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Eddie Maddock: Further Fodder for Fueling the Firestorm

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock takes another look at Sedona past and prophetic headlines.

Sedona AZ (August 28, 2017)Revisiting our catchy headline journey, let us begin with a guest column by Pat Pomphrey, Member, Sedona City Council, RRNews 11/07/90: 

And What Can We Expect Here in Sedona? City creates ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen’.

And it gets better with its insert —

Yes, we passed a balanced budget as required by law. But we budgeted our expenses to exceed our income! Now, how can that be? Those are conflicting statements.””

Moving on, to September 1993 and a lingering special topic, Red Rock Crossing:

The 9/21/93 Arizona Republic headlined Forget the Bridge”. I would be remiss not to include a portion of its quote from the inimitable and opinionated former Senator from Arizona Barry Goldwater:  “…To me, there is no earthly reason why any attempt should be made to put a bridge at Red Rock Crossing near Sedona. There isn’t even a good road anywhere near where they want to put that bridge, and its one of the most spectacular bits of scenery in the whole state.”

And 9/22/93 RRNews staff writer, Sondra Roberta, offered the headline editorial “RR Crossing Does Not Just Belong to Us

However, Wayne D. Iverson of Sedona offered his own suggestion to the editor of the Arizona Republic on 9/23/93: “What About Fate of Oak Creek Canyon/Red Rock?”  Requesting for the Forest Service to study revision of management practices in the forest plan for the Red Rock/Oak Creek area from within appropriated funds.

City of Sedona Council Chamber

The RRNews 10/28/94 “headline Council Decision Booed by Citizens” accurately reflected “vehement opposition to the portion of Article 4 in the draft land code that affords Community Development Director Tom Schafer the power to grant administration waivers.” Public concern was that granting administrative waiver to the planning staff might open the door to abuse.

What? Of course the council unanimously agreed and “amended the code to reflect the administrative waiver would remain intact with a one-year sunset clause.” And guess what? That one year sunset has yet to occur.

On Thursday, May 23, 1996, Sedona again made Arizona Republic headlines: “Sedona Votes to Restrict City’s Growth” followed the next day May 24, 1996, by RRNews First Anti-Growth Law Approved –captioned Anti-growth ballot issue passes by only 52 votes; Lawsuit says measure is unconstitutional

Not to worry, however, because Friday, March 28, 1997, RRNews “Growth Law Repealed by City Council

Yep, the voice of the people be damned even way back then.

However, not all City Councils’ rubber stamped new ideas.

On February 19, 1999, RRNews “Council Gives Policy Change Cool Reception”… Council tables ordinance giving city manager authority to settle claims for amounts up to $25,000.” Hum, wonder where that stands today?

Sedona Arizona in need of tourist advertising funds may raise city and bed taxes. (SedonaEye.com article photo and caption dated June 2010)

A dazzling Letter to the Editor of the Verde Independent, August 16, 2000:


“Editor: Reference traffic congestion in Sedona and Arizona 179 to the Village of Oak Creek, may I suggest postponement of Sedona’s extensive marketing campaign to lure more and more visitors and instead fall back on word-of-mouth and goodwill generated by the many merchants to bring visitors back? This action would hardly cause this market area to falter, but give some much needed time to address the serious traffic problems, such as solid traffic backup from the Village all the way into Sedona. – David Henry, Cornville”

Stunning. – And the date of that letter again? August 16, 2000.

A small flurry of articles popped up in June 2003 relating to guess what? Affordable Housing!

On June 11, 2003, a profound editorial appeared by Ryan Van Benthuysen, Managing Editor, RRNews …  “Enough is Enough: A Deal is A Deal

Benthuysen rightfully took the city of Sedona to task with the following words: “Under the guise of trying to help build affordable housing apartment units on Sombart Lane, Fairfield Resort in West Sedona is trying to get 64 apartments in a different location rezoned as timeshares. If the city allows the company to turn these apartments into timeshares, Fairfield says it will help fund the affordable housing apartments on Sombart Lane through Sombart Lane Development. The city needs to just say no.”

A companion article in that same edition offers… “Fairfield Seeks to Change Rules of the Game” further enhances how the scam of “affordable houses” has been used and abused over the years. (Remember Nepenthe?)

And, yet again on June 25, 2003, “Sombart Lane Proposal Dies –- Land owner backs away from housing proposal

However, the RRN headline on November 11, 2005, Modified Fairfield Plan OK’d” … but a follow-up quote by a Sedona city councilman summed up the outcome: “”No development agreement can make them build.” And they didn’’t. Bye, bye to affordable housing.”

