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Eddie Maddock: Feasible and Sustainable Sedona Matters

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock looks at Sedona’s year ahead in the light of its problematic past.

Sedona AZWelcome to Sedona Arizona 2019.

Has our Golden Goose been cooked?

Is there anyone visiting Sedona or living here for that matter, let’s say since Thanksgiving 2018, who isn’’t convinced there is a huge traffic problem? As the situation grows worse on a daily basis ongoing studies have been procured from professional consultants – most of whom are costly and ineffective – if for no other reason than they have yet to result in actually addressing the problem.

The root of the matter is never appropriately acknowledged by the culprits behind the continual onslaught to chop Sedona, the aforementioned Golden Goose, into teeny tiny pieces. Translated: Sedona was discovered a long time ago and is no longer in need of being promoted. Even efforts for alleged “destination tourists” haven’t been proven to be effective. Quite possibly the introduction of short term rentals via private property owners and Airbnb are contributing factors to this problematic situation which should have been addressed with serious intent to at least some degree a long time ago.

Instead Sedona planners forge ahead with one idea after another clearly without looking at or anticipating suggested plans might be seriously flawed. While the term “sustainability” has become a common catchword, the word “feasibility” all too often is overlooked prior to initiating “perceived” solutions.

View of Sedona – exclusive SedonaEye.com photo

For example; inflated foot traffic in the narrow ADOT corridor of SR179 in front of Tlaquepaque was ignored at the time approval was given to Tlaquepaque North across that very busy section of a State Highway. After the fact, the result has been a disaster. So what to do?

Number one suggestion on the drawing board seems to be a concept for some sort of a pedestrian overpass. Voila! Problem solved. Wait, –not so fast. Has any consideration been given to the fact that said overpass must span SR 179, a state route? Just how high must a cute little footbridge be in order to clear traffic such as semi-trucks and 18-wheelers for which state routes are designed? Maybe an indication might be more clearly imagined if one were to think about overpasses on I-17.

Another potential solution to mitigate traffic congestion, created essentially due to lack of foresight, is the extension of Forest Road uptown to connect with West 89A someplace next to the Post Office location. This concept appears to be a wonderful idea on the surface, but has the depth of this proposal been extensively considered?

Now that becomes extremely interesting when viewing the terrain in actuality, as well as on maps.

View of Sedona – exclusive SedonaEye.com photo

The two photos offered here were taken December 30, 2018, on SR89A across from the vacant land just west of the Post Office, a portion of which has posted a “For Sale” sign. Clearly it is rugged and anticipating any portion being used as a connector from Forest Road uptown to SR89A becomes somewhat unclear. It appropriately should be noted the open space beyond the Hyatt and custom-built homes at the end of Forest Road is comparable terrain – –hilly, rocky, and steep.

From the Post Office hill to Mariposa Restaurant is rocky, but relatively level with or below SR89A. Not to be overlooked is a portion of that land belongs to the U.S. Forest Service. It isn’t difficult to observe – with a quick glance to the left when driving east on 89A towards uptown – prior to the Brewer and “Y” roundabouts.

As previously mentioned, there are several upscale homes at the end of Forest Road, clearly sustaining their value because they are constructed on “view” lots. The city has gone on record admitting that to extend this proposed road would necessitate condemning some of those houses. However, what they haven’t addressed is the steep, rocky terrain. Even a non-engineer might question the complex construction required for a connector road in this location which should realistically be seriously addressed prior to pursuing this alleged “short cut” from Point A (Forest Road) to Point B (West 89A).

Where will all the remaining red rocks go? To parking lots and highways and tourists now going and many long time gone.

There are a multitude of unanswered questions pertaining to acquisition of land and related expenses, over and above feasibility for extending Forest Road to connect down and across extremely rocky, unlevel open terrain. Shouldn’t we insist on accurate and transparent accountability prior to, during, and at completion of this endeavor should it come to pass? And, more specifically, what will be the source of funding?

