing” for which we all pay – well it’s pretty evident which side of the socialism road they walk. Let’s not forget the number of times @Segner has written on this very site that Sedona’s government is socialistic. So we need it verified on the ballot?

  17. Harv, Sedona says:

    @Steve Segner, not that you deserve a response but show me where exactly did I ever refer specifically to ads? The chamber of commerce rightfully promotes their members, many (if not most) are outside city limits. And as a reminder, all 86336 zip codes aren’t located within the confines of incorporated Sedona.

    The following is just ONE example clearing defining how the Chamber of Commerce has promoted their members outside Sedona City Limits, which would be acceptable if they didn’t benefit from City of Sedona sales & bed taxes. And of course, let us not forget the bogus Visitors Center, clearly benefiting only the Chamber members, again sponsored by City revenue collected by in-city businesses. Of course, there’s the classic line from Jennifer Wesselhoff defending her position on not referring in-city business unless they pay to play meaning they MUST be Chamber member to benefit being promoted with CITY TAXES. Without them there would be NO money for the Chamber Visitors Center! And the stupid seated council ignored the FACT that it’s because of the sales taxes collected from in-city businesses they have the funding to GIVE to the Chamber to promote THEIR MEMBERS ONLY. And once again, Segner, show me where I said anything about specific ads. However, to maybe sooth your rattled nerves, check out the following which adds insult to injury:

    Excerpt from SedonaEye article http://sedonaeye.com/eye-on-sedona-taxation-and-representation/

    Add on top of that the Chamber’s On-Line Retail Store which is indefinable as ultimately competing with many products of member-businesses whose dues should be to benefit those businesses and not as competition.

    Also videos of Sedona are offered for purchase in the Chamber’s Store. That becomes even more curious considering that one of the projections for enhanced funding would allegedly enable the Sedona Chamber of Commerce to procure appropriate software to enable their own video productions.

    Curious, too, are online coupons: The ‘2013 SuperPass for $8′ on the page “Shop Sedona Local Deals & Coupons” has a long list of participants which include (to mention a Few):

    Dairy Queen (Oak Creek Canyon)
    Manzanita Restaurant (Cornville)
    M Diamond Ranch (Lake Montezuma)
    Oak Creek Vineyard and Winery (Cornville)
    Grand Canyon Dinner Theatre & Steakhouse (Tusayan)

    Translated: Sedona City Tax revenue is blatantly being dispersed via advertising to benefit legitimate Chamber members. This, of course, also stands true of lodging facilities outside city limits who are spared paying the double whammy: bed AND sales taxes, increased or not.

  18. steve segner says:

    Don’t Forget says: city council not only approved the increase in monthly sewer fees but also a half % sales tax increase effective in March.

    So let me break it down for you ,the fee for a home is $47.11 and or$ 61.11 if you do now have low flow toilets. If the rate increase goes onto effect it will be a the huge amount of $1.90 or $2.45.
    so install flow toilets. Get Real people you bitch about $1.90 get a life.

    Don’t Forget says:And you get no special contract with the city for a rebate to assist your struggling businesses? for what a $10.00 increase? City, help really sounds like socialism to me

  19. @dont forget says:

    At don’t forget

    You say “those pushing for ongoing entitlements”

    You must be be talking about yourself if you live in AZ..
    Cause Arizona is one ofvthe most reliant on the federal governement to balance thier budget.

    So YOU are a taker of other states money therefor you are a TAKER and USER.
    So before you go pointing fingers at others…
    Please stop taking other peoples hard earned tax money from other states ok!!?


  20. Tony Tonsich says:

    steve Segner implies $762 per year for sewer fees is not a big deal. steve Segner, I don’t get to write off my Sedona sewer fees as a business expense as you do while living in the canyon outside city limits on a septic system that does not pay sewer fees. Sedona residents subsidize the tourist business sewer costs.

    I want to be a “TAKER”. I want to take back Sedona from special interests. I want to be a “USER”, I want to use my own money, and not have it stolen from me to subsidize Sedona businesses.