The city of Sedona has chipped away and demolished many of its red rocks to build a tourist attraction. In a 2003 RRN letter to editor, former Sedona resident William Bliss wrote, “Sedona has finally passed the king of tawdriness, South Lake Tahoe…” adding, “H.L. Menchen once said, No one ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American public…”

As history sometimes repeats, the Land Development Code is now under consideration to be amended to allow increased density housing.

Sounds like an excellent plan for outside investors interested in the business of vacation rentals. No law against that now and enforcement of rental restrictions?

Well, let’s get real. Ain’’t gonna happen. Nepenthe? Where art thou?

How about reviewing another sweet little letter to the editor, this time the RRN 2/19/2003:


“My wife and I first started visiting Sedona in 1971 and immediately fell in love with this national treasure. We finally moved there in 1986. The town then started growing haphazardly, so in 1996, we moved to Carefree, Ariz.

Last week we returned for the first time and ‘”haphazardly”’ cannot describe what we saw there. Possibly the words gaudy, inconsiderate, cluttered and greed best describe the Sedona environment today.

Unfortunately, it appears that everyone is allowed to do their own thing in the commercial area in hope of attracting the tourist buck.

H.L. Mencken once said, ‘No one ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American public.’ Nothing better illustrates this quote than what’s happened to Sedona today. Is there no one in control in there any longer? Do you still have a City Council and a planning commission?

How about setbacks, height restrictions, architectural design reviews, sign ordinances, density restrictions, visual impacts, etc. And what has happened to taste? All the entrances to the town now project one thing to the first-time visitor, insensitivity to this red rock treasure in an attempt to open someone’s pocketbook. Sedona has finally passed the king of tawdriness, South Lake Tahoe.

And what is happening at the ‘Y’? The red rock hill is being torn down and a multitude of time share building is going up, screwing up the landscape in all directions.

This type of visible project is mostly unwelcome in sensitive places and its entire high-pressure sales pitch begs for a different kind of tourist.

Again, someone is in this only for a few bucks today. Shame on all of you who allow this degradation to continue. But, hey, isn’’t that what this once lovely national red rock treasure is now all about? – William W. Bliss, Carefree

Oh, Mr. Bliss, apparently you have no idea what has transpired here since penning your letter back in 2003.

Will conclude this session with two classics:

Arizona Republic–, July 22, 2006: “ PROTESTS DRIVE OUT TOURISTS IN OAXACA (Turista Go Home Oaxaca Antiacapitualista)”



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  1. JJ says:

    @(deleted by editor)-SS-Gestapo-Souphead!

  2. 15 names says:

    Steve S. and Rich D You carrying on a conversation with one person who is using 15 different names…
    That’s right it’s the same person….save your breath..

  3. @Get over ur DA says:

    Well Well Well. It’s a good thing that you don’t have the guts to use your real name. I would love to hear what you mean by “the “WRONG” type of people” and “cheapening the area”. Ohhhh I get it…. you’re an elitist!

  4. On The Outside Looking In says:

    Your snooty hifalutin city council and chamber of commerce think they control the entire Verde Valley but be assured they do NOT dictate how We use OUR land!

    We have our say so via the RR/89A Corridor/Dry Creek Area of Yavapai County directed by our OWN land use plan. BTW it does NOT include the cute row of Little Houses your mayor once announced she’d love to see at the land your city owns by their stinky sewer plant. PEE YOU ! No sir no stupid pilgrimage site or anything else unless WE say so!!!! Get it? This land is OUR LAND.

    Butt out big shots including the Council Chamber mouth piece. He just never shuts up. He continues to spew unjustified garble that makes him look more like an idiot (in my opinion – which remains conspicuous by absence in whatever the unmentionable mouth piece drones on about). Every day I read this site as a reminder how lucky we are the original incorporated area that included us Failed To Be Approved. We truly had a guardian angel looking out for us. Still do for that matter.

  5. Matt Shobert says:

    It is not “our” (your) land! And build the silly RedRock crossing ASAP! NIMBY morons!

  6. 15 names says:

    The 15 name lady has been very very busy ….she may be up to 17 different names

  7. Outside Looking In says:

    But the City of Sedona CANNOT dictate to us about how to develop “OUR” land outside city limits. What is it YOU don’t understand about THAT @Matt Shobert? It applies to Red Rock Crossing as well. NOT City of Sedona jurisdiction!!!!