Likewise, shouldn’t more extensive consideration apply to accommodating additional traffic which surely will become further problematic at the Schnebly Hill roundabout if aggressive approval for multi-housing and additional shops comes to fruition as proposed in order to justify the designation of another Community Focus Area?

Another suggestion for constructing an additional bridge from Schnebly Hill Road to the northern portion of uptown to connect to 89A onward to Oak Creek Canyon will, in all probability, require trespassing on USFS property. Has any consideration been given to that by city planners if plans are pursued to extend Schnebly Hill Road as an alternate route to I-17… also USFS land.

A final question: Which should come first –feasibility or sustainability?

The answer will emerge from the inner sanctum of City Hall.

Word for the day:

[fee-zuh-buh l]
1. Capable of being done, effected, or accomplished: a feasible plan
2. probable; likely: a feasible theory
3. suitable: a road feasible for travel


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  1. @Vice-Mayor says:

    Very classy job Mr. Vice Mayor that’s why I voted for you and appreciate your dedication. (deleted by editor)

  2. Jason says:

    Somebody needs to have a sit down and discuss our priorities as a city and say you can’t build for tourists and have a sustainable school district, public library, or a business system supporting accountants, hardware store, grocery, hair and nail salons, financial advisors, lawyers, dentists, doctors, pharmacists, clothing stores. Council Decide if you want families to keep the town alive or continue to pay our taxes to clean up trash and offer cheap meals, parking spaces and rooms to passerbys.

  3. @Jason says:

    There’s no point in trying to sway the city council. You might have better luck sitting down with the CEO’s of the Chamber of Commerce and/or Lodging Council. They are the only people city council and or city staff seem to hear. “they” don’t care whether or not we shop local because their devotion is ONLY to chamber/lodging communicators, and that doesn’t necessarily mean their MEMBERS!!!! (who, incidentally, are “regional” and don’t collect City of Sedona taxes)

  4. Vice-Mayor Martinez says:

    As previously stated come to my meeting M Mallon and I will explain to you why I believed an RFP is a waste of City resources.

    And when did we meet and what question did you ask that was incorrect? Just because my response didn’t fit your strict mold doesn’t mean it was incorrect, it was a difference of opinion.

    Don’t be afraid and meet me Tuesday @ 9:00AM.

  5. steve Segner says:

    Jason says: Somebody needs to have a sit down and discuss our priorities as a city and say you can’t build for tourists and have a sustainable school district.

    The city has nothing to do with the school dist, people stopped having kids in 2008 and there is a big gap now. The average age in Sedona is over 55 = no kids ,average home $700,000+ hard for young people. The population has not moved in 10 years all the home are full and new home are build one at a time. Most new home nor are coming in at 1,00,000 to 4,000,000 what we have is a stable population and a growing tax base, if business slows down sow will city spending.We need more apartment building and low income housing, Sedona is too white and too rich. We have lost over 400 units that young people with children used to inhabit all because SB-1350 and our Governor. Don’t blame the city or tourists.

  6. BT says:

    That stupid moron mouths off nonsense & it drives me crazy. We lost no housing units to SB 1350. I’m a builder and a developer and I know that as fact. That’s a false pretense manufactured number to promote a few wealthy individuals schemes to get zoning changes pushed through and a couple fed grants in pockets.

    The city staff and council are equally culpable in failing due diligence on almost every issue including who does what at city hall and who is redundant at city hall. I personally miss a couple of the retirees and those that quit because they at least did something.

    The Village school was NEVER big enough to justify having it there, and it lost students for decades. I know because my wife taught there and my kids went there. The education they received there was average to mediocre. It was a nice cozy arrangement not to ship the kids off to Cottonwood or Cornville for a while, but we didn’t get much more from the school academically than the old fashioned little schoolhouse of ages past. After school babysitting programs were a plus but nobody cares enough to do them now so who really needed them then? We don’t need public schools when we’ve got great private schools and some of them don’t charge tuition! Surrounding communities have better schools and ours used to use those facilities. Let them do it again. Merge the Sedona Oak Creek district with the Cottonwood Oak Creek. Go back to what worked best before Sedona got big ass demands. If kids live in the Canyon send them to Flagstaff.