    I need your help. We can “TAKE” Sedona back.

  21. steve Segner says:

    Harv, Said When we see blatant breaches of spending city revenue to( promote competitive businesses outside city jurisdiction)!!!!

    Dairy Queen (Oak Creek Canyon)
    Manzanita Restaurant (Cornville)
    M Diamond Ranch (Lake Montezuma)
    Oak Creek Vineyard and Winery (Cornville)

    All members… they pay for membership and placement on visitsedona.com
    please show us the ad paid for with the bed tax monies about any business!!!
    I pay over 1,000 a month for chamber listing…. because they work.

    Harv- any business (in or out side Sedona) can be a chamber member, and pay for the great services of the chamber. the .5% marketing money is not used to advertise members , please you made a statement show us the ads you keep talking about…

  22. M Mallon says:


    Debating steve Segner reminds me of a couple of quips. ” A battle of wits with an unarmed man.” or better still ” Don’t wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty and the pig likes it !”

  23. @Tony T says:

    You already are a user of other stated tax money Tony.
    You live in a state that is very relient on people from other states Tax money.
    Can’t you please stop taking thier “hard earned tax money” Tony to fill your budget gap!?

    Please stop complaining about the minuscule amount of tax you pay here in Sedona ok.

    When you contribute MORE then you TAKE then you can have a conversation.
    Until that time remember…. you are a TAKER and USER of other peoples “hard earned tax money” so stop being a hypocrite.


  24. MaryC says:

    The anonymous person calling all Arizona Residents ” Taker and User” is the equivalent of a bank robber telling the customer that took a piece of candy from the bowl on the counter “Look we both take !!!”

  25. Harv, Sedona says:

    @Steve Segner (or are you?)

    Just ran across the following comment. Presuming it was really from you, then are we also to presume that all comments appearing on SedonaEye since January 12, 2017 at 10:51 am with the alleged name “Steve Segner” were submitted by impostors???

    Steve segner says:
    January 12, 2017 at 10:51 am
    After last night meeting and the outcome, and the no shows from the sedona Eye,I will no longer need to follow all the crazy talk signing off no more posts.
    If you see a steve segner it will be a phony posting been fun so long ss

  26. F.Y.I. says:

    More BS from Steve Segner. The Chamber is receiving 55% of the 3.5% bed tax money the City of Sedona collects. .5% is hooey.

    Didn’t watch much TV during the Xmas holiday season this year, but last year Tlaquapaque and the Verde Canyon Railroad were advertised on CNN during the Xmas holidays.

  27. @Tony Tonsich says:


    I want to be a taker too!

    Time to lose the losers, aka special interests,

  28. Mrs Roger Thomas says:

    Mr. Tony Tonsich I have to agree with so many on this site that your wording of “special interest” is YOUR OPINION. YOU may consider the CoC to be special interest but many depend on that organizations to help bring customers to their business. YOU may not like the fact that the CoC is very successful by doing exactly what the city council is paying them to do with money that is taxed from our lodging group. YOU may not like it but that is the way it is.

  29. F.Y.I. says:

    We have to take Sedona back from the freewheeling Chamber of Commerce. In addition to business from residents and their guests, recovery from the recession, lower gas prices, and word of mouth are bringing the customers to Sedona businesses.

  30. @mary C says:

    @mary C

    How convient for you….

    Using Ither peoples tax money IS using others people tax money period.
    I love it when HYPOCRITES try to justify..

    Here’s another anology for.
    What’s the difference between a 2 dollar thief and a 2 thousand dollar thief?

    Answer. NOTHING!!!! Your both thieves… or in this case You USE and TAKE other peoples tax money….

    So until you stop being a thief….please stop pointing fingers


  31. @Harv Sedona says:

    Good find about Segner @Harv Sedona. If he cops out that in fact the countless comments under his name since Jan 12 of last year were actually from him, it proves his input or accountability is worthless. Either way whether they came from him or not. OMG Too Funny!!!!