  8. FYI says:

    “The one place to avoid in Sedona”
    Reviewed 4 days ago NEW
    Of all the beauty Sedona has to offer there is very little to be found in the Main Street area. If you see a sign that reads “Fine Dining” ignore it. Fine Dining in the Main Street area doesn’t exist. There are some really good restaurants in Sedona just not in the downtown area. This is just the usual tourist trap. Downtown is the best location for tours. The tours are excellent but otherwise the downtown area is best missed. The food and service in the restaurants is poor even for a tourist trap.


  9. @FYI says:

    OMG ONE person had a negative comment! I better shut my doors and crawl away. Too bad you’re one of those myopic individuals on this site who fail to see the whole picture. Why not check out the many others such as:

    “Fun shopping area with fantastic views
    Loads of stores to browse and the views are amazing. Worth the walk — bring your camera. There are restaurants, ice cream shops, t-shirt places, it’s a tourist spot for sure but if your looking for that special something to bring home from Sedona you’ll probably find it here on Main Street.”

  10. Get over ur DA says:

    If all you offer is a tourist trap crap that is what you are. crap one time visit rip off tourist trap
    Affordable housing is for the poor According to Steve the hospitality industry pays higher here than normal. These workers don’t need tiny houses. really morans

  11. 15 names says:

    Outside looking in

    These two among many other names are all the same person..

    This person crys and moans and complains about Sedona …sedona politics…chamber of commerce….and relating to sedona..

    Apparently she doesn’t even live in Sedona!!!!! As can be told about her red rock crossing comments…(she got so into complaining she forgot what she was saying)

    So all her this and that complaints about Sedona and she don’t even live in city limits…..what a crazy crazy blowvhard

  12. Not Surprised says:

    It’s really no surprise people like Matt Shobert think incorporated Sedona controls everything. When Sedona’s mayor is pictured at grand openings in the VOC – promoting shopping complexes competing with Sedona licensed, tax collecting businesses, it’s little wonder the wrong message continues to be sent. When a special interest, member driven organization such as the regional Chamber of Commerce has been given authority to function as what many perceive to be an official department of the City of Sedona, well, why wouldn’t Shobert and others think as they do? What’s wrong with a system that allows this disgraceful misrepresentation to continue? A city-financed visitors to promote members of the Chamber of Commerce? Disgraceful?

  13. steve segner says:

    Yes 15 names.
    But when does a special interest tip over into an obsession? … about people with autism, it’s that they can often be single-minded. … When applied to favourite subjects, this can turn an interest into a passion, or an obsession.

    15 names 15 personalities, thei person need help.

  14. PS from NOT SURPRISED says:

    Should have been: A city-financed visitors CENTER to promote members of the Chamber of Commerce (just in case anyone cares or maybe to benefit the alleged 15 names of which I do NOT belong to that club).

    Is it possible as the rumor has it WSR, WsR, wSr,West Sedona Resident, West Sedona resident, West Sedona Dave (Chris), SS, Jessica, JW, and so on actually make up a pretty solid portion of those 15 names “THEY” keep on harping about? Sure fits ongoing rhetoric when they can’t come up with anything at all whatsoever to counter the information being provided here. Pantywaists might sum up the quality of the collective individuals that have nothing better to say – IN MY OPINION – which sadly is omitted from their inane blabbering.

  15. Liberalism’s Imaginary Enemies says:

    Little children have imaginary friends. Modern liberalism has imaginary enemies.

    Clearly Steve, Dave, Chris, JW, Jessica, WSR ect fall under this category

    Boring humdrum boring

  16. 15 names says:

    @ps from not surprised

    It must really disturb you when you get called out….
    You get more and more frantic and crazy..

    Can’t wait to see the next 5-10 fake names your gonna use.

  17. Eddie Maddock says:

    The following quote came directly from Assistant City Manager Karen Osburn. It’s in response to an email I sent her requesting information regarding use of city property for affordable housing:

    “Hi Eddie, thanks for reaching out for clarification. In terms of plans to use the Brewer property for any type of affordable housing, that is not being contemplated, nor is it even possible. The Brewer Road property is zoned Community Facilities (CF) which would preclude this kind of use. Further, since the property was purchased with parks land development impact fees, we are restricted to using the land for a park/recreational use. The Council has also adopted a Master Plan for the Brewer property and that plan is for a park/community gathering space.