    Low income housing? Are you freaking braindead? We don’t need low income housing. We have plenty of manufactured housing already which is why we didn’t need that freak ass Chicago aluminum can factory all piled up at Sedona west entrance. There will NEVER be low income housing in Sedona. It’s a (deleted by editor) faced designed for tourist trap and that keeps prices up. Return it to a small growth town like before and prices fall accordingly. Somebody go to college and study urban and tourism socio-economic impacts. Get educated before you screw our entire city up.

  7. M Mallon says:

    @Vice-Mayor Martinez

    To avoid a ” difference of opinion”, put your reasoning for no RFP in writing for public view on the SedonaEye. .

    I refuse to waste my time trying to discuss logic one on one with you. The SedonaEye edited out my reasons in a previous post.

  8. Marv, Sedona says:

    @Steve Segner. If it’s true you once lived in California, then you are aware that not all upscale areas (Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Laguna and other beach resorts as examples) pandered to the whims of money hungry developers and others promoting tourist trap and low rent districts. That’s part of the story of life, Segner, and surely you are aware of it.
    But instead you continue to plead your case for Socialism. Why not join the ranks of the many who are running for President in 2020? With your infinite wisdom you might just be “the one” who will unseat President Donald Trump! (yippee – that would get you out of Sedona)

  9. JJ says:

    All I can say is write your representatves. It is D-day! If we do not feed the Attourney General criminal investigation and we lose this one, WE ARE DONE!

  10. John Simms says:

    I’ll used my real name as opposed to that delusional BT. It’s people like you that cause all of the issues in this town. You say that we haven’t lost any housing since 1387????
    With all of the falsehoods writtin in this blog, THAT IS THE BIGGEST LIE EVER TOLD.

    I fail to see what you would get out of such a falsehood. I know 3 families alone who have been asked to leave the residence that they have lived in for many years because the owner was prostituting herself by renting by the day.

  11. Vice-Mayor Martinez says:

    No, I will not put it in writing. Because putting something on paper will generate additional questions and that will begin a back and forth diatribe, time wasted.

    Meeting one-on-one will get all the questions answered all at one time. You may not agree with our opinion but at least it is out in the open.

    Why are you afraid to meet me? The public is also invited to hear the explanation for no RFP at this time if that is the only issue on the table.

  12. Sedona Chris says:

    I agree w/BT. Don’t think @johnsimms telling truth b/c he says one landlord for 3 families in one place? They must’ve all been renting one big place illegally to start with. I know a few singles that lived in one place near me and all had to go. but that was 5 yrs ago & landlord lady told by neighbors pot smoking & probably hard drug deals going on there. They all ended up in a mobile off Andante at less rent. Landlord had to replace most of house interior when they left. There’s drug dealers in rentals around town now. Better to get rid of them w/airb spending money on tours & restaurants. Ask the cops. They’ll tell you. You don’t want some of these renters hanging long term.

  13. @Vice-Mayor John Martinez & Mallon says:

    IMO $edona cronies are full of baloney.

    Wasted taxpayers money (deleted by editor).

  14. Tyre says:

    OMG @JohnSimms did you stupidly write this or were you under the influence of some medicinal aid..
    …{the owner was prostituting herself by renting by the day}….

    Segner rents out his place of residence day by day. all B&B and hotel and motel and inn and rental owners collect daily rent.

    Cops better start arresting them all for breaking anti prostitution laws.

  15. Jonathan to Vice Mayor says:

    Vice Mayor Martinez what a unique idea to have such a meeting, I think it’s great. Perhaps others can attend to hear more of what’s going on in our town. I’ll bet you a coffee that not one of these nasty people will show up.