  32. Still Laughing says:

    Way to funny @Harv. Steve can’t help himself. To much to gain to keep his mouth shut.

    If you think about all the time and energy Steve and the chamber spends thinking up excuses and methods to get taxpayers to pay their bills they could have used that to really improve their businesses for the long run.

  33. MaryC says:

    Who ever anonymously used my name. I agree, we should stop all the thieves. The Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Red Earth Theatre, Sedona Film Festival and anyone else. The federal government that supports anyone through welfare and food stamps in Arizona should also be stopped. Charity should be voluntary, not forced.

    If you give freely, like the candy on the bank counter or through donations, that is not theft. You should give up trying to rationalize your theft.

  34. @Mary C says:

    Then you should return all the entitlements that YOU consume from other states “hard earned tax money”.

    Please stop USING other peoples money. By your own admission. You are a leech and TAKER. Get you own house in order before you complain about others who are doing the same thing as you… ok leech

  35. JJ says:

    Tony T for mayor.Checkout the post regarding filing for disincorporation for illlegal activity AKA 3 million for Sedona chamber of commerce. File with the counties.

  36. Mrs Roger Thomas to MaryC says:

    So let me understand this:

    The Sedona CoC brings people to our city so businesses like mine can thrive, and that’s a bad thing?????

    The Sedona Film Festival brings people from around the world to our little town and fills every one of our hotels and restaurants, and that’s a bad thing?

    The Red Earth Theater gives “starving artists” a place to hone and show their art and that’s a bad thing???

    So, except for you and other posters who continue to hate just to hate why don’t you just give it a rest already and move on.

  37. @Mary C says:

    You should stop trying to rationalize that your a TAKER and USER of other peoples tax money from states that actually contribute more then they take…

    You dig!?

  38. MaryC says:

    You don’t know me. I don’t receive food stamps, welfare, social security or child care tax credit. I take nor want anything from the city or state. QUIT STEALING MY MONEY !!

    Stop trying to rationalize your theft. Paying sales tax is not voluntary. No one asks me when I buy something if I would like to donate to the city of Sedona so they can give it to their friends or starving artists. If the film festival cannot support itself it should close. If someone chooses to make a life as an artist and they are not good enough to make money, they should get a job to support themselves. Let people donate if they like, using force is theft.

  39. M Mallon says:

    Support your starving artist. Is that the tax money from other states you are talking about ? The artist that has a Snap card (food stamps), free Access health care and is on unemployment or disability? It’s a hard life to not work. They could use a free massage. Does Sedona have a program for that?

  40. @Mary C says:

    @M Mallon
    @mary C

    No I’m talking about the tax money from States that actually contribute to the Federal governent. Give your State (Arizona) to keep your taxes artificially low.

    Stop whining about the minuscule amount of taxes you actually pay.
    I’m sure states like New York or California aren’t happy they have to supplement YOU to make ends meet. You are the real Takers and Users.


  41. @Mrs Roger Thomas says:

    Are you so enamored by the butt kissing that you have forgotten why the city incorporated? What the job is for a city? How big Sedona really is? Mrs. Maddock wrote a great article on city limits https://sedonaeye.com/sedona-city-limits-101-with-eddie-maddock/ Sedona City Limits 101 with Eddie Maddock.

    How about a code of ethics for city and town? Code of ethics “Those claims may be consistent with the emergence of the council-manager form of government: a system in which political leadership and professional leadership are blended and public policy decisions are made by elected officials on the basis of professional recommendations and advice using the objective standards of cost, efficiency, measurable outcomes and optimum service to the citizens rather than because of political influence, cronyism, nepotism, favoritism, or dishonesty”

    Is your high salary Mrs Roger Thomas have you blinded? Did the city have those that start a business in the city limits sign a disclaimer? Notifying them that they had no rights? The CITY should not be involved in any OF THIS!!!