    In terms of using other City-owned properties, yes, it’s possible, but there are no current or specific plans to do anything. There is a citizen work group that has been meeting to contemplate how the City might become involved in facilitating low-cost housing, but all conversations have been very conceptual, ‘brainstorming’ kinds of things, and no discussions have yet to occur at the Council level so there is no specific direction at this time. I suspect this will be a bigger community conversation that will take place at some point in the not-too-distant future.”

  18. Ron Maassen says:

    Increase in sales tax of 1%

    The City is holding a special council meeting next week (3;00 pm sept13 in Council Chambers) regarding strategies for long-term fiscal sustainability. Base conclusion is a 1% increase in sales tax. The packet is now available at the City website. A lot of info included.


  19. Steve segner says:

    A little late EDie I posted last week the city has no intention of building low income housing I am on that work group and I go to the meetings you just stay home and write and write and write and then backpedal
    Edie there is almost no land in Sedona available for multi unit housing let alone low income houseing. Total housing in Sedona only 4% is apartment one of the lowest number in the nation . We are looking to see how do we come up with more housing for the middle class you may not like that that’s what were working on .
    But always remember that Sedona is a tourist town the tourist pay our fees and we need housing for the people that work in the industry

  20. @ Ms Maddock says:

    See that’s why I like reading SE there are a very few like Eddie Maddock that who do their research and compile facts before posting. She is one class act.

    It seems that there is a certain myopic group in town that has nothing to do with their time but twist the truth or completely lie about some fact for facts to try to make their point. It started with group of “red shirted” misguided “sheep” at the June SFD Board meeting and now those same “sheep” are trying to do their same antics on other SE pages.

  21. Wsr says:


    Did Karen Ovsay “a citizen work group”

    There you go…..might be something actually productive for you to do besides bother working people and creating nonsense at your computer…and finger pointing…

    Come on (deleted by editor) …..
    Be someone that actually is involed in something….your getting boring constantly trying to stay relevant thru you name blown over SE

  22. Eddie Maddock says:

    It might interest you to know, Steve, it was YOUR comment which precipitated my interest to contact Sedona Assistant Manager Karen Osburn. To be specific, here is my e-mail, intact, as it was sent to her. And it most assuredly implied city owned property might be considered for low cost housing which was confirmed by Mrs. Osburn. Reread her response, Steve: “In terms of using other City-owned properties, yes, it’s possible, but there are no current or specific plans to do anything.”

    9/6/2017 10:11 AM >>>

    Hi Karen:

    It’s been a while since I’ve prevailed upon your knowledge, but because of your intense involvement with the Brewer property acquisition, your number was drawn here.

    A comment made by Steve Segner, copy of which I’m including, indicates the possibility of using city property to facilitate low-cost housing. The rumor was already floating that a portion of the Brewer Road is under consideration. Is there any truth to that?

    For the record, my own objection to the proposed amendment to the community plan to increase density isn’t against the idea of offering mixed housing, it’s directly related to the failure of the development agreement with Nepenthe which allowed the project to slip through the cracks and negate the reality for the projected affordable housing for which it was attended. That was followed by the huge boondoggle with the Fairfield project. Had the city rigidly enforced the terms of both project development agreements it’s very unlikely there would even be need at this time for consideration to amend the community plan. Also, that failure of city responsibility unfortunately created lasting doubts and mistrust linked to future intentions in that particular endeavor. For those presently employed by the city and uninformed about this history, hopefully it might make it somewhat more palatable to understand concern and related resistance to the proposed amendment.

    In addition, reports that some “affordables” had been provided in uptown (I believe one example was a project by Al Spector whereby he remodeled a couple of places off-site and there were NO subsequent takers.) Then most recently the failed ADU provisions, approved under the duress of huge public opposition and public admittance by John O’Brien the code would be unenforceable. Of course, the abandonment of the code came about due to the state’s approval of vacation rentals. Interesting twist of fate?

    So, that’s my story – sticking to it (not by choice) but will appreciate clarification of city’s position on the potential of getting into the low cost housing real estate business.

    Hope you are enjoying life and I appreciate your assistance with this matter.


    steve Segner says:
    September 2, 2017 at 1:33 pm
    There was a big difference between the City proposal and what came up during the meeting regarding higher densities last week. YES, THERE WAS TALK ABOUT SUBSIDIZING HOUSING COSTS during that meeting.
    what are you worried about? new homes? low in come people? both are good . The city has no intention or the ability to SUBSIDIZING HOUSING COSTS in Arizona make if almost imposable, but the city has some land, worth looking at . Just saying.