    When I show up I will have one question that you may be able to answer; that store on 179 is still over filled with “stuff” and those illegal bright outdoor lights even after they lost 2 court battles with you guys. (Deleted by Editor)

  16. Shocked says:

    As residents of West Sedona we decided to follow up on a comment here about someone in WS looking forward to the extension of Forest Road. Sooo – we drove to the end of that Forest Road to see for ourselves how such a proposal would work and it’s just as this article suggests.

    There are a few quite large looking homes in the area of the Hyatt tennis courts where the road reaches a dead end. It’s very hard to imagine how an extension of that road would work because as the pictures indicate there’s a pretty abrupt drop off and rugged terrain. Seems best to have a thorough feasible study PRIOR to undertaking the idea (not that it isn’t a good one providing it’s workable).

  17. M Mallon says:

    I can see a one on one meeting with Martinez

    Vice Martinez : I trust the chamber to do the right thing, we are monitoring their spending.

    Mallon: How can you know you are getting the best deal for the citizens of Sedona with out competitive bids?

    Vice Martinez : I trust the chamber because they know Sedona.

    Councilman Ya blow: “We went over their budget with a fine tooth comb. I’m not here to have a debate, this is my opinion.”

    Meeting over.

  18. Spence & Evelyn says:

    An all time low even from the unauthorized voice of Sedona?

    steve Segner says:
    February 1, 2019 at 12:41 pm – “Sedona is too white and too rich.”

  19. Joyce says:

    @m Mallon

    How convient to make up nonsense about how the meeting would go.. Your right… your time is best served spinning your wheels about ZERO posting nonsense on SE..
    Carry On Mallon(or whatever your real name is..

  20. A final solution says:

    “Sedona is too white and too rich.” I suggest Steve segner donate all his properties to the city for homeless housing then move to Africa.

    Can you imagine anyone in the city listens to this genius?

  21. Tracy says:

    You take your cell phone to any meeting and record it. Then you share it. Public servants invite their voting public to a public place for a meeting all the time. Then people hear what’s said. Don’t know what the issue is for you guys.

  22. Kim says:

    That man needs to resign now. His blatant racism against whites is legally and morally unacceptable and his communist principles are in direct conflict with his role as a business proponent and undermines the city council democratic process.
    This man denigrates the hand that feeds him and his business. I suggest the recourse of tourists and locals is to avoid his place of business and the city council to personally denounce him and his opinions are racist and anti-American.
    Why is the Chamber of Commerce allowing this? Are you closet racists too? Why let this man denigrate our group by saying to work hard and get ahead is wrong and elitist and repugnant? Get rid of this psycho by refunding his membeship and lock him out of meetings. If he’s never paid then I want an investigation of the books. I’m done with this.

  23. M Mallon says:

    The goal was never to hear Martinez spout his idiocy. You can get that on tape at any city council meeting.

    The goal was to get him to put in WRITING open to logical examination the justification for no bid contracts.

    In person all you would have gotten from him is “I trust the chamber.”, ” It is a difference of opinion. ” Or the voters elected me and I get to decide. Or ” You should run for office if you want to change things. ”

    It has nothing to do with fear of meeting him It would have been, like most of the councils meetings totally non productive unless you are an insider .

    It has more to do with the Mark Twain phrase “Don’t argue with a fool, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. ”

    Sedona is about ruined. I’ll just join in the parade leaving the home I loved.

  24. @tracy says:

    Tracy the problem is that most here don’t care about facts…. They just like to complain and don’t care about construtive action…

  25. To M Mallon says:

    I know that this is Sedona so you MAY be clairvoyant and may know what people will say before they ever say it but in case you’re really not how about humoring us little people and show up at that meeting and see what happens.