    It is the job of the businesses to educated and grow their businesses not the city, It is the same for artists. They should be doing performances at the businesses to get known and grow. Upcoming artists show be going to the legitimate entertainment businesses and be doing runner up shows to get heard and noticed.

    What does this have to do with the responsibility of the city of Sedona? Fixing educating businesses?? Teaching wannabe artists? They should do what is in their functions and STOP giving favors to buddies, pals, ect. NO city works against their own. (buz & Residents)…..except Sedona IMO

    Dis-incorporate as you can’t treat your residents or in-city businesses fairly. Charity should not be forced on taxpayers. The most PROFITABLE businesses in city are they ones the City of Sedona favors – gifts $$$ to. This can be proven, $$$$$. How about the voice of the business owners? Hotel owners???

  42. Amazing! says:

    Yes, isn’t it amazing how artists, the Art Barn, Sedona Art Center, Chamber of Commerce, Library, Humane Society, and every other special interest non-profit managed to function (and very well for that matter) prior to Sedona becoming an incorporated city with no money to subsidize them? And as for the people writing nonsense about getting money from other states, what does that have to do with ANY of this.

    Rereading the subject article I believe it’s about whether or not candidates running for municipal office should be required to reveal their political party affiliation? In Sedona, Folks, that ain’t necessary any more than requiring the bleeding hearts on this web site to announce which side of the road they are walking down. The answer, thank you very much, is LIBERAL. The missing link here IMO is there’s doesn’t seem to be an authority to monitor the mismanagement and mishandling of the rules of incorporation, in Sedona beginning but not ending with allowing the regional chamber of commerce to function as a department of incorporated Sedona.

    Arizona League of Cities & Towns, where is your concern on matters that are really important? ‘Nuf said.

  43. AZ Taxoayers Carry California Taxoayers says:

    Which States Are Givers and Which Are Takers?

    Sometimes an IQ helps when trying to make a point….


  44. The Atlantic Monthly - John Tierney says:

    Alternatively, we could use the “state dependency” map as an opportunity to reflect on a different paradox—the longstanding role of the far-away federal government as an agent of community. Because of federal programs, people in places like South Carolina and Mississippi are getting a helping hand not from their neighbors a few blocks away or in the next county over, but from residents of Delaware, Minnesota, Illinois, and Nebraska. Whether you like that idea depends, in part, on how you personally reconcile the tension between two long-cherished, core American values—our passion for individualism and our regard for community—and whether you see “community” as encompassing the whole country.

    That’s a far more interesting thing to think about (though perhaps less viscerally satisfying) than which states are moochers or freeloaders and which are getting fleeced.

    JOHN TIERNEY is a contributing writer for The Atlantic and a former professor of American government at Boston College. He is the author of Organized Interests and American Democracy (with Kay L. Schlozman) and The U.S. Postal Service: Status and Prospects of a Government Enterprise.

  45. M Mallon says:

    If, as you say “Stop whining about the minuscule amount of taxes you actually pay.”
    You won’t mind when the taxpayers take it away from you .

  46. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    Thank you @Amazing! for your astute observation and acknowledging the subject of my article. And, in particular, I appreciate your closing remark:

    “Arizona League of Cities & Towns, where is your concern on matters that are really important? ‘Nuf said.”


  47. PS from ES(M) says:

    With apologies to @Mrs. Roger Thomas for not having acknowledged her reference to one of my previous articles, Sedona City Limits 101. In retrospect it makes me wonder why I spent the time to specifically point out the area of Sedona’s legitimate jurisdiction because it surely doesn’t appear most decision makers at City Hall give a fiddler’s flute about such trivialities.

  48. @Az taxpayers carry California taxpayers says:

    You got that backwards …
    California carry’s Arizona..

    An IQ would help next time you post.

    What’s up you feel guilty you gotta make up fake facts.

  49. JJ says:

    All the takers believe they are smart. Spewing out garbage to muddy the waters. No confusion here. I spoke to members of the county supervisors. They want to hear more. Everyone should file complain

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