  23. JeanJ says:

    Wise up, Wsr. ESM doesn’t stand a chance. I was recommended for the 2018 Budget Work Group by the Vice Mayor. Never even received a phone call from City Hall. There are cronies, special interests and out-of-towners on City of Sedona citizen work groups, including but not limited to Jennifer Wesselhoff, who has been on several.

  24. @Eddie Maddock says:

    That’s hysterical you used Segner’s own words as the basis for your email to Osburn …… but the city has some land, worth looking at ….. Just saying. ….

    Wonder if he’ll get it even after you point it out to him! OMG and city council and staff think this guy’s brilliant? Go figure

  25. @JeanJ says:

    Oh come on Jean if the city let you grace their meetings with your presence you would have to leave the comfort of your house and we all know how you hate to leave home.

  26. steve segner says:

    Jean J says: Why would they call you back when you make up your own numbers! Show us one post from you, in the last 10 years, that was positive! Jean how many work groups have you worked on in the last five years? have you asked to be of service? The city has 40,000,000 in the bank and you are always saying the sky is falling! you bash the chamber, but jennifer puts in 10 hr days, and works for a better Sedona, not the old one you moved to thousands of years ago….. we are all working to change Sedona for the better. and if you don’t like OUR better then get off you butt and get involved!!

  27. OMG says:

    That is balled face garbage @steve segner. Jean Janks has so much experience n knowlegde. barf u!!!

  28. jj says:

    @Steve S Osbourne you are all the same. Maybe you should get married. (deleted by editor) “Desruction of Sedona” Beautiful mountains ugly people! Youshould all go into the dog food business.

  29. When is enough ENOUGH????? says:

    Have you had enough of the BS takers?
    When is enough ENOUGH?
    Have you heard enough of the businesses attackings anyone that disagrees with funding their private businesses aka chamber / lodging?????
    I have and agree with OMG IMO u Barf steve segner, osburn and wesselholf u should all be ashamed!!!!! barf barf and triple barf!!!!!!

  30. Jerry, Legitimate Sedona Voter says:

    Ron Maassen brings up the 1% sales tax increase. “They” claim it will be dedicated to road improvements. That’s what “they” said about sales tax paying for the sewer.


    And don’t forget the breach of contracts this city allowed with the developers of Nepenthe and Fairfield (and maybe even more commitments for low cost housing that were allowed to slip through the cracks.) And those in charge completely ignored the survey about people not wanting most of the things being offered by Parks & Rec. More lip service. That’s all above and beyond the cash hog of the City of Sedona, the Regional Chamber of Commerce and their own unbridled agenda.

    Once the Community Plan is amended to allow higher density development watch out! Things will only get worse – more traffic and congestion – DUH?

    As for Steve Segner, why is it he himself doesn’t provide affordable rents for the many properties he claims to own in city limits? Of course he lives at his estate in Oak Creek Canyon where his events are fairly well publicized on FaceBook. With his charitable nature he should back off running the city and devote more time to his own affairs and LEAVE US ALONE.

  31. Alarmed says:

    Thanks to the Chamber, Steve Segner and Sedona public taxpayer funds virtually endless jeep fleets, ATVs, helicopters and day-tripper congested streets are destroying our community. The Chamber is part of the City’s financial problems, not the solution.

  32. City P&Z Work Session Notice 9/14 says:

    Planning & Zoning Commission Work Session
    Date: 09/14/2017 3:30 p.m.
    Location: Council Chambers
    102 Roadrunner Drive
    Sedona, Arizona 86336
    Agenda/Meeting Materials/Minutes are available at http://www.SedonaAZ.gov

  33. steve segner says:

    Read this nothing new : 2012 city manager
    “you are unwilling to meet with the staff,”
    I stand by my statment . if you go back in time you will see ALL of JJ predictions did not happened, and the city is doing great and she just bashes city employees and has not once steped foot in city hall or gone to a meeting ……. she is (deleted by editor) …. every city has on.