    From your tone here on SE I’m betting no answer will satisfy you but you never know. Watching Martinez for the past 8 years I’m betting he will have a rock-solid point that will make sense to most of us except you, of course.

  26. JJ says:

    Segner should move to Quartzsite. Like minded people.

  27. @Jonathan says:

    Jonathan, what a great question about that store (I guess no one is allowed to mention stores by names) on 179. Can anyone tell me what the story is with them and those blaring lights? Why are they allowed to get away with that? I heard that there was a councilman that wants to treat them special is that even allowed in AZ?

  28. @M Mallon says:

    So “your joining the parade of the people leaving Sedona?

    Bye Bye.. Don’t let the door hit you in the you know what.. (Deleted by Editor)

  29. Nancy Z says:

    To: M Mallon

    Or whatever your real name is. I can tell you’re one of those haters that like to Bit-h but contribute nothing of substance.

    The goal was to get him to put in WRITING open to logical examination the justification for no-bid contracts.

    ASKED AND ANSWERED MANY TIMES ON SE. As someone who voted for Martinez, I’ve heard him speak many times about this same topic and I was very satisfied with the answer.

    In person, all you would have gotten from him is “I trust the chamber.”

    PERHAPS HE DOES AND HAS A GOOD REASON TOO. Obviously, you will never trust anyone but yourself.

    ” It is a difference of opinion ” THAT EXACTLY CORRECT, IT IS.

    Or the voters elected me and I get to decide. Or ” You should run for office if you want to change things. ” BOTH OF THOSE ARE TRUE STATEMENTS

    It has nothing to do with fear of meeting him I’M NOT SO SURE OF THAT STATEMENT. IF IT WAS TRUE YOU’D USE YOUR REAL NAME AND OWN IT.

    It has more to do with the Mark Twain phrase “Don’t argue with a fool, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. ” YES, I AGREE SO WHY SHOULD MARTINEZ LET YOU ARGUE WITH HIM?? I give him a lot of credit for putting himself out there.

    Sedona is about ruined. I’ll just join in the parade leaving the home I loved. LIKE SOMEONE ABOVE SAYS, “Don’t let the door hit you in the you know what”.
    Perhaps you would want to consider doing what that guy who ran for mayor and lost did, move to Cornville. I heard they like people with lots of manure for their farmland and it seems that you have more than enough to go around.

  30. GNS says:

    Why would anyone bother meeting with Sedona’s Vice Mayor – or anyone on city council or staff for that matter when the extremely vocal Chair of the Lodging Council and promoter of the regional Chamber of Commerce goes public with the following:

    Steve Segner says:
    February 1, 2019 at 12:41 PM – “Sedona is too white and too rich.”

    His demeanor during the process of designating the advertising contract was based on his repeated mantra “Just Trust Us (me)” and this is what our present Vice Mayor bought into (with city bed tax revenue, that is).

    This racial slur about white folks should be deemed unacceptable, as rightfully similar slurs about other ethnic races are disgusting.

    Give a person enough rope and generally they hang themselves. We’ll see if this biased comment from Steve Segner amounts to anything other than more reasons for “them” to defend this cad’s prejudiced position. Appalling – simply appalling IMO.

  31. @@M Mallon says:

    Dear @@M Mallon,
    Why is your solutions always kicking everyone but special interest out?
    Why do you talk so degrading to others?
    Don’t you like your neighbors?
    Would you be willing to go into mediation?
    Thank you,
    Concerned Sedona Resident

  32. Steve segner says:

    I stand by what I said I think sedona would be a better town if I had more young people more people of color or people of mixed income I think looking at lot size zoning and building fees and permit fees are a our way of making Sedona more affordable .building more apartments in low to medium income housing .I also think John Martinez is offered to sit down and have coffee with anybody wants to discuss the chamber contract is a great opportunity and you all should take it .

  33. Gene Grand says:


    your opinion of Sedona may or may not have an ounce of validity, but you are too slow witted to get the ramifications of racism whether ethnic or socio economic or age related. keep slinging that racist manure you believe.