    Hi Jean,
    Obviously, the only person confused here is you.
    And, I am very disappointed that you are unwilling to meet with the staff, which tells me you are not interested in the facts. It is just easier for you to lob out your nasty e-mails from home unfairly attacking the staff and the City with your inaccurate assumptions. Karen is an outstanding Assistant City Manager, and her strong financial background and credentials make her well-qualified to manage the City’s financial issues. I have complete confidence in both Karen and Barbara Ashley, and I trust their numbers and their analysis.
    Their information is certainly more accurate and reliable than your flawed and twisted analysis. I think it is really sad that you don’t get involved beyond your inaccurate and offensive attacks on staff and the City.
    If you really cared, if you were really serious about this, you would join a board or commission, or you would at least make the effort to meet with us to at least try to understand the numbers. We actually have a Budget Oversight Commission, and currently have a vacancy. You should apply.
    Feel free to fill out a public records request form for the restricted reserves totals that you asked for. I’m sure we can accommodate the request.
    Have a great weekend Jean.
    “Jean Jenks” 9/28/2012 8:33 AM >>

    Subject: Re: Financial Integrity of City Hall At Risk
    Hi Jean,
    Thanks for the email and input. I will discuss your email and its content with Karen and get back to you.
    I don’t agree with you that the City is trying to “trick” the residents into thinking that the City is better off than it really is. I also don’t agree with you that the City’s financial integrity is at risk. Karen, Barbara and I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to review the finances if you think it would help you.
    I have copied Karen on this response. In the interim, I suggest you review the Wastewater Rate Study approved by the City Council in February 2010 for an explanation of how the wastewater reserves play into debt service and future wastewater capital projects.
    Let us know if you would like to meet.
    Have a great day Jean.

    more I firmly believe the City needs to make an effort to maintain the full-time residents’ quality of life, and “Housing Development Areas” are not conducive to this.
    Jean Jenks
    Sedona resident
    Yes her quality of life.

  34. By Jove says:

    And an A-HA Moment. City owned property. Hmmm – Brewer must be used for a park. Property next to City Hall? Appropriate for high density housing. Maybe & probably not.

    Isn’t there that prime property at the Posse Grounds once under consideration for the Sedona City Hall? But nearby residential areas objected?

    Now such a deal just ripe for the picking? Low cost housing on City Owned Property at the Posse Grounds w/ spectacular views, some of the best in Sedona, and that change in the Community Plan will allow it to happen.

    How ya like them apples all you guys living on Soldier Pass Road? Oh & that citizen group? Bet they didn’t think of THAT city owned property during their little get-togethers. Yeah RIGHT!!

  35. It's Official says:

    The proposed hotel for the former Biddle property will go before Planning & Zoning Commission at a public hearing in the Vultee Conference Room (City Hall) on Thursday, Sept. 28 – 3:30 PM.

    Interesting because in addition to the hotel the developers will request consideration for retail, restaurant & bar, multi-family residential and efficiency housing apartments. Hmmm – could this be an answer to this quest for low cost housing and eliminate the alleged need to amend the Community Plan for higher density development?

    Oh and BTW – how many are aware the CVS Pharmacy just down the highway is for sale? Remember that recent controversy? And don’t forget the well cited betrayal of city staff to enforce previous development agreements for Nepenthe & Fairfield projects. To quote Steve Segner – “just sayin.”

  36. GNS says:

    And they remain clueless about the ACTUAL resolution of the traffic situation.
    Unbelievable? NOT in Sedona anymore.

  37. CVS building and Land for Sale!! says:

    Here we go again. The Developers have listed CVS for sale. Want to make a bet the city didn’t record restrictions? This is listed on loopnet and they state “Larger Opportunity – This property is only a portion of a larger opportunity. Please contact broker for complete list of entire portfolio.” So get ready folks CVS has a new 25 year lease with 50 years of options remaining…….

    We could see this coming. dumb

  38. David Schwartz says:

    To CVS Building and Land for Sale:

    To answer your question YES, I will take that bet! What would you like to bet that the city DID record the land restriction? How about that in the future you WILL only post under your real name like I have?

    How about being a bit more truthful, I went to LoopNet like you said that the description that you posted above is not exactly the truth. (shocking, I know) THE LAND IS FOR SALE with the existing tenant. Allow me to show all other posters:

    Stan Johnson Company is pleased to offer for sale a brand new Zero Cash Flow property tenanted by CVS Pharmacy.

    The property is subject to a 25-year primary operating agreement on an absolute NNN lease and was built in 2016 specifically for CVS; meeting all their operating standards. The average income within 5 miles is nearly $103,689, and this investment is fully capable of the Paydown / Readvance financial structure.

    For over 50 years, CVS Pharmacy has served millions of customers products and services geared towards a healthy lifestyle. In addition to their pharmacies, their stores feature on-trend beauty departments, photo labs and general merchandise. CVS Pharmacy has more than 9,600 retail drug stores in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. CVS currently holds a Standard & Poor’ s credit rating of BBB+/Stable.
    Sedona is a city driven by high tourist volume, limited land, and nationally recognized scenery. Location is within ten minutes of Red Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, and Slide Rock.

  39. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thanks to those providing information on the status of CVS. It will be appreciated if equal diligence is offered on the progress of the Oxford Suites development (former Biddle property) as well as advancement on procurement of affordable housing, presently under investigation by a citizen’s group as reported by Asst. City Manager Karen Osburn.

  40. Daily Beast & Liberals Wake Up to Reality says:

    Trump has made Congress free enough to act in the country’s best interests and independent enough to act against their own president, no matter their affiliation, if that’s what it takes.

    He’s strengthening the resolve of the one group that can make him a success or take him down.

    A stronger, more independent Congress may not always be in this president’s best interests, but it is in the country’s best interests, and we have Donald Trump to thank for it.

    Roll Call columnist Patricia Murphy covers national politics for The Daily Beast. Previously, she was the Capitol Hill bureau chief for Politics Daily and founder and editor of Citizen Jane Politics.

    Like he’s been saying, do your jobs. You haven’t been doing your jobs for years under the past few administrations. Gravy boat has docked. To you politicians that keep jumping ship to find a winning team, you ought to have no role in government. You’re one and the same as we’ve had. Stop sending emails every day asking us for money. Bob, Big Park

  41. Jim Poole says:

    With all these hotels coming how much have we increased the visitors by?
    Roads are already clogged. Thanks for the heads up on CVS.

  42. @Bob, Big Park says:

    Your message also should apply to local government. Wake up folks. Fire Board Bond way over the top, lack of transparency in all agencies, control by special interests namely member driven chamber of commerce. YES SedonaEye is the place to let it all hang out. CVS & Oxford Suites @Eddie Maddock. Egos and political paybacks have controlled us for far too long. No time like the present for changes. Elections are coming up!!!!!

  43. WISE UP!!!!! says:

    While so many are hooked on the upcoming fire district bond vote, don’t forget about the increased sales tax and increased density amendment to the community plan. Both will sail through approval while people are distracted with potential high-end property tax increases. And while we’re at it, here’s a bit of factual data for the record.

    The following words are taken from a recent comment made by Steve Segner, pusher and proponent for Sedona big-city ideas (and related taxes) as he claims to be an in-city resident. If that were the case, then why is it he admits, in writing, that he drives down Oak Creek Canyon every day and must deal with other traffic from Flagstaff.

    Read away and then decide why it is this person, factually non-resident of incorporated Sedona, is justified in participating in city-based citizens groups (example, the one presently discussing low cost housing). And don’t forget, he (Steve) also suggests city owned property is under consideration for use as affordable housing (his own words as pointed out above).

    Brace yourself for a potential to designate Sedona as a “sanctuary city” to accommodate the entire Verde Valley. Write to the city council NOW. After the fact will be too late. WISE UP!

    Steve Segner says:

    “Much better to understand traffic flow and plan trips…. We are a tourist town, I have been fighting traffic from flagstaff for years and on Saturdays I need to plan my trips. the city traffic plan is good and if we can fix parking in the canyon it will help a little.” SedonaBiz Sept. 15, 4:18 PM.

  44. Eddie Maddock says:

    Timing is everything. My property tax bill from Coconino County arrived in today’s mail. And guess what? The amount to the Fire District far exceeds any other charges.

    Now then, for the City of Sedona businesses, residents, and VOC patrons to anticipate another potential one penny increase in city sales tax ( yep – one penny on $1.00 = fifteen pennies on $15.00)) can add up pretty quickly.

    Looking back “to the day” I distinctly recall my very good friend, Patty Henry, a former President & CEO of the Sedona Oak Creek Chamber of Commerce, standing at my front door as she was exiting my home, still trying to convince me that “for one penny on the dollar we could have” . . . (and the list went on, and on, and on) if Sedona were to incorporate.

    Well, my dear friend Patty Henry, after having relocated to the Village of Oak Creek not too long after she realized the true horror story of her campaign to become a city, is no longer a passenger on this earthly but eerie adventure of life in Sedona.