  34. John Wilson says:

    If ever there wasn’t a reason for seeking competitive bids for destination marketing prior to the contract with the regional chamber of commerce, that chief of the Lodging Council just offered one on a silver platter.

    The very idea of a blatant racist manipulating dealings within Sedona City Hall is disgraceful. All those going along with this outrage are just as bigoted and hateful against white people as has been displayed by Steve Segner. How do you think this latest Sedona publicity will attract destination tourists once words is spread? All should be ashamed including Vice Mayor Martinez who is so adamantly against RFPs. What does that tell you about him? Birds of a feather flock together as the saying goes.

    And to those pathetic souls who are reacting to this latest revelation by making frivolous attacks on contributors such as the Mallon fellow (and others) your method is clear as glass. Distract and the real problem will go away. If only it were that easy. Opportunists all of you and no amount of obvious tactics to conceal the truth will do the job. Your dirty deeds have taken over Sedona. Let that be made headlines for what is rapidly becoming “Sedona, the Ugliest Place on Earth.”

  35. Steve Segner says:

    Gene Grand so you are saying , we should not work for more young people, no to more middle class, no to low income people in Sedona? Sedona is ok the yay it is? please tell us how you stand , just calling me slow witted , is not the answer just an attack…. Sedona is a Blue Liberal city and helping people in not a bad thing.
    Gene Grand says: says keep slinging that racist manure you believe. So Gene seeking equality n Sedona is racist in your view? I think we all know where you stand….

  36. A. R. Hernandez says:

    Racist against one, racist against all. My mama’s pearls of wisdom to our family when my brother brought home a white wife. Three children later, she cooks better than my mama and her youngest is graduating with a MBA from UCLA after a teacher and a computer science whiz. She brought to her family a respect for education that had been missing in ours. She brought discipline of self that was missing in our Phoenix area neighborhood. She taught me about charity for others and personal responsibility and how to keep my legs crossed. I’m now a single self supporting teacher because of her and I consider her a mentor and role model who was treated badly by many including some of my family because of her color. Don’t tell me whites are bad, Mr. Segner. Without them my niece and two nephews would be gangbangers or drop outs or underachievers because that’s what the rest of my family’s spawns are. It sounds like you have an axe to grind. Because we are Mexican, we’re not in need of you luring us into places we don’t need or want to be offering low income housing and welfare benefits. We need to be where education opportunities are and not retirement benefits. We need you in Sedona to pay a living wage and then people can work and choose where they want to live, not where you tell us we can live.

    Mr. Segner, white plantation owners are no longer needed.

  37. Doris Webster says:

    Why do you suppose that Steve segner doesn’t go back to California where they just might welcome him with open arms? He could work on snooty areas such as Pacific Palisades and Beverly Hills (as someone else suggested) to become integrated. And isn’t there some effort in progress for California to break away from the United States which would be a good thing then maybe Segner would be elected President.

    Leave us alone Segner and likeminded city council members and staff who continue to demean and abuse regular citizens who just want to live in peace and harmony, many of whom worked hard, saved, and planned for retirement – AND NOT “ENTITLEMENTS.”

  38. Steve Segner says:

    Doris Webster says:Leave us alone, and exactly who is the US?. you move to sedona and time stops?
    You move to a tourist town and the tourist should leave
    You move to a small town and you don’t want new young people to be able to be able to afford housing?
    you say no “ENTITLEMENTS.” and you get Social Security! the single largest “ENTITLEMENTS.” in the American budget you get back way more then you paid in.(fact) Great socialist program by the way.
    You live in a town but do not want to be a part of it.
    not one comment has used the word entitlements
    except you, we are not asking for entitlements just apartments and smaller lot sizes for smaller homes as a way of keeping young people in Sedona,

  39. Affordable Housing says:

    Referencing a front page article in today’s Arizona Republic relating to the lack of “affordable housing” in Sedona, let it be of record that development agreements for BOTH Nepenthe and the original Fairfield (changed to Wyndam) were approved for affordable/workforce housing.