    Think about it. Go for dinner and add another $5 bucks or so on top of your dinner tab and then consider the nearly $3 million the Chamber is now receiving to assist in “product development.” Current assignment? Land acquisition and implementation of “affordable/low cost housing.” (and who knows what else)

    Sedona’s been there – done that. And failed by utter lack of enforcement. (Nepenthe/ Fairfield, two examples).

    I feel sad for existing businesses. THEY are the ones that will be forced to collect the tax. WE do not have to pay it if we shop outside Sedona. However, we MUST pay our property taxes and I urge those of you who directly receive your tax bills – PLEASE – read them and take note where your money is being spent.

  45. Affordable Housing Built on Loss of Property Rights by Poor says:


    Property rights are the ONLY right that negates the power of the rich and government. The other rights are gravy spooned over this bread of life.

    Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are reminders what governments and the people who govern can do to those who have no property. ADUs are not the answer. Sanctuary Cities are not the answer. The rule of common law and equal justice are the goals of men and women who are not puppets of the government they reside under. Learn and remember your history. To own your property and to be its ruler is everything. Don’t let the alt-left or the alt-right messages destroy what makes this nation great for everyone. It isn’t the gifts of the government, it’s the present of the governed. Be aware.

    The alt-left is as dangerous as the alt-right. Believe it.

  46. Norma says:

    Sedona doesn’t have poor people nor does the outlying areas. The poverty levels are actually low in the verde valley.
    When you talk about affordable housing it is monitored and controlled. The full amount, before any payroll deductionsof wages and salaries, overtime pay,
    Commissions, fees, tips and bonuses, and other compensation for personal services;· The net income from the operation of a business or profession. You can’t own any assets. Like a large home elsewhere.
    Steve Segner is on a quest to get the city to pay for his business expenses without any ROI FREE Money honey. But he has shot is mouth off about how much money the employees get paid here in tourism. They make to much to qualify for affordable housing.
    He is looking for cheap subsidized part time living quarters so that employees like (deleted by editor) can rent a apartment dirt cheap then go to phoenix where (deleted by editor). By doing so the City is going to lose even more revenue as the share revenue goes to the primary residence city or town. TRIPLE LOOSER.
    You don’t need AFFORDABLE housing as you MAKE too much $$$$.
    To much government overreach.

  47. Sad Truth says:

    S. Segner was right. Sedona is NOT a democracy. They violate state laws by allowing those outside city limits to control city hall. Just wait until the zoning is changed and higher density development springs up on every vacant lot in Sedona. It will happen in your neighborhood too. Or will it? Will the elected representatives be exempt and not have to endure compromise in their subdivisions? We’ll soon find out. And why did the Fire Board have to ask so much for their bond ballot issue. We did look at our property tax bill and already the amount is by far the highest. And if you don’t think another penny on the dollar sales tax won’t make a difference, think again!

    Tax & Spend – name of game government.

  48. @Norma says:

    Some elitists may agree with you about AFFORDABLE HOUSING which you are against and I guess that is OK for you all. It’s a good thing that the city is NOT looking to establish AFFORDABLE HOUSING. The proposal is for WORK FORCE HOUSING – A BIG DIFFERENCE.

    AFFORDABLE HOUSING = Subsidized Housing with tax payer dollars
    WORK FORCE HOUSING = Market Rate for our teachers, police officers, wait staff, hospitality etc.

    How sad for you to say: “Sedona doesn’t have poor people nor does the outlying areas. The poverty levels are actually low in the verde valley”.

    You obviously have no clue what the poverty levels are but since you appear to be an elitist you would have no idea of what I am saying.

  49. HA, HA, HA says:

    @@Norma: “WORK FORCE HOUSING” – true definition = those employed by the lodging businesses too cheap to furnish their own on-site housing for their workers. Confirmed by Fairfield.

    It would also be interesting how many of those establishments check green cards as required by federal law for those they hire.

  50. Norma says:

    yep indeed I am a proud flatlander…..worker bee.

    I see those in lodging making the bucks but not paying their employees and cutting their hours.

    Go look at the regulations and you will find that sedona has a lot of wealthy WORKERS and they don’t need or qualify for subsidized housing. Ask your bubby Segner or the Fire department they are all paid over the top. That is why they can afford to pay for a second home in the sedona region. The highest paid jobs are GOVERNMENT paid by taxpayers

    They pay income taxes OUTSIDE the sedona city limits.

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