    However, for some unknown reason that conditional use apparently wasn’t specified in deed restrictions. Therefore, greed of subsequent proprietors of the complexes saw more $$$$$ in short-term rentals than honoring the original intent of the developments – AFFORDABLE HOUSING.

    More proof of the lust for greed by the real movers and shakers who continue to bring Sedona Schnebly to her knees. That statue in her commemoration is long overdue for updating.

    That’s the truth, folks, so get off the backs of private property owners who have now been offered the same opportunity via legitimate State Statute.

    Stick your thumb back in your mouth, Steve Segner. We residents have rights, too, but no thanks to our elected officials, the Chamber of Commerce, and your Lodging Council.

  40. Peter N. says:

    It’s pretty amazing how the Sedona City Council and that Segner guy have the gall to oppose the El Rojo Grande zone change and yet approve higher density zoning in Sedona city limits. Views have already been blocked because variances have been allowed. Sedona red rocks are what attracts tourists, not high-rise structures and endless heat producing parking lots.

    If city management hadn’t been so reckless and made certain Nepenthe and Fairfield were used as originally intended and approved – for affordable/workforce housing – there wouldn’t be the constant whining about lack of housing which at least two remedies had long ago been set in motion but failed due to neglect and broken commitments. Most of those people are now long gone, leaving their dirty deeds behind them after grabbing their profits and fleeing.

    Just wise up folks. Learn by history and especially new blood at city hall might benefit if they were educated about broken promises of Sedona’s past and good reasons why there is such lack of trust. And that includes Steve Segner and his plea to city council and staff during his outrageous lobbying for the destination marketing contract for the C of C at council meetings with his inane repetition of “just trust me.” And now we must deal with his negative slurs about white people?
    And our city leaders find this acceptable?

  41. steve Segner says:

    Peter N. says: If city management had not been so reckless and made certain Nepenthe and Fairfield were used as originally intended and approved for affordable/workforce housing .

    Sorry you are wrong on this point.
    SB 1350 took away control of zoning for short term rentals, the city has no power to regulate anymore. But The state gave the power to regulate short term rentals to HOA’S so gated high end community are not bothered by the riff raff….
    I did not like El Rojo because it was 55+ and would have turned into short term rentals.

  42. Peter N. says:

    Both projects, Nepenthe & Fairfield (Wyndham) were approved long before you came to Sedona and how do you know they don’t maintain their own HOA’S and thus remain exempt from SB 1350? Not that it matters. Neither complex resulted in “affordable” rentals as stipulated in the development agreements. Apparently it was sloppy work emanating from City Hall back then? Or maybe a matter of greasing palms? Makes a guy wonder. Yes, indeed.

  43. Jess Wundrin says:

    Since the Segner man is so concerned about workforce housing then how come he doesn’t provide nice cozy accommodations on that vast fancy estate he has in Oak Creek Canyon where he holds weddings and avoids paying city sales taxes?
    Huh how come? But he’s too busy entertaining council members for his events that’s been documented on FaceBook and private videos. Makes one wonder about the Open Meeting Law. City staff? Do you care or are you also guests at his gala events?

    Just Asking. Just wundrin. Just surmising.

  44. Steve Segner says:

    Peter N. says: Both projects, Nepenthe & Fairfield (Wyndham) were approved long before you came to Sedona and how do you know they don’t maintain their own HOA’’S Apparently it was sloppy work emanating from City Hall back then?

    Peter, I owned a two bedroom unit till last year, and I have been in Sedona for 25 years.
    I turned in Nepenthe for over night stays, years ago and Sedona got involved with enforcement they were huge help even went to court. SB 1350 stopped all enforcement action. So Peter pleas do your home work. By the way Nepenthe is “affordable” and we could use more like it.

    You say ” Nepenthe does not maintain their own HOA’S “wrong wrong wrong…. I have a copy of of their CC and R’s . Nepenthe and their rules do allow short term rentals but they could change it if they like.hope that helps Peter. Please stop the city bashing .

  45. Sharon says:

    The Village is screwing the taxpayer residents. Vote everyone OUT. Send me your email addrsss and we will begin to plan to OUT the BAD GUYS.

  46. @Steve Segner says:

    You state “Nepenthe is affordable” then what’s the beef? And actually many of those units were purchased as investments and rented out for much higher prices, thus eliminating being dubbed “affordable” (whatever that means). You continue to speak with forked tongue, Stevie.

    However, it’s wonderful to learn Nepenthe is still accommodating the dire need for workforce housing which you continue to add to with your expanded vacation rentals

    85 Hart Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336
    800 313-0017

  47. Peter N. says:

    @Steve Segner you misquoted me when you stated ” Nepenthe does not maintain their own HOA’S “

    What I wrote was “. . . and how do you know they don’t maintain their own HOA’S?” (Referring to both Nepenthe and Fairfield)

    Once again your rebuttal was inaccurate and misleading. A decent person might offer an apology.

  48. Say What????? says:

    PROOF SEGNER’s full of it! OMG!!!!

    SEGNER the biggest whiner for NO affordable HOUSING took one (2) and made it a room – AIRbnb!!!!!! (Deleted by Editor) greedy He is stealing YOUR SEDONA!!!


    85 Hart Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336
    800 313-0017

  49. Get This says:

    The Draft CFA Plan Revisions for the Sunset Live/Work CFA by the Sedona Community Development Department are on next Wednesday’s City Council Work Session agenda–February 13th. (It’s named the Industrial Park CFA #12 in the Community Plan.)

    The following LDC changes may be relevant according to the Agenda Bill: Affordable Housing that is deed restricted to meet the City’s criteria is exempt from density calculations. The previously required community plan amendment and rezoning is no longer needed for multi-family housing in the Light Industrial zone. Instead of requiring a rezoning, increasing density can be done administratively if it is called for or meets the CFA goals.

    “A new section regarding alternative standards in CFAs was included in the LDC” to encourage and expedite the implementation of adopted CFA plans. The Director (isn’t this Karen?) may authorize alternatives to maximum net density, maximum floor area ratio, maximum lot coverage, maximum structure height, and/or setbacks, provided such are consistent with and supported by the adopted CFA plan. Etc., etc.

    Images of three and four-story buildings are illustrated.

    Only a portion of the CFA properties are connected to the WWTP. Furthermore, the quality of Shelby Drive, a private road, is in disrepair. Incompetence and more traffic is no answer to Sedona’s problems.

  50. Richard Andrew says:

    So what’s the moral of this story? Extend roads from drop off cliffs? Develop Community Focus Areas (subject of special city council meeting 02/13/19) in areas that are already frequently grid locked (Schnebly Hill).

    Or listen to Steve Segner, leader/spokesperson for the Chamber/Lodging special interest organizations sound off about how low cost (affordable) housing is needed in Sedona as he continues to gripe about private home owners who legitimately rent short-term to tourists. Then, as has been discovered he continues to build his own financial empire by upgrading and adding to his own inventory of AirBnb vacation rentals?

    And why do you suppose Segner’s gone on record not only of being a racist against white folks but also slamming Gov. Ducey for approving SB1350 allowing ALL home owners to rent private property – short or long term. And he, himself, is doing that very thing?

    His questionable actions send only one clear message IMO – Do as Steve tells you but NOT as he does.

    Question is, if it’s good enough for Segner then why not for those who also legally provide their homes as vacation rentals?

    This City of Sedona is nuts – inmates at City Hall aren’t the only ones who have taken over the asylum.

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